Robert - Part 3

The Story of Submissive Sex

 This story is written by Mikey

Carole and her Niece, Giselle took the opportunity of a break from torturing the unfortunate Robert, by leaving him bound and gagged in the dungeon, whilst they returned to the lounge for some refreshment. They had spent much of the afternoon with the boy, whom Giselle had introduced as a friend from College. He had come so willingly to the house, believing that he would be able to seduce Giselle in the absence of her Aunt. What he did not know was that Giselle’s Aunt Carole was a lifetime Dominatrix, who thrived on torturing men like him. She had very many clients, who regularly visited her for bondage and role-play games in her private dungeon on the floor below. It was to this very room that Robert had been taken, following his abduction, and been forced into inescapable restraint. From the moment he was made helpless, he was intimately abused, being unable to resist the perverted attention of the two women. They watched avidly as Robert writhed and twisted within the frame to which he was now fastened. The camera spying on him had a facility to record his entire ordeal that would provide some excellent footage to ensure his silence, once he had been released from his imprisonment. In the meantime, the two women enjoyed watching his extreme discomfort, and listening to his tortured cries. By adjusting the camera remotely from the Lounge, they were also able to change the level of his discomfort, and ensure that he did not lose control of his emotions whilst he lay unsupervised in the playroom. After a few hours resting in the lounge, the ladies decided to return to the underground chamber, to continue with Robert’s torment, and provide him with some further teasing discomfort. He had now been in the house for over 3 hours, and had still not been permitted to ejaculate.  Robert looked genuinely unnerved as the women re-entered the room, and approached his tortured body. Giselle was pleased to see that his cock was still very stiff, standing erect from within a growth of fine pubic hair. She was amused to see the boy maintaining such a response, considering that he must be suffering some pain bound to the unique apparatus. Her Aunt was first to take charge of the situation as she took a thin metal instrument with a forked tip, and applied it almost tenderly to the boy’s quivering cock-head. He jerked dramatically as the instrument prodded his sensitive flesh. Some tiny sparks appeared between the metal jaws suggesting that Robert was again being subjected to some mild electric shock treatment. Carole reached forward and gripped the boy’s erection to roll back the soft foreskin exposing him more fully for the touch of her wand. She smiled as she lowered the instrument to touch the stretched skin connecting the boy’s shaft to his swollen head.  “Do you see Giselle, this is where Men have the greatest feeling on their cocks. If you want to make them really excited, this is the place to play with them; their lovely frenham” “Thank you Aunty, I shall remember that.  Does that hurt Robert more, when you touch him there?”  “Oh Yes! my dear, Oh Yes! but, we haven’t finished with him yet”. Silently, Carole removed the tight latex sheath and extracted the thin silver rod from the boy’s penis. Robert breathed a sigh of gratitude as the invader was finally taken from his injured urethra. “Poor Baby” sighed Carole almost sympathetically. “Did we hurt you so very much?  Perhaps you wanted to cum, and couldn’t do it with that nasty thing inside you?” Robert made slight mewing noises through his gag as Carole reached under him to check that the dildo buried in his arse, was still jerking gently. “There are other ways to make you cum young man, perhaps I will show you later”. as she deliberately began to stroke the hard erection, making it throb with activity. “Naughty!” exclaimed Carole as she noticed a tiny expulsion of pre-cum. “Perhaps I had better stop, before I make you go too far, and you make a filthy mess of yourself?” Reaching back into the dish on the trolley, she picked up a rubber mask similar to the gassing mask used by Dentists to sedate their patients, before a tooth extraction. She gestured toward Roberts gag, and Giselle quickly pulled it from his mouth. As soon as he was able to speak, Robert began to protest at what the women were doing with him. Carole laughed and lifting his head from the headrest as she quickly forced a rubber-covered metal brace between his jaws to help silence him. Robert continued to protest as Carole turned a small wheel on the instrument forcing his jaws even further apart, until his mouth was stretched painfully wide open. His cries of resistance had turned to an unintelligible gabble. She then placed a rubber mask over his mouth and tightened the straps behind his head. “Perhaps we should gas you, and make you go to sleep, but I really do not think you will want to miss what we shall do with you next”. She smiled sadistically at her Niece, as she laid the boys head back on the headrest   “We are going to play Doctors and Nurses and make you nice and clean for us! With this comment, both women exchanged their leather gloves for thin surgical gloves made of black latex, and donned some white medical face-masks. “Just adding a little realism to the fantasy for you, Robert dear, He! He!”

With this remark, Carole threaded a thin plastic tube down inside the  boy’s cock until it was fully inserted. Robert reacted in panic, and thrashed about within the frame, as clearly he had never experienced a catheter. All of Carole’s captives had experienced this torture at some time or, another, and Robert was to be no exception. “I expect you feel as if you are going to pee, don’t you dear? Most men feel like that when we poke our little device into them”. Carol sniggered with what she was doing with Robert. “Now we need to give you a drink, so that we can really make you pee for us”.  Robert was able to breathe through his nose, as his mouth was now fully covered by the rubber mask. He glanced down, and noticed that the plastic tube extending from the top of his cock had a valve attached. Giselle obviously knew exactly how to assist her Aunt by playing as a Nurse, and seized his erection firmly. She opened the valve and connected a corrugated rubber pipe, as Robert shook his head frantically. A plastic funnel was pushed into the rubber mask covering Robert’s mouth, and Carole lifted a container of liquid to pour into the funnel. Robert thrashed about as the fluid ran into his throat until he felt he might drown. After a few moments, Carole adjusted the flow to ensure that he was able to swallow without causing distress. After he had drunk about 4 or, 5 pints, Giselle stopped pouring the liquid into his mouth.  “Now we must clean him somewhere else”, musn’t we Giselle?  Robert could see both women smiling above their masks and waited for the next of his ordeals. He was turned slowly, like a pig on a barbeque spit, until his sore rear was made accessible. At this point Giselle picked up another tube with a metal probe attached and applied some grease. Carole extracted the dildo gently fucking the boy’s arse, and nodded in approval, as Giselle inserted the metal probe. He again began to writhe in his bondage as Giselle forced the pipe further inside. Soon all was ready and a hose was attached through which a flow of warm soapy water was pumped inside his body. He could hear the women giggling as his rectum was filled to capacity, before a valve was shut to retain the fluid inside him. “Now Robert, you must be a good boy and lay nice and still whilst we get you ready for some other lovely treatments”. By turning a handle, his body was manoeuvred, so he once again lay on his back, whist latex fingers stroked and fondled him, and checked that all the instruments were secure. Carole, took a length of fine chain to which some clips were attached, and fastened them to each of his nipples. Giselle took a similar device and fastened them to the flesh of his balls, before attaching some weights, which dragged his scrotum between his legs. Further clips were fixed to other parts of his body including his face and toes. Almost an hour had elapsed since the liquids had been administered, and he could feel that his body was signalling the urgent need of a toilet. Carole checked her watch and stared at the recumbent captive. “Nearly time for us to let you go to the bathroom, I think? but, perhaps we shall give you just a little longer?”  Robert shook with some urgency, fearing that he would burst with the pain building within his gut. It was almost 15 minutes later that the women satisfied his muffled cries, and allowed him to vacate both his bladder and bowels. The tubes were then removed from his body, and Robert lay more relaxed within his restraints. The rubber gas mask was  replaced with a conventional rubber ball-gag. “We have not finished with you yet”, declared Carole, as she selected some cotton buds, and handed them to Giselle, to be greased. Giselle wasted no time as she prised open the slit in Robert’s cock, and forced a bud inside. He reared up with discomfort as Giselle began to twist the bud around, forcing it deeper with each movement. She then inserted another and began a similar procedure. ”Must have you nice and clean for us” she commented. Carole began to wipe the man’s rear, and poked her gloved finger into him. Clearly this was not without some further discomfort, as Robert tried to avoid the two cruel assaults. He lay within the frame as Carole once again produced a small white cloth, which he could smell had been impregnated with the drug that had put him to sleep previously. He tried to move his head, but Carole held his hair tightly and pressed the cloth over his nose and mouth…”Night! Night!” She whispered. “Do not worry, we will play some more lovely games with you, when you wake up. Ha! Ha!”  Gently Giselle removed the cotton buds and began to manipulate Robert’s erection. He fell asleep in the throws of a wonderfully sensitive forced masturbation.


(To be Continued)

This story is written by Mikey