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It was a Thursday afternoon in October, just before 2.00pm and I was sitting in my car, parked in a quiet country lane opposite a large farmhouse. It was a very sunny day but the temperature was decidedly chilly for the time of year. As I waited, a very high quality sports car emerged from the gateway of the house and drove off down the road. I glanced at my watch and saw that it was 1.57pm, so I decided to start the engine and drive into the gateway from whence the car had emerged. I followed a tidy gravel pathway down the side of the house until I reached a yard behind the house. There stood a large black painted barn and ample space for parking several cars. Switching off the engine, I checked again to ensure that my pockets contained no personal identification and there was exactly the amount of cash tribute that had been requested by the Mistress. Nervously I glanced around and apart from several other cars parked further down the garden on a grass covered area, I appeared to be the only visitor to the barn.

I stepped out of the car and again checked my watch to ensure that the time was exactly 2.00pm and then rang the small doorbell as I had been requested to do. The door was opened almost immediately by a very attractive dark skinned woman of mixed race, dressed from head to toe in exciting black leather. I was totally overcome by her beauty and was pleased that she seemed as friendly as she had when I first contacted her on the telephone. A friend who managed a Men’s Book Shop near to my home had suggested that I visit her if I was seeking a truly exciting experience. He stated that she was a very genuine and lifetime Domme, who would most certainly be able to provide me with a truly memorable domination session.

“Hello darling” she smiled, “please come-in”.  I entered the building and was surprised at how well equipped it was, with all manner of punishment and dungeon apparatus arranged neatly around the vast room. Some items were fastened to the wooden floor and other pieces were fixed to the walls whilst background soft classical music played to enhance the atmosphere. There was concealed lighting to make the place even more interesting and somewhat foreboding. I looked around and congratulated the Mistress on the way her chamber was presented. She seemed pleased by my comments and assured me that I would very much enjoy trying out some of the equipment that she had available. She had never received any complaint from clients and felt sure she could satisfy even the most demanding of fetish requests!

I allowed her to help remove my jacket and then I was directed to sit on a large black leather covered chair, as she offered me a cool drink. The chair was similar to that found in a dentist surgery or, clinic, but from the number of leather straps attached to it, I guessed it was probably used for something rather more kinky? Whilst it was chilly outside, the temperature within her chamber was warm and most welcoming. She watched me intently as I consumed the drink and then she pulled a chair directly in front of me and sat down, before beginning her questions. She looked stunning in her black leather military style jacket and short skirt, which hardly concealed her modesty. It was all very clean and tidy and the Mistress, whilst dressed very seductively in black leather, did not seem at all menacing. “Well dear”, she exclaimed in a Midlands accent, with a vague Birmingham tone, “what type of experience are you actually seeking?” I gulped my drink and blinked uncertainly as I attempted to reply to the question. I explained that I had always been fascinated by bondage and liked being restrained and gagged whilst being forcibly undressed for teasing and torture. An interrogation type of scenario was perhaps my most favourite role-play activity. The Mistress smiled and stated that she knew exactly what must be done, and said it was perhaps also a scenario which interested her the most. She asked if I had any objection to having the session filmed, as she had built an extensive library of such treatments and was often able to sell these on an internet website as a specialist film-clip. She had a huge following and knew that what I was requesting would sell well to a number of her more discerning clients. I nodded my head, but requested that my face should be covered to protect my identity during the filming. “Of course! Dear” she agreed. Next she asked how much experience I had as a submissive, and whether I had ever visited any other Mistresses? I explained that I had role-played with other Ladies, but was generally dissatisfied by what took place as they lacked imagination. She seemed to understand my problems, and explained that it was because they did not live the part and were only interested in the fees they would earn? She assured me that I would not be at all disappointed with what she was had in mind, and would no doubt want to return to experience even more exciting treatments at a later date? She laughed softly, as if to emphasise the comments that she had expressed. She did however promise that she would treat me gently until she knew me better, and then we could explore something more sophisticated. Apparently, she did not believe in safe words and was experienced enough to know when treatments were becoming too much and she should stop the session. I reluctantly agreed to let her decide the appropriate level of pain she thought I could withstand, and hoped that I had made the correct decision and could trust her judgement. I suggested that the session might follow my favourite role-play storyline of an interrogation conducted in a torture clinic by a sadistic nurse. Perhaps something we could plan before the session started.  Turning aside, she went to a drawer unit and removed a number of leather items, which had chains dangling from them. Moving back to where I sat, she knelt and carefully pulled up each leg of my jeans, exposing my ankles. She fastened a leather cuff around each ankle and buckled the leather straps tight, before fastening the small chains to metal clasps fixed conveniently to the side of the chair on which I sat. My shoes and socks were removed and I was instructed to place my arms on the rests attached to the sides of the chair. Straps were buckled around each wrist and over the arms of the chair, restraining me very efficiently. She gazed into my eyes and laughed softly. “We are nearly there dear! Just a nice gag to keep you quiet and a hood to cover your face, and then we can begin our little adventure”. She sniggered affably, as I shivered slightly with both a little anxiety as well as some degree of excitement. Before I had time to think about was happening, a soft leather hood was stretched over my head and zipped into place. It was tight and moulded my face, leaving slits for my eyes nose and mouth. A spongy ball-gag was pushed between my teeth and a strap was buckled behind my neck to hold the gag in place. I chewed gently on the soft rubber ball and peered through the eye slits at my captor. She moved away and set a small digital camera on a tripod and adjusted the settings before switching it on. A tiny red light on he front of the camera confirmed that we were now in session! I began to struggle with a degree of genuine panic, realising that I was now quite helpless to prevent whatever the Mistress wanted to do with me. By pressing a switch on the chair, Madam tilted it back slightly until I was held in a semi-reclined position. She moved towards me and hovered over my body before speaking. “Now dear, are you going to be co-operative and answer all my questions, or must I use some treatments on you to make you tell me what I need to know?”  I could not believe how real it all seemed as Madam drew a surgical mask over the lower portion of her face and stood with her legs spread on either side of my thighs. Her short black leather skirt was stretched tightly between her black-stocking clad thighs. I was mesmerised by her sexy uniform making her look so much like a military police woman of the East German (Stasi) Secret Police. I began to wish that her skirt could be even shorter, to reveal more of whatever she wore underneath. Her voice came at me again, as she now bent lower, her face inches from my hood. “Well, are you going to be a good boy and give me all your secrets, or must I torture you? I just so love doing this with my prisoners as it gets me so hot.”  She was now whispering softly and her strong sweet perfume was invading my nostrils. We had agreed some names and numbers before starting the session, so I knew that as there was no safe-word, she would continue to hurt me until my all my resistance ceased and I had divulged all of the facts that she knew I possessed.

I shifted my position on the chair as Madam sat down over my thighs, which forced her legs further apart and succeeded in raising her skirt an inch or, two higher up her thighs. Glancing down, I could still not see her panties. “If you continue to refuse to talk and tell me everything, I will begin your torture and you might not like what I shall do with you” My excitement began to build and I realised that I was becoming aroused.  The Mistress glanced down between my legs, and I was sure that she had noticed the bulge in the denim material of my close-fitting jeans. Her gloved fingers seized my shirt and carefully unfastened the buttons, exposing my chest and swollen nipples. I shook slightly as her fingers stroked and then pinched the sensitive flesh and then she produced two metal Alligator clips from the pocket of her short leather jacket. She fastened the serrated clips gently over the two nipples and began to tighten the screws, until the jaws gripped me very firmly. I shook my head in discomfort, but the Mistress ignored my obvious pain and the stifled cries that filtered through my gag. “ Am I hurting you darling?” she asked. She moved her position slightly, and I could at last see a hint of her sheer black panties. This thrilled me, as I imagined my face forced against the silken covering at her crotch. She smiled at me and asked if I was trying to see under her skirt? I turned my head away as she gripped my chin and dragged my head back around to face her. “Oh Yes darling! You might just get to see a lot of my knickers later, when I sit on your face. That is always something I like to do with helpless prisoners like you, as it is guaranteed to make me even more horny” She produced a thick plastic pen-like device and flicked a switch. It began to hum and the head started to glow and begin to slowly revolve. She moved it towards my distended left nipple and held it tantalisingly close as she searched my eyes for a reaction. I held my breath as the tool moved closer and then by activating another control, the head moved faster as it was pressed against my swollen flesh. Surprisingly, it did excite me for several seconds and then as she pressed it harder onto my nipple, it became uncomfortable. She watched me tying to jerk away from the instrument, but it was hopeless, as I was too well fastened to the chair and she was very determined to torture me. Pressing another button, the thing spat some electricity and my nipple was on fire with little stabs of pain, like a thousand pins puncturing the sensitive flesh. When I refused to answer her questions, she transferred the device to my right nipple and repeated the entire process. By now I was shaking on the chair, trying to avoid what the Mistress was doing with me. She smiled at me and again whispered her threat to hurt me still more. I was glad that she moved the thing from my chest, but it was still humming menacingly and gripped in the woman’s leather gloved fingers, it could be applied anywhere she chose. Her other hand reached down between my legs and her fingers began to gently stroke my jeans. As she rubbed me I became more aroused and lay back on the chair gasping in my gag. I had not expected her to touch me so intimately so early in the session. Her eyes were alive with excitement as she suggested she should simply unzip my jeans and apply the dreaded instrument to my cock-head, to see whether this would make me talk? I shook my head wildly pleading with her not to torture me so cruelly. Of course my gag trapped my words and she merely giggled, as she stroked the device against my jeans, searching for my firm erection. I gasped again as I felt the vibrating tool make contact and begin to excite me. I tried to close my thighs to prevent the device from stroking me, but it became impossible as my legs were too well fastened to the sides of the chair. I could only layback and allow the instrument to rub against my sensitive flesh. After a while when I thought I could withhold an ejaculation any longer, she switched off the buzzing appliance and laid it on a nearby table. I watched her as she reached out and began unclasping my belt. “ I need to go inside dear and explore more of you” As soon as the belt was released, she pulled open the press-stud of my jeans and seized the zipper, which she slowly lowered until she had slid it all the way down as far as it would go. Turning to face me, she smiled and drew open the front of my jeans and pulled away my shirt, to expose my brief cotton underpants. I was now really excited, which was fully revealed by my tight underwear. “I do like your pants dear, so soft and silky. Do they make you very excited when I touch them with my lovely leather gloves?” She watched as I struggled to control my reactions and placed a hand over my face to let me breathe the leather of her glove. I nodded in response and she sniggered through her facemask, as she stroked me gently for several minutes, releasing the pressure of her hand over my mouth and nose to let me breathe. Briefly she stopped stroking me and her hand moved beneath her skirt to touch herself and then moved it back over my face. “There dear, can you smell my special scent and see how horny I am becoming? You really must tell me all your secrets or, I will be forced to start hurting you again.” Her fingers gripped my nose and the musky scent of her sex invaded my nostrils. “So exciting, so lovely darling! I just enjoy touching your lovely panties” Pulling back the waistband of my briefs to inspect my genitals, she thrust a hand inside and grasped my thick erection. She breathed deeply and almost groaned as she seized me. She was a positive expert, as her leather covered fingers gently squeezed and pulled at my foreskin, slowly covering and uncovering my sensitive cock-head. Her masturbation technique was exceptional and I knew that if she continued to touch me the way she was doing, I would explode all over the inside of my underwear. “Now I must stop teasing you, and begin your torture, otherwise I shall never get the information from you, shall I, my dear?” I realised that the forthcoming treatment may well be unpleasant, and I braced myself for what was to surely follow. She gradually lowered my pants down my thighs, exposing my rampant erection. Placing the fingers of her left hand firmly around my foreskin, she rolled it gently back to reveal my swollen dark-coloured cock-head. Oh! How lovely darling, I might just sit on this later and let my cunt envelope it, you would you like me to do that wouldn’t you?” I nodded with some excitement. “Good! Well you must not keep me waiting for the secrets must you, if you want me to fuck you?” She knew what buttons to press then once again picked up the buzzing device and moved it towards my erection. Her eyes said it all as she moved the device nearer and I could see that she was really getting off on inflicting pain and knew that I would not like what the tool might do to me. I drew back as far as my restraints would allow and watched the revolving head descend. As it did so, the light reappeared and the speed of the instrument slowed to just a fraction of what my nipples had experienced. Her eyes sparkled as she moved it tantalisingly closer and giggled as she held it almost touching the tip of my cock. I watched her positively shake with excitement as she pressed it gently against my flesh. It did not hurt as I had expected, but vibrated tenderly to arouse me rather than torture me. She moved it slowly around the swollen head and then by lifting my cock, she was able to poke it against the frenham, where the head was joined to the foreskin stem. She poked a little harder and watched my eyes for a reaction. It was truly exciting me and I again gasped in my gag and thrust myself forward to receive the full force of the thrilling vibrations. “Am I making you cum for me…how humiliating, you really must tell me your secrets, prisoner?” I nodded my head as I watched her teasing me more and more. Gently, she drew the vibrating tip up and down my hard cock and then onto my swollen balls. There she began to circle each sac, whilst she slowly moved the foreskin up and down between her leather gloved fingers and I knew she really meant to force me to finally ejaculate. I tried to prevent this happening by trying to clear my mind of what she was doing between my legs. I was not ready for what came next as she pressed a switch and once again the device was spitting electricity. She demanded answers to her questions as the instrument rose up my cock giving me further stabs of pain. When she reached my cock-head the speed of the head had substantially increased and I was forced to endure both electric shocks and some painful rubbing of my sensitive cock-head. “Do you like me doing this to you, prisoner?” she asked, as the rubbing process continued. I threw myself against my restraints in an effort to be free of the discomfort, and noticed that my powerful erection was not decreasing in size. I knew that she was having fun and probably achieving as much excitement as me.

At that point, she pulled up my underpants and moved away leaving me breathless with lust and shaking with arousal. “I am not ready for you to cum for me just yet” she sniggered “There is so much more that we need to do before I give you such pleasure” I knew that the camera was still running and filming all of the action. This must surely be the very best dominant session that I had ever encountered. As I came down from my high, she moved towards me and lowered the chair until I now lay almost horizontal. She had gathered several items from a table and brought them to my side. “You will not see what I do with you next, but you will feel it” Before I had time to think about what she had said, a rubber band was stretched around the hood covering my eyes, and I was now unable to see. I sensed that she was making preparations around me and knew nothing more until her hands moved again over my pants and began to rub me gently. “Good” She exclaimed in a whisper “You are still nice and hard.  I must be making you very excited?” She worked slowly, rubbing firmly at my underpants and forcing my erection to become larger with every stroke. Her breath came in urgent pants, as though she was about to climax and then I felt my briefs being dragged once more from my hips, exposing me shamelessly. She lifted me and I felt a small leather strap being secured around my shaft. This was followed by several more until my foreskin was pulled back tightly, exposing my swollen cock-head. Her fingers seemed to be covered in oil as they moved over the head and slowly she prised open the uthera slit. I shivered with some fear as I felt the tip of a cold metal rod begin to explore the sensitive lips and then slowly move inside me. I shook on the chair but the Mistress was not to be denied, as the greasy metal moved slowly deeper and I felt as if I wanted to empty my balls. “That’s it darling! Let me get this into you as far as it will go and then you will be so much more co-operative won’t you? Ha! Ha!” Her laugh was soft and seductive, as though she was trying to have sex with me. She was teasing me and making me feel really stimulated. She began to move the rod gently up and down and whispered as she did so. ”All the way in;  now all the way out…..I am fucking your cock dear…then you really will be ready to talk”   I was so aroused and lay shivering with excitement as the Mistress continued to stimulate me. “ I like to do this with all my prisoners”. I heard her sighing as she explained how she always got so horny when wearing her black leather and torturing her prisoners. “Now you are going to please me and tell me all your little secrets are’nt you?”  I knew that I was close, but needed just a little more encouragement. The intruder became alive and started electrocuting me deep inside my cock with, as more little pricks of electricity began to torture my foreskin. Then the other device was placed against my balls and they too began to spit tiny stabs of pain against my balls. I was on fire with pain, which was becoming harder to bear. “Talk darling! Talk! Tell me everything, you know you want to do it?”  I shook and tried to move in my bondage, but realised that I was too well fastened on the chair. The device stopped touching me and I felt the Mistress fumbling between my thighs to pull my pants and jeans down until they reached my knees. I then felt a gloved finger press against my anal opening and began to enter my tight passage. I had never liked anyone touching my anus and tried to close my rectum tight to deny her any access. It did not prevent her from getting into me as her greasy finger pressed deeper. “You musn’t try to stop me sweetie, I am going to get inside and there is nothing you can do to stop me” I struggled hard but, it was impossible as now two of her fingers poked inside my orifice and began to open me up to allow another instrument to invade my slimy orifice. “Mmmppphhh” I wailed, but it was useless, and the rubber dildo moved further, expanding me cruelly. “There now we are almost ready aren’t we darling, so you can relax?” She cooed softly. “Let me just get you ready for the torture and move the controller to another position. Mmnn” she mewed “How about arousal or, perhaps even better.. orgasm?” I felt the vibrator shake as it moved faster inside me and begin to penetrate me deeper. At the same moment the Mistress began again to agitate the rod inside my cock. The device was once again buzzing and she pressed it against my stretched foreskin. This would have all been bearable if it were not for the electric shocks that now began to stab me in all the three sensitive spots. The Mistress changed position and climbed over my shoulders and laid the buzzing wand upon my chest. I felt her tighten the nipple clamps and pull the rubber gag loose. I would have wailed my discomfort, but her panties quickly descended over my mouth and the buzzing torture tube was once again poking at my erection and swollen cock-head. I heard her sniggering as the volume of electricity increased and I lay shaking in pain. She began to groan as if she was in pain, but I realised that she was about to climax as she instructed me to suck her cunt as she pulled the sheer silk of her knickers to one side between her legs. “Lick my clit!!” she cried “!Do it! DO IT! Make me cum!!”……I sucked harder on the fleshy nub of flesh and then on instruction the moist lips of her cunt. Breathing became more difficult as she pressed down harder on my mouth, and I almost fainted at the smell of her sex and the leather of her skirt. “Are you ready to talk?” she screamed. I could stand no more as I heard her climax over my face. I quickly relaid the names and numbers I had been given at the start of the session.  She listened carefully to my words, and then strapped the gag back over my mouth without switching off any of the torture instruments. Giggling in obvious pleasure she climbed back over my face “I have not cum and am not ready to release you just yet” she giggled and forced me to bring her to climax twice more with my tongue. After her second completion she lent down over my stomach and lifted my cock to extract the invading metal rod, before opening her mouth to consume the whole of my erection. The sucking started, at first gently and then more vigorously. The straps around my cock were released and now with fingers stroking my foreskin and her mouth fastened firmly around my cock-head I was given a massive release, until I felt that my balls had literally been drained of every drop of semen that I ever possessed.

“Good Boy!” she sniggered as she began to clean my cock with her sheer black panties and I began again to shake with an impending orgasm. She sensed my excitement and used the saturated panties to continue stimulating me again and again, until my cum stopped seeping through the fine silken mesh of the garment. “How sexy!” she whispered, as she watched me dribbling my semen into her thin panties. She wiped my cock for a final time and I was at last allowed me to rest.

She rose from my body and I saw her switch off the camera, knowing that our performance was surely worthy of an Oscar!




This story is written by MIKEY, please send comments and appreciation to