Sharon's Surprise

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Eric entered the Sex Shop in search of his favourite Fem Dom Books and Drawings. He was always really turned on by the various illustrated stories and photographs that these books contained, and often imagined himself a prisoner of the black leather dominant ladies that were the subject of virtually every story, doing the most sadistic things to their helpless male captives. Looking through various items that the shop promoted, Eric flicked through several magazines under the watchful gaze of the stunningly attractive Manageress (Sharon). He had always tried to engage her in conversation about her domestic status, hoping that she might be available for a date or even better, a sexual encounter. She was very secretive about herself and deflected his obvious invitations by suggesting that she was far too tired to socialise, after a hard day running the shop. Once again, his suggestions fell on deaf ears and he consoled himself browsing amongst the pornographic items, and imagining himself spending a few hours alone with Sharon as his dominant mistress. He glanced at her as she spoke with another customer and was captivated by her skin-tight jeans and low cut sweater that strained to contain her magnificent breasts. His gaze however became distracted by the discovery of a book that he had not previously seen, containing a series of drawings by an artist called ďRubexĒ. The book was quite small and appeared to be an amateur reprint of a series of drawings and some kinky dialogue set out in the form of an adult comic strip. The story showed the abduction and subsequent torture of a man by a group of dominant  nurses (dressed in Black Leather uniforms) from the Nazi era of Germany. After subduing the man by the use of chloroform, the three nurses then set about removing his clothing until he wore only a pair of brief underpants. At this point he was restrained with handcuffs and a straitjacket, before being gagged and blindfolded and taken to their special clinic for interrogation and torture. It became obvious that he was to be made to reveal activities associated with a resistance network and then be possibly exterminated once his usefulness was over. On arrival at the clinic, he was revived and systematically examined by several of the nurses under the guidance of a senior female officer belonging to the dreaded ďSS BrigadeĒ. He was restrained on an examination couch, which enabled a nurse to sit on his face with his head beneath her short leather skirt. This seemed to excite the prisoner, judging by the way his erection stretched the material of his pants. The dialogue required that his gag should be removed so that his abuser could pee into his mouth. During this activity, the SS officer, warned her nurse not to drown him with her urine. This was only a preliminary humiliation that would be quickly followed by serious torture. The next chapter had the man tied to an upright padded board, whilst he was gassed with some form of truth drug and a nurse pulled open his underpants so that her Commandant could inspect his erection. The officer ordered that a probe should be inserted inside his highly aroused cock and he should be given some punitive electrical treatment until he was ready to talk. The man screamed into his gag, as the electric shocks were administered, whilst a nurse rubbed her tits against his chest to keep him fully aroused. Whilst the publication was crudely constructed, it was graphically drawn by the artist, with every minute detail of both the manís and womenís bodies fully illustrated. Another series of pictures had the man tied naked on a table whilst several of the nurses whipped his aroused cock with small leather whips, and then fastened to an operating table whilst masked nurses prepared to remove his genitals.  Eric found that he was becoming extremely excited and decided to buy the book, which he could study in far more detail within the privacy of his home. Moving around the shop he saw a display of magazines, which were illustrated with his favourite female Secret Agent (Blunderwoman). He enjoyed reading about her adventures and seeing the illustrations of her being abused by various unpleasant villains, especially when they exposed her massive tits and tortured her nipples. Sometimes a female accomplice was ordered to arouse her with a huge strap-on device, which was often inserted into her anus, whilst electric shocks were applied to her swollen nipples. As erotic as this was, Eric craved for the day when a really perverted villain might just take the next step and removing her knickers, subject her to a powerful sexual rape. He examined the magazines, and knew that he had already read many of the stories which varied between the interesting and sometimes boring with merely bondage and threats of torture that never occurred. Suddenly, he found a new magazine (Episode 11), which answered his requirements for some really intimate action. He flicked through the pages, which showed the superbly erotic Agent dressed in her usual brief uniform of short skirt, high-heeled boots and elbow length leather gloves searching for information in the office of an evil scientist. Unbeknown to her, he stood watching her searching his office and quickly pounced upon her, putting her to sleep with a chloroform rag. Lifting her in his arms, he took her to his secret laboratory where she was restrained on a very special piece of mechanical apparatus. She was stretched spread-eagled lying on her back, which allowed the man full access to fondle her very intimately, making her very aroused. Turning the page, the man took a sharp knife and began to slice off her clothing. She was gagged, but shouted loudly in protest at the humiliation of being stripped, but the man ignored her cries and continued divesting her of her uniform until he had succeeded in totally exposing her body with the exception of her tight silk panties. Eric anticipated that the action would stop after the evil man had stroked her panties and aroused the woman. He was so wrong! Sneering with insane pleasure he placed the sharp blade of the knife under the waistband of her panties and began to cut the material until they fell from her hips. Eric was stunned as the manís gloved fingers teased her vagina and clitoris, whilst fastening some cruel electrodes to her erect nipples. With Blunderwoman protesting in disgust at what the man was doing to her, he then forced a specially constructed rubber dildo into her body, which started to vibrate and stroke her cunt and clit until she was forced to climax. As she refused to answer any of his questions he allowed the device to continue to rape her for hours until she lost consciousness. Much later, he returned to tie her legs over her head , exposing her fully, then plunged his huge cock into her bottom for a sadistic anal rape. Eric had never seen Blunderwoman so totally sexually abused, but this graphic episode would certainly become his all time favourite edition that he would read again and again.

Looking around the shop, his gaze was attracted by a magazine specialising in Female Domination with a laminated cover, showing two coloured photographs of a muscular young man gagged and tied to a chair with his jeans unfastened. Whilst the photographs were already erotic with the man so exposed, the fact that an attractive black women dressed in kinky black leather was removing his cock from within his underpants to masturbate him, made the picture absolutely fascinating.  More pictures inside the magazine continued with this theme as several other men dressed in just skimpy underwear were shown bound, gagged and forcibly masturbated or given oral stimulation, until they climaxed. Every sequence of photographs was carefully posed with the captives restrained in compromising positions, whilst women tortured or, abused them for an obvious personal pleasure. Eric was fascinated and imagined receiving this kind of treatment at the hands of the attractive Shop Manager. With the three magazines tucked under his arm he strode purposely towards Sharon at the pay desk and placed his purchases before her.  She smiled and picked them up for examination and pricing. At that point, Eric would have paid any price for the items he had selected. She commented on his good choice and stated that she had only taken delivery of one of the magazines thr previous day and this was the first time she had displayed it on her shelves. Eric smiled at his good fortune and nodded his gratitude. He knew the shop was very popular and customers very quickly purchased the best stock before he often had time to make his regular visits. Sharon smiled and asked whether he enjoyed reading Fem-Dom books. Eric nodded sheepishly as the woman reached for a paper bag and told him the price of the books he had chosen. Eric pulled out his wallet and counted out the money, which he placed on the desk. The woman asked whether he had ever watched any films or, had experienced any of the activities shown in the magazines? Eric shook his head negatively. She smiled again and suggested that she could arrange for him to see some special videos that she had stored in another room, if he had time to view them. Eric stared in disbelief as the woman rose from her seat and moved towards the door, moving the sign to read ďclosedĒ as she turned the key in the lock. She explained that she would not want to be disturbed whilst she showed the film clips, as it might spoil his enjoyment. He now saw her body more clearly as she had walked from her seat and noted just how erotic she seemed, dressed in her tight-jeans that covered her slim hips, thighs and particularly her tight buttocks. She was truly exotic and turned to ask Eric to follow her into the rear of the shop, where a large black leather chair, similar in design to a dentistís chair, was fixed to the floor in front of a large TV screen. Eric noticed that the chair was unlike any dentist chair he had ever seen, as it was fitted with several leather straps and fastenings to restrain an occupant. Sharon invited Eric to sit on the chair and asked whether he objected if she fastened him to the chair with the leather straps, as she preferred him to be nice and comfortable and unable to get too excited whilst he watched the film clips. She explained that some other customers had occasionally lost control whilst watching the strong content of the films and had attempted to get a bit too amorous! Eric laughed with surprise and assured Sharon that she would be safe with him, but nevertheless thought the idea of bondage seemed like fun. He sat down on the black leather chair and Sharon buckled straps over his wrists and placed his ankles into fastenings at the foot of the couch. As a further precaution she fastened two more wide straps over his hips and chest. She stood over him and picked up a rubber hood from a peg on the wall, smiling at him whilst she asked if he had anything more to say before she gagged his mouth. Eric looked surprised as she spread the hood over his face before buckling it neatly behind his head.  Eric shook his head and asked why it was necessary to gag him, but before he could say more, a ball-gag was forced between his lips and buckled behind his neck. He could see through the eye-slits and breathe through his nose but he was totally unable to speak or, make any sound. Sharon touched the mask and explained that she preferred to see  a man totally helpless whilst he viewed her films as it made her feel more excited. She stated that she needed to go and fetch the videotapes and would be back very shortly. Eric sat nervously awaiting her return, feeling anxious about being left in such a helpless state and frantically began to test the tightness of his bindings. He could not believe that Sharon would subject him to such a kinky game and wondered whether the session might lead to something overtly more sexual? After about 5 minutes she returned to the room having changed her clothing and now wearing a black- leather dress with a short skirt, matched with high-heeled boots and elbow length kid-leather gloves. If Eric had thought Sharon looked sexy in her jeans and sweater, he was now totally overwhelmed by her dressed in black leather clothing, which added a total Fem-Dom dimension to her appearance. She apologised for leaving Eric alone for a few minutes and held up a number of videotapes, which she explained she was intending to play for him to watch. She asked Eric if he liked her new appearance and commented on the fact that Leather clothing always made her feel really sexy and horny, which she liked whilst watching erotic films.  Eric was already more than a little aroused by the bondage and glancing down noticed that his close-fitting jeans showed his reaction rather too well. Sharon had already noticed Ericís excitement and asked whether he was ready to view her special collection?  Eric thought it stupid to lie and nodded his head enthusiastically, as Sharon bent down and ran her fingers lightly over the bulge in his jeans. She smiled and considered he seemed more than ready for the film to begin.

Sharon pulled the zipper of her dress partially open, exposing her bra-clad breasts.  He was grateful that the rubber hood hid his embarrassment, as Sharon bent down and touched a switch on the chair, lowering it into a reclining position. Prodding another button on the chair, the TV screen in front of them illuminated and Sharon explained that he would be watching the interrogation of a prisoner held by a lady-friend, whilst playing the role of an East German ďStasiĒ Police officer. This lady was apparently a German citizen who very much liked to play sadistic sexy games and was happy to assume the role of a cruel interrogator. Sharon admitted that this was perhaps one of her more favourite films, showing what could be done with helpless male prisoners. After some preliminary credits, the film commenced showing a middle-aged man dressed in just a loose shirt and trousers tied and gagged and restrained in a wooden chair. He had a rather untidy appearance as his shirt has already been torn open in several places and his face showed signs of some brutality. He looked quite frightened, as the woman dressed in a smart military style blue/grey uniform with a tunic jacket and long skirt covering her legs as far as her black leather boots, hovered around him. She held a cigarette in her fingers, covered by tight black leather gloves and puffed upon it as she circled the man looking at him sternly. She spoke in a foreign language, which Eric assumed to be German, and the man shook his head seemingly not understanding what she was saying. The woman then switched to English with a heavy German accent and demanded aggressively that the man tell her all about his clandestine activities with enemies of her State. She explained that his experience with male officers was quite gentle to what he could expect from her. The man shook his head reluctantly and the woman placed the cigarette in her mouth and bent closer, pulling open the remnants of his torn shirt. Eric waited breathlessly for the torture to begin. It was several minutes before the woman moved in front of her prisoner and taking the cigarette from her lips, expelled a cloud of smoke into the manís face. He coughed in response and froze as she placed her lighted cigarette close to his left nipple. The man threw himself against his bindings as the woman moved the lighted cigarette nearer to his chest. She then stabbed the cigarette down burning the manís sensitive flesh as he screamed into his gag and heaved himself about on the chair. This is what Eric was waiting to see and hoped that the woman might do something much more intimate, to force the man to talk. Eric was very impressed that this act seemed to be very genuine and quickly realised that the pain the man was suffering seemed very real. Sharon moved closer, and whispered that she really enjoyed seeing such torture being applied. Eric watched the screen as the woman pinched his burned nipple and tweaked it painfully. Still the man shook his head denying the woman the information she was seeking.

Taking a short break to swallow a drink from a flask, the woman returned to stand behind the man and leaned over his shoulder, placing her hands on his lap. Sharon was breathing heavily as she directed Eric to watch the screen carefully as the woman slowly unfastened his trousers and thrust a hand inside. Eric watched avidly hoping that she would now expose his cock and torture it. It was clear from the manís reaction that she was already touching him very intimately as her other hand went between his legs to grasp him between his legs. Both hands then went to work squeezing and pulling viciously on the manís sensitive genitals as he threw himself about wildly, whilst the woman demanded that he now provide the information that she was seeking. Her face contorted in an evil grin, as she knew that she was hurting the man quite brutally and he might just end his resistance to her questioning. Still the man resisted the torture and shouted into his gag in pain. Eric felt his own cock harden in excitement at what the woman was doing with her prisoner and knew that he would not like to suffer a similar experience. Sharon seemed very excited by what she was watching and again whispered some suggestions to Eric that she might like to play some similar games with him. Eric turned towards her and shook his head in refusal. Ignoring his protestations, Sharon slowly unzipped the front of his jeans and grinned at him as she asked if he was willing to be interrogated? He expected that she would immediately thrust her fingers inside and touch him, but sniggering with amusement, she pulled up the zip fastening and told him that she would leave that for another day. Eric breathed a sigh of relief and sat back in the chair to watch the woman pull the manís chair backward onto the floor, lft up her skirt and kneel down over his face. She knelt forward and this time unfastened the manís belt and trousers and pulled them from his hips. Eric was surprised that the man wore no underpants and the woman was granted free access to his hardened cock. She gripped it firmly and jerked back the foreskin, exposing the dark red cock- head. Her fingers pinched the sensitive flesh as she reached beneath her and pulled loose he manís rubber ball-gag. It was obvious what she wanted the man to do and began to move her hips slowly to drown-out his muffled cries coming from under her skirt. She picked up two small crocodile clips with wires attached to a small battery box and fixed them to the manís cock-head and balls. She was obviously enjoying the sensation of having the manís mouth between her thighs and electrocuting his genitals in an effort to make him talk. The scene played for many minutes until the woman threw back her head and moaned deeply in a very genuine orgasm. Sharon licked her lips enviously and stated that she was becoming very aroused by what the woman was doing. Pausing the video Ėplayer she lowered the couch so that Eric lay totally horizontal and Sharon climbed over his head. He glanced upwards and saw that she was wearing a pair of thin white panties under the short leather skirt. As he watched, she opened her thighs and saw the panties stretch to cover her sex as she slowly lowered herself onto his face. Just as her panties were about to make contact with his gagged lips, she reached beneath her body and pulled loose his ball-gag. He had no choice but to allow the sheer silk to cover his mouth as she instructed him to lick and suck her very intimately. Fearing some serious retribution if he refused to obey, he did as he was ordered and soon she was sighing in complete abandon as his lips sucked and licked the smooth sheer silk. His nostrils were invaded by the smell of her leather skirt and the scent of her vagina and he felt himself becoming more and more aroused. Sharon rocked herself back and forth over his face, bringing about moans of pleasure as his tongue lathed her clit. It took only a minute before she climaxed with a low groan and climbed from Ericís head and the couch was returned to an upright position so that Eric could continue to watch the manís torture and interrogation. When Sharon released the pause control, the man, now totally naked was suspended over a large plastic bucket with his face only inches from the water within. He tried to cry out but the woman was grasping his balls tightly and warned that any sound from him would bring more frightful pain. She released the pulley and the manís face slid below the surface of the water in the bucket. He remained in this position for many seconds as bubbles of air rose to the surface and he thrashed about wildly to escape from drowning. Sharon was obviously still excited by what was being shown on the screen and began to fondle the front of Ericís jeans, making the bulge even larger. Eric sat riveted to the scene before him as he had an inherent fear of water, which prevented him from ever consider learning to swim. He glanced down to watch Sharonís gloved fingers stroking his denim jeans and wondered whether  she might pull out his cock and really play with him? He could not believe that the woman he so desired was actually fondling his cock and trying to make him cum. As suddenly as she had started, Sharon stopped stroking Eric and stared at him mischievously. As the action on the screen progressed, the water treatment seemed to be having a real effect on the prisoner, and he was wriggling and screaming for release as his face now red and contorted with fear was pulled from the water until he seemed almost unconscious. At that point his body was hoisted up on the pulley and his buttocks and thighs were severely spanked and whipped with a thin bamboo cane. His screams were constant as the woman shouted at him in German and began to insert a thick rubber probe into his rectum. The man screamed and shook his head wildly, whilst pleading for the invader to be taken out. The woman continued with the torture and demanded that he talk and give her all the information that she required.


Suddenly the film stopped and it was replaced by another, which showed a series of brutal clips of men stripped to the waist being tortured by several Eastern Block military style women, using branding irons, knives and needles. The men were not gagged or, blindfolded and screamed in genuine pain, at the succession of tortures that were applied to their bodies. The women were cruel and screamed at the men to talk and reveal various secret details, but each man was strong and refused to comply. No attempt was made to abuse them sexually, but the tortures were none the less, erotic. Sharon pulled down the zip on her dress and removing Ericís gag once again, she forced him to suck her aroused nipples. Eric enjoyed watching the film, but perhaps enjoyed licking Sharonís tits all the more as such intimacy could never have been previously considered with the woman he so much desired. After about three minutes of bringing pleasure to Sharon, she replaced his gag and zipped up her dress and turned-off the video player. 


The video was changed and a new scene was screened. This had a slim young man with a rubber ball-gag, tied to a large leather-padded chair, which was tilted slightly backwards in a positively restful position. He was stark naked and his cock stood up hugely erect from between his legs. A slim blonde woman dressed in the leather uniform of a Nazi SS Officer sat on the manís knees casually stroking his erection.  She declared that she had selected him from other prisoners and was intending to take her pleasure with him as a special entitlement for high-ranking officers. Moving forward, she raised the hem of her short leather skirt and appeared to adjust her underwear to allow the manís rampant shaft to enter her body. It was clear from the subsequent movements she made that the man was being forcibly raped, not just once, but repeatedly. After riding his cock for for a considerable period she groaned in a lengthy orgasm.  Eric sat watching the scene and noticed that Sharon seemed fascinated by the action, no doubt clearly wishing that she was playing the role of the Nazi officer.


The screen went blank for a few more moments and then a man was shown tied spread-eagled on his back on a large bed with his cock stretching the material of his brief white boxer shorts. He was gagged and blindfolded as a woman moved into view. Eric blinked with surprise, as the woman was clearly Sharon dressed in her sensual tight-fitting jeans She lent on the bed and began to fondle the manís erection within his boxer pants as he gasped in arousal. Her fingers stroked him very firmly as she exclaimed how she enjoyed feeling his sheer panties. She then climbed over his chest and moved forward to sit over the manís face as she pulled down his gag and forced the man to lick her denim jeans. Eric would have willingly paid handsomely to allow Sharon to force this humiliation on him, whilst tied helpless between her thighs.

He turned to face Sharon who had seated herself beside his chair and  nodded her head with amusement, whilst smiling seductively as she touched his hooded face. She explained that she had persuaded a particularly handsome and muscular customer to accompany her to her flat and tied him willingly to her bed. What she had not told him was that he would be allowing her to fuck him senseless throughout the night, until he became totally exhausted. She had fixed a video camera in place to film the session and was now selling the film clip to any of her more personal customers, whom she thought might appreciate seeing how she had used the man. When she finally released him in the early hours of the morning, he could hardly walk, but he did not complain of what he had been made to experience. She considered that she might like to repeat this experiment again when she was in the mood. Eric thought that he might just volunteer for that duty, if she felt he could be regarded as a suitable candidate.

Sharon stripped to her panties and bra, moved to her fridge and removed a small block of icecream, which she whisked in a bowl until it was soft and creamy. She then ground up some small blue tablets and mixed the powder and icecream together, which she fed to the man with a spoon.  Telling him that she needed him totally hard and ready for a very lengthy session of sex that would extend for many hours and she did not want him disappointing her by becoming flaccid before she had obtained all her pleasure from him. She then removed her bra and spent many hours laying over the manís body and feeding her nipples into his mouth to seek a greater excitement for her extended night of love. Strangely the man made no sound apart from low moans of pleasure as she masturbated and fucked him repeatedly.  Her hands massaged the cloth of his nylon boxer shorts, forcing his cock into even greater prominence within the tight white material as she got him ready for the rape. Pulling the cloth aside Sharon sucked him greedily making him wet and improving the penetration of his cock as it slid in and out of her excited cunt.  Even after riding him hard several times, the manís cock was huge and upstanding, enabling her to stroke it with her finger tips and kiss it gently to produce spurts of cum that she force-fed into his mouth, as a further humiliation.


The Film Show finally finished with Sharon releasing Eric from the chair and selling him several of the erotic videos. Would she ever let the action spill-over beyond a bondage experience and film show?


That story is yet to be told!ÖÖÖ




Written by Mikey (Author of the Robert Stories)                               

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