She Wants More - Part 4

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David had been lying strapped down on the medical chair for nearly half an hour, after viewing the erotic torture films on the large TV screen.  Stella had not returned to the room and he was beginning to wonder what was going to happen next? He knew that the films had excited her as much as him and expected  that he would suffer more abuse during the rest of the evening and particularly throughout the night? He was now sure that Stella had been stimulated by the BDSM stories in his fetish magazines, particularly those of a more sadistic type of domination. He hoped that she would not become too cruel in their role- play, as the games became more developed.

At last she reappeared and whilst she had replaced his underpants, she too had changed into another of her fantastic and most erotic costumes. She was now dressed in a short Nurses’ tunic that was so short that the skirt barely covered her stocking tops. She was wearing with the tunic a pair of conventional black leather high-heeled sling-back shoes and entered the room putting-on a pair of white latex gloves, used by the medical profession. He noticed that her dress was unbuttoned to the waist, where a wide belt worn by nurses, stopped the dress from totally exposing her firm young body. She smiled at David as she looked down at his semi-naked body and the ball-gag protruding from his mouth. She noticed that either her appearance or, his particular bondage was having a most intriguing effect on his genitals, which stretched his tight silken briefs quite obscenely. She reached down with her right hand, on which she had not placed aglove, and gently took spread her fingers over the suggestive bulge in his pants and began to slowly massage him. “Naughty Boy!” she intoned, as he began to gasp slightly and shift his position on the chair, shivering slightly with the feel of the woman’s demanding fingers. “I do like to touch your lovely silky pants….so soft and sexy, I can feel that you have a beautiful Hard-on for me, don’t you Darling? I thought that it was about time we played a game of Doctor’s and Nurses, and I should give you a full examination Heh! Heh!” She laughed softly as she pulled the second glove over her hand and snapped it into place around her wrist. She turned away from the chair to place a surgical mask over the lower part of her face. “We have not played this game before have we Darling, but I have seen so many lovely ideas in your naughty magazines!” David blushed slightly as he remembered the drawings and photographs, showing a variety of naked and semi-naked men receiving some quite erotic treatments at the hands of both seductive and in some instances, some very sadistic nurses. “ I think we are about ready to begin your treatment. You know what Naughty Nurses like to do David, don’t you? Well you are going to find out! Perhaps it might be more fun if the Nurse was really your Interrogator and she needed to make you divulge some of your wicked little secrets?” Heh! Heh!

David blushed a little more as Stella pulled aside her dress to reveal her bra-clad breasts and pulled down the thin cups to expose her beautiful pink nipples. He watched as she squeezed her breasts and gently pinched the swollen nipples. She sighed with pleasure as her fingers continued to arouse herself. “Naughty Nurse wants’ to feel your mouth on her nipples Darling, before she really gets to work on you. There is so much that I have in mind so, let me enjoy myself for a while”.  David moved his head. as Stella reached down and pulled away his gag, freeing his mouth. Her manner changed as she gave him no time to call out and forced his face tightly against her left breast and ordered him to suck her; warning that if he attempted to bite or, hurt her, she would hang him up by his bits. David complied willingly as he sucked and licked at Stella’s firm nipple until she gasped and began to moan softly with increasing pleasure. “Ohhh, Yesss! She sighed and began to shudder with excitement. “Keep licking and sucking me until you get me off, you wicked Boy!!”  David was pleased to comply and positively enjoyed sucking on Stella’s firm nipple, wedged between his lips. It was totally erotic and his response was to become even harder within his pants as Stella once again reached down to clasp the bulging cloth, and stroked him very intimately. His body shook more fiercely as he felt her fingers working more inquisitively and knew that he was seconds away from an eruption. Stella knew it too and wondered whether she should release David from his excitement and allow him to empty himself all over the inside of his tight pants. She decided that she would prefer to see David forcefully erupt and spray his cum over his lower body or, perhaps envelope his cock within her wet cunt, and rape him to a pleasurable climax. Before moving on, she replaced the ball-gag between his lips.  “You know! Perhaps we should put a gas mask over your face and make you more sleepy, whilst I give you some nice surgical treatment” David looked frightened and began to shout in panic through his gagged lips “Ummpphhh” Stella smiled and placed her gloved fingers over the ball gag, assuring him that the mask would deliver nothing more than only some mild sleepy gas, as she had no intention of really hurting him at this stage of the treatment. David looked relieved and stopped struggling on the chair and shouting into his gag. Stella moved away and returned with a rubber hood, which she wrapped around David’s face and buckled behind his head. She zipped the eye-slits closed, so that David could not then see what she was about to do. “So exciting! Isn’t it David…….You don’t know what I am going to do with you, do you?”  David wriggled his body as Stella unfastened his gag and pulled the ball from his mouth. He sucked in a quantity of air as a pipe was screwed into the opening on the front of the hood. He lay very still for a few moments and then felt a gentle flow of sweet smelling gas entering his mouth. He immediately began to feel drowsy and realised that the gas was having some effect. Stella sensed that David was becoming agitated…”I lied didn’t I huny? Perhaps I am going to operate on you after all?” He again began to panic and wondered what Stella intended to do? He struggled against his bindings, as he struggled to stay awake. Whilst it was exciting being gassed, he was still nervouse that he might be severely injured, if Stella decided to go too far with the medical games. Stella’s rubber covered fingers continued to fondle his pants, which made his cock even harder, as she whispered how much she liked stroking his pants and watching the effect on his cock. “How Lovely! Huny, How Lovely! Just look at your Hard-on.” Suddenly he felt her fingers enter his pants and curl around his shaft, as she began to work the foreskin gently up and down. Pulling down the material of his briefs, she applied some greasy substance to the foreskin and the sensitive head. He knew that he would have great difficulty in resisting this delicate masturbation, which became faster and even more erotic. Stella’s tongue lapped at his tight little nipples causing David to sigh with pleasure, as her latex-covered fingers worked relentlessly between his thighs. “Before I make you cum darling, I think you need some special treatment”. Her fingers instantly were gone and he lay shaking with excitement at what Stella had been doing with him. Suddenly, his cock was lifted and the foreskin drawn back exposing his cock-head. A metal probe pressed against his urethra slit and was then removed. When it returned, it was covered in some form of greasy substance, entering him very gently as it was swirled slowly around, before being moved deeper into him. David shook with surprise as he felt the probe moving deeper but it was not uncomfortable as Stella was most careful not to hurt him. “Good Boy!” she breathed, “It is nearly all inside you; you are such a good patient” It was a strange sensation feeling the metal device being moved gently inside him, like a dildo fucking him. He responded as if he was going to pee then relaxed as though he was being masturbated and began to experience a high degree of sexual excitement. “Time for something else, my darling” whispered Stella, as she connected something to the metal tip extending from his penis. “Just another few adjustments, and we are ready” David jumped as he felt a small belt bucked around his erection and some further thin cords tied tightly around his swollen balls. The gas was still making him sleepy within the hood, so he did not feel Stella connect the electric wires to her control box and turn the dial. The first he knew was when little pricks of pain began to zap into his genitals and the pain began to build. David shuddered and trembled and then lurched from the chair, groaning loudly into the mask, which effectively silenced his cries. Stella’s response was to giggle as she turned a tap on the gas cylinders and more gas entered the mask. This had the effect of calming David whilst his jerking actions subdued, as the gas took effect. “So lovely Darling” she sniggered as she watched David relax, although she knew that the electricity was continuing to shock him. She watched his cock twitch and reached for a small digital camera, which she focused on his body, particularly his groin and between his thighs. The camera flashed a number of times as she took a series of very intimate photographs, as David twisted and lurched around on the chair. Finally she put the camera down and moved to a tripod supporting a small video camera. She switched the camera on and explained to David that his treatment was about to begin. Bending over his body, Stella demanded that David reveal all his dirty little secrets, or she would continue to torture him. This role-play continued for many minutes until the electric shock machine was switched-off. David relaxed and lay gasping as the rubber bag attached to his face-mask continued to indicate that he was still breathing the noxious gas. Stella turned off the taps on the gas cylinders. Now you are almost ready for the next treatment said Stella as she slowly withdrew the metal probe from David’s hard cock, drawing with it a trace of white slime that looked suspiciously like semen. “Have I made you cum with the sound I put inside your cock?” David shook his head, but Stella bent her face close and sniffed at the metal rod, smelling the unique odour of male sperm, before holding it nearer to the lens of the video camera. She realised that she had made David build a climax within his body without actually expelling it for her to see. “ I see Darling”, she whispered as she cupped her latex-covered hands around his face. David uttered a soft “Ughhhh” as he found himself rendered speechless by the mask. “When you are made to spunk for me, I want to see it, so you have been very naughty just keeping your little discharge to yourself. I suppose that whilst I fucked you with the sound, you could not resist the thrill of coming, could you?”  David nodded his head. Stella looked annoyed and slapped his hooded face several times as she told him that he must never climax without seeking her full permission. Taking a small leather flogger from the medical tray attached to the chair, she slashed it across his naked stomach and thighs a number of times as she repeated slowly what she had said and then grabbed his chin and jerked his head up and down saying the words “YES! MISTRESS!” As she did so, David suffered the whipping without making any sound, then lay still as Stella explained that he should now reveal all his secrets, or she would need to wank him until he reached a huge climax, which she would make him spray all over his body. David stretched in his bondage as he felt Stella lift his cock and begin to masturbate him. “I have a little surprise for you David, something that I have never done to you previously, and I know that you will like”. He shivered with expectation as the masturbation stopped momentarily and a silk garment like a pair of panties was wrapped gently around his erection. “Do you like my panties, Darling?” Stella laughed softly as he felt her fingers grip him firmly through the silken material of the panties and the masturbation continued with his sensitive cock-head slapping against the super softness of the girl’s knickers. It was only seconds before his cock was rock hard and he was throwing himself about on the chair as a prelude to spurting a jet of his semen from his twitching urethra. Stella knew that he was on the edge of a massive climax and drew the silk panties from his shaft. He heard a buzzing sound which became louder and then just as he was about to cum, a soft rubber vibrating head pressed against his foreskin and moved slowly upwards until it was pressing against the frenam at the base of his cock-head. “Now talk! Or, I will bring you off and the torture will continue” David shook his head firmly in resistance. It took only a minute of this increased stimulation to force him through the excitement barrier, and he felt himself ejaculating copiously.  The speed of the vibrator increased and splashes of his semen dropped onto his stomach, thighs and even his chest. As much as he tried to stem the flow, he started again and more of his cum spat from his cock and splattered over his semi-nakedness. Stella laughed loudly and gripped his cock firmly in her latex-covered fingers, as she began to stroke him with more force, making him expel even more cum for her enjoyment. At length, David stopped spurting his juice ad lay back gasping in his mask as Stella continued to slowly work the boy’s erection, until only a dribble of semen was expelled, which ran thickly down David’s cock and onto his saturated pubic hair.

Stella used her silk panties to clean him, which aroused David to further action as he lifted his hips from the chair to press against the soft material as she wiped his genitals free of his sticky spend. “Have I got it all Darling?” asked Stella in a sarcastic voice, staring up at the whirring video camera. “Because if I haven’t, we will need to begin all over again” David shook his head again with resistance as he felt Stella’s fingers begin to squeeze and masturbate him, through the silky cloth His cock was beginning to ache with overuse and he struggled to twist away from the woman’s attentions. “Oh such a lovely prick” sighed Stella, “Let me try again Darling, I am sure I can make you cum for me?” She turned the gas back up as she bent lower and lifting the face-mask, she placed her soft red lips over his erection and begun to suck furiously, lapping up and down his shaft, then licking the soft bulbous head. David reared up to meet the woman’s mouth and with low moans, allowed himself to brought to another climax. Only a small amount of semen escaped, but he lay totally satisfied as he felt Stella emptying him thoroughly and swallowing the juice that he pumped into her mouth. She then released his manhood and sat up on the chair, telling him that next time she would fuck him senseless with her juicy cunt. At that point, she switched off the camera and turned off the gas.

He heard her leave the room as David’s senses reeled from the experience that he had been forced to endure, and the filthy language she had used. He had never in his life been so thoroughly used.  His cock throbbed and very slightly ached with all the sexual abuse he had received. He lay quietly awaiting the woman’s return, knowing that the night was far from over. He wondered idly whether he would be allowed sufficient time to recharge his balls, before he was forced to shoot his load again for Stella’s evil pleasure? He found her special style of stimulating him  really exciting and certainly most erotic, especially with all the gassing he had been obliged to endure. All that reading of his fantasy magazines had obviously given her some tremendous ideas. He lay on the chair for well over half an hour and was beginning to get rather stiff from the straps and cuffs that held him captive. The ball-gag, which had been replaced in his mouth, was becoming uncomfortable and a huge amount of saliva was dribbling down his chin within the hood. The fact that he could not see also disturbed him and a slight feeling of panic was beginning to seize him. At last! Stella or, at least someone re-entered the room and after a very short amount of time he felt a leather gloved hand move soothingly once more over his briefs and a pronounced giggle exploded near to his left ear. “Have you been lonely?” a voice whispered, as the fingers began to manipulate him more firmly. David recognised the voice of Stella and was relieved it was her and not some stranger playing so intimately with him. The hood was taken from his head and he was delighted to see that Stella was once again dressed in her sensuous black leather uniform of some secret police squad, with her impossibly short skirt, showing a glimpse of her sheer black knickers when she knelt beside him on the chair. “You know how black leather turns me on Darling, so who knows what I might ask you to do before I let you loose?” He loved Stella to be so sexy with her remarks and knew that nothing was impossible when she had worked herself up to a highly aroused state, and needed a male to satisfy her sexual urges. Standing beside him she adjusted the video camera and switched it on, then hiked up her short skirt to reveal her tight panties and explained that as he had been given some release earlier, she now needed a similar satisfaction and he was going to supply it. She warned that his torture was going to restart, unless he had decided to talk and tell all his little secrets. David thought for a second or, two and shook his head negatively. He watched as Stella  prodded a leather-gloved finger into the silken mound between her thighs. “Ohhhh!!” she cried “ I am so glad you have decided to be so obstinate, you are going to get me so horny, as I make you bring me off” At that, she climbed upon the chair and moved up over David’s face, as she reached down and pulled loose his ballgag. “Suck Me! Lick Me! Suck my Clit”……..NOW! Do It!” David had no choice as she plunged his mouth against her pussy and began to rub his lips against her silk panties. He enjoyed the experience and eagerly lathed her silken covered sex. She reached down and pulled the panties down her thighs and instructed David to get his tongue inside. He needed no second invitation and pressed his tongue into her body as she tugged down her skirt to cover her hips and David’s face. The smell of leather and her female scent was almost too much as Stella’s hands reached behind her and released the boy’s cock from the tight pants. She had screamed several times in loud climaxes, and now as she stroked the boy’s penis, he too felt that he was about to cum once again and spurt his semen over his stomach and thighs. Turning, Stella watched the stream of milky white cum shoot from his cock “What a waste you Naughty Boy! I was going to torture that out of you later and force you to please me all at the same time. Now we shall have to wait a little longer before I allow you to go home!”


This time David had to wait almost an hour tied and gagged helplessly on the chair, before the Black Leather Mistress returned to the room. The first thing she did after switching on the camera, was to attach his ankles to cords dangling from a framework above the chair and pull his legs up and back above his head. “Ummpphhh” David cried through his gag, as the position was quite uncomfortable. Stella merely smiled and looked down at the helpless boy. Taking a glob of grease she poked it gently into David’s anus and followed this up with a rigid gloved finger, which she moved in and out of his orifice. Next she selected a metal device that she inserted into him and turning some small wheels, she began to spread the jaws of the device open, as David cried loudly in resistance. As soon as his anus was stretched wide, Stella produced a thick black rubber dildo and wriggled it into the opening. Slowly she closed the metal stretching tool and eased it from David’s body. “How lovely” she sniggered as she gently pushed and pulled the rubber invader inn and out of David’s arse. “I was going to rape you with my big Cock… but this is nuch more fun, and I can fuck you for real when I am ready”. David began to cry with the pain in his sore bum, but Stella ignored the tears running down his cheeks. “Just a little more punishment, then I shall reward you” she announced.

She lowered his legs and re-attached his ankles to the chair, which was now lying in a horizontal position. Stella covered David’s eyes with a padded leather blindfold and silently lit a candle, which she allowed to burn for a few moments producing a quantity of molten wax. Slowly she dripped the wax on David’s naked body, which stung him considerably. At each drip, David flung himself about in agony and shouted into his gag. The plug still stretched his arse wide and the drips of hot wax continued to torture him. Stella now fixed clips to his nipples and tightened them. David was hurting badly, but his cock was still very hard and erect.

“That’s what I want” screamed Stella, as she grabbed the boy’s penis and gently stroked it until it was throbbing, threatening to expel a further quantity of semen. Raising her skirt, she tugged down her knickers and seated herself on the boy’s torso, fumbling between her thighs, she eased his cock inside her tight pussy. Moving her body gently to and fro,

Stella achieved the climax she had been seeking all evening and forced David to explode within her. This was something she had been seeking, ever since she had met the boy at the office and knew she must conquer him!!


End of Part Four

This story is written by MIKEY, please send comments and appreciation to