Robert - Part 6

The Story of Submissive Sex

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A VISIT TO Dr. SNEIDER: Giselle wishes to place Robert under firmer control.



Giselle had spoken on several occasions to her Aunt, seeking advice on how to make Robert remain totally faithful, and enthusiastic for a continued interest in Dominant Sex. Aunt Carole suggested that she might take Robert to see Dr. Schneider, who is an expert at controlling male slaves. She is also a longstanding friend who has on many occasions assisted Carole with several of her submissive gentlemen callers. Occasionally, she had arranged to have some of these men actually taken to her very special Clinic for some specialist therapy sessions.

“What type of therapy does Dr. Schneider offer to men like Robert, Aunty?”  Carole hesitated for a few seconds before explaining some of the treatments she had witnessed at the Clinic. “She is a very resourceful woman, and a lifetime Dominatrix, very much like myself. She enjoys treating men, and the occasional woman in her surgery, although I have never seen what she does with the women. Perhaps I can guess! Some of my lady-friends have told me that they had a very enjoyable session. Perhaps, you might not agree, as bondage is involved? Giselle smiled with interest. “ Oh Aunty! It does sound like fun; provided she does not want to hurt me, I would rather do that to someone, than receive it!. “I know my dear, I am sure she will not want to hurt you, but she would like to do things to you, that you might find strange.    Robert will find it a lot harder and could be tortured like we do with him. She also might want to take advantage of him, if she finds him attractive and is in the mood,…..You know what I mean?, so you shouldn’t be too surprised if she decides to enjoy him a little during her treatment of him?” Giselle thought for a moment  “Would she actually rape him Aunty? I don’t know whether I would want her to do that. He is “my” slave and I would like to keep him that way”.  “Yes Dear, but remember, if you offer to fuck him, he might come to expect it, and you will lose a lot of your control over him. Better to let another woman have him from time to time,…provided, you decide who and when. He might always hope that you will use him when he least expects it. Keeping him on the edge, might just make him always respond when you demand it. Dr Schneider will show you how.


Giselle stopped the car outside a pair of iron gates and got out to open them. The sign on the gatepost read “Dr. Alison Schneider phd” Robert shivered nervously, but trusted Giselle that he would be perfectly safe with this qualified Doctor. She opened the gates, and returned to the car. Driving into the impressive driveway, the gates closed automatically behind them. She stopped the car and turned to Robert. “Be a sweetie, and let me put some handcuffs, and a gag on you. Aunty tells me the Doctor might like to see you like that.”… Robert was surprised by the strange request, but willingly agreed, as he placed his arms behind his back, and felt the usual click of the fastening around his wrists. He began to tremble as much with fear as excitement, as Giselle placed the ball-gag between his lips, and strapped it behind his head. They sat for a few moments before Giselle began to fondle his jeans, and slowly pulled open the zipper. Robert opened his eyes with surprise and mumbled into his gag, but Giselle was already inside, stroking the smoothness of his underpants. He knew it was impossible to resist her, and instantly, began to respond. Giselle smiled with satisfaction as she felt the erection within the soft cotton material. She enjoyed feeling his pants as much as Robert liked her groping him. “Let me see what you have for me today, Darling, it has been almost a week!” exclaimed Giselle as she pulled out his thickening cock, and began to massage it lovingly. She kissed his cheek as her fingers worked the foreskin faster. Robert began to jerk about on his seat, as Giselle teased him. “That’s enough for now Darling, we mustn’t get you too excited must we, or the Doctor will know what we have been doing” On arrival at the Clinic, Giselle rang the doorbell and waited for the door to be opened. It took only a few minutes before Robert was face to face with the mysterious Doctor. She was young, and seductively attractive, dressed in a smart black leather suit, with knee high black leather boots, and wearing a short white medical coat. Her black hair was pulled aggressively behind her head giving her an air of severity. She seemed quite unsurprised that Robert was handcuffed and gagged. He however, began to blush with embarrassment as the Doctor studied him with much interest through a pair of darkened spectacles. She greeted Giselle quite warmly, and placed an arm around her shoulders. “So zis ist the young man that your Aunt  has told me about” She spoke with an accent that sounded vaguely Mid-European. He noticed that a stethoscope hung around the Doctor’s neck giving credibility to her role as a Medical Practitioner. Dr Schneider ushered them through to a room fitted out as a medical surgery, but containing some very strange equipment, not usually associated with a clinical facility. The examination Chair and Table were covered in a thick black rubber, and fitted with wide leather straps and other restraints to prevent any movement by a patient. There were leather hoods, tubing, and gassing apparatus, as well as an array of very special implements, including a few whips; more often associated with the kind of torture room used by Giselle’s Aunt Carole. Robert now knew that whatever medical treatment he was to be given, he was also likely to suffer some more painful procedures whilst tied in helpless bondage!

The Doctor requested Robert to sit down on a high-backed chair, whilst she buckled some straps around each ankle and a wide leather strap tightly across his chest. She selected a soft leather hood, which she placed over his head to check for comfort, and then removed his ball-gag. Robert licked his lips whilst once again taking in the smell of the leather mask. Before he had time to ask any questions, Dr Schneider held the leather mask against his face, and zipped it closed. Finally, she replaced the ball-gag into his mouth. Robert stared through the small eye slits, and watched as the Doctor took Giselle across the room to a desk in the corner. Her foreign accent reminded Robert of the session with Carole and Giselle, as they played the roles of German Interrogators. He had found this accent arousing, and now he was hearing it again, from this sinister Doctor. At length, after viewing a number of videos that Giselle had given to the Doctor, she rose from her chair. ”Now I know vot he needs….ve had better begin his treatment. However, before I commence my examination, perhaps you should gif me more information. Vot exactly do you vish me to do vith him, for you?” Giselle began to explain her requirements, stating that she needed to have Robert fitted with some type of device to ensure that he could not play with himself, unless he had been given explicit permission. She also wanted him to be marked in some way to show that he was Giselle’s personal slave, and would not be used by any another woman, if he ever thought of being disloyal, and seeking sexual entertainment elsewhere. The Doctor smiled and said she fully understood the request. “I haf much experience doing vot you ask, so it ist not a difficult thing for me to do” The Doctor bent forward and stared hard into the eye-slits in Robert’s mask, seeing the abject fear in his eyes, as he heard what was to be done with him. Turning to Giselle, she asked that she assist her to transfer Robert to the nearby bed, and help fasten him with restraints, so she could begin her special treatments. Willingly, Giselle helped the Doctor to move him from the chair, and replace handcuffs around his wrists. “I vill need to tak off his clothes, so I can examine him properly” suggested the Doctor. “I zink ve vill start by haffing him standing vith his hands above his head, so I can haf him vere I vish him to be for me” Quickly, Robert was repositioned with his wrists fastened by small chains to a pulley system above his head, and his ankles attached to fixings embedded in the floor. The Doctor touched a switch, and his body was pulled taut until he was literally stretched upright in this unusual bondage apparatus. He tried to speak, but his ball-gag prevented any outcry. Giselle was fascinated by seeing her boyfriend standing so helpless, and moved nearer to watch what the Doctor was about to do with him. “Now ve are ready…and I must prepare myself” The Doctor placed a sterilised white surgical mask over her face, and slid a pair of tight latex gloves over both hands, before snapping them tight over each wrist in front of Robert’s face in a most seductive manner. She then moved toward Robert’s tense body, and unbuttoned his shirt, before pulling it from his jeans. Robert remained  still, as the Doctor placed her stethoscope on his chest and listened for his heartbeat. Next she moved to his back, and again placed her stethoscope on him, as she snaked a hand around his body to grope him very intimately. Moving her fingers, the Doctor began to massage the front of his jeans. Robert remained motionless, whilst the Doctor played between his thighs.

Giselle enjoyed watching the Doctor arouse her boyfriend. Releasing the stethoscope she moved closer and wrapped both arms around the boy and began to unfasten the belt around his waist and unzip his jeans. Robert began to react, and protested about the indecency. His jeans gaped open and slowly dropped from his hips. The Doctor, resumed her exploration, and rubbed her fingers over his underwear. Her massage of the helpless patient became more aggressive, until Robert began to respond with some excitement, and struggle to avoid the woman’s lewd touch. “Gif me zat stick from the trolley” ordered the Doctor, and Giselle rushed to obey. She moved a switch on the device, which produced a strange humming noise. “Now see vot I haf for you” whispered the Doctor as she stroked the stick against the boys pants. ”Ve need more power, don’t ve?” she asked, as the noise from the stick, became louder. It was certainly having an effect on the boy, as the Doctor was now able to lift his erection within the thin material, and stroke it quite vigorously. The vibrating stick was moved between his legs, and then between his buttocks, before being returned to stroke the front of his pants, and what lay beneath? It was clear that the Doctor wanted Robert very aroused for the next stage of the process. “Look at his erection……It will surely tear his pants, if it gets’ any bigger!” exclaimed Giselle. “Zat ist what I am wanting” said Doctor Schneider as she dropped the buzzing device onto a medical tray and closed her fingers around the boys’ shaft protruding against the thin fabric of his pants. After a few minutes massaging him through his pants, she took hold of the briefs, and dragged them from his hips to meet the jeans stretched between his thighs. Robert now stood humiliatingly naked from his waist down, and fully exposed before the two women. His maleness stood up firm and hard, from between the tufts of his pubic hair. The Doctor studied her patient most carefully. “I see ve haf some work to do upon you Sonny…….I vill enjoy doing this work  but, before I begin, I need to test how responsive you are.” Doctor Schneider knelt down in front of the frightened Robert and gently closed her fingers around his erection. She reached out with her hand and picked up a strange device with a spiked metal wheel. She stroked the device gently over Robert’s nipples until he began to twist his body in resistance to the discomfort. The Doctor then lowered the tool to stroke other areas of the boy’s body and then finally applied it to his swollen balls. By now Robert was really struggling and moaning continuously. This did not deter the Doctor as she stroked the spikes slowly up the length of his rampant cock, and then over the sensitive head. This flung Robert into a trauma of movement and Giselle into a degree of excitement. The Doctor replaced the pinwheel back into the medical tray and clutched the boy’s balls gently. Slowly she stroked the sac and began to masturbate him. He immediately began to shake, and tried to pull away from his tormentor. It was of no use, as Doctor Schneider grasped him more tightly, and pulled at his foreskin still faster. He was already very aroused from the stroking of his pants, and the pinwheel, so needed very little encouragement to make him lose all control. Doctor Schneider lowered her facemask around her chin and opened her mouth. “I am now going to giff you  vot is called a blow-job Robert, and zere is nothing you can do to stop me. Do not cum into my mouth, or I vill be forced to punish you very harshly!!” Robert stared directly at Giselle as if seeking her help, but Giselle merely stared at the desperate scene, and knew that Robert would have the greatest difficulty in not climaxing within the Doctor’s mouth. Her lips closed around his cock, and began to suck and lick him greedily. Her fingers continued to pull at the boy’s foreskin and stroke his balls. Robert was by now trembling and shaking with anticipation, as the chains above his head began to rattle. His pathetic efforts to stop the inevitable seemed only seconds away, as without any warning, the Doctor suddenly pulled away, leaving the boy throbbing and denied the release he was seeking. Removing her fingers from the boy’s anatomy, she replaced her mask and sat back on her haunches to watch him writhe and thrash about in a state of extreme frustration. Turning to Giselle, “Do you see vot you must do, my dear. If he disobeys you, and you know he vants’ to cum…you vill stop him! You can start again as many times as you like, to make him do vot he ist told”. Giselle clapped her hands with excitement, and asked what should be done if he failed to respond and decided to finish when not permitted. “Zen, you must punish him, to show him that you are in control! I vill show you how you do zis. Using the special vip”. “Enough for now! Ve must begin his treatments, ve haf much to do. Help me get him on the bed, and take off his  clothing”

Within a few minutes, Robert had been put on the bed and the restraints had been fastened around his body.. On removing his gag, she dropped a small blue tablet into his mouth, and poured some water between his open lips. She pinched his nose, and forced him to swallow the pill, before replacing his gag. Next she lifted his cock, and began to stroke it to hardness. As soon as it was nicely erect, she poked the syringe needle into the flesh of his balls, and depressed the plunger, forcing the sharp needle to enter his ball sac and transfer the fluid into him. Robert lay still for a few minutes whilst the medicines took effect. After about 5 minutes he began to struggle on the bed as his erection became huge and throbbing. The Doctor clasped her fingers around it, and pulled back the foreskin to uncover the dark red cock-head. All was now ready for the next stage of Robert’s treatment.






(To be continued)

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