Robert - Part 5

The Story of Submissive Sex

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It was a week since Robert had visited the house. Giselle had not heard from him and was worried that the games she and her Aunt had played with him; might have scared him away. She was perhaps more worried that he had talked about the visit or, had even contacted the Police? Her Aunt was sure that he would be far too embarrassed to accuse two women of abducting him for sexual purposes; and then of course there were the film clips showing clearly that he had been a very willing participant. She decided to call him on the telephone, but before she was able to do this, he called her and suggested calling to see her. “Aren’t you just a little bit frightened of us?” she teased, but Robert just laughed and said that he had never enjoyed such a thrilling experience. He enquired whether Giselle and her Aunt had any other ideas in mind for him? She thought for a moment and explained that they really enjoyed role-play scenarios and suggested that he might like to be their very special victim on his next visit. Robert asked what this would be, but Giselle just told him that he would need to wait and see, so as not to spoil his enjoyment. She added that her Aunt’s gentlemen callers seemed to find the scenario very thrilling, so he was sure not to be disappointed.


Robert was nervous as he stepped through the open door, and saw that Giselle was dressed once more in her black leather military-style uniform complete with a German type of peaked cap from the era of the SS.  She seemed very relaxed, although somewhat menacing. He was still excited by her very short skirt, and the sheer black stockings that revealed her sleek thighs above the tops of her leather high-heeled boots. She was beginning to look more and more like the typical Mistress from the kinky Men’s magazines he had now begun to read. She closed the front door behind him, and directed him to a door at the end of the long corridor. Robert liked the way she had made herself ready for her role for the evening’s fantasy session.  He had not ever experienced any role-play activity but, found the idea quite arousing, as a foreplay, for what might possibly follow during their session together. The addition of her her experienced Aunt was a bonus, so he assumed that once again some bondage sex would be involved. Sit down!” she directed, as she led Robert to a nicely upholstered armchair. “I need to make you ready, so put your hands behind your back, and sit forward, so I can prepare you” Robert did precisely as he was told, and felt a pair of metal handcuffs, click around each wrist as he anticipated might happen. He once more began to feel excited on being put into the first stage of bondage. Giselle stood beside him, and laughed softly.  He was aware that her accent had now changed to that of a German person, and realised that she had stepped into the role of the character that she had chosen to play in this next session. “Now you are here, you muss remember a special code zat I will giff to you. If you fail to remember zis code, your treatment vill be so much more painful” Robert looked up at Giselle with a puzzled expression on his face, as she slowly recited a short group of words, in the nature of a Book title. Gasping Robert’s hair, she pulled back his head to stare sternly down at his face. “Do you understand Pig!” She hissed in an aggressive tone that he had never seen her display previously, but which actually excited him. Robert nodded. “Spik Pig! screamed Giselle…”tell me zat you understand what I haff told you. Zis is your last chance!” Robert confirmed that he had understood the instruction completely, and sat back awaiting Giselle’s next move. She took from the table, a length of white material, which she held wrapped around each hand. She stood seductively in front of him stretching the cloth between her hands. “You must be gagged Pig,…ve do not vant to hear your screams ven ve interrogate you!” Robert allowed the girl to gag him, and watched as she opened the buttons of his shirt, to expose his muscular chest. She had waited a week to get her hands on the boy and was secretly pleased that he still wanted to play her extreme games. Her gloved fingers closed over the boy’s prominent nipples, and she squeezed firmly, before stroking his chest. “Ve like to enjoy our prisoners while we torture them, so you can take your time in answering our qvestions,…ve have all the time in the vorld” Robert tried to speak, but his gag prevented even the slightest sound. Giselle was exciting him, as he knew the unfastening of his shirt was only a prelude to a more extensive removal of his clothing. Hopefully, he would be totally undressed as he was on his last visit and then the treatment would hopefully become very much intimate and arousing!

At that moment Carole entered the room and stood before him, with a lit cigarette held in a long metal holder. She too looked magnificent in her black uniform, similar in style to that of Giselle, but with a far longer skirt which almost brushed the floor.

Hello Robert, I see that you can’t keep away from us can you? …..I trust Giselle has made you comfortable, before we move you downstairs for some more of our special treatments.  Her accent also changed to that of a German lady, making her role as a Security Police Officer, become more convincing.

Turning to Giselle, she requested that a leather collar, be fastened around his neck to which Carole attached a long braided lead. She smiled as she pulled on the lead, forcing Robert to lower his head, as she took a long draw on her cigarette. She pointed to the floor, and ordered Robert to move from the chair, and kneel in front of the two women with his head bowed low. “That ist the correct position you vill adopt Prisoner, ven in our presence” declared Carole as she tugged on the lead and pulled Robert towards another large armchair. She sat down, taking the cigarette holder from between her full red lips, and dragging him forward until he was kneeling directly in front of her chair. “Now Prisoner, before we begin your interrogation, we must ensure that you are ready to do everythink ve demand of you.” Robert was fascinated by Carole’s menacing mock-German accent. She looked so superior in her Black Leather, and he really started to accept that he had stepped back in time, and was genuinely in the hands of two female “SS” torturers. Placing her cigarette holder into an ashtray, she took a flogger from her belt and swished it back and forth above his head. She tugged the lead harder and pulled Robert closer until he was kneeling with his face against her leather skirt. He remained in this position with his head bowed and did not see Carole lift her skirt. He heard the order for Giselle to remove his gag. “No spik!…..Get your face between my legs immediately!” Screamed Carole.  He shuffled forward instantly as Carole dropped her skirt over his head, and gripped his head firmly between her thighs. Her next order came as no surprise, as he was ordered to get his mouth against the sheer silk of her panties. “Lick! Suck! Get me vet, mine Prisoner!” she ordered, as he was pulled closer making it difficult for him to breathe. He was in heaven as his nostrils were invaded by the smell of her leather skirt and the scent of her sex. With a tug on his lead, Robert began the assigned task and licked and sucked at the thin strip of silk between Carole’s thighs. As he sucked and licked the woman’s knickers, he felt a pair of hands began to massage his jeans very suggestively. He began to respond, and could hear Carole asking whether there was any reaction? After a few seconds, Giselle confirmed that she could feel an erection, and asked whether she should apply greater stimulation? Carole did not reply but, pulled the shirt from his jeans and lifted it away from his body. Robert waited nervously until without warning, the leather flogger was brought down heavily across his back. He pulled his mouth away from Carole’s panties and a muffled cry erupted from under her skirt. Carole closed her thighs tighter, gripping his head more firmly. “Do not stop Pig! Lick my clit…Lick it! She began to gasp and moan “Aaaahhh!.….Yes! Yes! Yeesss!” she screamed loudly. The flogger descended again and again, crashing against the boy’s unprotected back. He could hear Carole climaxing, as Giselle gripped his jeans even tighter to stroke the erection within; encouraging him to lick harder and complete Carole’s climax. Robert felt so thoroughly used with his mouth on Carole’s panties and Giselle fondling him so intimately. He knew that his decision to return to this sinister house had been the correct one. Carole sat gasping in her climax, before pulling Robert, red faced and breathless from beneath her skirt. Giselle instantly wrapped the gag back across his mouth. Carole looked flushed, but patted his head almost like an obedient dog, and told him how she had enjoyed what he had done to her. Quite suddenly she smacked him hard on both sides of his face. “How dare you mak me cum Prisoner, I vas not ready for you to do zat. You vill now be severely punished!”  He was hauled to his feet by Giselle, and held tightly against her body.  She took a blindfold from her Aunt, and fastened it over his eyes. He heard both women snigger with amusement, as he was tugged forward at the end of his lead, and dragged from the room, and down a flight of stone steps, before being pushed into another room. The heavy wooden door was shut and bolted behind him. Carole grasped his hair and spoke loudly. “Now you vill do precisely as you are told, or ve shall enjoy hurting you. You vill answer all of our qvestions!”  He stood expectantly, waiting for the next test of his resistance.

He did not have long to wait, as he was pushed roughly forward and strapped into position, with his wrists tied to fastenings above his head and his ankles tied to the wood floor of the cell.  A hand pulled aside his open shirt before tearing it from his body. For several minutes the women moved around him talking quietly and seemingly disinterested by his presence. “You seem very overdressed, doesn’t he, Lieutnant?”  The girl answered “Yes Commandant” Carole gave an order for more of Robert’s clothing to be removed. Fingers snaked around him to begin unfastening the belt at his waist. Robert shouted into his gag in protest, but Carole pulled his hair more cruelly, forcing his head back, and told him not to get so excited, as his treatment had not yet really started. The boy stood still as the fingers loosened his belt, and pulled open the stud fastening of his jeans. He knew that this was just a prelude to the torture, which would almost certainly be concentrated on his genitals. The women giggled as he tried to pull away from his bindings, but he had been too well restrained. “ Now, Prisoner ve shall begin?” as the zip fastener was literally yanked roughly down, and his jeans were pulled from his hips. Fingers touched him intimately through his soft cotton underwear, ensuring that his erection lost none of its’ firmness. “Are you ready Prisoner?” enquired Carole in a whisper. Robert tried to ignore the question, but felt his underpants being lowered, exposing his buttocks. Giselle pulled the material half way down the boy’s muscular thighs, which allowed Carole to stroke the boy’s unprotected bottom. Her leather glove felt provocative as the fingers of her right hand explored him, and then, even moreso as the glove of her left hand began to stroke his cock and enlarged balls. Robert gasped as he felt what Carole was doing and tried to resist showing any emotion. Both hands were suddenly removed and a flat leather spanker struck him with considerable force. “Give us the code, Prisoner” ordered Carole. Robert remained silent, and was given another smack across his bum cheeks. He struggled in his restraints, but said nothing as Carole again applied the spanker to the boy’s bottom. The skin turned a shade of pink, and Robert was in obvious distress. “Ve vill try a few more slaps Giselle, then ve vill need to give the Prisoner a different type of pain!” True to her word, Robert received three more blows and was then unfastened, and moved to a chair where he was restrained. Straps were pulled around his upper body and his legs were pushed apart and fastened to the chair legs leaving his genitals totally exposed. Both women were impressed that his cock remained standing up very aroused, even though the boy had received such a painful spanking. Without a word being spoken, Giselle placed her fingers around the boy’s erection and began to masturbate him, whilst also caressing his balls. Carole took a thick plastic tube, which enclosed a thin latex sleeve. Carefully, she forced the device over the boy’s cock and moved it down until it was seated on the boy’s groin. Giselle busied herself by picking up a small silver chain, to which two metal clips were attached. She fastened these clips over Robert’s nipples, and tightened the screws. Robert began to gasp and moan with discomfort, which was heightened when Carole switched on the device enclosing his cock, and adjusted the speed. “Spik! Spik! She screamed;……you must now gif us ze code, or you might not enjoy vot ve do mit you next!” Giselle tightened the screws on the clips around his nipples. Robert was struggling frantically on the chair, as the latex sleeve moved faster to arouse him. At that instant, Carole pressed a switch on the instrument and an electric charge struck his shaft. Robert almost screamed with pain, but managed to control himself. Carole took a thin latex glove, and began to stretch it over her leather-gloved right hand. Sharp metal spikes were sewn into the latex. She moved her hand between the boy’s legs to grip his balls. Robert felt the spikes press into his sensitive flesh and begin to hurt him dreadfully. Giselle turned the screws tighter. Now Robert was getting very near to panic and tried frantically to remember the code words. Carole produced another nasty device she had not yet tried on the trembling youth. As the latex sleeve was made to move even faster, bringing Robert close to an ejaculation, Carole inserted a thin greasy rubber tube into his cock-head. She forced the tube deep inside the struggling boy as he cried out in discomfort, and she smiled evilly as she spoke “Now! Prisoner, Now! vot ist ze code?” Robert tried to remain silent, but when Carole switched on the instrument buried inside his cock  a series of electric shocks were administered. He could resist no longer, and shook his head frantically to signal an end of the torture. His gag was removed and the code was given. “Pplease s-s-stop t-that t-t-thing” he wailed as the gag was replaced, but Carole just smiled sadistically as she pulled the tube from his cock-head and again increased the speed of the milker. Robert became rigid as the stimulation increased and he started to tremble in the first stages of an orgasm “See Lieutnant, just vatch, he cannot stop us,…He vill climax for us! Vont you prisoner? Here it comes!”….. At that moment a huge spurt of semen was ejected from his tortured cock, to splash down over his lower body and thighs. Carole did not turn off the milking device so more cum followed at each stroke of the tube. Robert groaned as he was forced to ejaculate repeatedly. He could not stop climaxing as he was drained and it become increasingly uncomfortable!!



(To be continued)


This story is written by MIKEY, please send comments and appreciation to