Advertising in Femdom City

Dear webmasters, we do sell advertising banner spots to sites. Femdom City has built up some nice traffic over the years since 2001 and is capable of sending quality femdom traffic to your femdom site for a reasonable price. A normal advertisement can produce from 2500 - 8000 unique visitors to your website/month, depending on the site niche. All traffic sent are pure femdom traffic, bookmarked and from search engines take up 50% of our total traffic. Conversions to sign ups though vary according to sites. We do not send you CJ ( Circle Jerk - Forced redirected hits from tgp websites ). Any CJ traffic has been washed out from our "ENTER" page. Traffic figures in which your ad will appear in femdomcity.html can be seen here and these are 0% bounce rate traffic, why 0% , because anything that will be bounced has already bounced off our index page, a conservative figure of impressions for your banner would be at 6,000 unique impressions/day, and can vary up to 10,000 ! Plus you will also appear in our reviews.html sponsors section and "Most Recommended Sites". We make it a point to make each and every one of our sponsors happy and maintain a long term relationship with them.

Femdom City does not and will never inflate our traffic statistics to cheat customers. All traffic information given are true and real.

Email me here for advertising enquiries