The Fantasy World of Female Domination - Part 1

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Paul stared intently at the computer screen, as the action became more frantic. Three very powerful women dressed in tight Black Leather military style uniforms had dragged the male prisoner to the Interrogation Room. He had tried to resist but it was useless as he was restrained, gagged and hooded, and now lay totally helpless on the metal stretching frame, as two of the women stood over him. His trousers had been  unfastened, allowing one of the women to insert a leather-gloved hand inside to explore his underpants. Paul knew that this type of activity was always guaranteed to arouse him, knowing that the man was being made ready for some very imaginative torture. This was a new film-clip he had downloaded from his favourite website, which had been entitled:- “The Torture of a Spy”. Other films he had seen from this site were also very suggestive, but he was really seeking some greater action involving basic forced sex with pain and humiliation. So far he had not being disappointed, and realised that Sex would no doubt play a large part in this man’s treatment as the video proceeded! He reached down and began to massage his tight-fitting jeans, squeezing gently at the ridge of denim covering his fast erecting cock. He could feel that what he was watching was already stimulating him, and wished in some ways that he could perhaps take the man’s place. He watched more closely as the women moved around the prisoner’s struggling body, assembling various pieces of strange looking equipment and moving them nearer to their captive. The camera moved nearer, clearly showing the woman once again abusing the man and smiling most sadistically as she played inside his jeans, announcing that she intended to make him totally responsive, before he was subjected to their lengthy torture treatments. This was precisely what Paul was seeking from the porno films he was ordering on the Internet, and hoped that this latest acquisition would give him some more extreme pleasure.

So intent was he in watching the action on the screen that he failed to realise that his wife was standing directly behind him. Too late, he turned as she reached over his shoulder and pressed the stop button. He tried to explain, but she had heard his excuses a thousand times and decided that his time he would be properly punished. “I suppose you are nicely aroused by all that sick sex?” Paul looked embarrassed by his wife once again finding him watching the explicit FemDom movies. “Take your hands away from your jeans, I need to see for myself just how much these dirty films have turned you on” Paul dutifully moved his hands down to the sides of his chair, as his wife Amelia reached down and ran her fingers between his thighs. “Open your legs more, you worm” demanded Amelia,” I need to see for myself what you have been doing”. Paul did as he was instructed and Amelia grasped him intimately, her fingers exploring the humiliating bulge beneath the taut denim. She unfastened the press-stud at his waist and slowly unzipped the front of his jeans. Paul sat motionless as his wife pulled aside the denim and stroked the cotton briefs beneath. He would have enjoyed her fondling him, had it not been for the embarrassing circumstances in which he now found himself. “Please!!” he whimpered as Amelia was obviously enjoying what she doing. “Are you asking me to stop touching you, or just wanting me to wank you, whilst you watch your dirty films?” Amelia was angry, and clutched Paul’s manhood more tightly.

“Nooo! Please, you’re hurting me” cried Paul as he attempted to raise his hands from the sides of the chair. “Keep your hands where they are or, I will tie them”. Paul pleaded again as Amelia’s continued to fondle his pants. Without comment, she slipped the belt loose from his jeans and instructed Paul to place his hands behind the chair. Taking the belt, Amelia wound it over and around his wrists and buckled it tight, so that Paul could not get loose. “If I hear any more from you”, she hissed, I will gag you too”.  Paul could only watch as his wife’s fingers returned to his pants and pinched gently at the erection that poked obscenely at the soft cotton material. “Let me see” she whispered, “Have you already cum?”  Paul watched in silence as Amelia carefully uncovered his erection and placed her fingers around it. Gently she eased back the foreskin, uncovering Paul’s glistening cock-head. “You are almost there aren’t you, you worthless piece of shit?” Paul began to protest, but Amelia placed a hand over his mouth as she continued with a tirade of abuse and slowly began to masturbate her husband. Paul shook as he was brought nearer and nearer to a completion, which was not what he was immediately seeking. However, Amelia had other ideas and considered that just watching Paul ejaculate another of his messy climaxes was not what she wanted to see just now, unless she had him strapped down over a bed, and was about to shag him for her own sexual pleasure. “Don’t go away, Donkey!” The name she called him, when wanting to exert the maximum of humiliation. Paul sat feeling frustrated at once again being discovered, whilst watching his computer porn. He knew that Amelia would use this as a reason to punish him. Punishment meant pleasure for Amelia, but only a degree of incidental satisfaction for Paul.  He watched as Amelia returned to the room carrying the special bag that he knew spelled the start of his torment. Placing the bag down on the floor, she ordered Paul to stand. She moved around in front of him and refastened the press-stud and zip of his jeans, before ordering him to follow her out of the room. He knew where she would take him, as he had visited the cell-like bedroom on many previous occasions, under duress or during a period of fantasy play with Amelia.  He was pushed inside and watched his wife leave, slamming the door behind her.

He knew that it would mean another session of spanking. He had helped her construct this strange room for their own personal entertainment. It had a full king-size bed, metal bedside tables and a chest of drawers. Against one wall stood a floor to ceiling Wardrobe with large mirrored doors and inside, a full-size wooden St.Andrews Cross plus a large mirrored ceiling. The room looked otherwise quite conventional, but upon closer inspection, all the items of furniture had been specially manufactured to include some additional fixings to allow for the fitment of restraints. Even the bed-frame had a pulley mechanism fixed to both ends to convert to a medieval style rack, which was carefully camouflaged by the bedding that covered it. Paul knew soon after marrying Amelia that she enjoyed Dominatrix games, but in those early days a pair of handcuffs and just being tied to a bed or, chair was all that was necessary for their pleasure. She had always enjoyed abusing him and erotically removing his clothing as a prelude to forcing him to have sexual intercourse. She didn’t seem to require much foreplay, for as soon as she had him stretched out defenceless, she was able to play with him and have freedom to do whatever amused her.  Amelia always appeared to be in a world of her own as her fingers caressed his underwear and stimulated his cock to a full erection. Often just sitting on his face whilst she repeatedly masturbated him was all she needed for an enjoyable session. When she demanded more and actually fucked him, his enjoyment of the session was soon over, whilst she continued to use his erection as a personal toy for a much longer period. At this point, Amelia usually resorted to slapping his face or, pinching his nipples, whilst she demanded that he should try harder to rebuild some rigidity in his overused cock. If this failed, he was dragged from the bed and his wrists were tied behind his back and he was pulled unceremoniously over her lap for a sound spanking. Whichever, method she chose, it was certainly not something that was designed to give Paul any lasting pleasure. Recently, she began to dress him in women’s silk underwear and sheer stockings, together with some very short skirts as she teased him. She spanked and caned him, but it was not torture in the true sense of the word, as the strokes were fairly light, but still hard enough to bring a degree of discomfort. After this type of treatment, his buttocks and thighs became pink and sometimes sore, showing signs of the strokes, which had been applied.  She had also taken to gagging him with a pair of her silk knickers, which were held in place with either a silk scarf or, stocking wrapped around his mouth. Whilst he accepted this treatment as kinky and arousing, it was insufficient to fully satisfy the urges he was seeking from a full session of torture. He always felt humiliated and disappointed that he had failed to reach a satisfactory erection, and could only be made to climax by some sustained masturbation. He began to search the Internet and soon found an array of pornographic sex, displaying the FemDom style of activity that really turned him on. The films he watched were professionally produced in settings that not only seemed totally authentic but, were enhanced by the number of attractive Ladies dressed in their sexy Leather uniforms, that carried out the treatments. They truly appeared to enjoy submitting their male captives to some genuinely painful routines, and even the victims seemed willing to accept the painful treatments, as they climaxed copiously, under the stern ministrations.

He enjoyed mostly the films where victims were abducted and taken to exotic torture facilities to be stripped of their clothing and restrained on specially constructed apparatus for abuse by their female captors. Several films introduced the occasional Male Interrogator, who was actively encouraged by the women to apply various degrading methods in an effort to make the captives confess and give up their secrets. Generally, Paul found that these men were crude, and as he possessed no homosexual desires, he found no enjoyment in watching this type of action, which invariably included a degree of forced masturbation, and both oral and anal sex. Even watching a man, remove a prisoner’s clothing left Paul feeling cheated and disappointed. The act of being stripped by a woman was vastly more arousing, especially if she spent some time rubbing and fondling the man’s underwear, as a prelude to stimulating his penis for a climax or, torture. He liked his prisoners to be gagged and blindfolded. He liked Hoods, Rubber Ball-Gags, Gasmasks and Bandages, particularly if the torture was carried out in some form of medical environment. Really anything that made the scenario more real was OK with Paul.


Today, he waited nervously for his wife to return to the room, feeling very vulnerable and frightened that he might be given another prolonged beating. This was his least favourite sex game they played together. He did not need to wait long as Amelia returned dressed in her black silk underwear, her bra hardly containing the breasts that Paul loved so much. Striding towards him in a pair of black high-heeled boots, she grasped his head, forcing him down on his knees. Before he knew it, she was pressing some silk material against his lips and ordering him to open his mouth. He did exactly as he was told, and his mouth was duly filled to capacity with a pair of her panties. A wide strip of surgical tape was wound around his face to retain the panties in place, and to stop him ejecting them from his mouth. He tried to protest, but he was totally muted by the cloth gag so, it was useless to even try and talk. Amelia bent down and replaced the leather belt fastened around his wrists with a pair of fur-lined handcuffs. He was ordered to stand and immediately he felt Amelia’s hand grope him. “Not so big now, are we Pig?” she almost screamed at her husband. Then applied pressure between his legs. “Ummpphhh” cried Paul and tried to move away from the grip of his wife’s fingers around his balls. “You know what I like to do, don’t you Donkey? You know how I like to play with you when you can’t stop me, so I think that we might just as well start with this and get you a little more in the mood”. Paul realised immediately what she had in mind as her fingers went back to the press-stud of his jeans and snapped it open. Staring up at her husband’s tortured face, she seized the zip and began to lower it slowly, until his jeans were fully opened. She smiled in a depraved way as her fingers once more thrust inside the denim material. “Now! Dear Paul, are you going to give me what I am seeking, or, will I need to punish you?” Paul pulled back trying desperately to extricate his wife’s fingers from inside his jeans, but she was determined that this would not happen and continued to gently squeeze his pants. He had lost much of his arousal waiting for Amelia, but her fingers were now making him respond once again. “Oh! What is happening Paul am I making you do something that you don’t want me to do?” Paul could only stand as his wife played with his bulging pants, encouraging the erection growing steadily inside. After a few minutes, he knew that he was getting ready to erupt into the restricting cloth of his briefs.

Amelia grasped his shirt and literally tore it from his body as she pulled him struggling into the middle of the room. She lowered a swing contraption from the ceiling and ordered Paul to lean forward over the wide leather support. As soon as he was in position she unfastened the handcuffs and attached his wrists to a rail at the bottom of the bed. Next she bent down and removed both his shoes and socks, before attaching his ankles, spread wide apart, to tiny metal bolts set into the carpeted floor. Bent forward and supported only by the belt at his waist, Paul realised that he was unable to prevent Amelia, doing whatever she liked with him. She moved closer and placed some tight leather gloves over each of her hands. Paul knew that she was intending to use one of her painful leather whips or, spankers and steeled himself for the blows that would surely follow. He felt extremely tense as he glanced down and saw that the jeans around his waist, were gaping wide open to expose his genitals, bulging even more prominently from the confines of his cotton pants. Amelia saw this too and curled the fingers of her left hand around the panty-covered protrusion. She moved her fingers in a stimulating manner as Paul gasped into his gag and then she brought the leather spanker down sharply across his buttocks, protected by both his jeans and his pants. “Whhhppptt”, “Whhppptt” followed by a strangled cry of “Arrrrghh-ugghhh”, as Paul surged forward on the swing. Amelia smiled in satisfaction and began to laugh quite sadistically. Paul’s Jeans slid from his buttocks exposing his rear, now clad in just his white cotton briefs. Amelia applied a firmer grip to her husband’s cock and squeezed it gently within the silky-soft cloth. Paul derived pleasure from the manipulation of his erection, but hated the feel of the leather as it struck him again and again. Whhhpittt! Whhpitt! Whppittt! the pain was becoming unbearable, as he felt Amelia pull down the briefs and expose his thick erection. Even though the pain of the spanking gave him a lot of discomfort, he found it impossible to reduce his arousal, especially as Amelia was stroking him so provocatively. Now her fingers became more positive as they formed a tight ring around his shaft, just below the cock-head and moved faster to bring him to a climax. She held the spanker tightly as she crashed it down over his naked bum. Whack! Whack! He shrieked into his gag as the leather implement struck him and he wrenched himself forward in an attempt to avoid the ensuing pain; almost dragging Amelia’s fingers from his shaft. “Naughty Boy!” she cried and gripped him tighter. “Now it is time for you to give me what I want……quickly now! Don’t keep me waiting,…..I shall count to three and you will do it!”

Paul knew what she meant and realised that he would fail as he always did when forced to ejaculate within a specified time limit.  “Ready, Paul Dear, just think of those dirty film, and I am sure you will please me?” Her fingers moved faster, working the foreskin back and forth over the sensitive cock-head. He knew he wanted to erupt, but as the seconds ticked away and she reached the figure “three”, he had not produced a drop of his cum. Amelia stopped wanking him and bent close to his head.. “I shall try just once more and then you know what I must do?” Paul closed his eyes as he felt her fingers close around him. “One, Two, Three” He tried so hard, but nothing came. She picked up a thin cane and held it in front of his face. “You know what happens to naughty boys that don’t do what they are told?” Amelia spoke as if talking to a disobedient child. Paul steeled himself for the pain as the cane hit him squarely across his rear, “Arrgghhhhhh!” he screamed through the cloth in his mouth, as the next stroke descended, and he shook with pain. The thin cane hurt him so much more than the thick leather strap. Amelia laughed loudly and giggled with pleasure as she watched Paul twitch with discomfort but, remained as ever, very erect and throbbing between his legs. Paul shook his head and tried to shout through the gag, but Amelia raised the cane and brought it down in an arc across his unprotected rear. She saw the line of pink flesh where the cane had landed and smiled as she raised the cane again. Paul’s eyes filled with tears as the cane landed again across his bum cheeks. “Arggghhhhh” The cry was longer and more desperate, as tears entered his eyes. She dropped the cane and climbed upon the bed, spreading her sleek thighs as she moved towards his head. Grasping his chin, she tilted his face back and moved nearer until all Paul could see was her delicate sheer panties. Leaning backwards, Amelia pulled the gag from Paul’s mouth and plunged herself over his lips. “I will stop if you do it nicely and bring me off; Now do it!” she wriggled against his mouth and became more excited. Almost instantly, she began to shake with some excitement and began to gasp loudly. “Yes! Yes!” she cried, as Paul’s tongue lapped against the taut material of her sheer panties. “Bring me off! Lick my cunt! Suck my Clit!” Paul continued to lick and suck at the thin silk, until he heard her scream with pleasure and she reached her climax. She pulled his head free and placed her hand over his lips, telling Paul that he had given her a lovely cum. With her other hand, she wrenched the wet panties from her hips and removed them from her right leg. She then returned to the position over her husband’s face and ordered him to now get his tongue deeply inside her pussy. He did exactly as he was ordered and Amelia began again to moan and gasp with pleasure and soon reached her second climax. Pauls’ tongue was beginning to ache with all the work he was being required to do, but still Amelia was not finished, and demanded more until she had forced Paul to bring her to a third and fourth climax. Gasping for breath Paul could only watch as she fastened the gag back into his mouth and sat back fondling herself and squeezing her bra-clad tits.

She picked up a leather flogger, sat back on the bed, and smacked Paul’s face. “You Bastard!, she screamed. “Just look at what you have done to me”, thrusting her hairy pussy close to his face. “Now I am very horny and sooooh wet! You will pay for that” Paul closed his eyes and waited for her to climb from the bed. “You deserve to be taught a real lesson this time my boy, and I know exactly how I will do this” Amelia picked up her mobile ‘phone and called a number. “Hi Barbara; are you and Peter free?” She seemed pleased by the reply, and said that she would see them shortly. Paul was puzzled, as he had never heard Amelia talk about this pair, and wondered who they might be? His wife left the room saying that he would not have long to wait. Shortly after this he heard his front door buzzer and Amelia returned to the room now dressed in a tight-fitting blouse and smart close-fitting jeans. She pulled up Paul’s pants to cover his nudity, sniggering that he was not suitably dressed to receive visitors. Paul shook his head and made mewing noises through his gag, to protest at being so humiliatingly undressed and restrained.

Many minutes went by as he struggled and shouted into his gag, whilst being left alone and bound upon the swing. After half an hour he heard footsteps and voices. Amelia returned to the room together with a woman wearing the type of dominant black leather suit. She had long black hair, which was pulled back from her face and tied tightly behind her head. She was extremely attractive, some years younger than Amelia and himself. An older, fit looking man, who also wore a pair of black leather jeans that accentuated his muscular thighs and the significant bulge of his genitals, accompanied her. He seemed older and had greying close-cropped hair, like that of a sportsman. They stood in front of Paul, looking down at him in silence, as he continued to struggle in the bondage swing, turning a deep shade of pink with embarrassment in being discovered in such a compromising position. Finally, Amelia introduced them and explained that Paul was being punished for watching dirty films on his computer. The man knelt down beside Paul and suggested that Amelia go and fetch his laptop, so that he and Barbara could see the type of porn he had been watching. Paul turned an even brighter shade of red at the thought of having his very private fantasies viewed by this pair of unknown persons. Amelia went out of the room as Barbara moved closer and ran her leather-gloved hand under Paul’s upper body, gently pinching his nipples “Have you been a very naughty boy, then?” She chided, smiling directly into Paul’s face. She glanced up at her male companion “I really think we will need to help Amy with him” she sniggered, as she moved her hand lower and tested the size of the bulge poking against Paul’s briefs. The man nodded his approval and said that he would enjoy that very much. Paul shook with anger as he felt the woman feeling him intimately and then pull at the waistband of his briefs to peer inside. “Oh Yes! I shall enjoy having some fun with you.” She whispered into Paul’s ear, “You have such a lovely big dick!”

Amelia returned with the laptop and set it down on the bed in front of Paul’s face. “I see that you are getting acquainted with my naughty boy, he can be a very nice fuck, if only he would stop jerking off over these dirty films” Barbara smiled and plunged her hand deeper inside Paul’s underwear to examine him more closely. ”Turn on the film he was watching, so we can see how naughty he has been”

Amelia pressed the Laptop control and selected the film from amongst the huge selection of clips held in the machine’s database. Paul wriggled in his bondage as Barbara’s fingers continued to stimulate his penis. The computer screen flickered into life and the film he had been watching began to restart. Barbara and Peter stared at the screen and smiled with amusement as a prisoner was dragged into view, and three women dressed in their Black leather uniforms started to grope him quite indecently and drag him towards a metal frame on which, it seemed as if he was to be restrained. “Tell us what you know Spy, or we shall have to make you talk” One of the women asked her leader whether she should begin to remove his clothes?  “It depends on how co-operative he is I suppose” she replied……………..



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