The Ten Thousand Dollar Decision - Part 4

This story is written by Dave Wallace

The Ten Thousand Dollar Decision Part IV

The sun was shining through the window and I heard the door open behind me and soft footfalls walking to my bedside. I realized that I was still on my belly and though my butt had stopped its throbbing, it still felt swollen and sore.

The girl entering the room was one and the same with the angel of mercy who had massaged my sore and swollen flesh before giving me a hand job the night before.

She was dressed in the standard short, pleated skirt and a midi-blouse that bared her flat belly. The skirt was riding low on her hips, barely covering her pubes. She was evidently shaven, as the skirt’s waist was below where her pubic hair would have begun. Bare legs and feet completed the picture and I found myself wondering if she was wearing underwear.

“Good morning, David. Each morning, you will be awakened by either me or another Clinical Assistant. We will supervise your morning ablutions and teach you to self-administer your morning enema. The enema is not intended to be erotic or sexual. Its purpose is to void your bowels, allowing for severe discipline without any ‘accidents’ and also to prepare you for prostate massage.

“You will bathe and prepare yourself for your day’s training and I advise you to follow your two cardinal rules; obey and submit.”

What followed was a mortifying exposure of my most intimate bodily functions, each moment supervised by this woman.

Her beauty, I thought, made this experience even more embarrassing than it would have otherwise been, had she been less comely.

Part of this first morning’s training was instruction in the use of a depilatory to remove all of my hair below my neck. Under my arms, my chest, pubic area, butt crack, and legs, were left as smooth as a baby’s butt when I was finished with the process of the depilatory followed by a shower that witnessed my hair swirling down the shower drain.

Feeling even more denuded with this loss of my body hair, I followed her directions as I was led from my room and down the hallway immediately outside of my room’s door.

“We met last night, David. My name is Peggy and I am one of the Clinical Assistants that will help with your training here at the clinic. You will recall that I told you last night that the hand job I provided for you would require you to submit to my discipline this morning. Like all of the training staff here, I enjoy spanking a man.

“Like all of the trainers, I enjoy hearing a man cry and beg for my mercy. Without exception, we are tasked to be resolute in your discipline and punishment. We are pleased to be able to ignore your pleas for mercy and instead pursue the sobbing and blubbering that will always result from our expert application of corporal punishment.”

While Peggy had been speaking, we’d walked down the hallway and entered what I’d come to consider the training room. I recognized too well the punishment bench to which I’d been restrained the previous day and I knew that I would very soon once again experience a level of corporal punishment that few grown men were privileged to endure.

I felt it a privilege, since I anticipated the paddle, the cane, and I knew not what was awaiting, as integral steps towards the realization of my journey into submission to my wife, Gloria. This had been my dream for so long. For years, I had imagined a life with my wife, Gloria, as a disciplinary wife. I had thought that I knew what this had entailed and had learned otherwise the night before.

I’d truly never imagined the level of pain that I would suffer through severe corporal punishment. I realized after only one day here that I hadn’t had any grasp of what severe meant. I now knew, without a doubt, what it meant and I felt that I was ready to pay the price through my pain to earn the privilege of submitting to the woman that I loved.

The ambiguous nature of my two heads’ warring with one another, was evidenced by my penis dripping pre-cum (with my obedient wiping with my right index finger and immediately licking it off, as I’d been trained to do on my first day here), while at the same time I could feel my buttocks quivering from the fear of what I knew to expect.

“Up on the bench you go, David. You know the routine.”

As with Nancy, the evening before, Peggy showed a capacity for talking while she was securing my wrists, ankles, and waist to the bench.

“The way that this discipline will work, David, is that I will give you a paddling similar to what you received from Nancy, last night. This will be followed by a severe set with the cane.

“I trust that it was explained to you yesterday, that the Counselor and all of the Clinical Assistants will always be nude while they administer discipline and punishment.

As she was saying this, Peggy quickly stripped herself of her skirt and blouse, revealing a trim body with small and firm breasts, a slim waist, and a bubble butt like Nancy and the Counselor. After disrobing, Peggy went to the wall to my left and opened the drapes to reveal the mirrored wall that I’d seen the day before.

I was aroused, in spite of my growing fear, by the sight of Peggy’s nude body, along with my own nudity, bound to the bench as I was. The image of my nude body, bound to the bench was frightening, given what I knew was shortly to come. The sight of Peggy’s firm young body, totally nude and with, as I had suspected, Brazilian-waxed pubes, was everything that I had imagined.

“Here we go, David. As always here at the clinic, feel free to scream as much as you wish. I promise you that your screaming and crying will bring me pleasure.”

I had thought that the discipline wouldn’t hurt as much after my first introduction to the severe thrashing by Nancy the previous night. I thought wrong.

Peggy had taken up with the paddle, displaying an expertise in its application equal to Nancy’s fustigation. It felt somewhat familiar, in a way, although this was only my second day in training, as I went from ouches to crying. I again moved from crying to sobbing; to begging fruitlessly, to blubbering in a demonstration of my unmanning.

I was embarrassed and felt myself to be unmanly. Overriding this, though, was the pain of the paddle, followed immediately by the cane’s striations across my buttocks.

While the sight of Peggy, magnificently nude, was incredibly erotic as she pivoted on her left foot and swung the cane repeatedly to my already inflamed buttocks, this eroticism was mitigated by the intense sting of the rattan on my bare flesh.

Finally, Peggy stopped with the cane and my sobbing continued unabated. I could hear her voice as I came out of my crying, hiccoughing and gasping to catch my breath.

“Good morning, ma’am. I’ve just finished David’s morning discipline. As you know, I enjoyed delivering his discipline. His cute butt reacts well to corporal punishment and I thoroughly enjoyed his reaction to the paddle and cane.”

There it was again. This compliment of my having a cute butt was inordinately satisfying as I saw both women looking at my butt, such as it was, burning with a hellish sting and feeling hot and swollen.

As I listened to Peggy speaking, Doctor Evans, my counselor, had entered into my range of vision, reflected in the mirror, along with Peggy’s still-nude body.

I was both frightened and excited to see that the Counselor had already removed her clothing and, again, I was struck by the ambiguity of my pleasure at this first opportunity to see her in the nude.

In spite of my delight at this visual feast, I feared what may be exacted from my body in painful payment for this privilege. I realized, though, that I had no control over what would follow. I only hoped that it included an opportunity to taste one or both of these women’s bodies.

The counselor’s body was every bit as magnificent as I remembered. Flawless, hairless, and obviously exposed to regular nude tanning, as there were no tan lines evident. Her pussy was smooth and the labia swollen with her evident arousal, fully visible to my line of sight as she stood at my head, massaging my shoulders and underarms.

“It looks like you’ve done your usual, exacting an appropriate price for David’s care of last night. Now, it’s time for my training.”

Hearing this, I felt my cock erecting, with a mind of its own. I waited eagerly and ominously for what would come next. I could feel my butt throbbing from its most recent ordeal and realized that the acute distress that I felt there was partially responsible for the concomitant throbbing that I felt in my penis.

“Well, good morning, David. I wonder, David, if you have any regrets about your decision to enter into this course of training to be a submissive husband to your lovely wife?

“Now that you are beginning to comprehend the price of your genuine submission to female authority, are you still excited about pursuing this goal of total submission? Your erection would seem to indicate this to be the case.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“You seem to be taking to your training. Your normal response to severe corporal punishment with your crying, begging, and sobbing is as expected. What we can never predict is whether or not you will evidence regrets by begging not for temporary relief but for release from your obligation.

“Your continued submission to our authority is indicative of your genuine desire to be a submissive husband. Not simply to be submissive but to be a submissive. To live a life in the future, gladly and eagerly serving the desires and whims of your wife, Gloria.

“This morning we will begin your training in the art of body worship. In a few minutes, you will be given the privilege of serving me sexually. Not with your penis but with your mouth. The purpose of your first exercise will be to bring me pleasure through your oral attentions to my butt. Tomorrow’s training will allow you to taste my pussy. Before that happens, though, you will spend today’s training session with your tear-stained face between my butt cheeks.

“In order to ensure that your service is more for my benefit than for your selfish pleasure, we will first milk you and diminish your sexual ardor before your first lesson in how you will adore and worship Gloria’s body. This is called devotional sex and is a combination of your opportunity to demonstrate your devotion to Gloria, coupled, more importantly, with Gloria’s ability to achieve sexual pleasure at her demand.”

As my new counselor spoke these words, I felt the sensation of four hands caressing my nude body. Still restrained, still with my butt throbbing from my recent corporal correction, I was awash with sensations as both Peggy and Doctor Evans soothed and stroked my quivering form.

The feel of her hands under my arms was a new sensation, my hair removal of the morning rendering the skin much more sensitive. I was focused on her body and filled with eager anticipation at the promise of soon being granted the privilege of serving her.

Behind me, I could feel Peggy’s soothing touch as she rubbed lotion into my heated buttocks, her fingers delving into my butt crack and teasing my opening with a light touch.

“No hand job for you this morning, David. Instead, you will experience the magic of prostate massage in order to partially drain you of your ardor. I say partially, as you will quite quickly become aroused anew when your body worship begins. For this reason, you will be subjected to multiple prostate massages and, of course, multiple ejaculations. Needless to say, you will be given ample opportunity to practice your newly acquired cum-eating skills.”

I suddenly felt Peggy’s probing finger enter my anus, her practiced touch quickly finding my prostate gland and beginning a rhythmic pressing against it. I’d never had a prostate massage and was conflicted as to the feelings that were evoked from the sensations she was causing.

I felt a growing pressure in my balls, feeling like an ejaculation wouldn’t take long. I also suspected, however, after reading of this on the internet, that my ejaculation would not be accompanied by sexual pleasure. I’d read, in my avid search of the internet’s seemingly endless information, that this method of milking could, though, be accompanied by a handjob, allowing a man to enjoy sexual pleasure along with the ejaculation. This wasn’t to be the case today, as my penis was ignored and only the feeling of Peggy’s finger pressing against a magical place within my rectum was to bring me to completion, of a sort.

As expected, my penis erupted into Peggy’s palm, which she’d been holding beneath its swollen head. Her finger was relentless, continuing the pressure within my bottom, I supposed in an effort to empty my balls as much as possible.

Finally, she removed her finger from my butt as I simultaneously finished filling her palm. Without a word or any hesitation, she brought her cum-filled palm to my lips and I didn’t hesitate to perform a task that I’d been unable to submit to only one day ago. As I licked her palm clean, I was struck by the difference in tastes. Pre-cum had its own taste, as did cum resulting from a regular ejaculation.

I’d become familiar with these two tastes but was met with yet a third taste and texture. The ejaculate that I now was licking and swallowing tasted differently and had a more watery consistency.

I was brought out of these cogitations by the sensation of my restraints being removed, both women working the wrist, ankle, thigh, and waist leather and assisting me off of the bench, one on each side of my nude body, guiding me to a kneeling pillow, situated in front of a comfortable-looking upholstered chair only a few feet away from the place of my most recent ordeal.

Doctor Evans spoke from her already seated position in the chair. Meanwhile, Peggy was directing me to my knees in front of the counselor.

“The cushion is for the purpose of focusing your attention on your task, to your obedience to my instructions, as I teach you how to give pleasure with your mouth. As I explained to your lovely wife, we believe in training a husband into submission with corporal punishment to his buttocks and thighs.

“We don’t whip his balls or his feet. We don’t have him kneel on rice or gravel. And on and on. The possibilities for bringing pain to a man are endless. The point, though, isn’t simply the infliction of pain. The point, which we will continue to remind you of and re-enforce, is the inculcation of and acceptance of your submissive role in your marriage from this point forward.

“Enough talk, for now. It’s time for you to learn. Your lesson today will begin with your devotions to my backside. I want you to lick my butt crack from the top to my pussy, without touching my pussy with your tongue.”

While my Counselor had been talking, she’d slid forward in her chair with her butt completely off of the seat. Peggy had moved to the back of the chair and was holding the Counselor’s spread legs aloft, allowing her to relax without the strain of supporting the weight of her legs on her own.

“That’s right, David. Don’t attempt to penetrate my butthole yet; we’ll get there very shortly. For now, you are to simply continue licking my crack. As your tongue passes over my anus, I want you to flutter the tip over the opening and then continue the journey to by pussy and back.

“Very good, David. You’re demonstrating a capacity for following instructions.”

Unaccustomed to using my tongue in this manner, other than some perfunctory licks to Gloria’s butthole in the past, it was already feeling fatigued and I wondered how long I could keep this up without flagging. Once again evidencing an apparent ability to intuit my thoughts, she seemed to answer my unspoken question.

“Given the fact that this is your first lesson in body worship, I have no doubt that you will shortly begin tiring physically from your oral attentions. Mentally, I’m sure, you would love to kneel before me forever, delving into my silken skin and learning to submit to my authority.

“Physically, though, your tongue has never been tested as it will be today. Let me caution you, David. If and when I perceive any diminution in your enthusiasm, I will signal Nancy, who you can see standing behind you with a cane. Trust me, she’d like nothing better than to see my first visual cue to use that cane to remind you of your duty.”

I was unable to see that well with only my peripheral vision, but I could see well enough to see that Nancy was also nude. I didn’t have time, though, to dwell on Nancy’s perfect body, believing that I had best listen to the counselor’s words and focusing on her silky-smooth butt.

“I’m not a believer in false modesty. I’m well aware that I’m an uncommonly beautiful woman. I have excellent vision and am obviously able to do my work-out in my mirrored gym and see the results of my exercise on my body.

“I can appreciate the perfection of my body and have learned that this perfection is evident in the eyes of our submissive husbands in training, the women of my staff, and the admiring looks of both men and women when I’m in public.

“This is especially fun, for instance, at the beach, where I enjoy wearing a g-string bikini with the briefest of tops. The shower rooms at the golf club, the tennis club, and the members-only gym, to which I belong and sometimes use, provide me with endless opportunities to enjoy the admiring and desirous looks from other women.

“As to men, I’ve seen, without exception, the adoration in the eyes of our submissive husbands in training. It is a delight to see their puppy dog eyes both sexually enthralled and fearful of the cane’s burning caress to their proffered bottoms, raised for the receipt of the cane strokes.”

As if perfectly attuned to my tongue’s growing discomfort and probably owing to my fatigued efforts to her butt crack, she evidently gave a signal to Nancy, as I felt the burning bite of the cane to my backside and redoubled my efforts to satisfy her demands.

“See there, David? How easily you grow bored. Tired? In either case, you must understand how insulting it is to me, having first stared hungrily at my body only to tire of the privilege of serving me. If I so desire, I can have you licking my butt for hours on end, with tears running down your face and bloody welts on your ass.

“In point of fact, the tears would be a balm to my cheeks and an education for you. Unfortunately, I have plans for your mouth in the coming days and I wouldn’t want to overwork you for this first time learning the fine art of anal worship.

“Now, David, concentrate your tongue only on my butthole. Don’t yet penetrate it but simply lick it and kiss it between licks. That’s it. Good boy.”

Her praise made me proud. Here I was, kneeling between the thighs of this beautiful woman, my mouth busy in the task of licking her bottom crack and now her butthole, and I was as proud as a soldier receiving a medal for valor. Proud of licking a woman’s butt; a woman who I’d only met the day before. I noticed, also, that my erection had returned and could feel the wetness of my emissions. I hazarded a question, knowing that it would probably be met with punishment for what I now thought of as speaking out of turn.

“Please, ma’am. Should I try to catch my pre-cum and eat it as you have taught me? I don’t know if I can do that without interfering with my service to your body.”

“To answer your question, David, no, for now let your pre-cum drip where it may. And, if you are wondering, yes, you will pay for speaking out of turn. Nancy?”

The cane suddenly struck my bottom repetitively; once, twice, I counted to five and then on to ten rapid, severe cuts of the cane. My tears were caused to flow again, no doubt further exciting my Counselor.

“Now, David, tongue-fuck my butthole. I want to feel your tongue piercing deeply. As with the earlier admonishment, I will have Nancy use the case if I feel that your efforts are anything less than eager. I want you to learn respect here, David. I want you to savor the privilege of worshiping where I’d wager nine of ten men would give anything for.

“But, David, you and I know what it means to give anything. I don’t think most men would have the balls to subject themselves to the corporal punishment that you’ve felt already and will feel in the coming days. They are pretenders. Oh, ma’am, I’d do anything to have you, they’d say.

“First, they’d not do anything. If they knew of our training methods, they’d surely demur. They wouldn’t submit to a genuine thrashing for this privilege. You, though, have voluntarily submitted to such correction. You have earned this right to look at and taste my body.

“Granted, I will demand a terrible price for your privilege. I will luxuriate in your sobbing and savor the feeling of your tears on my inner-thighs and between my butt cheeks.

“In a moment we will stop this exercise. Unfortunately for you, David, I’ve not achieved an orgasm from your fledgling efforts. You will learn. You will be able to get me off without ever touching my vulva. You will be able to give me an orgasm through your worship of my ass only.

“But, for now, my orgasm will be a result of hearing your screams and feeling Peggy’s and Nancy’s attentions. I will have one of them licking my pussy and the other my butthole while I give you a severe thrashing. I think that it’s time for you to learn what a strapping is like.

“While I could probably achieve an orgasm without my assistants’ help, simply by thrashing you, I would need to beat you harder that I wish to today. After all, you will need to have your bottom ready for corporal punishment each and every day that you are here.

“If I overdo it on one day, it may require a day for you to recuperate. So, be thankful for the fact that I will simply reduce you to a begging, blubbering mess while the girls get the privilege of licking me front and rear.”

While the Counselor had been talking, the two assistants, both nude, had lifted me up from my kneeling position in front of the counselor’s chair, led me to the punishment bench, and secured me in place with the restraints at my wrists, ankles, thighs, and waist.

The punishment bench was so situated that I was able to look to the side and see the reflections of all three women. All of them nude; all of them magnificent. As she’d described, the Counselor was standing behind me and to my left, a strap in her right hand.

Kneeling in front of her was Peggy, her face buried between the counselor’s thighs, obviously paying homage to her pussy, while Nancy was kneeling behind, paying her respects to the Counselor’s rear end.

“Here we go, David. I want to hear you cry and sob. I want to hear you scream and beg. I want you to give yourself over to me; to be owned by me if only temporarily, until Gloria can join us and truly possess you. Cry for me now, David. Don’t be reluctant to yield to the strap’s domination. There is nothing unmanly about crying. If anything, it’s unmanly for a husband to resist his inclination to submit to his wife.

“It is unmanly to lack the courage to beg one’s wife to take them, to possess them, to allow them to serve the one they most love. Not pretend to serve or love. Not love part way. Instead, to love without reservation, to love without limitation.

“So, learn now, David; learn to take it like a man. To take it with tears and begging. Begging not for release from this strict training program, but simply for a respite. A brief cessation of the beating. Perhaps slower or softer? Perhaps to take a break?

“You know that neither will happen, David. I want you to learn what it means to be a submissive husband. It means, among other things, that you will be disciplined and punished this severely on a regular basis. The difference, of course, is that your wife, Gloria, will wield the paddles and canes; the straps and switches.

“We will teach her to beat you severely. In the same way that you are here to learn, so shall Gloria learn when she joins us later for your training. You will learn to submit to a thrashing without resistance. Gloria will learn to dispense severe corporal punishment, allowing no exception to her rules; to her rule. She will learn that you require a firm hand and come to understand that she should not hold back in your discipline and punishment.

“We will teach both of you; you to obey and Gloria to demand obedience. You will learn to obey and to treat Gloria with respect; Gloria will learn to severely punish disobedience or disrespect. You have begun to learn what severe means; Gloria will learn this also and, further, become comfortable with punishing you without compunction. She will learn to be impervious to your crying and begging.

“She will learn to not allow her love for you to make her weak or merciful. She will learn that if she wants you to be truly submissive, that it will require an extremely strict regimen. She will learn that the adage of no pain, no gain, applies to your future.

“Gloria will leave here with you in a few weeks. She will literally own you and she will reaffirm that ownership on a regular basis by dispensing severe discipline and punishment. Now, David, I will stop talking and listen to your begging and sobbing while the girls finish me. Scream for me now, David and your screams will put me over the top.

I didn’t disappoint – I felt like, were we not in a sound-proofed room, my screaming and begging could have been heard outside of the building. The strap had a ‘flavor’ all its own. I couldn’t imagine that I would ever be able to remain in position for such a beating without the benefit of the restraints. I dreaded what the coming days would require of me in that regard.

I’d been told that I’d learn to take such corporal punishment without being restrained but, for now, I still found myself straining against the bindings at my ankles and wrists in an exercise in futility. I knew without a doubt that I would never be able to escape my bondage on the punishment bench. Intellectually, I knew this but that didn’t prevent a primal attempt to resist, to strain against the bindings. I knew, somehow, that this wasn’t total submission. I knew that I would need to learn to yield to the discipline.

In a way that would convince most people that I was irrational to dream of a future with my wife, Gloria, that would include regular corporal punishment meted out in the most severe form. I saw, in the mirror, that the counselor had moved to stand directly behind me and had started to swing the strap from one buttock to the other, forehand followed by backhand, the cadence had picked up, as had my reaction.

“That’s right, David, scream for me now.”

I could see that she had grasped Peggy’s head in her left hand as she continued beating me with the leather strap in her right hand. Left, right, left, right, nearly metronomic, the cadence had me screaming until I could hear myself growing hoarse.

The counselor suddenly became rigid and it was apparent that she was in the throes of a multiple orgasm. Both of her assistants continued with their oral attentions while the strap never slowed or moderated.

Dropping the strap, finally, the counselor grasped Peggy’s head and held her to her pussy. Nancy, for her part, was holding on to the counselor’s hips with both hands, apparently endeavoring to keep her face between the Counselor’s butt cheeks.

At times, I thought of her as Doctor Evans, at others simply as my Counselor. By whatever name, I realized that in less than twenty-four hours, I had undergone a fundamental change from which I would never return. I knew this with a certainty. And, I knew that this was what I wanted. If it meant that I would be blessed with a happy wife, then I would gladly accept Gloria’s discipline and punishment to seal our future together.

I felt that this was my destiny – to be a submissive husband. I felt that this was Gloria’s destiny – to be a disciplinary wife, a dominant wife, my dominant wife, to love, honor, and obey. This, I knew, would be our covenant.

End of Part IV

This story is written by Dave Wallace