The Ten Thousand Dollar Decision - Part 2

This story is written by Dave Wallace

The Ten Thousand Dollar Decision Part 2

I’d slept fitfully after Gloria’s surprising – I guess that shocking would more accurately describe it – pronouncements the night before.

To say that my feelings were ambiguous would be an understatement. Desire and arousal on one hand fought with abject fear on another. Excitement at the thought of at last realizing my innermost desires coupled with the realization that the price of admission, so to speak, would be great.

I didn’t question my affirmative answer I’d given last night but I knew that the adage that one gets out of something what one puts into it was both accurate and predictive of my future - my fate at the risk of the melodramatic.

I showered, dressed casually in beltless slacks, a golf shirt, and loafers sans socks. I’d considered going commando but had discarded the notion, thinking that I might need the jockey shorts to soak up any leakage from today’s anticipated events.

Gloria was waiting downstairs when I arrived in the kitchen and greeted me with a cheerful “Good morning.”

“Any regrets about your answer last night, Dave?”


“I think that, yes ma’am and no ma’am will be your answers from now on, Dave.”

“Yes ma’am. Please excuse me, ma’am.”

“You’ve always been a quick learner. I hope that you will learn quickly and learn well. I hope that you know, Dave, that you will now learn through punishment and reward. Punishment to your body and extreme pain. Reward through the privilege of serving me, sexually and otherwise. I trust that you are ready to travel this road together – beginning today?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Very well then, let’s go.” Saying this, Gloria turned and strode to the garage door.

“No breakfast?”

“You tell me that you understand things as they now are and as they will be and then you not only omit the ma’am but you also question my first instruction.

“No, to answer your question. No fucking breakfast.”

Gloria’s profanity startled me. She never swore. Certainly not the ‘f’ word! Shaken, I quickly answered, “Please forgive me, ma’am. I will learn.”

“You certainly will, Dave. Now, let’s go, and keep your mouth shut unless I ask a question.”

As we drove to an unknown (to me) destination, I had some time to ruminate upon the decision that I’d made. I had begun to comprehend that Gloria was as serious as the proverbial heart attack. I was beginning to understand that this was no longer a game. I was rather unclear as to exactly what the day – and beyond – would bring but I sensed that this counselor towards whom we travelled was to influence our lives in a profound manner.

It seemed like we’d travelled forever; it seemed like only minutes. As I came out of my reverie, I realized that we’d left our already semi-rural suburb and were passing through farm country, the houses few and far between, separated by vast fields of summertime crops. Turning down a lane between two of these fields, Gloria spoke.

“When I park, you are to get out of the car and follow me into the building. Keep your mouth shut. Trust me. You will regret any disobedience or disrespect – to either me or the counselor. You asked for this, Dave and be advised – this is where fantasy meets reality. Your dreams are about to come true.

“Dave, in some ways I pity you; pity you because of your imminent introduction to the truism of being careful of what you wish for as your wishes may come true. In another way, I realize that you are enviably about to find what very few others probably find - yourself. Here we are.”

Saying this, Gloria stood beside the car, closed her door and began a brisk yet unhurried stride to the front door of a modern, sprawling, red-brick, commercial-appearing building, looking for all the world like professional office suites.

With not a little bit of trepidation, I hurried after her, my pulse beating in my ears, my cock hard in my pants, and my imagination running rampant, anticipating what lay within this building.

Gloria rang the bell and a voice issued from a speaker, asking us to identify ourselves. We were evidently expected because no sooner had Gloria provided her name than the door latch buzzed and unlocked electronically.

I didn’t know if Gloria had been here before or not. I simply followed her through the foyer into a waiting room with a customary receptionist seated behind a high-end wooden desk. I say customary but there was nothing about her appearance that was average. In her mid-twenties, she was positively gorgeous, looking like she would be comfortable as a prom queen or college cheerleader.

“Mrs. Wallace?”

I found it noteworthy that she hadn’t said Mr. and Mrs., electing to ignore me as if I weren’t even there. Gloria, though, seemed to take this in stride and answered.


Rising from her desk chair – and, in the process, revealing a model’s body, dressed in a pleated mini-skirt, riding low on her hips, barely covering her pubic arch, complimented by a midi-blouse, baring a flat tummy and barely covering her breasts. When she stood from her desk, I was able to catch a glimpse of the under-slopes of her firm breasts. Unfortunately, she saw my ogling and gave me a scathing look of approbation. The receptionist said, simply, “Please follow me.”

Leaving the waiting room and passing through another sitting room, the receptionist stopped at a door with no visible lock or handle. After a single rap of her knuckles, the door was – as with the front door – released electronically and the three of us entered what I presumed to be the counselor’s office.

The counselor, a stunning woman of perhaps thirty years of age, tall, slender, and truly beautiful, and what I could see of her, was dressed in a white blouse with the top two buttons undone. The lack of a bra was evident from the nubbins of her unrestrained nipples no doubt delighted by their friction against what looked like expensive silk.

Circumnavigating her executive-size desk and extending her hand to my wife, this woman said, “Gloria, I presume? I’m Doctor Evans, your counselor and that person who will be in charge of David’s initial training to be a submissive husband. We’ve spoken on the telephone and I’m pleased to finally meet you.”

Revealed now, below the waist, I found myself staring at the rest of her body. As with the receptionist, the counselor was wearing a pleated skirt, though hers was a bit longer, hitting her legs a bit over her knees. I couldn’t help but admire her bubble-butt and wondered if I would be privileged to see her in the nude during my training. I certainly hoped so!

While her smile was radiant, showing perfect teeth and sensuous lips, her eyes seemed to convey an inner strength. I didn’t know if it was simply my imagination or if she was, in fact, as possessed of a steel resolve as I suspected.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, doctor.”

“Please have a seat, Gloria. And, you, David, remove your clothing and hang it on the clothes hooks on the wall directly behind you. When you are nude, stand next to your wife and put your hands behind your back in a parade-rest position, your feet apart, shoulder-width.”

Although under any other circumstance, this direction would be unthinkable, I didn’t even hesitate, immediately and quickly stripping and moving to Gloria’s side.

Adopting a censorious tone, the counselor scowled at me and said, “When you are given an order, David, you will do two things. Firstly, you will immediately reply with ‘Yes, ma’am’. Secondly, you will obey. Do you understand, David?”

I found the counselor’s use of my first name – especially my birth name of David rather than the diminutive form of Dave, made me feel more of a child than a man. I presumed this to be part and parcel of my training. These thoughts had been halted by the counselor’s question and I hastened to reply, not wishing to be deemed disrespectful.

“Yes, ma’am. Please excuse me, ma’am.”

“I can see that you will take some serious discipline and punishment to train. You don’t listen well but we will teach you to listen and obey. I didn’t ask for your ineffectual apology, David. Just a positive, respectful response. Here at the clinic we refer to your misspeaking as speaking out of turn. You will be punished for this breach in proper behavior within the hour.”

Having returned to her seat behind the desk, the counselor looked directly to Gloria, ignoring me as if she’d not just spoken to me. As if I wasn’t standing in front of her desk - nude, afraid, and above all, sexually aroused as I’d never been.

“Gloria, we’ve discussed so many intimate matters, I feel like we’ve known each other for a long time; although, as you know, we first spoke only a month ago.”

The counselor stopped her talking and looked at me. With a chilling voice, she spoke to me once more. “David, if that precum drips onto my carpet, you will dearly regret it. When you are with me, you will always be kept in the nude. Whether I am alone or with visitors, you will always be nude.

“When you leak precum, you will collect it on the side of your right index finger and then lick off your finger. You will continue with this procedure, always keeping the head of your penis clean. Do you understand?”

I’d already rushed to obey her, running the side of the designated finger along the underside of my cock’s circumcised head and licking it like a lollipop, while replying with a, “Yes, ma’am.”

Returning her attention to Gloria, the counselor continued.

“Gloria, I’m going to go over a few basics. I will then recap what we’ve spoken of to be certain that we are in total accord. After that, I will go over areas that we have not covered. And, finally, I will review the financial requirements.

“To reiterate from our ‘phone conversations, I am a doctor in the sense that I received my doctorate in psychology. I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist and my doctoral thesis was in the area of behavior modification. I have taken these conventional qualifications and coupled them with my natural propensities.

“I genuinely enjoy what I do. In my perfect world, all husbands would be submissive to their wives. Not a believer in utopianism, I accept that I can only help a finite number of women by providing an initial training phase for their husbands, while also equipping the wife with the necessary knowledge to maintain the remainder of their life-long marital relationship as a dominant wife with a properly trained, submissive husband.

“I do not play games. David will not be my slave and I not his mistress nor dominatrix. He will be a submissive husband in training and I his initial trainer. I say initial because, as discussed, upon the completion of his initial training with me, his training will continue under your hand, ‘til death do you part.”

The counselor seemed to display the tiniest of smiles at one corner of her mouth and her eyes danced with delight as she went on with her explanation.

“I wear neither leathers nor any other type of fetish apparel. No bustier; no fetish shoes. I am here to help your husband learn his place – his place being one of total servitude to you.

“When he leaves here in a month, he will fear me as he’s never feared another person – man or woman. He will fear any and all women, never daring to show disrespect. He will, in his final two weeks, learn to fear you as I tutor you in the finer points of discipline and punishment.

“I will never injure your husband. Hurt him yes – beyond anything that he has ever dared to imagine. But, I will never injure him. He is here to learn true submission to female authority – to your authority. He will learn this through discipline, punishment and reward.

“The discipline and punishment will be focused on corporal punishment. Spanking, whipping, caning, switching, paddling or strapping. Call it what you will, he will learn to truly fear my chastisement and that of my Clinical Assistants, one of whom you just met.

“By the same token, he will learn that his submission to each spanking will earn him the privilege of serving me sexually. This same dichotomy of pain and sexual pleasure will be the spider’s web in which you will keep him from this time forward.

“In order to do this, I will need your authority and permission to discipline and punish him through regular and repeated corporal punishment. Starting today, he will be unable to sit comfortably until his training is finished one month from now.

“As discussed with you previously, I believe that corporal punishment should be applied to the buttocks, the backs of the thighs, and the inner-thighs.

“I absolutely do not believe in CBT, or cock and ball torture, fisting, burning, blood-letting, nor the use of a bastinado to beat the arches of his feet.

“I don’t believe in orgasm denial – except to teach David to hold his orgasm until you permit his ejaculation, as the withholding of regular orgasms can be injurious to the prostate gland.

“I am a firm adherent to the adage that the whipping doesn’t start until the tears do. I don’t mean alligator tears. Beginning today, your husband will learn what it is to be whipped to tears. He will then be transported way past tears to varying degrees of sobbing, begging, howling, screaming, and, ultimately, surrender.

“I keep saying whipping rather than the more benign term of spanking. On the other hand, whipping is a bit of a misnomer for the most part, as I will most commonly be using wooden paddles and rattan canes for your husband’s discipline and punishment.

“He will also learn to fear switches, birch rods, and leather straps. The leathering that he will receive will include an introduction to the two-tailed Scottish tawse.

“As I explained, I will be having sexual contact with your husband. I will be doing this for two reasons; firstly, in order to establish and then reinforce his connection between pain and sexual pleasure. Secondly, I will teach him the joy of devotional sex. He will spend hours with his face between my thighs, learning to bring me to one orgasm after another.

“He will spend a like amount of time with his face nestled between my butt cheeks, learning to lick my butt crack and butthole, most of the time doing so after I’ve made him masturbate and cum on these areas. He will be introduced to what many refer to as the submissive kiss; that is, he will learn to tongue-fuck my butthole.

“From time-to-time, I will allow him to penetrate me. This I will allow for two reasons. Firstly, I will teach him to control his orgasm, prolonging its arrival as long as he is required, in order to increase your pleasure. Secondly, of course, he will not only learn to eat my creampie, he will learn to savor it.

“This regimen, I have learned, will result in a genuinely submissive husband. David won’t be acting out a fantasy with you – what most would call role playing. He will have accepted that there is no going back. He will have learned that his place is at your feet, obedient, respectful…and fearful of your wrath.

“As to the many details of his training that will cumulate to make his sexual fantasy into reality, he will learn as will you. Know this, though. He will soon come to a point where the mere sight of an instrument of correction in my hand will cause his tears to flow. He will know that when he sees a paddle or cane in my hand, he will very soon feel pain that will move him to sobbing. After his first two weeks’ of training, he will then exhibit the same fear of you and your discipline and punishment.

“He will rapidly learn that when he begs for mercy, I will ignore him and spank all the harder. After being restrained for his early spankings, he will learn to submit and maintain his submissive posture without restraints.

“I will not be alone in David’s training. I enjoy a staff of personally-trained Clinical Assistants, each one of them an exceptionally attractive, young woman, all of whom have developed a penchant for the corporal punishment of submissive husbands in training.

“The girl who greeted you and guided you to my office is one of those upon whom I will depend for David’s regular discipline. His actual punishment will be solely in my hands and I will enjoy teaching him the difference between discipline, before an orgasm, and punishment, which will follow soon after each of his milkings, typically resulting from prostate massage but occasionally from a handjob, masturbation at his own hand, or intercourse.

“As I explained to you in our earlier conversation, I will not be fucking your husband. I feel that it is important for you to be the first woman to possess his anal virginity. Whether or not you allow other women – or men – to fuck him in your future life together is, of course, your decision.

“While I won’t be penetrating him with a strap-on dildo, I will be variously using prostate massagers, butt plugs and other instruments sometimes merely to milk him and other times to better prepare his opening for your acceptance of his ultimate submission to your ownership.

“Not unlike the traditional bride’s submission to her husband, these dynamics will have been reversed. Your husband will gladly and eagerly give himself to you. To be fucked – as often as you wish. To be disciplined as often and as severely as you wish. To be punished severely as you wish – for either his misdeeds or simply to satisfy your whim.

“This totality of submission is necessary for your husband to become truly yours. When you leave here with him a month from now, you will leave with a husband that, through his love, will have given himself to you. He will revel in your ownership and strive in the future to please you with his actions.

“I say through his love but this love will be coupled with a sexual compulsion that you will have learned to exploit for the benefit of you both. While I’ve been describing these things to you, your husband has been kept busy dealing with the copious flow of his precum. He has no doubt been intimidated and frightened by my words but, in spite of himself, has remained aroused by the realization that his innermost desires are soon to be a reality.

“Interestingly enough and also predictably, his erection has come and gone as he has dealt with an admixture of fear and sexual titillation. From turgid to flaccid, his cock has risen and fallen with visions evoked by my descriptions to you.

“His cock thinks that this is for him. His mind is beginning to comprehend that this is about you. About your future happiness. This happiness will not be selfish on your part, as this new understanding of dominance and submission will cause the two of you to enjoy a level of intimacy which will bless you with a marriage beyond compare.

“In a manner not totally dissimilar to the aforementioned bride’s giving of herself to her groom’s possession, your husband will submit to your total ownership of his body and soul.

“The goal is not one of an obedient puppy. The goal is his commitment to a lifetime of serving you. A lifetime of submission to you; this a result of the artful combination of his fears and desires. This domination is not one of bullying or coercion on your part. It is, instead, an acceptance by you both that the natural order of things is one of his total submission to your loving discipline and punishment as matters of course.

“For your part, you will have not only learned but totally actualized your role as the happy wife and owner of a properly trained, properly prepared, properly submissive husband.”

“Do you have any questions so far?”

I knew that I had a long list of questions. I also knew that the question had been addressed to Gloria, ignoring me as the counselor had done since instructing me on the collection and licking of my precum. On that account, the counselor’s narrative had caused a steady flow which I’d eagerly scooped and licked from my right hand index finger.

For the first time since the counselor had begun speaking, Gloria broke her silence.

“I understand everything that you’ve said and I whole heartedly approve of both your methods and the ultimate goals of the training.”

“Gloria, as I explained in our previous conversations, I don’t do this for charity or simply a belief in what I am doing. True, I firmly believe in our aims and their culmination in properly trained, submissive husbands.

“That said, I will reiterate our financial terms. Your presence here causes me to conclude that you are prepared to meet our financial requirements?”

“I’ve brought my checkbook.”

“Fine. Nevertheless, I will describe the financial arrangement to make absolutely certain that there is no misunderstanding.

“My fee, stated succinctly, is ten thousand dollars. That amount is due today and is non-refundable. This arrangement serves two purposes. First, obviously, it pays for my time, the time of my staff, and the operation costs of this clinic.

“Secondly, it provides an incentive for your continued commitment. Again, your husband will be given periodic opportunities to opt out. Wimp out; pussy out; whatever you wish to call it. He will be allowed at our once-weekly meetings to simply quit and walk away.

“The both of you will understand that if this occurs, you have pissed a rather significant amount of money down the drain.

“The full month’s training period, I have found, is necessary to accomplish our end. In only one instance among very many clients, it has been necessary to repeat the training.

“If this happens, there will be no charge for a two-week remedial stay, here at the clinic, with you involved. I will, during this time, ascertain whether you are simply slacking in your duty to provide rigorous, severe discipline and punishment or you simply have a stupid or obstinate husband.

“Trust me. I assure you that if you have to bring your husband back to us, we will make him rue the day that he dared defy your authority, whether through his disobedience or his disrespect.

“If you understand these arrangements, please give me a check and sign the documents that my assistant provides for your signature.

At this, the counselor evidently pushed a button to release the lock on her door, the buzzing evident. I didn’t dare turn to look behind me, as the assistant joined us, closing the door with an audible click behind her.

I was mortified to be standing here nude, in the presence of three fully dressed, undeniably beautiful women, precum issuing from the head of my cock, waiting for my personal version of ‘The Story of O’. This was by no means Roissy but it was similar enough that my mind was awash with a stew of sexual desire and abject fear.

“Nancy, you’ve met Gloria briefly. Her husband will be staying with us for the next month and she’s given me a check for his tuition. Please show her where to sign the necessary releases and confidentiality agreement.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Gloria, please initial beside each paragraph and sign each agreement at the bottom. We look forward to working with your husband in the next two weeks, helping him to learn service to women. In the following two weeks, as I’m sure Doctor Evans has already explained, you will be our guest and have ample opportunity to assume control of your husband and learn the necessary techniques for his life-long servitude to your authority.”

I’d watched Gloria initialing and signing the documents as I’d listened to the assistant, Nancy evidently, speak. Nancy’s words had both aroused and chilled me – the arousal obviously winning out as I felt my throbbing erection standing proudly.

In another moment, Gloria had completed both documents, handing them to the counselor and abruptly standing in front of her chair. Reaching across the desk to shake hands with this counselor/doctor, she then swiveled to repeat the gesture with the assistant. Gloria then gave me a searching look, her eyes seeming to probe beyond my own for confirmation of my acquiescence to this new reality, and then turned back to the counselor.

“Gloria, as I explained, at periodic intervals your husband will be given the option of quitting and walking away. These opportunities will occur with a scheduled periodicity of once weekly. At any other time during each week, he will not be granted such a choice. His ass, so to speak, will be mine.

“David, you have heard everything said here today. If there was any doubt in your mind as to our firm commitment to your successful training, I trust that such doubt has been eliminated. This will be your last opportunity to opt out until one week from now.

“Your cock seems to be voting for you but I will accept only your verbal acceptance or refusal to submit. So, David, do you submit, first to my authority in this initial training phase and to Gloria during its second half and thereafter?”

Without hesitating, I knew my answer. As the counselor had correctly noted, my cock, at least, was enthusiastic about this. I knew that it was irrational; that it was, in the eyes of many, foolhardy. I realized, also, that I was entering into a terrifying place and that I would suffer greatly before it was complete.

My deepest conviction was that I looked forward to the adoration that I’d be privileged to bestow on Gloria, along with a need that I’d come to accept, to wit, my basic submissive nature combined to make my answer somewhat self evident.

“Yes, ma’am.”

As Gloria stood to leave, the counselor spoke up.

“Thank you, Gloria, for entrusting me with such an important mission. I want to reiterate the point that I will be assisted in my work by my assistant, Nancy and others, all of them having been personally trained by me. They will also have the privilege of breaking your husband and participating in most aspects of his training. I say privileged because Nancy and her counterparts very much enjoy their work. Nancy and her fellow Clinical Assistants, without exception, get wet from the severe spanking of our husbands in training.

“They will, each and every one of them, luxuriate in the satisfaction of watching his butt go from white, to pink, to red, to blistered and welted; and his eyes streaming tears. They will relish the sounds of his crying, sobbing, blubbering, and begging. They have learned to ignore the initiates’ begging, remaining resolute in the application of genuinely severe, corporal punishment.

“They will also have sexual contact with him, both for his benefit in learning to associate pain with pleasure and pleasure with pain; and, to teach him the vagaries of cunnilingus, analingus and other skills necessary for devotional sex.

“Lastly, to amplify what you saw in the documents that you just signed, I will likely have others use your husband during his training. I will let no one fuck him, but beyond that, his mouth is not only for use by my staff and me. In all likelihood, his mouth will also be used by others.”

“Yes, Doctor, I understand these things and thoroughly approve of your methods. You won’t be hearing from me again until I ring at your door in two weeks. That is, if David doesn’t pussy out at his next opportunity in a week.”

Saying this, Gloria spun, and walked to the door, its buzzing proof that the counselor had pushed a release button, presumably in the knee-well of her desk.

“David, turn around and follow Nancy; she will take you to where you will have your first lesson in discipline. When she has finished, I will join you for your first punishment spanking. As you are aware, you will be milked after your discipline in preparation for your first punishment spanking at my hand.”

So began my first week of initial training.

End of Part II


This story is written by Dave Wallace