Robert - Part 4

The Story of Submissive Sex

 This story is written by Mikey

“Hello!” Exclaimed Carole, bending over the naked youth strapped to the medical chair. “As you can see, we have moved you. This is my favourite bit of equipment, which I use to torture my gentlemen” Robert had already recovered from the drug that Carole had administered, and lay quite rigid, and obviously nervous at what might now follow his previous treatments. Carole reached out and picked up his flaccid cock, which she began to manipulate gently in her latex covered fingers. She had smeared a little oil onto her gloves before stroking Robert’s growing erection, so it was not long before he was groaning loudly into his gag and writhing frantically in his restraints. Carole knew that she was getting the reaction she was seeking, as the thick cock grew even larger. Giselle watched her Aunt working on her boyfriend, and hoped she might just see Robert get pushed over the edge, and be made to produce a spurt of his semen for their sinister amusement. Carole continued to masturbate the youth, who tried so desperately to prevent her from forcing him to a climax, and the humiliation of losing control. He had always tried to resist, when Giselle had played inside his pants, but he had never been forced to cum when totally naked, so she could watch as he actually ejaculated, all over his lower body and thighs. Robert gasped and groaned whilst he twisted and jerked on the reclining leather chair. “You are very close Robert, aren’t you?” Carole asked, as her fingers gripped him tighter, and jerked the foreskin faster and faster. Robert shook his head frantically, pleading for Carole to stop milking him, but she ignored his pleas and protests. She knew that he was now on the very brink of squirting his semen, and a couple more jerks would have the boy exactly where she wanted him. Giselle was now extremely excited, and begged her Aunt to make him cum. Turning to Giselle, Carole shook her head slowly, and explained that he was still not ready to be brought-off. She removed her hands from the boy’s cock, and gave it a couple of sharp slaps. Robert stared in pure desperation at what Carole had decided to do, and stared down at his huge erection, as Carole gently stroked his swollen balls. “Oh! Did you want to cum for us?” she whispered as she reached down and twisted the clips covering his nipples. Robert began to cry with frustration, realising that the women were merely enjoying his disappointment, by not permitting him to finish his ejaculation. Carole and, Giselle stroked his body soothingly as his erection began to reduce. The chair on which he was restrained began to tip backwards until he lay almost horizontal. At this point Carole stood beside Robert and tugged at the tiny plastic zip between her thighs. She pulled aside the thin leather trousers and Robert could see she was very naked. Carole continued to slide the zip open between her thighs and then up behind her bottom cheeks. She was now able to open her trousers fully without pulling them down her thighs, and climbed over the boy’s head. She reached under herself and pulled loose his ball-gag. Before Robert had any time to react, she had sat down over his head, and forced herself over his mouth. Her instructions were very precise as he was told to lick and suck her cunt until she came. Whilst he did this, Giselle was ordered to take off her black silk knickers, and stretch then over his semi-flaccid cock.

“Now Robert, before we play any more nice games with you; you shall get a nice reward, only if you succeed in making me cum! Giselle, if Robert succeeds in pleasuring me, you will give him a beautiful wank in your knickers. I do not want you to make him cum until I tell you……do you understand?” Yes Aunty, responded Giselle eagerly. “I will wait until you give me your instructions”

Robert began his assigned task and soon Carole was groaning and gasping with his tongue exploring inside her pussy. Giselle was enjoying the sensation of squeezing and stroking Robert’s cock through the sheer silk of her panties. He began to jerk about, and curl his toes as an indication that he was nearing a completion. Carole turned to watch what Giselle was doing with the boy, as she felt Robert’s tongue begin to probe and lick deeper and tickle her clitoris. This was too much, and she grasped his head and forced it more tightly against her pussy lips. She screamed only once, moaning loudly. Giselle immediately realised that her Aunt had climaxed, and asked whether she should now finish Robert off inside her panties. Carole recovered quickly and screamed for Giselle to stop exciting the boy. Once again, Robert was denied a climax and began to plead with the women for release. “Don’t be silly”, responded Carole, “we are not ready to give you that yet!” Robert protested and stated that he had done as he was asked and should be rewarded and allowed to cum. “Gag him Giselle, I don’t want to hear any more from him at this moment”. Giselle did what she was ordered, and sat back to watch her Aunt pressing her fingers inside her open leather trousers. “I’m so wet and horny!” She exclaimed “Robert is so good with his mouth. I might let you try him out later.” “Oh Yes!” pleaded, Giselle, “I have never let him do that to me, as he always wanted to get inside my panties”. “I know my dear, but that is something we shall never allow him to do, will we? Doesn’t mean that we cannot enjoy him in other ways and torture him for even thinking he has a chance to shag either of us?” Robert began to cry openly at what he was being told.  His desire to fuck the women was so great, he would do anything for such an experience.

Carole administered another dose of the drug and with the help of her Niece, she pulled Robert from the chair, and tied him face down over a conveniently padded spanking bench. He regained consciousness as the pair finished strapping dildos around their hips. The women looked grotesque with the rubber phalluses strapped to their bodies. Without any warning, Carole crouched down and forced the tip of the rubber dildo slowly into his anus. Whilst he tried to prevent the insertion, she moved forward and wriggled more of the invader into him; until about six inches was buried inside his body. “Now Robert dear, you are going to enjoy a nice strappon experience” The rape was horrendous but, it was obvious that the other end of the weapon was buried inside the woman, and she was achieving yet another climax. She screamed several times before pulling out of the boy and leaving him once again crying with the pain of abuse. As soon as Carole had vacated Robert’s sore hole, Giselle took her place, and she too succeeded in raping him several times, before she too pulled out of his body and lay gasping and laying over his back.

Robert was tired and no match for the women as they released his restraints, and placed him again lying on his back, under restraint. Carole released his gag, and once again forced his mouth between her thighs.

“You know what to do Robert dear, Please me, Make me Hot! But above all, Make me Cum!!!” She almost screamed the instruction.

“Giselle, get those Panties…and this time I want to see him cum in your panties. I think he has earned his reward”  “Yes Aunty! No problem, I know just what to do.”

Within seconds, Robert was helpless, and being used by the two women.

Whilst his lips worked steadily inside the woman’s soaking wet pussy, Giselle was achieving the result she enjoyed with her handsome boyfriend. His cock was stretching her knickers obscenely as she stroked and massaged his massive erection. He was now trembling and groaning as his tongue lapped her Aunt’s excited clitoris.  Giselle watched eagerly, as Robert trembled, and then became rigid in the chair. “Now! Giselle, do it! Do it now!” Demanded Carole. “Let me see his cum soaking those knickers……Yes! Yes! here it comes Oh how beautiful”. Robert pumped gush after gush of his white cum into Giselle’s captivating knickers, as Carole watched excitedly watching the patch of his semen seeping through the thin silken material.  Carole gasped in repeated climaxes, excited by both Robert’s tongue and of watching his forced ejaculation. She began to smile at what she and her niece had together achieved in just one afternoon with the helpless boy.

It was not yet over: but for today, he would never ever forget the unbelievable experience??


(To be Continued)

This story is written by Mikey