Robert - Part 1

The Story of Submissive Sex

 This story is written by Mikey

ABDUCTION: Robert is tricked into becoming a submissive slave to his girl-fiend (Giselle) and her Dominatrix Aunt (Carole).

"My! My! What do we have here"? Giselle turned to face the lady who had entered the room, without stopping what she was doing with the young man, seated beside her on the large sofa. He was tied hand and foot with a gag between his teeth, rendering him quite unable to prevent the girl from enjoying herself immensely between his legs. His jeans were unzipped, and pulled from his hips to expose his white cotton underwear. The girl had her left hand inside his pants, caressing his balls, whilst the fingers of her right hand were fastened around the man’s arousal. The youth was gasping excitedly into his gag as Giselle slid her fingers gently up and down the erection. "Hello!" Aunty Carole exclaimed Giselle quite casually, not having heard her Aunt entering the room. "This is Robert, the boy I spoke to you about recently". Her Aunt acknowledged the introduction, and moved slowly towards the handsome restrained youth. She unfastened the belt of her long black leather coat, and stared inquisitively at the boy, whose face was by now quite pink with embarrassment. "Oh Yes?" replied Carole Harrison hesitantly, "I remember you telling me about him. How beautiful, Angel…you seem to have his full attention?" She pulled open her coat, exposing her slim body clad in a seductive black leather cat-suit, and knee-length high-heeled boots. "So this is the boy you thought might like to come and play some little games with us ?" Robert struggled to speak, but Carole placed a gloved hand over his mouth to prevent even the slightest sound escaping the cloth gag fitted by her Niece. She began to stroke the boy’s face then reached down to pull up his tight-fitting sweatshirt to expose his muscular torso, and chest. "Very Nice, Giselle! Very Nice indeed, my Dear! He will do nicely for what I have in mind. You have chosen well. I hope that I did not spoil too much of your enjoyment with him, by returning home a little earlier today?" Robert now began to struggle against his restraints, and closed his eyes as the two women continued to touch his body. Carole moved her hand from the boy’s mouth to pinch an exposed nipple between her leather-gloved fingers; whilst Giselle continued arousing the youth more discreetly inside his tight pants. Her fingers were clearly visible inside the stretched material, massaging his erection and balls. Isn’t he just lovely Aunty? It is so sexy playing inside his jeans, I’ve nearly made him cum three times this week, but I remembered what you told me and stopped before he could do it. I can’t wait to have some proper fun with him downstairs, like you do with your Gentlemen!" "I know my dear but whilst wanking him to a climax might be fun, there is so much more we can do with him downstairs, as you know. Now! Perhaps, you should go upstairs and get yourself changed, whilst I entertain Robert for a little while. What about that nice little Black Leather uniform that you wore for Mr Patterson when we tortured him last Tuesday. He seemed to get very excited when you sat on his face with your leather skirt, or was it the silk panties that did it for him? Ha! Ha!"

It was now Giselle’s turn to look embarrassed. "You know I only did what you asked. You told me Mr Patterson loved black leather, and always responded well to a face-sit. "I know my girl, but how was it for you? Did you not get even the tiniest bit excited? Giselle blushed more deeply and left the room. Carole sat down beside the agitated young man, and placed a hand on his knee. She looked into his eyes, and could see his humiliation, at being caught with his trousers down, so as to speak. "What has my niece been doing with you young man? Has she been very naughty and been teasing you?" Slowly she moved her hand up his thigh, noticing that he had become very tense as her hand moved nearer to his genitals. She smiled as she plucked the waistband of his pants from his stomach and slowly thrust her gloved hand inside. She pulled his jeans a little further down his thighs, knowing that there was absolutely nothing he could do or, say to prevent her from abusing him. " Just in case you have a little accident?" She giggled softly. You have never been tortured before have you, Robert? She asked the frightened youth. " We have such lovely things to use on you downstairs….you will see". Robert stared at her in sheer panic, as her fingers began to play with him in a very expert fashion.

Robert struggled to remember how all this dominant sex had started. He had met Giselle at College, when she had asked for a photo of the Rugby Team, in which he was a member. Having obtained a copy for her, he decided to ask for a date, and was delighted when she willingly agreed. Over several months they had become friends and eventually began to meet regularly at her Aunt’s house, where they could be alone together. Giselle’s Aunt Carole was a business executive, who regularly spent weeks away from her home, so the house was an ideal location for the pair to meet. Whilst he had tried to seduce the girl on several occasions, Giselle always refused any intimacy, but finally agreed to play some very unusual games, in which he had allowed himself to be restrained, whilst she sexually teased him. He hoped that if he agreed to this unusual sex play, she might relent and permit some greater intimacy, but it never happened. Giselle knew exactly what she was doing, and just how far she wanted the activity to extend. She kept Robert on the very edge of a completion, but never let him ejaculate. She never tortured him, but knew that with the help of her Aunt, this type of sexual stimulation would happen, and a grope inside his pants would be just a thing of the past.

Carole’s fingers were now having a much greater effect on the helpless young man, than anything Giselle had done. He knew that if she did not stop her seductive stroking, he would soon lose total control, and ejaculate forcefully inside his cotton pants. He began to panic as her gloved fingers worked even faster within the soft fabric covering his erection. It was perhaps the softness of the pants rubbing against his sensitive cock-head that made him so excited. Carole knew that this was having a huge effect on the man, as she had used the same technique on other captives to encourage their co-operation. He began to shake with extreme excitement, and gasp and moan loudly into his gag. "Don’t panic yet Robert". Whispered Carole, as she realised that he was very close to ejaculating. "We have all the time in the world and haven’t begun your treatment, so you must be patient for a little longer" Robert was now shaking wildly on the sofa, as Giselle, re-entered the room, and stood watching her Aunt playing with him. "Oh Aunty…. are you making him cum?" At the very last minute Carole withdrew her hand from within the boy’s pants, and watched him begin to recover from the stimulation to which he had been forcefully subjected. "Not just yet dear, he is not ready for such a reward" Carole studied the disappointment in the boys’ eyes; knowing that once again he had not been permitted a completion.

"OK Giselle! It is time, to get him downstairs, so we can really enjoy him. He is now ready for some of our very special therapies". Giselle, was now dressed in seductive Black Leather similar to her Aunt. The military style tunic she wore was most provocative, with a skirt almost too short to cover her brief silk knickers. This coupled with sheer black stockings, black high-heeled boots and long leather gloves, gave her an air of dominance, that Robert had never before encountered. Before he had time to react further, Carole had opened her shoulder bag and removed a white silk handkerchief into which, she shook two droplets from a tiny plastic bottle. Giselle, moved swiftly to grasp Robert’s head and hold it firmly, as Carole applied the handkerchief over his nose. "Don’t struggle Darling!" advised Carole "Just relax, and you will be asleep before you know it" Robert struggled to resist the drug, but quickly became quiet, and then unconscious. "Quickly!" ordered Carole, "Before he wakes-up; get him into that wheelchair we have in the hallway. Have you got the hood and Strait-Jacket?" "Yes Aunty! The same as we use on the other gentlemen that visit us?" Answered Giselle, as she headed for the door. Within minutes, Robert had been stripped of his sweatshirt, shoes and socks, and a straitjacket had been fastened over his upper body. He was dragged into the medical wheelchair, whilst Giselle, removed his gag and placed a leather hood over his head strapping it tightly. Carole reached into her bag and removed a rubber ball-gag, which she popped into Robert’s mouth, and fastened the strap behind his neck. All was now ready, as he was wheeled from the room and down a corridor to a service lift. They all arrived in the Basement, where Carole unlocked a heavy wooden door, and Giselle wheeled the still unconscious Robert into the room. Carole switched on the light and adjusted the brightness. The room was strange and fitted-out resembling a conventional torture chamber.

"Yes! I think that all is now ready for your dear Robert. Giselle and I will have a lovely time playing with you down here ".

Giselle nodded in approval, a sadistic smile playing at her thin red lips.




(To be Continued)

This story is written by Mikey