She Wants More - Part 2

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I was nervous talking to Stella in the office. She was my Manager, and the previous evening she had used restraint to keep me firmly under control, whilst she casually raped me twice in her flat. Now she had called for me and I was obliged to enter her office as though nothing had occurred. She smiled in a friendly way as I closed the door behind me and asked me to sit down at her desk. “How are you feeling today David?” she asked as I sat in front of her, blushing with embarrassment. I stammered a response and looked down at my feet to avoid her quizzical gaze. “Good” she replied, “I have decided that you might visit me again, when I am ready for you”. I was both pleased by her remark but slightly frightened by her proposal, in view of her obvious interest in dominant sex. She was my boss and her interest in my obvious fetish for bondage and BDSM could damage my character, if any mention of my fantasies reached the ears of my colleagues.

 “I am so pleased to see that you are still wearing your lovely tight jeans, you know how they turn me on, don’t you?” she whispered; leaning across her desk to within inches of my face. To emphasise this comment, she suddenly stood up and moved around to my side of the desk to place a piece of paper in front of me, on which she had typed the following words:Go to your special shop and buy me some nice toys to use on you, including some suitable restraints and a few whips, and whatever I might use to punish you” You may take £200 from our Bookkeeper, and ensure that the description of your purchase does not show exactly what you have purchased for me. I might want to include the receipt in the Company Account!

I was shocked by what she had asked me to do, but even more shocked as she leant over me and thrust her hand discretely between my legs and groped me gently. Her breathing became more laboured as she looked around to ensure that no one was looking and then kissed me passionately on the lips. As she did so her fingers stroked the tight denim material, before pulling open the zip fastening. I sat rigid as she thrust her fingers inside my jeans and swiftly moving aside my thin underpants, she pulled out my semi-erect cock and began to masturbate me. “Do you understand me?” she continued, as her fingers began to stimulate me. I nodded my head frantically equally as fearful of spilling my cum all over her hand and my clothing, as to the fact that what she was doing might be observed by other members of staff. “Good!” she sneered, “You will collect everything that I have listed, plus anything else you can think might be useful and bring them together with your collection of magazines and drawings, so that I can get a better idea of what you might like me to do with you” Her fingers were now moving faster, forcing me to become very excited. She smiled at me again and placed her lips on my mouth, in another lingering kiss, as she removed her fingers from around my erection and zipped up my jeans. I was still shaking with the reaction of what she had done, as she returned to her chair and sat down. “Wasn’t that nice darling?” she whispered. “Don’t worry, no one saw a thing; they thought that I was just discussing some business issues with you. No one was looking whilst I kissed you” I rose unsteadily from my chair as Stella smiled seductively and handed me an authority to give to our bookkeeper for the £200. I accepted the note and turned to leave her office, “just make sure that you get to my flat tomorrow at about 8.00pm, then we can continue where we left off last night, is that OK with you?” I nodded quickly and fled from her office. I could see her laughing as I glanced back through the glass windows, as I returned to my desk. I knew that there was no turning back now that she knew about my kinky secret, and  was obviously going to use me for her perverted pleasures.


Next day I took an extended lunch break and visited the small sex shop in the back street of town that I was sure would be safe from the prying eyes of any colleagues. The money was burning a hole in my pocket as I searched through the variety of stock on display, selecting just those items that I would most like Stella to use in any scenarios she might wish to play with me. The attractive shop manager was someone who knew me as a regular customer and was always interested to hear about my kinky lifestyle. She selected a mass of items and even took me into her stock room to show me several things that were not displayed on the shop floor. I immediately selected some buckled-padded cuffs for securing my hands and feet, some lengths of rope and chains to connect the restraints to a bed or, table and a variety of leather hoods, gags and blindfolds. The sales girl suggested I consider some nipple clamps, a penis pump and several little pieces of equipment for electrocuting the genitals. She explained that professional ladies really liked these devices as a means of having fun with their prisoners. Finally, I was shown a few vibrating dildos, which could be used by either the Mistress to give herself pleasure, or to use on her victim to stimulate him or, invade his anus. Just as I was about to complete my purchases, the girl produced a box containing a variation of the penis pump that I had already acquired, but with the added extra of a strange mechanical device attached to the tube. She explained that once fitted to my cock it would be unlikely that I could resist being milked very effectively by the electric pump. She invited me to examine the plastic tube and push a finger into the soft rubber lips. It felt so much like a woman’s pussy, and once some lubrication was applied to the lips, it would be almost impossible to fight the desire to ejaculate fiercely into the tube. Just inside the rim of the device, the rubber sleeve gripped the cock like the muscles of a vagina and a tiny vibrating pad stroked the sensitive cock-head invitingly. I imagined the device being used on me and agreed to the purchase. However, my bill now exceeded what Stella had permitted, so I decidedly instantly to pay the excess personally.

I reviewed my order and knew that Stella would be thrilled with all the equipment. The woman supplied some specialist oils and Viagra tablets, which seemed to be an absolute must. A visit to a chemist for medical supplies and some condoms completed my shopping.

Returning home, I searched through my large collection of illustrated books and magazines to find the most erotic kinky art that I had available. The magazines contained a number of stories of males being tortured and abused by a variety of leather- clad females, in many different venues, including torture dungeons, clinics and retention cells. I wondered whether Stella would find these magazines stimulating or, just plain perverted?

I stuffed all the items and a selection of magazines into a small cardboard box and wrapped it with some decorative paper and a silk bow. I decided that a box of chocolates and a bottle of red wine would also help make the occasion friendlier.  Then I counted down the time to 8.00pm when we were due to meet for another encounter at her flat. I felt very nervous as she answered the door and let me inside. “ How nice, I see that you have brought me some little presents, David dear. Just go through to the lounge and we can have a little drink before Dinner”.

She placed the parcel on the coffee table and examined the chocolates with some interest. “I shall enjoy eating these, whilst I watch you being thoroughly entertained after Dinner, Darling”. She laughed softly as I began to blush. Next she picked up the bottle of wine, glanced at the label and took it to her kitchen to open it. Within a few minutes she returned with two half-filled glasses of red wine and handed me a glass. I took the drink and sipped it whilst watching Stella prepare our meal.  She was dressed in a white close-fitting blouse that showed her shapely breasts, covered by a dark coloured bra. It was not her breasts that gripped my attention. She was wearing a pair of new faded blue denim jeans that seemed to cling to her hips and thighs like a pair of tights, together with a pair of black knee-length high-heeled boots, all of which gave her an air of total dominance. I was totally overcome by her appearance and the way the jeans stretched tightly between her thighs and covered the bulge of her pubic mound. I imagined myself being held prisoner between her legs and having my face thrust into the tight denim material. Stella seemed not to notice that I was staring in such interest and casually asked how much I liked her jeans? “I so much enjoy the look of yours, that I just knew that I needed to get a pair for myself” she sniggered in amusement, as she noticed my embarrassed gaze.

As soon as Dinner was over and I had consumed more than just a few glasses of the wine, Stella suggested that we sit on the sofa and examine the parcel that I had brought for her. Tearing open the wrapping she opened the box carefully and peered inside. She removed and examined each item slowly, watching my reaction as she held them up for my attention. “You are such a naughty boy aren’t you David? I am really looking forward to using these things on you. For the moment, I think we should try out the cuffs and see how comfortable they are. Now put your wrists behind your back” I did as I was requested and felt the padded leather pulled tightly and laced up. “Now perhaps this little gag will keep you nice and quiet whilst I look at your dirty books” I blushed and meekly allowed her to pop the rubber ball-gag between my lips and buckle it behind my neck. She smiled as she explored further inside the box and removed the penis pump. “What do we do with this?” as if I needed to tell her?  I watched as Stella examined the pump and searched for the tube of lube that I had purchased at the chemist. “I see that you are fully prepared she remarked, holding the tube of grease between her fingers. Now it is time to get you ready, Naughty Boy! so that I can decide what I need to do with you”. At this point she pulled out some of my magazines and began reading. She smiled and licked her full red lips, seemingly quite excited at the content and held several of the pages at different angles to get the maximum of satisfaction from the pictures and drawings. “Oh! I see what you like David, so just lay back on the sofa, and close your eyes, or shall I use this little leather blindfold on you? It will be more fun, if you can’t see what I am doing” I was not given any opportunity to decide as Stella stretched the leather covering over my eyes, and I entered a world of darkness. She pushed me onto my back and I lay trying to prepare for what she was intending to do as I felt her fingers rub slowly up the inside of my thighs, towards my groin. “Let me just feel those tight jeans Darling, I really must see if you are already excited.” Her fingers were now exploring me very intimately. I struggled, a little more in play than in any attempt to prevent her from actually abusing me. She giggled and ordered that I lay perfectly still, whilst she got me ready. Her fingers stroked and prodded the outline of my expanding penis then I felt the stud fastening release and the audible hiss of my zip as she drew it down and opened my jeans. She sighed loudly as her hand quickly thrust inside and began to explore my pants. I now tried to object but the gag prevented any speech. “That’s it David, just relax, you know I must do this to you to get you hard and give me pleasure. You know how I like to feel your lovely pants” She was enjoying herself and her fingers were really turning me on as they slid gently up and down my bulging briefs. I felt her lift the waistband, to allow her to get her hand inside and grasp my cock. I gasped as she began to push and pull the foreskin back and forth, and realised that she was wearing my favourite soft leather gloves. “I need you nice and big for what I have in mind”, she whispered. “Perhaps I will take off your gag and I can use your mouth like the ladies in your magazines.”  I nodded my head as my gag was released and I was instructed to be very quiet.

I felt her climb onto the sofa and crawl up my body. I believed that she was going to fuck me again, like she had done the previous evening, but she ignored my open jeans and climbed higher until she was kneeling across my face. She lowered herself slowly over my mouth and my lips came into contact with the tight denim of her jeans. I had dreamed of a girl doing this to me but no one had ever attempted it. My nose and mouth were now pressed tightly against her in a most intimate position. I sucked gently on the stretched cloth and she began to squeeze my face, as she pressed down harder on my lips. I was in heaven, and felt so utterly dominated. but slightly suffocated by the denim material. The smothering went on for several minutes until she called a halt and stated that she now intended to give me a much bigger thrill. The gag was replaced, but not before her lips clamped over my mouth and she kissed me deeply. I lay back awaiting her next act of erotic torture. Her fingers returned to my soft cotton pants and started to stimulate my erection through the material. “My! My! David, you really are getting so big, what should I do next to stimulate you, as if you need any more stimulation?” She laughed softly as she began to lower my pants and expose my erection. “Let me see, a dreamy blow job would be just the thing, wouldn’t it?”  I had no choice but to lay still as her lips moved closer, and I could feel her hot breath on my cock-head. “Here it comes Darling” she whispered, as I felt her soft wet lips force their way over my cock-head.. Then she began to suck me as her lips closed tightly on my foreskin and worked gently up and down the length of my shaft. After a few seconds, she released me and used her mouth and tongue to very good effect. My excitement was at fever pitch and I knew that unless she stopped arousing me, I would be spurting hot cum all over her face. Stella knew this too and released me just as I was about to explode. “Oh! You naughty boy, you were going to cum weren’t you David? I could feel your excitement”. Her leather gloves stroked and gently pinched my straining balls, getting me once again very stimulated. “Perhaps I should do something else now that you are so hard?”

She tugged my jeans and pants down my thighs, leaving them stretched between my knees. It was eerily quiet as Stella rose from the sofa and moved away from my body. Suddenly, she was back and explained that I must stay very still if I did not want to get badly hurt. I began to panic as she stated that she loved the taste of blood and wanted to extract some from my cock and balls. “If you lay nice and still, you won’t feel a thing” I was now really very scared and froze as she lifted my cock in her gloved fingers and pulled back the foreskin, exposing the swollen cock-head. Then I felt the touch of something wet and seemingly sharp being dragged down the length of my cock. “Oh! So lovely” exclaimed Stella as her tongue lapped at my penis. “Now your lovely balls, Darling. I expect that you will bleed nicely when I cut there?”  I screamed into my gag as I felt something sharp rest against the tight skin and once again the feel of liquid trickling down between my thighs, which Stella was holding apart. She giggled quite sadistically as I felt her mouth cover my balls and her tongue begin to lick me. Her use of the knife had caused no pain but I was confident that she had wounded me quite seriously. Her laughter trilled around the room as she eased back my blindfold and displayed a dish of ice cubes that she had stroked across my genitals, to simulate the cut of a knife. I shut my eyes with relief, that a sharp knife had not mutilated me. Stella laughed at my relief. The blindfold was stretched back over my eyes as Stella stroked and kissed my face. After several seconds, she spoke again and asked if I was ready for my next torture. I froze as I felt her fingers wrap around my erection and pull back the foreskin. My cock-head was again fully exposed and I knew she was about to use a new treatment. I felt her relax her grip as a rubber band was placed into position just under my exposed head, holding me firmly unprotected and defenceless to whatever she wanted to do. I waited a few minutes whilst I heard Stella preparing some instruments, then I felt a splash of heat sting against my tight foreskin. I trembled with discomfort as another splash struck another spot. I protested loudly into my gag, but to no effect as my cries were suppressed and Stella laughed loudly. “Oh! Yes David…you have been reading all about such treatments, what does it feel like now you are actually experiencing them?” I shook my head furiously, but splashes of hot wax continued to dribble down over my cock and balls. I waited anxiously until a splash actually landed on my cock-head then I reared up in pain and shouted loudly into my gag. “!Oh! have I hurt you Darling?”

whispered Stella, as she bent and her lips kissed me very intimately. Her tongue began to arouse me enormously before she drew back and sighed. “Perhaps I should have allowed you to cum Darling, but not this time, that will come later”


I was now very aroused by all that Stella was doing and would have been pleased if she would now just fuck me and stop the torture. This was clearly what she had in mind as she reached under my body and unfastened the wrist cuffs. I was ordered not to move as each arm was dragged out and cuffs were fastened around my ankles. At that point I was instructed to raise my legs and my wrists were refastened to my ankles.  Her gloved hands began to gently massage my thighs until a finger poked  obscenely at my anal sphincter and entered me. I struggled to prevent the invasion, but it was useless, tied in the position I was now restrained. Stella slowly rolled me over on the sofa until I lay on my right side, exposing my naked rear. “How lovely you look Darling. Now I will just enjoy myself some more.” I tensed with anxiety awaiting the next act of abuse. Stella wasted no time as I felt her pressing some firm hard rubber prod against my anus. I shook my head wildly, but Stella ignored my pleas and continued to press the lubricated dildo deeper inside me. She soothingly told me that she was not going to hurt me but just get me nicely ready for her next act of pleasure. I heard a slight buzzing noise, which increased in crescendo until the invader was vibrating urgently within my rear. Stella once again, grasped my erection and began to stroke me. I was beginning to enjoy the experience, when suddenly I felt the soft wetness of an artificial vagina slide over my cock-head and move slowly down the length of my shaft. It was heaven as the tool was slid back and forth up and down my cock, almost like being physically shagged. Then I felt the device begin to vibrate and squeeze my cock as it mechanically masturbated me. A soft wet pad gently bathed my cock-head. The dildo inside my anus was also vibrating and sliding back and forth in a pleasant way, making me feel both relaxed and very excited. I was being completely used by both tools as the speed was increased. Stella commented on the nature of the toys that I had purchased, and stated that she was getting quite horny at seeing me being so completely aroused. She explained that if she continued to increase the speed of the machines, I would not be able to prevent being brought to a full climax. I shook my head in an attempt to make Stella stop the process, but she was not about to do this. Suddenly I heard her switch on another of my toys and felt her press the slim metal dildo against my face. At the same time, I heard her release the zip of her jeans and unfasten her belt. I could hear the denim material pulled from her hips and a sigh, suggesting she was touching herself sexually. The metal dildo was moved from my face and the sound of the buzzing became more faint as if the instrument she was holding was now being pressed inside her body. Stella began to sigh and even groan with some pleasure, as the dildo was obviously being used to masturbate her pussy. The speed of the machines was increased and I knew that I was seconds away from completion. I tried to resist the stimulation but it was hopeless as I spurted a jet of cum into the plastic tube as Stella groaned loudly, indicating that she too had reached a full climax.

It was some minutes before Stella detached the tube from my cock and gently slid the dildo from my arse. I lay back as I felt her wipe the sticky goo from my erection and clean the exposed head with some tissues. “Oh! How lovely David, I did enjoy my fuck and seeing you get so beautifully shagged, nearly made me cum again. How did you like your milking? We really must do it again”.

After a pause, a leather flogger was used to swipe across my buttocks as Stella announced that I was to be punished for creating such excitement and making her cum without permission. The spanking went on for some minutes as I tried desperately to escape from the punishing strokes of the whip. Stella was obviously enjoying what she was doing and occasionally stroked my bum cheeks with her gloved hand to soothe the pain.

“Perhaps you have had enough treatment for one evening and I should let you rest, or are you going to be very co-operative and give me one last pleasure before I release you?”

I guessed what she had in mind long before she turned me on the sofa and began to stroke my cock to another hard erection. No sooner had she prepared me than she climbed back over my hips and lowered herself down on my hard-on. She screamed at me to Fuck her, as she bounced around on my body, forcing my cock deeply into her wet slippery cunt. “That’s it! Do it! Do it now! Make me cum! Fuck me! Excite my clit!”  It took less than three minutes to complete the act and leave Stella gasping and groaning in satisfaction, whilst I was denied my own pleasure.


I was released and allowed to leave her flat.

“Come and see me again on Thursday Darling. I will have had a chance to look through your magazines, and get a few more ideas on what we might do together by then.”


End of Part Two

This story is written by MIKEY, please send comments and appreciation to