She Wants More - Part 3

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It was almost two weeks since our last encounter, and I was worried that Stella had decided that she was bored  playing dominant sex games with me. She had barely acknowledged me as I busied myself in the office, but I hoped that she had not closed the door on any further activity. As I went to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, she emerged from her office. “Are you free to visit me this evening David?” I was relieved that she still appeared to be interested in continuing our kinky relationship so I  eagerly accepted her invitation. I asked what time she would like me to call and, was surprised by her reply; as she suggested a very late hour and recommended that I made no plans for the rest of the night. I wondered whether this visit would involve a degree of penetrative sex as she explained that she had some lovely surprises for me. With a smile she was gone and I was left wondering what new games she had invented to play with me? I spent the rest of the day in a state of extreme excitement, trying to imagine the evening and night ahead. I knew that over the intervening weeks, since I had last visited her apartment, she had engaged a mutual friend to install some special fixings in her guest bedroom. I knew the man to be very imaginative and thoroughly discreet, so whatever work he had carried out would remain a secret, until Stella decided to reveal it to me. What I did not know was that she had been reading through many of my magazines and had discovered some very kinky websites that advertised some superb fetish clothing, and provided a varied assortment of quality dominant film clips. I knew from the trailers that I had already downloaded many clips showed some very believable torture applied to men in the most imaginative of restraint scenarios. Most of the scenes involved agonising interrogation, and others some ingenious medical procedures.  When I finally arrived at her flat, I was in an intense state of anxiety but still very excited and aroused. On opening the door, I stood transfixed at how she was dressed. All my Black Leather dreams seemed to have come to fruition as she grabbed me and pulled me into the small hallway.  I stood silently as she removed my coat and pushed me face against the wall. Her voice was very authoritative as she commanded me to stand very still or she would be forced to hurt me. I did as she instructed and felt my wrists seized and fastened together with metal handcuffs. “Spread your legs”, she directed, and I immediately moved to obey her. She kicked a foot irritably stating that my legs were still not spread wide enough apart, so I readjusted my stance. “Good!” she hissed, and I felt Stella buckle some leather shackles around my ankles and then fix a telescopic rod that  prevented me from closing my legs. She tightened the buckles and adjusted the length of the rod to keep my legs suitably apart. She then instructed me to lift each foot in turn so that she could remove my shoes and socks. Her hands reached around my body to grasp my shirt and tear it aggressively from my shoulders and down my body to leave it hanging from the belt at my waist. Turning me around, she stood before me licking her lips in anticipation as I trembled in genuine fear. I stared at her tight black leather cat-suit and knew instinctively that she was seeking some real thrills from our encounter. She had teamed the suit with some thigh-length high-heeled black leather boots, arm-length leather gloves and a leather hood, similar to that worn by medieval torturers. She dangled a rubber ball-gag attached to a thin leather strap in front of my eyes, and looking down, I saw a leather “flogger” whip attached to the belt around her waist. I had read many stories featuring this type of aggressive woman in my Adult magazines, and now realised that Stella had perhaps obtained some innovative ideas from the pictures and drawings she had seen. Without any warning, she moved closer and pressed herself against my body, whilst stroking her hands over my naked chest she gently squeezed my nipples. I sucked in my breath in surprise as her mouth moved closer and then she began to kiss me urgently. Her left hand moved from my chest and slowly down over my stomach to search inquisitively between my legs, touching me intimately. Her fingers caressed the stretched material of my jeans, tracing the outline of my cock and balls as they pressed against the tight denim. I had no time to react before she pulled open my belt, released the press-stud and unzipped my jeans. I gasped and stood shaking as she yanked the jeans from my hips and her gloved fingers stroked the bulge in my cotton briefs. She continued to fondle me for a short time as I quivered before her and then forced a hand inside to touch my semi-erect cock. “That’s it David, just relax and let me get you nicely in the mood” she whispered. I attempted to speak but she fastened the ball-gag into my mouth cutting off all further protest. I tried to object, more in play than to express any real displeasure, as Stella continued to feel my cock and balls. “How Nice!” She murmured,” I so much enjoy playing with you and getting your Dick so hard”.  Suddenly, she fell to her knees in front of me and pushed down both my jeans and underpants to a position around my knees, exposing my upper thighs. “Now I want to suck you Darling, you know how I like to do this to you?” Taking my cock in her fingers, she eased back the foreskin uncovering the sensitive and swollen head and closed her lips over it. Her mouth began to excite me,and I became quickly aroused and tried hard to prevent her forcing me to ejaculate into her mouth. However, she was very careful not to force me to cum, sensing that I was on the very edge of a climax. She stood up and I glanced down, noticing that my cock was now twitching with arousal and standing very firmly to attention. My thighs began to shake as she pinched the swollen cock- head very gently between her thumb and forefinger, exciting me with the feel of her soft leather glove. “Oh David, I love doing this to you, but there is so much more that I have planned for tonight, before I finally bring you off !!”. At that point, Stella dragged me down the hallway toward the guest bedroom with my jeans and pants causing some restriction of my movements. The room had, as I suspected, been fitted out like a modern torture chamber with just a thin mattress covering the bed frame and chains dangling from the ceiling, to which leather cuffs had been attached. The lighting was subdued, making it an even more intimidating chamber in which to play with me. A large flat screen television stood on a low table at the end of the room with a padded black-leather chair standing in front of it. The design of the chair was similar to that used in dental surgeries, and was apparently capable of being mechanically adjusted. I realised that Stella must have spent a large amount of money fitting out this room and no doubt she was intending to make full use of it. She pushed me forward awkwardly, and then forced me to sit on the chair. Reaching behind my body, she unfastened my handcuffs and quickly refastened my wrists to fixings on the side of the chair. After removing my jeans and pants she tore off the remnants of my shirt, fastened my ankles to the chair and then buckled two wide leather straps across my chest and stomach. I looked up at her face as Stella bent over my naked body, smiling in amusement. She placed my head into a type of leather harness that restrained me motionless and staring straight ahead at the blank screen of the television. “Now David, I am going to show you some lovely films so you can see what happens to naughty boys who try to be brave and refuse to obey and co-operate”. She laughed very quietly as she stroked my face and stated how much she was looking forward to the film show. 

The Television screen flickered and I found myself staring at a young man still fully dressed, minus his shoes and socks and restrained on some form of medical trolley. His head was wrapped in bandages hiding his identity as he struggled to free himself, whilst a woman wearing a military style uniform bent over him. Her black leather skirt was short, showing her magnificent thighs covered by sheer black stockings held in place by thin suspender straps. Her tight white blouse was partly unbuttoned showing a generous amount of her cleavage and a pair of black leather gloves covered her hands. My eyes were riveted upon the nasty looking syringe she held between her fingers. It was filled with a clear fluid that she expelled in a couple of sharp spurts, by depressing the plastic plunger. “Talk Svine” commanded the woman in a strong German accent, “or I shall be forced to gif you some very special treatment zat I know you vill not enjoy”. The man looked frightened as he cried out in protest through his bandaged lips. “Mmpphhh”. The woman stared at him very intently. “So Prisoner, you still resist me, I vill now haf to begin”. The woman sniggered as she reached down and with her free hand ripped open the zip fastening of the man’s trousers. I watched closely as he immediately began to shake in protest, whilst she hesitated for a moment before pulling open his fly to thrust her fingers inside. It was so erotic to watch the woman exploring the man inside his trousers, knowing that she was stimulating his cock and balls. After much fondling, she smiled sadistically and slowly extracted an erect, throbbing penis through the fly opening. She examined the thick erection carefully before beginning to slowly masturbate the man, who was now jerking uncontrollably strapped to the medical trolley. “See Prisoner, ist it not nice vot I do mit you?” The man shook his head as the woman moved the hypodermic needle nearer to his genitals. I found the scene highly arousing and watched more intently as she inserted the needle carefully into the skin of his throbbing shaft. The man reacted immediately as the syringe was emptied into him and began to jerk about. “Now you vill talk Prisoner” When the man had become more composed, the woman pulled down his trousers and pants, fully exposing his genitals. Taking some tiny leather straps, she fastened them around his cock, which had now become more engorged and larger in size. She squeezed the man’s cock-head opening the tiny urethra, to allow her to insert a thin metal rod. This caused the man intense discomfort as his erection grew even larger. She forced the rod deeper inside his shaft and watched with eager fascination as she gently stroked the huge penis and waited for the man to calm down, before connecting wires to the probe and fastening clips to his swollen balls. Some electrical connections were fixed to the probe and  clips. The man shivered in anticipation as she ripped open his shirt and fitted larger serrated metal clips to his nipples. Her questions began again but the man refused to talk, shaking his head furiously in an attempt to stop the torture. She ignored his protests and picked up a small control box and the electricity stabbed painfully into his body. He suffered about 3 to 4 minutes of the treatment, screaming constantly into his gag before the woman stopped the treatment. “Zis alvays maks me so hot, mine prisoner, I like to see you suffer” The man began to throw himself about on the trolley as the electricity continued to torture his genitals. “Now you vill talk, von’t you prisoner?”. His cock was by now huge and throbbing, even though the pain must be really hurting him. The torture continued for several minutes until at length he was screaming and thrashing about in a frenzied manner and his resistance seemed to be waning. The woman just smiled and moved the probe gently in and out of his urethra making it expel a small amount of pre-cum. Her gloved finger gathered some of the thick fluid and spread it over the cock-head and worked the foreskin slowly whilst she grasped the swollen ball sac and applied some erotic pressure. The electricity was still stabbing at the man’s genitals as she masturbated him and he began to bounce upon the thin mattress of the trolley. “Now Prisoner tell me everything or, it vill be so much more painful”. She adjusted the control box as the man remained silent, shaking his head wildly. The pain was presumably more intense as the woman continued to abuse him and finally succeeded in forcing him to ejaculate, without removing the probe. He was not allowed to relax as she started again warning that the pain would be greater as the cum he was expelling would make the electric shocks even more painful. At length after another climax, he capitulated and she was able to obtain all the secrets she was seeking.  

The television was switched off and Stella sat on the edge of my chair shaking with excitement and staring at me. “How lovely!” she smiled down at me and clutched at my stiff erection.  Gently she stroked the foreskin as I gasped into my gag and jerked upon the chair. “Shall we watch another clip, David?”  I lay back motionless as Stella stopped playing with me, and the television showed another film clip. This time a man stripped to only a thin pair of cotton briefs was standing with his arms fastened to a frame above his head, with his feet tied to fixings in the floor. A cloth-gag covered his mouth as he groaned with fear. Two women again dressed in military uniforms, were standing next to him. They clutched whips, which they used to strike at his body as they screamed demands that he too should answer their questions and stop any resistance. It was revealed that he was being interrogated as a spy, after having been caught within the offices of a secret project. After many minutes of being whipped and then caned, his bondage was changed and he was suspended head down over a container of water. It was noticeable that he still seemed very aroused by this treatment, as his erection poked tightly against the white cotton material of his pants. He had a superb physique with his muscular body devoid of any hair. One of the women reached out and clutched the man’s pants, causing him to gasp loudly into his gag. This amused the other woman, who suggested that they should perhaps enjoy him later before disposing of him, when he had been made to talk. He was hoisted up and then slowly lowered head-first into the water. He spluttered and shook in an attempt to avoid drowning, as his head was submerged for a full minute. This procedure was carried out several times until he became almost unconscious. His pants were then dragged from his hips and some further whipping was applied to his lower body, as well as his thighs, buttocks and finally his stiff erection. His gag was almost unable to control his screams of pain as the women struck him repeatedly especially on his genitals. Threatened with another submersion in the water, he decided to co-operate and gave up his secrets. I was now really stimulated by watching these films, as they seemed so realistic that my cock was throbbing with energy and excitement. Stella also seemed even more aroused by what she was watching as another film flickered into life upon the television screen. 

This clip showed three women abduct a lonely male from a quiet country lane and force him unconscious into their car. Upon reaching a house, he was carried inside and taken to a room devoid of any furniture. He was quickly stripped of his outer clothing, gagged and blindfolded and then tied to a chair. The women pulled back his ankles and tied them to the rear legs of the chair as he struggled to try and free himself. The women removed their upper clothing exposing their naked breasts, The man watched intently as they took turns to tease and stimulate his cock through the thin pants that he wore. He thrashed about in a state of total humiliation as the women pulled out his cock and gently masturbated him, stopping only to prevent him spoiling their fun with an unwanted climax. After almost an hour of being aroused and denied, the women decided that they wanted more excitement and decided to use him for a greater pleasure. He was dragged from the chair and stretched out on the bed, lying on his face. Whilst one of the women grasped his hair and pulled up his head, another placed a number of thick pillows under the helpless man’s stomach, forcing his rear into high prominence. As soon as he was suitably positioned and his pants had been pulled from his hips, a woman took some surgical latex gloves and snapped them over her hands. Applying some lube from a small tube, she pressed a thick forefinger into the man’s exposed sphincter and began to explore his prostrate gland. The man wriggled and cried into his gag as another woman lubricated a thick rubber vibrator and forced it uncomfortably into the man’s anus. He continued to shake uncontrollably as the device was mechanically thrust in and out of his body, stimulating his stretched orifice. He was continuously spanked and his cock and balls were tortured with an electric wand. The man became hysterical with discomfort, as the women laughed at his shame and helplessness

As the film came to an end, Stella took hold of my straining cock and began again to arouse me. Her method of masturbation was almost too much using her leather gloves. I groaned through gagged lips as I felt myself nearing completion and knew that at any moment my semen would spurt from my cock.  Stella kissed my neck and squeezed the nipple clamps tighter and sniggering with amusement, to stop only seconds before I emptied my balls for her amusement.

The Television flickered as another film clip was shown. This time, a muscular young man was fastened almost naked to a medical examination chair with his arms and legs spread wide and tied to metal extension bars fitted to the sides of the chair. He wore a leather hood that was pulled tight around his head and a gas mask fitted with a corrugated rubber tube was attached to the mask. The tubing was connected to a large gas cylinder enabling him to breathe freely. A woman wearing a full-length shiny black rubber skirt, white blouse and high-heeled black leather boots sat on a stool fastened to the side of the chair. The man seemed very distressed and attempted to struggle to free himself from his restraints. The woman wore an armband around her upper right arm, indicating that she was a member of some organisation similar to that of the SS in the days of Nazi Germany. His white cotton pants showed clearly the outline of his erection and swollen testicles. The woman spoke to him in a foreign accent and rebuked the man for trying to abuse himself whilst restrained in a cell awaiting interrogation. The man shook his head furiously and moaned through his gag, as if trying to defend himself and explain his actions. However the woman was determined to punish him and explained that she intended to forcibly masturbate him and drain him  of all his semen, until his balls were thoroughly empty. The man watched helplessly as the woman peeled down his pants exposing his huge erection and heavily laden balls, hanging between his smooth thighs. She seized the man’s cock and uncovered a bloated red cock-head, wet with some sticky pre-cum. The woman sniggered as she began to stroke the man, making his penis even thicker with the veins showing prominently down its’ entire length. His body shook and jerked in response to the stimulation of the woman’s rubber gloved fingers, and it was clear he was becoming exceedingly excited and nearing a completion. Reaching into a small cupboard, the woman produced a strange plastic tube fitted with a large sponge-covered head. To this instrument she fitted a wire and plugged the device into an electric socket on the wall behind her. Immediately, the device began to hum and pulsate as she placed it over the tip of the man’s cock. Slowly she pressed the tube down covering the thick erection and adjusted the speed of the instrument, until the prisoner became frantic with excitement as he was mechanically masturbated. The woman, smiled as she pressed the device down further and told him that he would be made to cum again and again, until he was totally empty. The man shook his head from side to side in an effort to stop the process, but the woman told him that there was absolutely nothing he could do to prevent the machine forcing him to ejaculate again and again. To encourage the man to release his semen, the woman gently massaged his balls as the tube sucked and squeezed at his massive cock. With a cry and a gasp the man was made to produce his first spurt of cum, whilst the woman held the milking device firmly in place around his erection. As each climax occurred, the man groaned and gasped into his gag whilst the woman laughed at his growing discomfort. The film ended with the man thrashing about in the chair as he was made to complete a further climax, whilst the machine continuing to whirr and hum, as it continued its’ unrelenting task.

“Wow”! cried Stella, as she turned off the television. “That was so nice ,wasn’t it David? I think we will need to try that milking machine on you very soon” Glancing down, Stella realised that I  was still very hard and erect having witnessed the erotic scenes she had shown to me. “Perhaps you now need to be wanked you naughty boy” she exclaimed “Would you like me to do that David? or, shall I fuck you instead?” This was too much for me and I knew that it would take very little for Stella to abuse me as she had suggested. However, she held back.

“Perhaps I should give you some time to relax David, there is so much more of the night to come and you must not become too tired for all the other lovely things that I have planned for you”.  I groaned with disappointment at not being given my release and lay back in the chair, as Stella lowered it to a more comfortable, horizontal position. “I shall be back soon, don’t go away will you?”


End of Part Three

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