The Fantasy World of Female Domination - Part 2

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The Laptop stood firmly on the bed in front of Paul’s terrified eyes, as Barbara continued to amuse herself stroking his tight pants with her leather-gloved fingers. Amelia sat on a low stool watching both the action on the VDU screen and how Barbara was stimulating her restrained husband. Barbara’s husband Peter had become quite absorbed by the frantic action on the small screen, to bother watching Paul being molested by his wife. The video was evidently having some effect on Peter, judging from the size of the arousal, building within his close-fitting leather jeans. Barbara looked at Amelia and spoke. “My, My he IS becoming very aroused Amelia, just smell his aroma on my gloves, it makes me really horny to think that I am having such an effect just touching him. He really is so very naughty, perhaps we should punish him for you?”  Amelia nodded her head enthusiastically. “ I hoped that you might want to do that for me, he should be taught a big lesson for such bad behaviour!”

“First we shall need to get him better prepared” said Barbara, as she opened her shoulder bag and extracted some items, including a black leather hood. Peter took the hood from Barbara and quickly pulled it over Paul’s head. With some difficulty, he managed to keep Paul’s head still long enough to close the zip fastening and shut the eye-slits, before plucking the silk panties from his mouth. “Very crude!” he announced as he held the sopping wet panties in his fingers. “We have a much better gag for him” Without giving Paul a chance to speak, Peter forced a soft rubber ball into his open mouth and fastened the strap tightly behind his neck. “Now we are almost ready” commented Barbara, as she gently stroked her gloved fingers more firmly over Paul’s bulging briefs. The stimulation forced Paul’s cock into sharp relief against the stretched smooth cotton material. “Now, let’s watch what this naughty boy has been buying to get himself so excited?” Barbara moved her fingers to Paul’s chest and gently pinched his nipples.


The three women clad in their leather uniforms, gathered around their male captive, who had been stretched out helplessly on a metal frame, awaiting his interrogation. He had been accused of being a spy and was now in the hands of a very special group of experienced female Interrogators. He had been suitably hooded and gagged on being brought into the darkened room, and was very indecently molested whilst being fastened to the frame. He was clearly aroused, and snorted in protest as he twisted his body to avoid their inquisitive fingers. He was refusing to talk, so, the leader ordered that he should be divested of his clothing,so that his torture could begin.  One of the women sniggered as she seductively unzipped his jeans and tore open his shirt, exposing his muscular chest. He was ordered to nod his head should he wish to speak, as a large rubber ball-gag was buckled around his face, preventing even the minimum of speech. Both eye slits in the hood were closed to keep him in a permanent state of darkness. “You realise that you will be tortured if you continue to refuse to talk” he was informed, “So think carefully before resisting us, as we do enjoy our work and are very resourceful” The man shook his head in defiance as one of the women pinched both his nipples and then pulled and twisted them between her leather-covered fingers. He gasped loudly through his gagged lips as the woman hurt him badly. Another of the women thrust her hand inside his unzipped jeans to further explore him. The third woman, held a hypodermic needle filled with a quantity of blue liquid, directly over his prone body. By depressing the plunger slightly she was able to squirt a thin jet of the contents over his taut stomach. All seemed ready and no matter how aggressively the man squirmed and jerked his body, the women seemed more than ready to begin a very thorough interrogation of their prisoner.


Barbara sighed as she stroked Paul’s chest and suggested that perhaps he should be tortured for all of his bad behaviour. Amelia agreed that it would be a fitting punishment for watching such pornographic filth. She leaned closer to watch Barbara as her hands returned to stroke his smooth cotton briefs. Peter was obviously fascinated by the video film and was breathing heavily, as he ran his fingers casually across his leather jeans. Amelia glanced at Peter and noticed that he too had become very aroused by the video. It was obvious that the man held captive by the women would be stripped and indecently assaulted, as a major part of the interrogation process.  A plan of what might be done to punish Paul was already forming in her mind. She viewed that what Paul was doing as almost a disloyalty within their marriage; like having a sexual affair behind her back. She had decided that she was not going to permit his disrespectful behaviour to continue, without the imposition of some form of severe retribution. She was already enjoying the fact that Barbara and Peter were willing to support her in punishing Paul, and hoped that what they might do, could provide the treatment she was unable to inflict. She doubted that just one such treatment would be enough to stop her husband’s perverted behaviour; so she would encourage her friends to visit her home more often in the future.


Back on the screen, the action was becoming more intense as the prisoner   lay virtually naked on the frame, with his jeans, shirt and footwear scattered around him on the floor of the cell. He struggled in his bindings as finally his brief pants were cut from his hips and his erection sprang from the restricting cloth, ready it seemed, for some most unpleasant and painful treatment. Whilst a woman captured his shaft in her fingers and held back the foreskin, the hypodermic needle was lowered and placed firmly against the man’s urethra. The thin slit was spread open to allow the blunt needle to be pressed more deeply inside. Slowly the liquid was injected into him, until it began to fill him and dribble down the side of his penis. The hypo was still half full and it took almost another two applications, until the injecting process was complete. He lay still as the women moved around him ready to begin his torment. It seemed that whatever fluid they had injected into him, it had the effect of quickly increasing the size and thickness of his erection. It now stood hard and throbbing, ready for full use should any of the women wish to test his ability?  A small item was then strapped around the man’s shaft and fastened to his balls. When it was activated, the prisoner began to jerk about in some minor discomfort, whilst a woman began to whip the soles of his feet with a small multi-stranded leather whip, The third woman moved around to stand near to his head that lay on a padded leather headrest, attached to the frame. She gazed down at the man and slowly raised her short leather skirt to reveal her sheer black panties. She demanded some answers and when the man ignored her threats, she moved around the headrest and positioned her legs on either side of his hooded face, crushing the black leather between her stocking-clad thighs. She removed his gag and forced herself against his open mouth. He could smell her female scent and that of her leather clothing, as he was instructed to lick her intimately. All the time, the electric current increased in its’ intensity, attacking his swollen genitals. The woman continued to whip his feet with the flogger, as he tried unsuccessfully to avoid the blows. His body jerked and shuddered as he tried to escape the pain and avoid being suffocated between the woman’s legs.

Everyone watched the screen avidly to see what would happen next and whether the man would be forced to divulge the secrets that the women were seeking. Although his cock withstood the torture, he refused to comply with their demands and the electric shocks were steadily increased. “Arghhhhh” he screamed whilst the woman pressed her silk panties harder against his mouth to keep him quiet and increase the pleasure from his wet mouth. “Stupid Bastard!” cried the woman as she rolled her leather skirt down over his hooded face and gasped in contentment at what the man was now doing with his tongue. The woman torturing his cock asked whether her colleague might prefer to remove the shocking device from around his prick and actually fuck him. “N,N,Noo!!” gasped the woman…”there will be time for that later, just see to it that he doesn’t release, until I am good and ready for him!”  The electricity-inducing device was removed and refastened to his toes whilst the woman with the flogger began to use a nasty spiked wheel to torture the captive’s sensitive cock-head and his balls. “Arghhhh, Ughhhhh”, cried the man, as he somehow managed to move his head sufficiently to drag his mouth free from the sheer panties covering his mouth. The woman sitting above him uttered a groan and grasped his hair to force his mouth back in place. Immediately she began to shake with a climax, whilst ordering the man to continue sucking and licking her pussy. 


This was exactly the kind of sexual torture that Paul enjoyed most …waiting patiently for the moment when the man would be forced to eject thick spurts of his cum for the delight of his abusers. Barbara reached inside his pants and extracted his thick arousal. Casually, she began to masturbate Paul, gently exposing and covering his cock-head with the folds of his foreskin, until he too began to shake with much excitement and gasped through his gag. “Be careful” warned Amelia, “He can come-off very fast if you wank him too hard”.  Barbara merely smiled and continued to manipulate her near naked captive. “If he cums before I am ready for him, he will be really punished;… he had better exercise some very strong control of himself!” Peter looked over at the helpless man and smiled, as he saw what his wife was doing. Amelia knew that sooner or, later Paul would get what he was really seeking and be tortured by her friends. This is what they did for their private amusement, and he would find it much less exciting than what he imagined, by watching the playacting shown on his supposedly nasty videos. Whilst the video action always seemed most real and very painful, most of the women enjoyed inflicting some sort of physical pain as a prelude to copulation, and the men were clearly masochists that enjoyed being hurt as part of their sexual pleasure. Amelia preferred humiliation and playing a Dominatrix, but drew the line at any real torture and bloodshed. She was not so sure about Barbara and Peter, and knew that she might enjoy seeing them work Paul over, before taking their pleasure with him at the end of the session.

She knew that she would certainly like to let Peter have his way with her in front of Paul, and wondered whether she should ask the pair to put her into some type of restraint alongside her husband, as a prelude to getting herself penetrated. She had never experienced consensual rape and always considered it might be quite thrilling especially, if it was done by a stud with feeling? Peter seemed certainly well equipped to satisfy her craving for deep penetrative sex, and it would be fun to watch Paul viewing her rape, without being able to do anything to prevent it. Anyway, he might have enough to occupy his thoughts if Barbara was to give him a very encouraging milking with her leather gloves. She watched as Barbara continued to tease her husband, slowly working the folds of the foreskin up and down on Paul’s erection. Barbara knew what she was doing and how she could exercise the maximum of excitement on her captive to keep him on the very edge, before she slipped the pulsating cock back into his pants, denying him the completion which he craved. It would not end there as she would friction his sensitive cock-head against the silky material of his briefs to bring increased excitement, a little torture she applied on Peter, on the odd occasion he actually wore any pants for their sexual adventures. Amelia almost squealed with delight as she heard Paul gasp deeply and watched Barbara’s fingers trace the outline of his erection against the tight material. She watched fascinated at how Barbara stroked her husband’s thick cock under the covering of his briefs, which seemed so much more exciting than merely wanking his naked prick.

The action on the screen was moving towards a climax, and she could hear Paul’s gasping as Barbara forced him closer and closer to an explosive ejaculation. Not wanting to see Barbara push her husband too far and spoil the enjoyment for later, she suggested that she might perhaps withdraw her hand from his pants and let him calm down, before finishing him off with whatever else she had in mind for when the video came to an end.  Peter was also very engaged in the activity that he was watching on the screen and had now unzipped his leather trousers to insert his hand inside and pull his own huge penis into view. Amelia gasped at the size of the man and could image being impaled upon the thick shaft, as he invaded her wet pussy.


The screen was alive with action as the prisoner was hauled from the metal frame and spread naked over a leather-covered stool. As soon as he was stretched tightly in position the three women began to whip him with various leather-thronged whips. He was soon tugging at his bindings and screaming profusely through his gagged lips. It was to no avail as on being questioned, he shook his head negatively in reply to their demands for an answer to their questions. It was all very real and was obviously hurting the man. However, his cock withstood the discomfort he was suffering and remained erect and hard as it was pressed against his stomach, as he lay pinned against the stool. After a short space of time, one of the women reached between his legs and searched between his bum cheeks with a gloved finger. She demanded that something should be handed to her, and obediently a colleague unscrewed a pot of grease and offered the open jar to her. After removing a small glob of the sticky substance, she spread it around her rigid finger and then inserted it forcefully into the man’s anal passage.  “That’s what we will do with him” exclaimed Peter as he grasped Paul’s head and lifted it nearer to the screen. “Watch her!” He explained…”that is what Barbara and I will do with you” Paul shook his head wildly as he saw his huge manhood standing firmly from his open jeans. Peter clung tightly to Paul’s hair to control his movements. “We have just the thing to use on you, haven’t we Darling?” Barbara nodded eagerly. “But perhaps you need to use it on Amelia first, to get her in the mood?” Amelia looked puzzled at the remark, but Barbara merely smiled, as she continued to fondle the captive Paul.


Back on the screen, the man was now frantic with the intrusion of the woman’s finger, as a slim metal cylinder was handed to her. With skill and perseverance the woman managed to grease and insert the cylinder into the rear orifice of her prisoner, and then force it slowly but resolutely inside his body. As soon as most of the device was deeply inside, she began to unscrew the end of the device, and watched as the man’s opening became larger and larger; with the camera moving closer to  record the procedure taking place. It showed clearly how the man was being stretched to accommodate the device, as it continued to fill his rectum. “AAArrrghhhhhh, ARGGHHhhhh, Ugghhhh!!” The man’s screams filtered through his gag and now the cylinder began to pulsate inside him, as though he was being anally fucked. The women laughed at his discomfort and renewed their demands for him to divulge the secret information he retained. He shook his head furiously as a tiny bulbous metal prod was pressed against his back, which obviously applied further shocking electricity. His wrists were detached from the legs of the stool and he was pulled upright and held tightly, as the prod was pressed against the tip of his rampant cock. He screamed some more as the head of the prod was forced inside his urethra opening, and the shock treatment became so much worse. “Zzzrzzzhhh” the buzzing sound of the prod seemed slightly muted as it was plunged deeper within the man’s weeping cock. “Arghhhhhh” cried the man, as the women pressed closer and he was held against their leather uniforms. They were clearly enjoying hurting him, and it seemed as if he would explode in a massive climax, as his cock was slowly fucked with the electric tool.


Everyone, including Barbara and Peter were staring wide-eyed at the screen and watching as the naked captive was pushed towards a completion and his possible submission. His cries echoed around the room as he attempted to pull himself free of the three women holding him. Pulling his head down, one of the women unfastened the top of her leather jacket and removed his ball-gag. He tried to scream his protest, but his mouth did not remain free as it was pressed against her naked breast and he was forced to suck her nipple. He did exactly as he was commanded, eagerly licking and sucking at the ripe woman-flesh.


It was too much for Peter as he switched –off the Laptop and asked Barbara to start Paul’s “Naughty” treatment. “We will watch some more when have Paul under control” Barbara nodded and asked what he had in mind. “I think we should start with your little friend, and when she is in position, we can concentrate on her errant husband” Barbara looked surprised and asked Amelia if she would like to play? Peter moved towards her and seized her wrists. She offered no resistance as he twisted them behind her back and pushed her gasping over the bed. Holding her firmly, Barbara lifted her head and smiled as she fastened a small rubber padded strap across her mouth. “You will enjoy what we have in mind Amy, I am sure?”. Paul could not see what was happening to his wife, but could hear her muted cries. Peter leaned closer and whispered into his ear “We are going to have some really lovely fun with your wife……perhaps we will let you watch while we fuck her….would you like to see us do that?”  Paul trembled as he heard his wife groan and gasp as she was experiencing some form of abuse. Suddenly he was lifted from the swing and manhandled into a chair, where he was tied helpless. Barbara gently lifted the eye coverings on the hood, so he could now she Peter struggling with his wife lying on the bed. He had a hand thrust down her blouse and was running his other hand up her jean-covered left thigh. “What shall I do first? play with your titties or, feel that little pussy of yours?”  Paul closed his eyes as Peter began to unbutton his wife’s silk blouse, exposing her bra-clad breasts. Gently he fondled the lace bra and then pulled down the left cup until her breast was fully exposed. “Mmmppfffff” cried Amelia as his gloved fingers began to fondle her and seized a pert nipple. He began to pinch it very gently and rolled the thick flesh until she was gasping loudly. He next pulled down the other bra cup and began a similar treatment with the left breast. He was now having much fun, squeezing the pliant breasts and arousing the two nipples. Amelia playfully struggled to prevent being touched, but secretly she enjoyed everything that Peter was doing with her. Paul struggled furiously on the chair as Barbara reached down and plucked the soft pants from his groin.” Here, let’s not forget you!”  She plunged her hand inside and explored him wickedly until she pulled the cotton material lower and exposed his bloated throbbing cock. Now she began to squeeze the foreskin and forcibly masturbate her victim “See what Peter is doing to her, it is just the start as we will have her cumming for us very soon, then it will be your turn” Paul could only watch fascinated as Peter reached down and unfastened the small leather belt around Amelia’s jeans and unzipped the fly fastening. He pulled them down her legs and exposed her sheer black knickers. His fingers searched hungrily and thrust between her twisting thighs. He found what he was seeking as Amelia gasped loudly and a gloved finger pressed against her intimately. Moving aside her panties he went inside and it was clear he had plugged his finger into her pussy. He forced his finger deeper and then began to move it in and out of her body in a simulated act of sexual intercourse as he stroked her clit. Amelia gasped deeply as she was systematically worked towards a climax. Paul was also being stimulated by Barbara’s leather gloves and knew that he would shortly spurt his semen for all to see.  “Get him ready Darling” cried Peter as he continued to finger-fuck the squirming Amelia. Paul was almost at the point of no return as she stopped what she was doing and moved over to the bed to help Peter get Amelia ready for her next treatment. Within a few moments, Amelia was tied helpless spread-out on her back over the large mattress. Her blouse and jeans removed and her panties pulled from her thighs. Peter produced a thick rubber dildo from Barbara’s bag and showed it to the trembling woman. Taking his throbbing cock in his fingers, he held it glistening before him, indicating that he was ready to cum. He placed the dildo next to the enlarged shaft, comparing the rubber toy to the size of what he had to offer. Her eyes stared at the fleshy pole and then at the rubber dildo, which he was moving relentlessly toward her defenceless groin. “Now my Dear are you ready for one of the most exciting experiences of your life… Cock of course, not this rubber thing Ha! Ha!” Barbara grinned and then allowed a stifled laugh to join her husband’s chuckles, as he twisted the thick invader between Amelia’s pussy lips to stimulate his victim. Amelia let out a strange groan as the dildo entered her pussy and it was moved further inside her. Turning the base of the device, Peter activated the little motor, and it began to pulsate and move backwards and forwards like a genuine fuck. He watched with a grin on his face as he reached down and began to stimulate his cock. Amelia continued to gasp as Peter stimulated her clit until with a sudden groan, she stretched upon the mattress and climaxed. Peter smiled as he plunged the rubber invader deeper and his fingers again toyed with her clit. He was very inventive and quickly forced Amelia to reach a new height of pleasure. Barbara watched her captive as Peter removed the dildo from the struggling woman, and then climbed over her hips to place his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He stroked it a few times before sliding it slowly into her and then moved more deeply inside. Deeper it went, until he began to move faster and actively thrust his cock aggressively into her cunt. He could hear Amelia scream her pleasure as he too groaned and gasped and felt himself begin to spurt his  ejaculate into thr helpless Amelia.

Barbara knew what she had to do, and wrapped her fingers around the base of Paul’s cock and pulled back the foreskin as far as it would go. She would now release Paul from his pent-up excitement. His cum shot almost a foot into the air, as she continued to drain him and spattered his naked stomach with the sticky white semen. She could see his eyes close as she continued to stroke Paul dry, and Peter eased himself more slowly in and out of the groaning Amelia.


All was silent, whilst both Paul and Amelia collected their thoughts, exhausted by what they had been forced to endure. Peter slowly slid his wet cock from Amelia’s body and wiped it on the panties that he snatched from the floor beside the bed. “What a lovely fuck you are” he said, gazing down at her and stroking her firm breasts. Barbara smiled and told Paul that he would now be punished for cumming before she had given him proper permission.

 “Now Paul, let us watch the last part of your video” suggested Peter, “before we decide what punishment you should have”. He pulled up his briefs and zipped-up his jeans as he switched the Laptop back on.


The screen came alive with movement, as the prisoner continued to be fucked with the electric invaders. He struggled and screamed at what the women were doing with him. “Ughhhhh!  Ughhhh!” A woman leaned close and whispered seductively. “Just tell us what you know and the pain will stop. We might even reward you” She giggled seductively. Gripping his swollen shaft with her gloved fingers, she eased back the foreskin, whilst switching off the electricity and began stimulating him. The man shook his head in defiance, as he leaned back as far as the women would permit, hoping to avoid the instrument being plunged deeper within his erection. “I think he wants us to take it out…don’t you fool? Well, just tell us what we need to know and we might just do that and give you a lovely wank instead” They all smiled and leaned closer as the woman continued to masturbate the man’s cock. “No? Not going to be sensible” The woman pressed the thin instrument deeper into the man’s cock and then tugged it almost out, teasing the man as though internally masturbating him as she switched the current back on. Gasps of both pain and pleasure escaped the man’s gag as his torture continued.

Paul struggled to watch the screen, his pants now once again covering his slightly flaccid shaft. “He looks so horny in those silky pants” cried Barbara as she stared at the thin white cloth straining to contain Paul’s excitement. “ I will give him a few more minutes, then I must stroke him some more!!” Paul stared at the screen, quite oblivious as to what Barbara was threatening to do with him.


The naked captive was being systematically fucked and electrocuted in both his arse and his prick, whilst another set of wires were attached to his nipples. “Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh” he screamed, which turned to low moans and gasps as he began to shake and shudder in the hands of his captors. Suddenly, without warning he became rigid and thrust himself forward, as a stream of cum shot from his cock to spatter on the floor before him. Paul tugged at his bindings as he watched the man’s compliance and with a little manipulative assistance, further semen was extracted. After a few further ejaculations he was dragged away in a semi-conscious state, before being hung by his wrists to an overhead pulley. The electric devises were removed from his body as the women armed themselves with whips and spankers, ready to torture their captive some more.


Paul sat motionless on the chair watching as Amelia rose from the bed and dressed herself. Barbara advanced on Paul and closed the flaps of leather over his eyes. She gazed down at his stretched cotton briefs, and knew that once again she needed to touch him!






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