She Wants More - Part 1

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“What turns you on?” She sat staring at me with a smile on her lips.

I stared back, unsure how to reply but really wanting to unburden myself and tell her exactly what would sexually excite me. “Well?” she continued, “I will not tell anyone…I promise” It was a casual remark, but nevertheless designed to direct my thoughts towards one specific meaning. My thoughts raced as I wondered whether I could trust her, particularly as she was my office manager, and here I was in her flat and being asked to reveal some very personal thoughts that could potentially place me in a very vulnerable position within the workplace. She knew that I was married, albeit on the verge of a divorce, but it did not stop her from flirting with me. I coughed and could not believe what she was asking me, as she continued to lay the dinner table. The music and subdued lighting were cleverly designed to be seductive, but she just exuded sex with every move that she made. She had a husband, but he was out of the country and from what I could gather, likely to be so for many years to come. Perhaps that is why she had asked me to move some items of furniture, which was no problem for me, but no doubt there was more to her request than I had imagined. As soon as the task had been completed, she sat me down on the sofa whilst she set about cooking. She assumed that I would stay to eat with her and offered me a small glass of wine, which was very sweet and made me quite relaxed. I watched her as she moved about the room noticing how her dress swished against her slender legs and pulled tightly against her very pronounced breasts. Her face was a vision of beauty with nice red lips and very little makeup, together with long black hair reaching down to cover her exposed shoulders. She was younger than me by about 7 years and in her late twenties. She was college educated and had travelled extensively and seemed consequently very secure, if not a little dominating, which well suited my requirements. She chatted as she busied herself with the meal and stated that it would soon be ready. 

For many years I had from time to time engaged the services of various Ladies, who advertised a particular type of sexual service, but never allowing any actual penetration. They liked bondage and found it fun to have me tied, gagged and sometimes blindfolded, whilst playing with my body. I remembered many of these sessions, whilst I had been groped and aroused, then seductively stripped of all my clothing, until my erection was teased mercilessly until I was at the very edge of a powerful climax. It was often then that these Ladies would introduced some pain in the form of spanking or, something they referred to as cbt that  gave them pleasure from literally torturing me. I knew that bondage and simulated torture was really what I was seeking, but truthfully I was a coward, and knew that should some really sadistic treatments be applied, I should want to call a halt to the session. My wife had very little interest in sex and certainly did not enjoy anything kinky, involving leather clothing or, the application of a painful treatment, and certainly no role-play whilst engaged in basic sexual foreplay. Now she was gone and I was free to find someone else, I always lived in hope that I would meet a woman who actively enjoyed bondage and role-play activity, in which we might indulge on a regular basis. It would be fun and certainly far cheaper than engaging the help of professional ladies, who charged high fees for  just an hour or, two of their time!

Stella called from the kitchen to announce that the meal was ready and asked that I help bring it to the table. Within a few minutes we were sitting together in her small dining area and began to chat amiably about  work and how we spent our leisure time. Very quickly, Stella explained that her husband had taken a job abroad and was unlikely to return to Britain. She was intending to join him later, when she had arranged to put her Business into management and then would spend some time coming and going to ensure that all was being managed properly. It was then that she steered the conversation around to sex. She had apparently always had a high passion for pleasure and during her travels she had met a varied number of men, who had attempted to satisfy this craving. I pretended to seem interested, but not to suggest that I was willing to become another of her conquests!

After some further time had elapsed and we had consumed an entire bottle of potent red wine, I became more relaxed and she again asked pointedly what sexual activity actually got me excited and horny?

I stared at her like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car as she continued and explained that she knew that I enjoyed reading and looking at domination fantasy literature. I tried to protest, but she had apparently seen a magazine in my briefcase whilst I was out of my office and had flicked through the pages showing naked and semi-naked men tied and gagged, whilst being abused by a number of ladies wearing leather and rubber clothing. I hung my head in humiliation as she smiled and stated that my dirty little secret was safe with her, provided I allowed her to practice such activities on me, whenever she felt the desire to play! I opened my mouth to speak, but she held a hand over my face covering my lips and just smiled at me, as she dropped a hand onto my lap and groped gently between my legs squeezing the bulge now very apparent in my close-fitting jeans. “Well David, do we have a deal?” I realised that she was going to have her way with me, and I slowly nodded my head in agreement.

Rising from the sofa, she took my hand and guided me towards her bedroom, which she had prepared, knowing that she was about to entertain a new captive. Her bed was large and the mattress was covered by a black silk sheet and matching pillow. There was a thin cord fastened to each post of the bed, to which a loop of velvet material was attached; presumably to prevent the cord from marking the skin. “Well, don’t just stand there staring, get undressed and lay down on the bed, until I am ready for you” Her voice had changed, and she was now very authoritative as she ordered me to obey her commands. I hesitated as I reached down to unfasten the belt at my waist. Stella moved towards me and began to unfasten my shirt and pulled it off my shoulders and arms until it hung down from my waist. I had by now pulled loose my belt and Stella was beginning to unfasten the stud fastening of my jeans. It was surreal as no words were spoken, except the heavy breathing of Stella as she continued to strip me of my clothing. She dragged the jeans from my hips and pulled them down to my knees. I stood motionless as she stood back and licked her lips seductively. “Now get rid of those clothes including your shoes and socks; you can leave the pants for the moment, I will attend to those when I am ready”  I  began to blush with some embarrassment as Stella moved towards the door and gave me one last command that I should be ready for her, when she returned to the room.

As soon as she had left the room, I hurriedly divested myself of my clothing as she had requested and lay down on the cool silk sheet, resting my head on the soft pillow. This was perhaps one of the most erotic domination scenarios that I had ever experienced, and I realised that this was perhaps only the beginning.

After some minutes, Stella returned and I was totally blown away by her appearance. She had removed her dress and high-heeled shoes, having  replaced them with a tight red leather Basque corset and sheer black stockings fastened with suspender clips. The corset just covered Stella to below her flat stomach and exposed her delicate black silk panties. She had pulled back her hair into a ponytail and now wore a pair of black high-heeled leather boots stretching up to her mid-thigh and soft leather gloves covering her hands. She was a vision in domination and stood staring down at my prostrate body as she began to speak. “Do you like my outfit, prisoner?” I nodded eagerly in appreciation as she bent beside the bed and began to fasten my wrists and ankles into the loops of velvet, securing them tightly to the four bedposts. “Well! What do you have to say to me?” she enquired as I stared up at her in silence. “You will always address me as Mistress she announced. From now on in the office I am still your Manager, but otherwise in your life….I am your Mistress!! and you will obey me at all times, do you understand me?” She took hold of my chin and held it tightly in a leather-gloved grip. I replied that I had understood her instruction and added the word “Mistress” to my reply. She smiled sadistically “You see I have done my homework;….exactly like the Ladies in your domination magazine, don’t you think?” She released my chin and I nodded in response. She moved away from the bed and opened a drawer on a nearby cabinet  producing two pieces of silk and a pair of silk knickers. “Any last requests?” She asked and then whispered the word “Open!” as she forced the knickers, which she had folded into a wad, between my lips. I chewed on the frothy silk material as she wound a silk scarf around my face, covering my mouth to prevent me from ejecting the panty gag. I lay totally mesmerised at the speed in which she had transformed from my Office Manager into a totally believable Femme Domme. I watched as she took another silk scarf and wound it around my face covering my eyes. I could just see her though the thin silk, which was perhaps all the more erotic, and certainly less alarming, by giving me some indication of what she was intending to do with my helpless body. Nevertheless, I was beginning to feel very aroused, tied so helpless and exposed upon her bed. I was unsure whether she was intending to hurt me, or rape me, but either way it was now too late to stop her from having whatever pleasure, she wanted?

She sat quietly watching me twitching in my restraints before placing her hands over my muscular chest and gently squeezing my nipples. She actually succeeded in making the nipples erect, until they stood up quite firmly and gave me a small degree of pleasure. She casually remarked “I have played a few games like this before, but you are going to have to teach me so much more, so I can enjoy you properly”. I tried to speak, but the gag served its’ purpose well and prevented any intelligible speech. Stella laughed and explained that she had been watching me in the office and could see that my jeans did little to hide the size of my prick. She had often wanted to get me in her office and fuck me over her desk, but of course such an activity would be impossible with so much glass around to allow anyone to see what she was doing. I had not realised that she wanted me quite so badly, and felt slightly amused that she might have been rather frustrated in not being able to shag me, when she felt in the mood. Perhaps, things might be different from now on? Her hands moved down over my stomach and then between my thighs to grasp me firmly in a most intimate grip. I was erect and she knew it, as she traced the outline of my cock through the soft material of my cotton pants. “Oh! How lovely” she sniggered as her fingers explored me more firmly, “I really must take a look at you” With that, she peeled down my pants and exposed my thick and upstanding penis. I watched as she grasped the erection in her gloved fingers and began to work the foreskin up and down in a milking motion. I quickly began to respond and moaned softly through my gag. She smiled, “don’t tell me that you don’t like me doing this to you?”

I lay relaxed as she continued to gently masturbate me, but knew that if she continued with this treatment for too long, I would not be able to control myself and would ejaculate quite forcibly. She knew this too and seemed to have already planned what she wanted to do, before she made me spill my cum for her enjoyment. “Now!” she whispered, “what shall I do with you, whilst I have you in such a helpless state?”  She stopped stroking my cock and moved away from the bed. I lay nervously awaiting her return and soon heard the heels of her boots moving back towards me. “Before I give you some torture, I am going to play with you and give myself some pleasure”, she announced. “I shall give you a lovely blow job, but you musn’t cum in my mouth, unless I give you a specific permission”. I knew that this might be very difficult to prevent, and steeled myself to resist the temptation to explode, if her tongue and lips forced me to respond to a high level of excitement. She knew what she was doing and began to gently lick and suck my exposed sensitive cock-head, as she worked the foreskin slowly with her fingers. I felt that my senses were on fire with excitement as Stella continued to arouse me. “Now!” she sneered, “I am going to fuck you, so don’t disappoint me, will you?”  She leapt upon the bed and after adjusting her tight panties; she forced my erection firmly inside her wet pussy and began to hump me rhythmically. I could not believe that this was happening and began to respond by raising my body to meet the thrust of her hips. It was all over so quickly as we came in unison, with me grunting into my gag, and Stella screaming and groaning as if she was being hurt by what we had done. As she lifted herself from my hips, my cock disengaged from her cunt with an audible “plop”. She giggled and stared down at me struggling on the bed, as she pulled loose her panties and used them to wipe away the cum still oozing from my cock-head. She was so gentle that I began to become again aroused and my cock sprang up rigid from my groin. She watched it grow and stared in disbelief at how I was able to make myself so ready so quickly. This however, was not what she had in mind and climbed off the bed in search of some toys to use upon me. I had not long to wait as she began to tie some thin string around my shaft, after she had pulled back the soft foreskin to expose the dark red cock-head. “Don’t go away will you darling?” she intoned, as she went out of the room. I began to struggle in my restraints, but realised that release was hopeless. She was soon back carrying a small bowl and I immediately realised what she intended to do as she applied some pieces of ice around my cock-head and balls. It was a strange sensation as she continued to freeze my genitals. Next she produced a small hairdryer and began to blow hot air between my legs. “I need to warm you up, don’t I Angel?” I shouted into my gag, but Stella was enjoying herself, alternately freezing and heating my cock and balls in a terrifying game of simulated torture. I shook my head frantically, but Stella refused to stop what she was doing for many minutes. Sitting back on her legs, she watched me for a few moments and then started again. In all, she tortured me four times until I stopped struggling and lay quietly, accepting the treatment that I was receiving. “What shall I do next darling?” she whispered, as she bent and kissed my face. I had not long to wait as she produced some small plastic clothes pegs and started to decorate both my prominent nipples and my cock and balls. Each peg pinched my skin tightly and was somewhat painful. I screwed up my eyes under the blindfold in an attempt to relieve the discomfort but, Stella refused to

stop. “I read about a lovely torture carried out by some nurses on a prisoner they had been asked to castrate” said Stella in an excited voice. “Would you like me to castrate you?….it might be fun, at least for me!” Now I was really worried, as I did not know exactly how sadistic Stella could become. I tried to answer but no words escaped the gag so, I shook my head furiously in an attempt to prevent her from carrying out this extreme act. Happily, Stella said she understood, and patted my chest in a friendly manner, as she laughed softly. “Pity though, there would be so much blood and you could never cum again”.  I was relieved that she had not become totally deranged in the way she intended to play with me. “Perhaps I will just do what the nurses did, before they cut off the man’s balls”. I stretched out in panic as I felt Stella grab my cock and roll back the foreskin. “Are you ready darling?” Then I felt the touch of something entering the slit at the head of my cock and I drew back and twitched in panic. “Just relax”, she demanded as she poked the implement deeper. I tried to close my thighs but, it was impossible and I could only lie there as she continued to invade me. “See, I have learned another use for a cotton bud, apart from cleaning the wax from someone’s ear”. The thing was pushed deeper and it was becoming really uncomfortable. I began to shake and squirm about, but my restraints were tight and I could hardly move an inch to avoid Stella pressing the bud deeper and deeper inside my erection. I felt that I needed to pee and knew that this would be most humiliating. Stella was having fun and I heard her whispering to herself that she needed to se how much of the bud she could get inside me?

“If you let me fuck you again, I will stop doing this to you?”

I nodded my approval and felt the bud instantly removed. Stella then climbed back over my hips and after stroking my cock to a renewed hardness, she impaled herself on it and desperately brought me to a huge climax, as I heard her groan in completion. Another burst of my semen was now forced within her vagina.

“You are so good David, I am going to enjoy playing with you again!” she whispered, as she disengaged from my cock and I felt my excess cum dripping onto my stomach. I felt her once again cleaning me  with her saturated silk knickers and began again to enjoy the gentle experience. I could hear her breathing hard and felt that she was wrapping the panties tighter around my cock. “I am going to make you cum again David, so don’t try to stop me”. As if I could do this with my sensitive cock-head being wiped and stroked within the thin silk, I was struggling to stay calm and prevent her from arousing me. “Is it happening, Darling?” she chortled. I tried to shake my head, but she knew that I was lying and gripped me tighter as she moved the material up and down my erection and could see my body shaking with emotion and my toes turning upwards, as the feeling became stronger and I was now seconds away from gushing my third ejaculation. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she hissed,, “Give it to me David, you know you cannot stop me from emptying your balls, so Cum now, Cum, Cum, CUM!” With her fingers pulling at my foreskin wrapped in her panties and her voice encouraging me to erupt, I finally gave up and shot another spurt of cum into the exciting silk. She shouted her excitement, watching the ejaculate seeping through the fine mesh of the material. “Oh Yes! Darling, How lovely! Shall we go again? or are you totally exhausted?” Her gloved fingers were now gripping my tight balls and beginning to stroke my cock. I shook my head in some panic and she acknowledged that this session was at and end. “Perhaps I should let you rest? Otherwise you will be dead in the office tomorrow”. It took her no time to unfasten me and direct me to the bathroom to clean up before dressing and leaving her home. Once in the street, I lent against a wall and knew that a lot more was to follow. How could I refuse her advances, without losing my job? How was I going to react when we met in the office, and others might realise that our relationship had changed?

Tomorrow was another day!


End of Part One


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