Robert - Part 2

The Story of Submissive Sex

 This story is written by Mikey

Whilst Robert was unconscious, the two women studied their captive, still fully clothed, and fastened into the wheelchair. He looked very attractive with his torso bound tightly into the leather straitjacket, and his jeans invitingly half-unzipped. “Let us wait for him to recover, then we will get him onto the frame”, suggested Carole. “You know how it shakes them up to be stripped naked, and put on that thing!”  After a few moments, Robert began to regain consciousness, and look around him. There was a genuine fear in his eyes, when he realised that he had been brought to the torture room.  “Now Robert dear, we must get you properly ready for your treatment”. He was carefully released from the straitjacket, and as each wrist was released, it was quickly handcuffed to the wheelchair. Carole reached out to unzip the fastening of his jeans, until the front gaped fully open. Despite his protests, she continued tugging the jeans from his hips and down his thighs. He tried to stop their removal by kicking his feet about, but Giselle held each ankle firmly to assist her Aunt in pulling the denim from both his legs. The women giggled at his pathetic attempts to prevent being stripped but, it was useless as even his socks and shoes were removed, to reveal all of his superb body. Carole took a pair of scissors and approached the frightened youth. “Now we are nearly finished, just your sweatshirt and those lovely pants, so don’t make a move or, there could be a very nasty accident”. She held the scissors up and opened and closed the blades in a menacing way. Carefully, she cut away at his sweatshirt and then moved to his underpants. Robert sat rigid with fear as Carole moved a blade under the cloth at his groin, and stood ready to cut the garment.. She stroked the bulge of his genitals very gently, and smiled up at Robert’s face with an evil grin. “Are you getting excited again?” she asked sarcastically, as her fingers worked harder to locate the boy’s erection, growing inside the cloth. “Yes! I can feel you Robert,…..You are such a naughty boy?” The scissor blades closed and the pants sprung open to reveal his upstanding cock and balls.  With another slice, the front of the pants fell open to reveal all of his private parts. The women stared at his muscular body, before transferring him struggling onto the metal framework secured to the floor of the small room. He hung quite still, whilst all was made ready for his torment. If he had been hoping for any pleasure with Giselle, he had made a very bad mistake. Both women were very imaginative, but Carole had the experience, and used men exclusively for her entertainment. Mostly what she did with them was painful, but always mildly sexual. This is what Giselle had the opportunity of witnessing for so many years, as Carole’s clients endured a session of fantasy play at the house. Sexual gratification was not something that Carole encouraged, but sometimes allowed, if the fee was sufficient. However, even though she enjoyed pleasuring herself on the faces of her victims or, made them, suck her nipples; she never allowed any real intimacy. 

Carole wasted no time in showing Robert the strange equipment that lay scattered around the room or, hung from it’s walls. He tried to free himself from the metal frame, but quickly realised that his restraints were very secure. Their leather clothing gave an impression that whatever they wanted with him, might be very uncomfortable. Whilst he had a vague understanding of the term BDSM, he had never experienced this activity or, for that matter, ever really understood it.

He shook his head in panic, as his eyes opened wide with terror and Carole approached him carrying a wide leather strap.  She laid this almost gently across his bare bottom. “Now Robert dear, let us just warm you up a little, before we proceed with some more serious treatments. What you have attempted with my Niece, over the past weeks deserves a little punishment, I think you will agree?”.  Following this remark, she began to smack the leather paddle down forcefully over the boy’s unprotected rump, until the skin began to turn pink with the force of the blows.  Robert cried out in response, but the ball-gag effectively silenced him, and he could only whimper with the pain. A small tear began to trickle down both cheeks, as Giselle moved forward to witness the spanking more closely. Caroline was an expert with the strap, and had soon made both buttocks very red with the constant slap of the leather. “I think you are hurting him Aunty” laughed Giselle, upon seeing Robert’s tears. “I know my dear, but just watch how his cock behaves; perhaps he actually likes a little pain;…so many men do!!” Both women sniggered with perverted lust, as Carole began again with the boy’s spanking. His howls of anguish were now much louder, and he writhed quite considerably in an effort to avoid the painful blows. “He has such a lovely smooth body Giselle, You really have brought me a perfect specimen for our games. Most of the Gentlemen asking me for a session down here, are really quite uninteresting, having most unattractive bodies and covered in hair. I give them what they want, but do not get any real satisfaction from what I do with them, except of course taking their money. Ha! Ha!  However, Robert is very different; he makes me quite horny when I spank him. We might make an exception with him, before we let him go home?”  Both women smiled with some sadistic pleasure at the thought of what they might like do with him, later! Next she produced a thin cane, which made Robert howl with an increased intensity. Handing Giselle a small whip, she instructed her Niece to thrah his thighs and back, as she continued to cane his sore bottom. Robert was tugging violently at his restraints and shaking the frame as the blows landed on his tender skin. There were now red marks showing where the blows had landed. Carole stopped the punishment and handed a small jar of grease to Giselle and instructed her to scoop a small quantity onto her fingers and rub the substance onto the sore spots on Robert’s body. Whilst she did this, and Robert jerked wildly and screamed into his gag, to avoid the application of painful ointment… 

Carole turned her attention to another fiendish instrument, which she lifted from a nearby medical trolley. She held it up to show Robert, who seemed confused by the nature of the device. “Look Robert”, whispered Carole seductively,” isn’t it just lovely, so much bigger than your dick! Just where do you think this should go?” She turned it around in her fingers as she pressed a small switch on the base of the instrument. It immediately began to purr, as though it had a life of it’s own, and then very slowly began to throb and jerk back and forth; as though performing a regular sexual act. “We like this little toy, don’t we Giselle; so much more fun than anything men can provide for us. Giselle, give me some lub. from that tube on the tray.”  Giselle hastened to obey her Aunt, and Caroline smeared some of the grease around the head and stem of the rubber toy. Having ensured that it was totally covered, she poked a small quantity into the small puckered opening between Robert’s bum cheeks. Robert tensed as he felt the intrusion of Carole’s rigid gloved finger, and felt her lubricating his anal opening. He tried to resist what she was doing to him, but it was impossible. “That’s it Robert dear, just try and relax whilst I put this lovely thing inside you.” The dildo was pressed against his sphincter opening, and pushed a little way inside. Robert tensed his bottom cheeks, and squeezed his eyes tight shut as he felt himself being opened by the rubber probe, as it began to slide deeper within his body. His cry of distress was more like a long moan of agony, as several inches of rubber had now entered him. The women watched with intense pleasure.  “Just pretend you want to shit” suggested Carole encouragingly, as she twisted the dildo, expanding the boy’s tight orifice. It became somewhat of a struggle, as Robert tried so hard to prevent the invasion, whilst Carole was determined to make him accept the full length of the instrument. Moans of pure pain began to fill the room, as more tears flowed. Carole twisted harder and pushed the greasy probe deeper and deeper. Giselle almost squealed with excitement as she witnessed what her Aunt was doing. “How much of that thing can he take Aunty?” asked Giselle. She had never before seen the anal probe used on an unwilling prisoner, but realised that her Aunt knew exactly what she was doing. Carole grunted with her efforts, to overcome the youth’s resistance, and with a final thrust, popped the device fully inside the boy. “There Robert, Darling! it is now inside you,….so you can relax; at least for the moment”. Robert was still crying with pain, and continued to writhe on the metal frame, with the dildo protruding obscenely from his rear. “I think your boyfriend is a virgin, Giselle. Perhaps he has never been raped before; how lovely? Now let us just switch the thing on, and see how that affects him? A faint buzzing noise began inside the boy, and the device began to pulsate and move gently within Robert’s anus. “See he is getting fucked Giselle, no more than what he deserves for trying to get inside your knickers” Robert continued to writhe and jerk his body to escape the discomfort, as Caroline reached down between his thighs to stroke his balls. “Giselle, press the switch on the frame, and open Robert’s legs; so I can get a better grip of him”. As Roberts legs were forced mechanically apart, Carole repositioned her hands, and grasped the boy’s tight ball sacs more firmly. At once, Robert reacted, and his cock became more rigid. The two women watched in amusement, as he became more and more aroused, and the reddened cock-head became fully exposed. His cries of pain turned more to gasps of excitement, as Carole’s gloved fingers expertly stroked his erection. “Oh Aunty! How lovely, see how worked-up he is becoming,…will you make him cum?”   Carol shook her head, and explained that Robert was not ready yet to be given any relief, at this early stage of his therapy. With that she turned off the dildo and, removed her hand from his now well-developed manhood.

“I think he needs just something more attached to him, My Dear, and then we can let him rest quietly, whilst we go and relax upstairs. I shall let you do this my dear, you know what to do”, Giselle smiled knowingly as she searched in the dish for another toy to fit to the unfortunate young man. She found what she was seeking and soon began to slide the latex sheath down the length of the boy’s stiff cock. He could not see what was being done, and thought that a condom was being fitted to him, perhaps to enable Giselle to shag him. Perhaps the pain in his bum was worth it, if at last he was going to fuck the girl. He quickly realised that this was not what Giselle had in mind, as he felt her tighten some fastenings on the sheath, and realised that the head of his cock was allowed to protrude. Next, Giselle moved over his face, giving him a clear view of her knickers between her thighs. Taking his latex covered cock between her fingers, she began to insert a thin steel rod into the slit of his cock-head. Robert tensed as he felt the rod enter him, and tried to close his thighs in an effort to deaden the burning effect of the insertion. He felt as he might pee, and waited patiently as the rod moved deeper. With a snigger of joy, Giselle announced that she had forced the rod deeply down inside him, and began to move it gently up and down to ensure that it was fully inserted. Amazingly, the needle like rod slid in and out of the open slit without causing too much discomfort. Only the tip protruded, to which Carole attached a small electrical connection, which she plugged to a socket on the metal framework. “There now, I shall just attach these two clips to his balls! Suggested Carole, “and we can leave him in peace for a while”. “Don’t you mean pain Aunty”, joked Giselle. “Yes! I suppose I do, agreed Carole, a smile playing around her lips”.

The dildo and metal sound were switched-on, and Robert began to react by jerking his body, and moaning softly in response to the activity of both invaders. “Come Giselle, Robert has plenty to keep him occupied whilst we are having our rest upstairs.” 


(To be Continued)

This story is written by Mikey