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With the rise of technology and especially on AI , although restrictive on sexual related content, its a reality that AI femdom generated images are now possible, often fantasy and epic scenes which is not realistic to be re-produced in reality. Let your imaginations run wild and enjoy the images while its still around. We appreciate if the images are great for you and you like it, and apologize if its not the kind of fantasies that you are looking at due to the restrictive nature in generating content from AI. In general, while we would have like to generate more f/m scenes, its often easier to generate f/f scenes and often foot domination scenes. This page will be updated as often as possible. Some images are not as perfect as we would have liked, but it still shows what it needs to. Description below every picture will be posted whenever possible. Repeated scenes of the same ideas will be frequently with different faces, clothes and background. Do drop us an email to tell us if you like the AI images so that we can keep going :)

Disclaimer : As we have checked, AI generated images are not copyrighted or attributed to any person, however if you feel any of your copyright has been violated, please feel free to inform us at femdomcity@yahoo.com to remove the images.

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Updated on 08 January 2024

Manpower is never an issue in China as hundreds of servants gather to hand carry their Princess out for her walk just so life could be comfortable for her


The rich American girl is certainly enjoying her time at Bali in a luxury villa with the submissive maids at her disposal


The French Lady is immediately attend to by her servant on his knees right after her riding practice


The wealthy German Lady hired a dozen Chinese maids during her relocation to a mansion in China and she gathers them for a lesson on boots polishing to her standards


This Lady doesn't need to even walk on the streets as she is carried around by her suitors who worship her and takes any chance to be of service


The morning ritual of the palace maids in ancient China was to make sure the Princess is dressed up to her best before she begins the day


The rich English Lady got her boots dirty after a walk in the garden and her servants rushed over to clean up her boots


The rich Indian Lady is having her maids polish her boots after her riding practice in her mansion


The Rich English Lady is having a rest after her tennis practice and her butlers get busy attending to her needs at the club cafe


Updated on 05 January 2024

Life in Ancient India showing how royalty is carried around in their palace by her maids


Cruel ancient Chinese Princess treats peasants in her kingdom lower than dirt under her boots


The rich German Lady puts the maids and servants at her disposal to good use


This wealthy Chinese Lady enjoys humiliating beggars on the street whenever they beg for food from her


The careful maids make sure their Mistress's riding boots is spotless and clean at all times


Rich Chinese girl loves sitting high up and looking down at her servants when they clean up her shoes


Ancient Chinese Princess is going for a horse ride and accompanied by hundreds of servants and peasants who worship her


The rich Ladies are having some nice chats and good laughs while a beggar has to eat at their feet for amusement


Back from her tennis practice, the rich English lady sits back and orders her maid to clean up her shoes


The wealthy Indian girl gets her maids to attend to her needs before she goes for her tennis practice


Updated on 03 January 2024

A typical day where the precious daughter of a powerful warlord is carried around her posh mansion by hundreds of bodyguards


This wealthy Indian girl brings her maids along to attend to her needs in classes as her classmate looks in envy


The English Lady and onlookers at the royal Hall are entertained by the humiliated sight of an exiled Lord licking on the Lady's feet just to beg for something to eat


This cruel Chinese Princess loves humiliating poor peasants whenever they beg for food, she makes sure they eat it from under her boots


The spoiled English Princess expects her soldiers to serve as step stones just so she could cross the puddle of water in her way


The rich Ladies are having a great laugh and pays no attention to a poor maid holding on one of their feet and begging for her lunch


In the streets of Shanghai China, a poor beggar offers to shine the shoes of a well groomed Lady for a penny


The rich German Lady is trying on different pairs of boots from her vast collection with the help of her maids in the comfort of her home


In the streets of Paris, poor beggars and shoe shiners treat customers as royalty in a bid to get some business


The Chinese Princess makes the position look so natural as she rests the soles of her boots on the head of her lowly maid as her foot rest while sitting at her throne



Updated on 02 January 2024

The rich Indian Ladies are chatting and laughing while their poor servants have to kneel under their feet to worship them and cries at their fate


The rich Lady is receiving a warm welcome and pampering from her maids hired to serve her during her time in India during the 19th century


The top banker of the year was a confident and beautiful woman in her early 30s and her fellow bankers held her up and worship her like a Goddess


The Indian Princess enjoying her time as royalty as she is being revered and worshipped by her dozen of palace maids


The rich Ladies are having nice chats and laughs and occasionally grants some leftovers to the poor beggar below their feet


The Chinese Empress is judging the fate of her lowly palace maids after their mistake and she has total power over what happens to them as she wishes


The rich Indian girls are mocking and humiliating the poor beggars who are trying to kiss on their feet


The young English Princess is well taken care by maids from the moment she awakens


The Roman Princess refuses to let her feet get wet as she stands on the back of her slave and makes him crawl across the puddle of water


The rich and elegant Lady is enjoying a superiority in her mansion with butlers carrying her around and maids on their knees to greet her

Updated on 01 January 2024

Rich classy English Lady gets her heels polished by a beggar in the streets of Shanghai during the 19th century


The wealthy daughter of a powerful warlord has her maids on their knees attending to her right after after horse riding practice during the 19th century


The wealthy Lady has no limits to her extravagant lifestyle when she's back to her mansion , servants at her disposal comply to any of her wishes


The wealthy Chinese Lady is used to being pampered like a Queen in the usual shoe shop she patronizes frequently


The French Empress sits high up on her throne and seemed more concerned about enjoying her superiority over the peasants than to hear their pleas


The rich Lady returns back to her luxury mansion after her riding session and is quickly attended to by dozens of maids waiting in service


The poor peasants have to serve as stepping stones for their spoiled royal Princess


The rich Indian Lady has her maids making sure she puts on the most fitting pair of boots before she attends the ball tonight


The rich English Lady enjoys humiliating her servants, making them crawl like dogs and behaving like clowns for her amusement


The supreme Princess getting adored and worshipped by her palace maids is a daily ritual in ancient China



Updated on 31 December 2023

Life of an extravagantly rich English Lady in her mansion being carried around on her luxurious chair by her butlers


A strict Lady in the mansion holds her whip all the time to ensure her maids are always on alert when doing their duty


The beautiful Princess is at a loss when dozens of servants kneel at her feet and decides to be her slaves for the rest of their lives


The wealthy English Lady is meeting her friends for her horse riding session in India and the careful maids help her on with her riding boots


No amount of begging will change the mind of the Lady boss who has decided to sack the useless employees from her office


The sales girls in this luxury shoe shop are in for a hard time as the wealthy Indian lady can spend all day long trying on different boots with them on their knees


The wealthy lady is proud to show off her private collection of slaves carrying her on her throne and worshipping on her like a Goddess


The young Chinese Empress is attending court soon and her palace maids take great efforts to ensure everything is perfect before she gets carried on her throne to be greeted by subjects


The rich Indian lady gets her servant to push her carriage along the street and her ex-servant begs at her feet to be one of her servants again


The poor old man is jobless for years and can only rely on polishing shoes for the office executives in town for a living



Updated on 30 December 2023

Every morning in the Chinese palace , the palace maids would line up to greet and worship their Princess at her royal boots


The bad economy is creating hundreds of poor men in the streets of New York offering to be shoe shining slaves to any customers who offers them any chance of food


The rich English Lady smiles at the service of maids helping her with her socks on her first day of awakening during her trip to India


Since birth , the Egyptian Princess never knew what it was like to walk when she has slaves carrying her throne comfortably to anywhere she desires


The rich Korean lady pays little atttention to her attentive maids that tries to put on socks for her to keep her feet warm


The young Queen pays little attention to the pleas of the poor peasants as she seems to enjoy their presence at her feet


The wealthy English Lady demands that 2 of her butlers have to be crawling like a dog beside her at all times just so she can feels the attentive superior service


The rich Lady is already ready to discipline her maids if any of them fails to live up to her expectations on household chores


When you're famous, you get lazy as the celebrity has assistants to do everything for her in the backstage before she attends her show


Rich Ladies are so pampered in the streets of London that they don't even need to walk as submissive gentleman tries to carry her on her throne like chair to her car with little hope of gaining her attention


Updated on 29 December 2023

The daily life of a Princess in the Ottoman empire as she starts the day with dozens of maids at her service


The poor beggar fa;;s to his knees to offer himself as her step stool for the elegant Queen as she dismounts from her carriage


In ancient China , poor peasants believe that their food would be blessed if they were crushed under the feet of royalty, and the Princess is happy to fulfil their wish


When the Princess rode her white horse out from the Palace, all her subjects rushed before her to pay respects and worship her as their divine Goddess


The rich and spoiled girl needs to go for her classes but she wants more sleep, her maids are put to work putting on her socks and sneakers and gets her dressed up


The classic epic scene of Cleopatra setting on to Rome bring tens pf thousands of slaves with her


In ancient China, the palace maids lived a miserable and often abusive life at the hands of their royal owners who kick and steps on them as they wish without a reason because they can


The rich Lady pays little attention to the precious food of the poor beggars she stepped on after her jog as she believe begged food should be eaten this way


Thousands of years ago in ancient China, slave maids adore their Princess and taking the chance to kiss her boots was an honor to them


The wealthy English Lady is so spoiled that she doesn't feel like walking today and her butlers have to carry her around her mansion like a Queen in ancient times.



Updated on 28 December 2023

The wealthy German Lady has such a huge collection of shoes that she needs dedicated maids to be on their knees to put on different pairs for her every time she needs to make a choice

In the ancient Indian palace, royalty's feet never touches the ground, any traveling required would be hand carried by several servants while they sit comfortable on a throne like sedan


In ancient Tibet, maids devote their entire life to their owners and the foot maids for the Princess are always kept busy at her feet

The cruel Princess kicks on the face of her poor peasant who was reluctant to pay his tribute to the king


Life for some is just about enjoying, the moment this wealthy Lady reaches home after tennis , all she has to do is sit back and relax while her maids get busy with everything else


The peasants form a human bridge for their Princess to step on just so she doesn't get her shoes wet


In ancient China, every Princess is assigned with a handful of maids and they take great care of their Princess from the moment she awakens by giving a morning ritual foot wash


The rich Indian lady looks down at disgust on a lowlife beggar as she walks along the streets of India


The wealthy Lady is having so much fun showing off to her friends what she can make her maid do when she orders her socks and to be removed and her maid to sniff on her feet


The royal Princess patrol the streets of her kingdom riding on her horse and her adoring subjects drops to their knees to worship and pay respects


In the ancient Tibetan palace, the maids take great care of their Princess in winter time, making sure her boots are nice and warmly worn on her feet


In a 19th century London cafe, a rich English Lady is having coffee and fun humiliating a poor beggar to polish her boots in return for some scraps of her leftover food


The beautiful but cruel Chinese Princess offers foot to her desperately hungry subjects but she makes sure they suffer under her boots before they get any food


In the ancient Ottoman empire shoe shop, the rich Ottoman Princess is giving the shoe sellers a hard time trying on different pairs of boots that best fits her


A rich German Lady is reprimanding her maid to tears for not keeping her expensive designer shoes in shape just when she needed to wear it


A decree has been issued in ancient Indian kingdom where every subject in the kingdom must kiss the feet of their divine Princess to have the right to be a citizen of the kingdom


When the rich spoiled girl needs a pair of new sneakers, her maids would go on their knees to make sure she gets the correct size and perfect fit for her feet


The wealthy Indian girl is rushing for her college class and her maids scramble at her feet to make sure she has her socks and sneakers on before she attends her lessons


Life has been unfair all the while in this scene where a rich classy Lady sips on her high tea after her tennis session while poor beggars begged for money and scraps of food at her feet


Crossing the river has never been easier when there are hundreds of thousands of willing subjects to serve as the stepping boards of their divine Princess to ensure she doesn't get her royal boots wet.