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With the rise of technology and especially on AI , although restrictive on sexual related content, its a reality that AI femdom generated images are now possible, often fantasy and epic scenes which is not realistic to be re-produced in reality. Let your imaginations run wild and enjoy the images while its still around. We appreciate if the images are great for you and you like it, and apologize if its not the kind of fantasies that you are looking at due to the restrictive nature in generating content from AI. In general, while we would have like to generate more f/m scenes, its often easier to generate f/f scenes and often foot domination scenes. This page will be updated as often as possible. Some images are not as perfect as we would have liked, but it still shows what it needs to. Description below every picture will be posted whenever possible. Repeated scenes of the same ideas will be frequently with different faces, clothes and background. Do drop us an email to tell us if you like the AI images so that we can keep going :)

Disclaimer : As we have checked, AI generated images are not copyrighted or attributed to any person, however if you feel any of your copyright has been violated, please feel free to inform us at femdomcity@yahoo.com to remove the images.

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Updated on 20 February 2024

Powerful French Lady gets her riding boots taken care of immediately after she's back to her mansion from her horse ride


Ancient Chinese Lady steps on the backs and heads of poor peasants causing them suffering just to avoid getting her shoes wet


Wealthy Indian Lady trying on different pairs of shoes with the help of her maids


In a world where money rules , the rich sits high up and enjoys their food and drinks while the losers get crushed under their feet


Poor palace maids in ancient China are subjected to abuse by their Princess depending on her mood


Rich Lady isn't concerned much when her butlers are working hard to prepare her for her tennis session


Wealthy Indian girl is treated like royalty even in her school as her classmates flock to serve her


English Lady is enjoying her high tea with friends while having her boots polished by her servant


The wealthy English Lady is being served like royalty once she's back in her luxury mansion


Chinese Princess is travelling on her carriage and poor peasants beg at her feet for food



Updated on 14 February 2024

Poor peasants have to kiss the boots of the Chinese Princess in order to get access to the food she donated to them


Rich Indian Lady enjoys the sunset after her riding practice while her maids polish her boots clean


Rich Korean girl gets her tennis shoes cleaned up by her servants after her tennis practice while she enjoys her high tea


Rich Chinese Lady enjoys watching her maids worship on her shoes while she's on the move carried by her butlers in her throne chair


Female superior orders her office worker to eat food crushed under her heels in order to save his job


Wealthy English Lady being carried along the streets by her maids while she sits comfortably in her throne


Rich girl pays little attention to the service from her butlers after her golf practice and closes her eyes to relax


Wealthy Chinese girl lazes on her cushion while her maids help her on her shoes before she goes for a workout


Wealthy Indian Lady has her servants put on her riding boots before she goes for her riding session


Rich Chinese girl awakens in the morning and her maids select a pair of comfortable socks for her


Updated on 06 February 2024

Wealthy girl takes a short nap at the cafe after her tennis practice as her butler cleans up after her


English Princess steps and abuse on poor peasants when she is being asked for food and favours


Dominant Lady boss loves abusing her power over her employees and their fear of job security


The rich girl awakens from her bed and her maids make sure her feet are kept warm during the cold weather


Wealthy English Lady gets a detailed boot shine from her servants during colonial times in India


Chinese Princess has her palace maids carefully adjusting her boots before she gets down from her carriagw


English Princess gets her golf shoes cleaned up by her servants before she continues her golf practice


The hierarchy within the household is still defined clearly even when the rich girl is having fun with her servants


Rich Blonde Lady gets help on her sneakers from the maids in the luxury mansion in Bali before she goes for her workout


Warrior Princess returns from the battle victorious as her captives and soldiers bow before her in respect


Updated on 01 February 2024

Cruel Chinese Princess finds excuses to kick and stomp on her maids for any minor mistake


Rich girl sits back and gets her servant to clean her tennis shoes after her practice


Chinese Lady is comfortably trying on different pairs of boots with the help of her personal maids


Rich Indian Lady enjoys and mocks at poor servants who has to eat at her feet while she enjoys her high tea being amused


Wealthy English Lady got her golf shoes dirty and the maids she brought along to the club immediately rusheso over to clean up her shoes


Rich Chinese Lady gets her boots polished by her diligent maid right after her riding session


Mongolian Princess is about to ride on the horse and her servant helps to put her booted feet into the saddle


Wealthy Indian Lady enjoys the service of several shoe salesman in a luxury shoe shop before she makes a decision


Chinese Princess is used to having her palace maids worshipping on her socks as a sign of respect every morning


The peasants have to kiss their Queen's boots before they make any requests to her in the ancient times