Requirements for linking in Femdom City

Take Note all webmasters before link submission : - Before link submission, a link back to MUST be present in your site. There is no need to ask me for a link exchange, if accepted, it will be added, if there is no return link before you send your site, it will not be added at all even if it was supposed to be accepted. Please take note :) I specially moved up the new sites listing to the absolute top of the site just to give new sites a push, and a new listing can send a new femdom site up to 10,000 uniques in a month that's pure targeted femdom traffic and to give your site such a push, we would require you to place our return link in a prominent position. The stats are there for you to witness, and it will be worth it.

1: Your site must be a femdom or foot fetish domination related. This is bottom line, male dom, excessive money generating links from sponsors and a site completely filled with sponsors banners will not be listed. Link must be returned directly , to instead of coding it with strange codes from the site. Don't say its part of your database program or cms, hard links are easy to add :) Top lists sites, CJ sites will no longer be accepted.

2: A reciprocal must be added to somewhere "catchy" on the page normally at the main page or the index page or at the top of your links section before sending your email to be ( VERY IMPORTANT ). It doesn't matter whether a site has returned me how many hits, but whether they made an effort to place a good return link. Sorry i see no reason to send 2-300 hits daily to a new listed site and get my button buried deep on their hidden links section. Forget about "AWARDS" from other sites or trying to make it into top lists, my lesson learnt is u get deflated figures for "in" and "inflated figures" for "out" in most top lists nowadays.

3. A text link or a banner can be used. No preferences for me, just don't hide my link in your links page or at the bottom of your main page with tons of banners will do. Example : What kind of link is accepted : If site does not have any button on index or main pages, link in top 5 of links page. If site has buttons of many other directories in main and index page, and not for femdom city, please place our button there as well. If there are a lot of buttons and banners, make sure the return banner/link is not buried at the bottom, we are almost the top referrer for all femdom sites we list and it hurts really to see our link getting buried deep onto the links area :(

4. If you do not meet the reciprocal linking requirements, an email will not be send out to you informing of an unacceptable reciprocal link, please do not reply back with reasons and arguments, that will not help in any way. Very simple rule, before you sent your site, it MUST have return link back to femdom city. Don't ask please , if accepted, it will be listed in a few days :) Cyber Racism is strictly not allowed, if there is any complaints of sites filtering traffic from other countries especially installing dialers or redirects, it will not be listed, even if it is, it will be removed immediately. By installer dialers, its as good as installing viruses on another's computer !!!

5. If return link is removed after site have been listed, link will be removed immediately.

6. I do list sites without any requirement for return link provided 1. They are free, 2, they are contributing to the femdom community and the site doesn't not contain a single profit generating link.

7. We will return you more visitors if you "bother" to send back a decent return link. It is not difficult to enter the "Top Referring Sites" list as most of our traffic is bookmarked over the years, and i will take the trouble to once in a while place sites who gave good return links in my top referrers section even if they did not really made it. Top referring sites are seen in google analytics and not from extreme tracker, as time spent on site is a factor as well.

8. We reserve the right to reject any links. Sites that copy the layout of femdom city completely will not be listed. As of now, we decided to stop trading further links with CJ tgps in view of the traffic sent. Out of 100 visitors, only 5-6 clicked on "ENTER" . I means the visitors are forced to visit other sites which really isn't what we are looking for.

9. Financial domination sites MUST place return link on index page, this is a new requirement for these sites because of a very bad history of removing return links right after being listed!!! Next is about donations, no donation boxes right at the beginning of the site and asking for donations to buy a outrageous things like a house or car.

10. Clips4sale stores MUST place the femdom city link at the top of the page instead of the bottom.

11. When link is sent, please take note of the date of update for new sites.

12. For affiliates , I only join ccbill and verotel affiliate programs, if you use nats, mpa3, affiliate de or others, you would not be listed in this directory.

13. As and when we will add websites who have good intention of sending back return traffic in the top referrers section even if they did not make it into the top 20 list to show our appreciation. And also will be moved upwards to the section during links check.

14. Thank you for reading all these, please respect us like we respect you. There are few sites that give you a push like femdom city does when you send us a new site :)

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