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With the rise of technology and especially on AI , although restrictive on sexual related content, its a reality that AI femdom generated images are now possible, often fantasy and epic scenes which is not realistic to be re-produced in reality. Let your imaginations run wild and enjoy the images while its still around. We appreciate if the images are great for you and you like it, and apologize if its not the kind of fantasies that you are looking at due to the restrictive nature in generating content from AI. In general, while we would have like to generate more f/m scenes, its often easier to generate f/f scenes and often foot domination scenes. This page will be updated as often as possible. Some images are not as perfect as we would have liked, but it still shows what it needs to. Description below every picture will be posted whenever possible. Repeated scenes of the same ideas will be frequently with different faces, clothes and background. Do drop us an email to tell us if you like the AI images so that we can keep going :)

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Updated on 29 January 2024

Trying on boots is an excuse to exercise her superiority over her maids


When the retrenchment list is out , begging endlessly won't stop the their female boss from changing her mind


Rich Blonde Lady gets her boots thoroughly polished by her maids in the garden of her posh mansion in India


English Lady sips on her high tea while her servants get busy polishing her boots


Cruel Chinese Princess tests her new boots kicking on the face of a poor palace maid who has to kneel before her and accept her fate


The pampered English Queen has forgotten what it was like to walk when she is carried around her palace by her servants everywhere she needs to go


Wealthy Lady gets her golf shoes cleaned almost immediately by the maids she brought along to the golf course when she signals to them its dirty


Demanding Chinese Lady makes sure her boots are polished to perfection by her servants before she goes for her riding sessions


Wealthy Indian Lady is giving her maids a hard time selecting a pair of riding boots for her upcoming riding session


The rich English girl goes for her tennis practice and her butlers get busy selecting a suitable pair of tennis shoes for her


Updated on 27 January 2024

Lowly peasants respectfully offers their heads and bodies as stepping stones for their Divine Queen


Wealthy French Lady loves enjoying her afternoon outdoors and having her servant carefully polishing on her boots to perfection


The Chinese Princess punishes her maids for the smallest mistake she could find just for her amusement


In bad times, the office employees are forced to behave like servants to their bosses for better job security


Arrogant English Lady orders her maids to clean up her golf shoes after a messy day of golf practice after the rain


Rich Indian Lady has her servants help her on her riding boots before she goes for a ride


Royal Chinese Princess sits on her throne as her palace maids take turns to kiss on her gold boots to show their respect


Wealthy Indian Lady mocks at a poor man begging for food at her feet


Young English Princess getting a nice foot rub from her maids at her bed side before she starts her day


Rich girl enjoying her holiday like a Queen in a luxurious mansion in Bali with dozen of servants to attend to her needs


Updated on 26 January 2024

Rich blonde Lady sits back and gets a foot rub from her maid after a tired day of shopping


Wealthy and powerful French Lady enjoys having a boot polish from her servant out in the open


Chinese Princess is carried along the busy streets of ancient China by her tired palace maids


Rich English Lady gets her servant to clean her sweaty feet after her golf session


The wealthy Indian girl is trying on her new jogging shoes with the help of the maids at her disposal


Beautiful looking but mean Lady is having a laugh humiliating on beggars she walks pass


Chinese Empress is well taken care of by her palace maids from the moment she awakens


Poor peasants in Ancient times beg to kiss the feet of their Queen for blessings and good luck


Wealthy Chinese Lady sits back while her maids help to prepare her for her tennis session


The sadistic English Lady loves watching beggars groveling at her feet begging for food while she is having her high tea


Updated on 23 January 2024

When the Indian Princess goes to school , her maids tag along to attend to her needs and make sure everything is always in shape


French Lady gets a detailed boot polishing from her submissive butler after her riding session


Wealthy Lady being attended to by her maids in her luxurious mansion after her tennis session


Sacked employees fall to their knees to beg on their female superior but nothing will ever change her mind on removing useless worms from the company


The Chinese Princess makes her palace maids worship on her socks as a sign of submission every morning when the day starts


The wife of a powerful British General during colonial times gets a thorough polishing on her boots before her riding session with her friends


Rich Ladies are having a good laugh in the restaurant while a poor beggar joins in to amuse them for some scrap of food


Before her tennis session, the rich Chinese girl trusts that her diligent maid will select a matching pair of shoes for her needs


Wealthy English Lady relaxes in the middle of the golf course after her practice and her servants attend to her needs


The English Lady has her maid assist on her riding boots before she goes for her riding practice with other Ladies


Updated on 19 January 2024

The Chinese Princess enjoys starving her poor peasants and makes them beg for food under her feet


The rich Lady is giving her maids a hard time selecting a pair of matching heels for her day


The rich Chinese girl doesn't know what its like to walk on her own legs, everywhere she goes she's being carried by her servants since she was born


An English Princess being pampered by her maids the moment she awakens from the bed


Beautiful Indian Lady has her servant help her on with her riding boots before she goes for a ride


Wealthy English girl trying on sneakers and shoes in a shoe shop with the help of her submissive assistants


Rich girl is preparing for a jog and enjoys the service of the submissive maids in her Bali mansion


Wealthy Japanese girl gets her tennis shoes cleaned up by her adoring butler after her tennis lessons


Rich English Lady has her butler following behind her to clean her boots while she walks on as usual


Palace maids in Ancient China carefully puts on socks for their Princess when she awakens in the morning


Updated on 18 January 2024

The female boss is loves the attention and service provided by her submissive employees trying to retain their jobs


French Lady has her boots well taken care of by her maid while she sits back and enjoys the fresh air in the garden


To be pampered by a group of submissive butlers is what this young beautiful girl was looking forward to when she decided on a holiday in Bali


The rich Ladies in ancient China loves humiliating their slave maids purely for amusement purposes


The classy Lady sips on her high tea sitting outside a cafe table while poor beggars beg for scraps of her food


Wealthy Indian Lady receives plenty of help and choices at a luxury shoe shop when she brings her maids along for shopping


Spoiled wealthy Chinese girl showing off her battalion of servants walking down the street in the cold winter


German riding Lady keeps her maids busy whenever she's back from her riding practice


Willing peasants fall the ground to be stepping boards for their Princess to walk the flood without wetting her royal boots


The pretty Asian girl has plenty of helping hands when she needs a pair of golf shoes for her practice


Updated on 17 January 2024

The English Princess demands the lowly peasants to kiss her boots before they get to eat any food distributed by her


The rich blonde girl sips on her high tea after a sweaty tennis practice while a poor beggar eats scraps of food at her feet


The powerful Indian Lady has her boots thoroughly cleaned by her maids before she meets her subjects


The rich Chinese girl expects her servants to attend to all her needs with a smile at all times


Life is all about being pampered by her maids for this English Lady during the Victorian Age


Chinese Princess steps on the head of a poor old peasant to make him get down and be her stepping stone


Wealthy German Lady orders a poor beggar to kiss her boots in the streets if she expects to beg anything from her


This Chinese Lady likes kicking and bullying on her lowly servants when she gets a boot polish after her riding practice


The wealthy Indian Lady makes her maid feels so lowly and small while in service to her


This English Lady expects nothing but first class service from the caddies in this high end golf club


Updated on 14 January 2024

The Chinese Princess is still in the mood for some sleep but she finds herself fully clothed and boots on with the careful service of her palace maids


Pubs can be a good place for beggars to hang out at when the customers are in a good mood, they throw some pennies to the floor for amusement


The rich English girl gets help from her maids to prepare her for the upcoming tennis session with her friends


The rich and powerful Chinese Lady teases her lowly servants under her boots while they make themselves useful after her ride


During the Victorian age, each Lady is assigned a handful of maids to make sure all her needs are attended to


The demanding wealthy Lady demands her slaves pull on her carriage in the modern streets even when cars are available


The wealthy Indian Lady is served like a Queen in the luxury shoe store


Chinese Princess uses her poor peasants as stepping stones to prevent her boots from getting wet


The elegant French Lady sits back and gets her boots polished by her submissive maid after her riding practice


The rich Lady enjoys the warm sun after her golf practice while her servants changes her shoes


Updated on 13 January 2024

The wealthy Indian Lady digs her boot heels on the head of her poor maid for not doing her chores diligently


The wealthy Lady gets lazy after a drink and orders her servants to bring her home and she's not even in the mood to talk


The wealthy African girl strode her horse right into her mansion and her maids knelt and greeted her


The wealthy English Lady is enjoying the warmth of the sun while her butlers get busy with her shoes


The morning routine for the palace maids in ancient China is a tedious and tiring process for them


The rich and the poor can have chats and laughs, but obviously the social classes between them is different in this case


The Spanish Queen is having her maids help with her socks and boots before she is greeted by her subjects


The wealthy French riding Lady is worshipped by gentlemen everywhere her horse takes her to


The wealthy Chinese girl brings along her personal maids to a luxury shoe shop and gets served like a Queen


The Balinese Princess is attending a party later on and her servants are working hard to find a fitting pair of shoes to put on for her


Updated on 12 January 2024

A poor Chinese palace maid is being shown the dirty feet by the Princess, that doesn't mean just a simple punishment, but one that could cripple her for life in the strict Chinese palace



The wealthy Indian Ladies are amused at the sight of beggars groveling at their feet begging for food and pennies


The wealthy Lady has no time to waste after her riding practice as her maids get busy removing her boots and attending to her needs


A Chinese Elite girl gets her tennis shoes cleaned immediately by her servants after her tennis practice at the cafe


The powerful English Lady is enjoying a great sense of superiority while her maids in her posh mansion knelt before her to polish her boots


The wealthy Lady boss has no sympathy for employees she decided to sack when they're no longer of use for her


The trendy and wealthy French girl is enjoying life with a dozen of maids dedicated to her needs and enjoyment in her posh mansion


In a change of power in ancient China, the Empress takes control and makes the emperor submit under her feet in front of all subjects


The maid is trembling in fear when tying the laces for her Mistress kneeling at the edge of the pool , any slight mistake will result in a kick into the pool


The Rich English Lady plays around with her horse after riding session while her butlers get on their knees to polish her boots


Updated on 10 January 2024

This cruel Chinese Princess enjoys crushing food under her boots for food given to the peasants before they get to eat them


The standard of service in Bali is incredible, this rich Lady just needs to inform she's going for her gym and on comes the maids with a pair of shoes for her training


The rich Ladies are having a good laugh and pays no attention to a beggar below their table begging for a penny


Ancient Royalty loves having their maids and subjects bowing at their feet and kissing their boots as a symbol of their power and control


The rich Indian Lady is having fun giving the shoe salesman a hard time selecting a pair of shoes for her


An Ottoman Princess wakes up from her bed in the morning and a dozen of maids would start from choosing the right pair of socks to put them on her feet


This rich Chinese girl loves being carried around lazily on her heavy throne around house, making her servants suffer for her comfort


The wealthy Indian Lady is carefully attended to by her maids like a Queen after her riding practice


The wealthy English girl has her tennis shoes brushed clean by her butler after her tennis practice while she sips on her tea


The Chinese Lady has no lack of boot polishing servants eager to polish her boots after her riding practice