The Session - Part 1

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I was excited and looking forward to another visit to my Mistress. She was much younger than me and very fit with a slim muscular figure and beautifully formed breasts. Her hair is black and long, hanging down around her face. She was of mixed race and exceptionally attractive with full red lips and flashing dark eyes. Above all she adored black leather clothing, coupled with black leather knee length high-heeled boots, sheer black stockings and sexy tight-fitting soft leather gloves. She was the perfect Mistress and I counted myself lucky to have been chosen as a client and a close friend.

I waited to be admitted to her flat and was already aroused at the prospect of another session with her, we always both enjoyed. My jeans were already showing the excitement, a feeling, over which I had absolutely no control. At length the door opened and Mistress Carla was standing before me, dressed in the abbreviated leather uniform, I so much liked. Her skirt was short and tight fitting, stretched across her firm muscular thighs, whilst her boots extended above the knee to fit snugly around her stocking-clad legs; exposing the flesh of her dusky thighs. She was a true vision of kinky sex, and I knew that whatever she wanted to do with me would have me in raptures of pleasure. “Come in Darling” she whispered as I stepped forward and she wrapped her arms around me in a very loving embrace. Her full red lips clamped over my mouth cutting off anything else that I might want to say. At length she pulled away and ushered me into one of the fetish rooms that she had just commissioned, complete with a ceiling pulley system and medical examination couch fitted with a number of leather restraining straps. I had never before seen this room, and acknowledged that it looked extremely well equipped for the type of role-play she favoured. I stood admiring the room and then felt my coat being dragged from my shoulders to a position around my elbows. Whilst I was surprised, I quickly realised that the session had begun and offered no resistance as she placed an impregnated swab over my nose and mouth, which made me feel drowsy. “Breathe deeply, my Darling, whilst I get you ready He!,He!” I lent against her body as she pushed me against a piece of bondage equipment and pulled off my coat. Before I had time to react, she had fastened some metal handcuffs around my wrists and whispered in my ear that she was intending to have some fantastic pleasure with me over the next few hours. “Don’t try and resist me Darren, you know you are my complete prisoner”.  I knew that any resistance was useless when Carla was in her dominant role, especially when she had a playroom so wonderfully equipped to provide the treatments she liked so much to use. As I lent against the bondage bench, she removed the swab from my face and pulled a tight-fitting leather hood over my head and zipped it closed. The eye slits were already closed but my mouth was still free until she forced a rubber ball-gag between my lips and buckled the leather strap behind my neck to hold the gag in place. “That will keep your mouth busy baby, until I have a need for it” She was breathing heavily in some form of excitement and pressed her leather-gloved fingers over my mouth ensuring that the rubber ball was correctly positioned to prevent even the slightest sound. “Mmppphhh!!” was that all I could say, especially with Carla’s leather gloved fingers clamped over the rubber ball. “Can you smell the lovely leather of my gloves Darren, aren’t they nice and sexy? You know how much the smell of leather turns me on”. It was not only Carla that was turned on by the special smell of the leather, as it also had a most stimulating effect on me. As if to test this out, Carla ran her hand down over my body and stroked my jeans, searching for the hardness of my erection, now forming between my legs. “Oh Yes! Prisoner, you do have a lovely erection, I expected nothing less from you!” I shuddered as I knew what type of treatments Carla would be using during the afternoon ahead, when she had stripped me of my clothing and was able to explore me better. Her fingers slowly unbuttoned my shirt and pulled aside the cotton material, exposing my muscular chest. I felt her gloved fingers touch my semi-erect nipples and twist them gently, then arouse them until they erected like those on a female breast. I could hear her breath begin to increase in intensity as though she was becoming excited, and felt her body press harder against my lower back and thighs, as if she was trying to achieve some form of sexual excitement from what she was doing with me. With me still pressed against the bench, she unzipped the leather flaps covering my eyes and fastened a collar around my neck, to which she fastened a chain. Pulling on the chain she led me across the room and instructed me to stand perfectly still as she lowered the pulley down above my head. “Now! you will do exactly as I command” she intoned “Or I will punish you most severely”. I nodded my head in submission as she unfastened the handcuffs from around my wrists and told me to raise my arms over my head as she pulled off my shirt. Taking each wrist, she buckled a leather cuff around them, and attached them to a ring on the pulley chain. By pressing a button on a small metal box dangling from an electric cable, I felt a motor being to whirr and my arms were drawn slowly upwards, until I was standing with my toes just touching the floor.

She unfastened my shoes and removed them both together with and my socks, so that my wrists now suspended me with my toes brushing the floor. It was easy for her to fasten some leather cuffs around each ankle and lifting each leg slightly, attached the ankle restraint by a short chain to a bracket on the wall either side of my body. I really was now quite helpless and extremely vulnerable for whatever Carla wanted to do with me.

She moved around to stand in front of me and pulled my body towards her and playfully slapped my face several times, then kissed my gagged lips.“ Oh! I am so hot” she exclaimed, ”You are so turning me on, you Bastard!” I shook slightly in my restraints as she began to run her gloved hands over my chest and pinch the aroused nipples. She had no doubt noticed, my jeans had become even more stretched as my excitement grew, but she decided to avoid touching me further for the moment. This type of foreplay was really turning me on and I knew that it was having a similar effect on Carla.

Moving her head closer to my hooded face, she began to speak…”You know what I am going to do with you Darren?” I shook my head slightly as she griped my chin and continued….”I am going to torture you as you know this turns me on as much as the leather that I wear. So that I am able to do this properly, I will be taking off all your clothes, so that I can use the little toys that I have ready for you.  Don’t think that you will be able to escape the pain, and of course any pleasure that I might allow you to have, whilst I have you stretched before me and then strapped to my medical chair”. “When I have you on the chair, I shall be able to remove your gag and use your mouth in another very exciting way; at least that is exciting for me!!”

I shivered with what I was told as her fingers released my chin and she chuckled slightly with sensual enjoyment.  I knew that Carla enjoyed oral sex and up to now had merely forced me to lick her sheer panties, whenever she had me positioned between her thighs. Judging from the moans of ecstasy that she emitted whilst I performed this task, she could obviously feel every lick of my tongue through the thin silk. However, I always wondered when she might one day force me to penetrate her naked cunt and really give her a creamy climax?  However, that pleasure was yet to come as she produced a whip and held it in front of my eyes. I shuddered at the prospect of her using such a weapon as she moved behind me and tenderly stroked my bottom, covered by my tight jeans. At least I was grateful that the denim might prevent me receiving too much pain, once the whipping started. There was silence for several minutes as I tensed waiting for the whip to land on my body. I was totally unprepared as the leather strands slapped against my naked back; at first softly then harder. I let out a gasp as I began to feel some discomfort and I heard Mistress giggle with pleasure. I watched her move around my body and drop the whip as she reached into a small pocket on her leather blouson and extracted a small silver chain with clips on each end. She approached me and pinching each nipple she fastened the serrated clips over each nub of flesh. I jerked slightly as the clips took a hold and she pulled gently on the chain, stretching both nipples as I moved backwards, hoping to stem the discomfort. She chuckled again and then moved close pressing my body against hers.

“I really need to feel your jeans Prisoner…they are so tight and hold the thing that I am seeking” “Yessss!!” she hissed as her hands moved down and began to rub the tight denim material, stroking and fondling and working me up to an even greater hardness. “That’s’ it Darren, get nice and big for me, it would be such a pity to waste such a nice hard prick wouldn’t it?” I did not require any further encouragement, as her fingers squeezed and stroked the tight denim material.

“Ahhhhhh!” I gasped as her fingers had the desired effect and began to stimulate me, forcing me to become more excited. I heard her snigger as  Carla  suggested it would be fun for her to make me spunk inside my pants. Ahhhh! Ahhhhhh!, Ngggg!. I moaned and began to pull on my restraints to stop her abusing me. “If you cum before I am ready, I will punish you and make you do it all over again. I will need some of your cum for my pussy to grease me up. You would not enjoy a dry rape, would you? Her words were nearly as exciting as her fingers, as she suggested she might be about to shag me!   I shook my head frantically and Carla smiled as she removed her fingers from my jeans. “Don’t get too excited, I am not ready just yet, but I feel myself getting very horny and it won’t be too long Darling! We mustn’t rush this moment,…we have all the time in the world, so just relax until I am ready to do it to you. “Don’t think it won’t happen….You are going nowhere and are so much my captive sex-slave today!” I sighed with excitement, just thinking about what she was going to do with me over the next hour or so. The thrill of my cock pressing slowly into her hot pussy, whilst she used me for her extreme pleasure, was almost too much to contemplate. In the meantime she was thrashing me again with a leather spanker, which she directed against my chest and stomach. I jerked violently as one of the blows landed lower and struck me between my legs. Despite my tight fitting jeans, I felt the blow strike the bulge of my testicles and the stiff erection. “Argghhh!” I cried as she stood away smiling sadistically. “Did that wake up your cock…prisoner?” I nodded, as she moved nearer and released each ankle from the wall fixing. She licked her lips as her hands reached out and gently began to massage my jeans. The feeling was overpowering as her gloved fingers squeezed and stroked so firmly.. Whilst she could merely feel the bulge of my cock, I was able to enjoy the excitement of it being pressed firmly against the soft cotton of my underpants beneath; which always provided a high degree of arousal. However, the thought of her fucking my cock was worth all the torment she was proposing to use on my erection, no matter how painful it might be. “He! He!” Giggled Carla as she opened a drawer in a nearby cabinet and produced a number of shiny silver and rubber instruments. She laid them down on the surface of a steel cabinet and fastened a white cotton surgical mask over the lower half of her face. She knew this mask always produced a strong reaction from me, as though I was being tortured in a medical clinic. “See what I have for you Prisoner?” I closed my eyes as she moved closer holding a rubber cylinder in her gloved hands. “We just need to ensure that you are really big enough for what I am about to do, she whispered, so we must begin by using this special stimulation tool” I shrank back as she reached forward with the instrument held in her left hand and held it in front of my face. She then placed it on the steel cabinet, and then unbuckled the belt at my waist and neatly unzipped the metal fly fastening of my jeans.  She knew this procedure always had a stimulating effect on me, and I could see Carla open her eyes wide, as if unwrapping a Christmas present. The jeans split open and she pulled them from my hips to expose my tight-fitting white cotton briefs. I always felt truly excited when Carla began removing my clothing, knowing that her next move would be to stimulate my cock. She began her usual routine by gently feeling and stroking the thin cotton pants and commenting how much she liked to do that. I was in raptures as she removed a leather glove and groped me firmly through the smooth material. “You know how this turns me on, don’t you Darren, wearing those lovely pants for me” She sighed as her fingers continued to manipulate the soft cloth. I began to breathe heavily as I responded to her arousing touch and glancing down saw how big I had now become, with my erection straining for containment inside the tight briefs. Another few minutes of this treatment might see me ejaculate, which I was not ready to do. Taking off her leather gloves, she snapped a pair of surgical latex gloves over each hand. “Now we must get you into position for your treatments, so that I can work on you better”. This was the position that I liked the best, being strapped helpless on a bed or, examination table, with my wrists and ankles tied tightly apart. Now, Carla had acquired a very serviceable medical chair that seemingly could be raised and lowered and moved into a variety of positions, for Carla to gain access to every part of my body.  A definite improvement in her collection of specialised toys for the treatment of naughty boys. As usual she reminded me that I must not resist as she unfastened my arms from the pulley mechanism and guided me to the comfortable black leather chair. Pushing me down on my back, she quickly placed a number of thick leather straps over my torso and then around my thighs. Finally she fastened my wrists to the side of the chair and put my ankles into suitable leather fastenings. She smiled as she looked down at me “Now you are all ready I can begin what must be done; you are not going to give me any trouble are you Darren?” I shook my head in a degree of mock protest, which I saw made Carla smile above her surgical mask. “I will need to start with the special tool I showed to you earlier. This will ensure that you are at your full potential for what next I have in mind for you.” Picking up the rubber tube, Carla stood holding it over my body, She plugged it into an electric socket on the base of the chair and the open end of the soft spongy tube glowed in a red light and it started to emit a humming sound. Carla dipped two fingers into a jar of greasy substance and began to wipe the inside of the tube a few times. “Now Angel, we are all ready to begin” I tensed my body as Carla pressed a switch on the tool and the humming noise increased. She then reached down and after some further preliminary fondling of my underpants she rolled them down my thighs exposing my significant erection and swollen testicles.  Her eyes sparkled with pleasure as she lifted my cock and pulled back the foreskin. “How big you are Darren, I shall enjoy fucking that later” She moved the buzzing tool lower and placed it firmly over the top of my erection. Without warning, she forced it down the length of my cock and by pressing a further button, it began to vibrate and move gently up and down, forcing my foreskin to tug in both an upwards and downwards direction, whilst a tiny spongy device at the head of the tube began to polish the sensitive head of my cock. “Ahhhhh!” I gasped through my gag, as Carla whispered for me to relax and let the machine do its’ work. I struggled in the straps but the buzzing, vibrating device was relentless as it seemed to move faster, and I could feel myself being brought near to ejaculation. “I could make this tool force you to cum”, sighed Carla, “but we don’t want it to do that, do we Darling?” I shook my head frantically, imploring Carla to remove it from cock, before I went over the edge. Carla smiled above her mask as the tube continued to milk me. By now, I was shuddering and shaking in my restraints and a continuous moan “Ngghh..Nooo, Ahhh!” filtered through my gag. Carla pressed another switch and suddenly the stimulating tool changed into a device of pure torture as electricity zapped into my huge erection. Each stroke was painful and the spongy pad dabbing at my swollen cock-head hurt me deeply. “He! He! Darling, does it hurt so much. You know how Carla likes her torture treatments. Just a little more, so be a brave boy” The tube continued to move frantically over and around my cock and the pain was almost unbearable. However, my erection did not seem to recede too much. Again without warning, the device once again returned to its’ original purpose, and I lay back in grateful thanks as I felt myself being gently stimulated. Carla knew how much of this treatment to administer as she switched it off and pulled the tube from my cock with an audible “plop”.  “Let me see what else I have for you”, whispered Carla, as she fumbled with instruments on her metal cabinet. I had little time to wait as she fastened three thin leather straps around my cock, at regular intervals, with the final strap just under the bloated head. Next she placed a tight strap around my balls. I lay wondering what might follow as Carla lifted a silver metallic box between my thighs and plugged in some wires. Taking great care she inserted six pins into connections laced into the straps around my cock, and then a further two pins into the strap around my balls. Having done this, she connected the wires from each pin to the metal box. Her eyes sparkled as she picked up the metal box and turned several knobs slowly, until I could just feel the tingle of electricity. She moved the control again and the sting of electricity became greater. I reacted and shook and shouted into my gag.  “Nngghhh, Ugghhh”. Carla sniggered in delight as she realised that her prisoner was feeling every prick of electricity being received through both his foreskin and his balls. With careful manipulation of the knobs, she was able to select which part of my genitals to attack. This was seemingly a most sophisticated cbt device. “Now I just need to shove something down that cock to give you some further stimulation” I waited patiently as Carla’s rubber clad fingers squeezed the tip of my cock-head and teased it a little, before forcing a lubricated length of rubber tubing into the tiny sphincter, and it began to move slowly down inside my firm erection. “There, it goes right inside you. Fantastic! Is it lovely my Darling, filling up your cock?” With practiced skill Carla threaded the tube gently down inside my throbbing erection, as I tried to close my thighs to prevent the sensation of wanting to pee at being so cruelly invaded. After a few seconds several inches of the tubing was forced inside as Carla held it in place, and connected yet another wire to the metal box held in her other hand. “He! He!” she giggled as she flipped a switch and my erection became alive with yet another electrifying experience. The pricking of my balls started again and I struggled on the chair to prevent the shocking torture to which I was being subjected. “Arrgghhhh”, Nghhh, Arrghhhhh”. Carla seemed content to continue with the remorseless treatment as I thrashed around on the chair.

“Perhaps I should give you some relief from all the agony, Darling, and let you feel my lovely leather gloves around your dick?” Turning off the electricity, Carla withdrew the thin rubber tube and removed the leather straps fitted around the thick cock. After exchanging her latex gloves for her tight soft leather gloves, she lifted my cock into position and began to pull back the foreskin. “Here it comes, Darling, a lovely leather-gloved wank to help you get rid of some of that spunk you are making for me”. She began slowly working the foreskin covering of my erection up and down, as I began to sigh with exhilaration.  I lay back tightly strapped to the chair as Carla curled her fingers around my shaft and massaged me with a greater speed. In seconds I was beginning to jerk getting ready to spurt a stream of cum.  “I can see that you are nearly there, as a little of your pre-cum just spurted from your cock-head”. I realised it was inevitable; until Carla told him that she was going to give him just five seconds for me to cum. If I failed, I would be tortured some more. It was useless, being ordered to perform to a time limit and I knew I would fail. I heard Carla giggle and tell me that she would start again and give me another chance. Her fingers were gentle as she masturbated me and began a count to five. I tried so hard to respond, but again failed to deliver. “We shall need to try something else my Darling” and he felt the chair start to change position. It descended until he was lying flat with his head just slightly lower than his body. Carla leaned over me and unfastened the gag from my mouth, and pulled up the hood to uncover the lower half of my face. I gratefully sucked in some air and tried to understand what next Carla was planning. Without warning, she moved around to the head of the chair and parted her thighs, pulling back the hem of her skirt. She sat down on my face in such a way that her silk panties fully covered my open mouth. “Now Lick Me!” she cried, Get Me Hot!” Make Me Cum!” I knew exactly what I must do, and pressed my wet tongue tightly against the woman’s silk knickers. As an inducement he felt the leather gloves clasp his cock.

Her thighs tightened around my face and she pressed herself more firmly over my mouth. “Lick my clit, Tongue that pussy…I want to feel you eating my cunt! Make me cum, Make me cum!”  I had difficulty breathing, but continued to lick and suck at the silk panties. I felt her shudder and tremble and then heard a low moan, which became a cry, as if she was being hurt, followed by sighs and gasps. I realised that she had climaxed and she raised herself slightly from my face, allowing me to breathe more easily. Her gloved fingers searched between her thighs and she announced she had cum and would punish me for causing that to happen. She removed her fingers from between her legs and laid them over my nose and mouth. “Lick my gloves, smell my essence” I did as I was asked, and tasted the special flavour of a female ejaculation. Carla continued to cover my mouth with her impregnated leather gloves, whilst she searched around for the rubber ball-gag. She then replaced it into my mouth and rolled back the hood to keep me silent. Slowly she rose from my face and raised the chair to her desired level. She slapped my face a few times and called me a Bastard for bringing her off, before she was ready. I had only done what she had asked, and realised it was all part of the scenario she was enjoying. She sat beside me and reached down to toy with my erection. It took her less than a few seconds to make me hard and responsive. “I think it is time for more torture” she suggested, and pulled back the foreskin to a maximum stretch. I waited nervously at what next she planned to do. She released my cock and fumbled in a drawer to find the next instrument of discomfort. I had not long to wait as I felt the sharp stabs of a pinwheel begin to roll over my balls and extend to the foreskin of my erection. I jerked in reaction to the treatment as I heard Carla gasp a few times in obvious satisfaction at what she was doing. “The Leather, The Torture and your cock!! I am now so hot and wet. I would like to fuck you stupid”. I was more than ready for Carla to force my erection into her body to get herself Off. However the pinwheel was causing more than a degree of pain as it covered my sensitive flesh and then she really hurt me as she trailed the spikes across the supersensitive flesh of my cock-head. I gasped in my gag as Carla continued to inflict the pain. “Isn’t it beautiful Darling? Does your cock enjoy the sensation?” I tried to shake my head, but Carla seized my head and held it tightly as she giggled and continued to give my foreskin and cock-head the spiteful treatment. Pulling open her leather blouse, she exposed her left breast and ordered me to suck her nipple. I sucked with enthusiasm as Carla gasped and gasped at my efforts and declared that she was again at a point of climax. Throwing down the pinwheel, she seized my erection and began to gently masturbate me. “You are going to get it now! I am going to make you cum for me or, shall I sit on your dick and rape you with my cunt. Her words alone had a terrific effect, and I could imagine her squeezing my cock inside her wet pussy, until I lost total control and spurted my juice inside her. Her gloved fingers teased me unmercifully as. I continued to suck both of her nipples. She reached completion before me and stopped masturbating my shaft before I came to fruition. She squealed with delight as she realised I had been defeated and released my cock, which continued to shake with the anticipation of being brought to such an extreme state of excitement.

She moved away from the chair and I waited in anticipation as to what might follow. I felt her slide a velvet-lined boot onto each foot, and release the ankle restraints and the band of rubber covering my lower legs. Almost immediately, my legs were pulled upright until they were suspended about two feet above the surface of the chair. At this point, my thighs parted and my legs were held several feet apart. This manoeuvre was carried out by the use of pulleys attached to two electric motors. I lay wondering Carla had in mind as she bent over me and unzipped the hood covering my eyes. I watched her raise her short leather skirt to expose her sheer black panties. She stroked her herself gently then lowered the knickers to show me her pussy. She poked a finger inside and began to masturbate herself. I watched in total fascination as she began to gasp with an arousal. Next she buckled a leather harness around her hips and inserted a rubber phallus into herself, which was attached to the harness. In the front of the harness was a hole approximately an inch in diameter through which the end of device that Carla had inserted into her body was protruding. She picked up a soft rubber prod shaped like a rampant penis and tested it against my sphincter. I tried to avoid the insertion, but Carla was determined to get it into me. I shook my hips a few times as I felt the tip invade my anus. Seemingly pleased with the fit, she pulled it free and smeared some lubrication on and around the rubber then she screwed the phallus onto the tip protruding from her groin and moved very close between my thighs. Gently she inserted the rubber penis into my anus and began to shag me like a man fucking a woman. Deeper and deeper it pressed into my body aided by a very efficient vibrator and I shouted out in some discomfort. “NNgghhhh! Ughhh! Aahhhhh!” She merely gasped with delight as the thing inside her stroked her cunt and clit. It was a very strange experience, but not exactly unpleasant. Carla had already climaxed and seemed ready to repeat the act. She moved like a man, thrusting the penis in and out of my rectum, which evidently gave her immense pleasure. I hung in the restraint, totally helpless to deny her the ability to shag me. She reached down between us and lifted my semi-aroused cock. “Perhaps you will join us….and cum for me as I am cumming for you?”  The way she manipulated my foreskin, soon had me very aroused and I knew she would force me to spurt for her. “My gloves, my lovely leather gloves….You  cannot resist them can you? I will keep wanking you until your cock is empty” I knew she was right as her fingers kept up a steady momentum and I heard her gasp again in a climax, Whilst my anus was becoming sore from the constant friction, I felt myself reach the peak of a climax and exploded, with spunk shooting everywhere that Carla directed. Her fingers did not stop and I continued to cum for her. After being fully milked, she began again and soon had more cum spurting from my cock.

“Lovely!” she cried “Now the next spurt is going into my cunt…, don’t be too long in making your juice for me” She repositioned my body, to lay flat on the chair before teasing my cock once again to a state of full erection.      


End of Part One

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