Track Team's foot slave

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Gabe was afraid to be going to highschool next year. He spent his life getting to the top of the food chain in grade school and he was afraid to have to start over freshman year. He tried being optimistic until the first day of school determined how he would spend the rest of his days in highschool.
Summer passed and it was early september when Gabe walked into homeroom. Everything was going well so far he went right to his seat without speaking to anyone. Once seated he couldnt help but stare. Stare at all the feet. Both girls and boys shoeplaying all over the room had his attention. He sat in the second row from the back and paid particular attention to Jess' feet. Jess was a tall, black haired, track runner. She was wearing the ordinary uniform but with tall black nike socks. He started getting hard as she plopped her socked foot in and out of her shoe. The tight sock outlined her beautiful arches and perfect toes. Concealed by his desk his hard on didnt worry him all too much. Also sitting around him were Ryan, a natural born jock with blond wavy hair and a perfect figure who also ran track and had his shoes off completely and his feet on the chair to the left of him. He was wearing white nike socks and they perfectly fit his long feet. 
Gabe was enjoying himself quite a bit until the bell rang and the teacher instructed everyone to stand up. He became bright red when he realized he still had a raging erection. Hs had no choice but to stand. The second he did ryan accidently dropped his pen and bent over to pick it up right in front of Gabe. Gabe was praying he didnt notice but Ryan immediatly stood up and turned back towards the front of the room and started to laugh to himself. 
Gabe carried on with his day relieved to have no other classes with Ryan. It wasnt til the end of the day when Gabe went to open his locker that his fate was sealed. Gabe opened up his locker, only to realize his books were gone... And in their place was a note.
The note read...
               Hey Pervert
       Welcome to highschool! 
     If I dont see you in the gym after track practice today
     your books are gonna burn. 
                            Be there, 
 Gabes heart skipped a beat when he realized what had happened. Ryan had the power to ruin his social life one the first day of freshman year. Gabe quickly texted his mom telling her he had to stay after to work on a project. He sat quietly in the corner of the gym with his head down for an hour and a half while the track team was out running. All of a sudden he heard a loud laugh from across the gym.
"I can not believe you actually came fag bag"
Gabe remained quiet with a pathetic look on his face. He was suprised to see Jess, and 3 other track girls, Lauren, Sammy, and Kiera, walking in right behind Ryan with evil looking smirks on their face.
"So i guess your wondering why your here" said ryan
Gabe nodded.
"Well listen up, we track runners bust our asses everyday after school and when i saw you getting a little horny from staring at me and jess' feet in homeroom today i figured why not. We could all use a .... Um ... Whats the word?"
"A slave... We could use a slave." Jess added 
Her comment was followed by the ithe three girls chuckling.
"Thank you. Exactly... We could use a slave"
"WHAT... NO" gabe shouted 
Ryan immediately kicked him in the face and whispered
"You dont have a choice bitch boy. I own your ass. From this day foward you live to please me and these fine ladies. Got it?"
Gabe looked at him funny. 
"GOT IT?" Ryan screamed 
"Ok...ok please dont hit me" gabe murmured
"Thats more like it" ryan said as he high fived Jess.
"Now go grab us some chairs from the closet and make it snappy" said Jess
Gabe did what he was told. He felt broken inside like his life was over; however, he couldnt help but get turned on by all of the domination.
After setting up the chairs for the 5 runners Jess told him to come kneel in front of her.
"I guess well just take turns guys?" Asked Jess 
They All agreed and went on to either text or start homework.
Gabe waited for his orders as he knelt in front of the beautiful girl.
"Now my feet are KILLING me so pop my shoes off and giv em a good rubin would ya bitch boy" said jess really sarcastically
"K Jess" Gabe responded
Jess immediatly smacked Gabe across the face and yelled "ITS QUEEN JESS TO YOU SLAVE"
He apologized and then began to work on Jess' aching feet.
Gabe slid off both of her track shoes and was immediatly hit with a wave of stink from her black nike socks that has been building up from school and track. He took her fight foot in his hand and began to massage it. Jess leaned back and closed her eyes. Her socks were soaking wet with sweat but Gabe didnt mind one bit. He gave Jess the best massage he could spending most of his time on her arches and toes. By this point he had an erection like none other and Ryan was quick to snap a photo of the scene
"What are you doing?"
"Just to ensure that you are going to be serving us forever." Ryan responded.
Jess shook her foot violently signaling for him to continue her massage. All during the massage he held her foot at face level trying to get as much stink into his nose as possible. When she realized this she stuck her sweaty socked foot right onto his face cupping his nose in her toes. He was shocked and back away but she swung her other foot around to the back of his head and held his face on her foot. She started to laugh and called him a perv. She then said "man my feet stink... Must be all this sweat.. Slave i want you to suck the sweat from my socks" as she said this the other girls looked up from what they where doing to see if hed go through with it. He didnt hesitate to follow orders and after saying "yes my queen" he shoved her foot into his mouth and began to suck on her toes moving his toung along the bottom of the sock. "Thats it faggot get em real good... She lightly kicked him in the balls and said i never told you to stop rubbing. So he continued running one foot and sucking the other for about 15 minutes switching feet every couple minutes. Jess suddenly said "socks off slave" he nodded and peeled the nikes off her sticky wet feet exposing her beautiful white feet with red nail polish. "Clean em... Ecspecially in between the toes" Gabe could no longer hold in his cum and he made a pretty obvious stain on his pants. He began lickinh her feet like a dog and lapped up every last sock fuzz and toe jam on her. A flick of the wrist signaled Gabe to move on to the next girl no thank you or anything. He felt truly humiliated 
He spent the next hour servicing the other girls feet. Laurens nike elites were ecspecially sweaty. He moved down the line Massaging, sucking, cleaning, licking, and even just flat out smelling to entertain them. ... Then came Ryan....
"Oh yea now the real fun begins slave" he said 
"ON YOUR BACK" he yelled 
Gabe layed on his back 
Ryan stepped up onto gabes stomach and began to walk around. Gabe was moaning in pain as ryans track cleats dug into him he raised one cleat above Gabes face and commanded him to lick all of the dirt off. Unlike the past events this didnt please Gabe but instead made him want to gag. After cleaning both shoes ryan used the top of Gabez head to pull of his cleats. Ryans white nike socks where stained with sweat and dirt. He then stepped both feet onto Gabes head completely covering his face. The little air that he could breathe in was intoxicated with the putrid smell of ryans moist feet. The pain of all of his wieght on his head became too much to bare and he started to squirm making ryan lose his balance and fall off. He stood up and was enraged. "YOU PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING YOUR GONNA PAY FOR THAT... ON YOUR KNEES HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK!!!" Gabe did as he was told out of fear. Ryan paced around him in a circle and then suddenly kicked Gabe in the nuts as hard as he could. Gabe was in tears. The pain was excruciating. "I OWN YOU. YOU ARE AN ITEM. YOU LIVE TO SUFFER UNDER MY FEET. IF YOUR HEAD FEELS LIKE BUSTING YOU LET IT!!! IM YOUR GOD NOW BITCH YOU WORSHIP ME. THIS IS DAY ONE OF THE NEXT FOUR YEARS OF YOUR LIFE. NOW SIT UP AND RUB MY FEET!!" Gabe could hardly breath but he managed to service ryans feet like he did to the girls. Jess and the girls got texts from their rides on their way out they each gave gabe one good slap in the face and then handed him their textbooks and a paper with all of their homework assignments written down. They left the building and then Ryan just looked at Gabe smirked and said "til tommorow" and walked out. 
From that day on Gabe stays after school everyday to service their feet and be abused by the girls and ryan. He gets home at 630 every night and starts the girls homework... Before his ... For that was one of their rules... His morning routine consisted of delivering the girls homework. Paying them whatever money he had in his possession and Jess even made him massage her feet in homeroom sometimes in front of everyone. He was able to play it off as a lost bet but the humiliation was still intense. 
Softmore year got worse... More girls and guys from the track team were let in on the secret. It got so harsh that Gabe was up until 2 every morning completing assignments for his masters. 
Weekends showed no sign of a break. Gabe was often forced to come to any partys his masters threw and was the center of attention in the worst way possible. The smell of feet was always in his nose. To this day gabe still meets the track team after school only to be greeted with smelly socks, abuse, and more and more homework. 
The end

This story is written and contributed by Ian.
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