One Day in my life - Part 1


This story is authored by Bike Slave, please send comments and appreciation to Sonia



It was just another quiet day reading through the adverts of my magazine, when I spotted the advert for a personal assistant to a professional lady. Reading through it male required assisting professional person with administration of everyday work, must be able to work under strict protocols. Having been unemployed for a while and desperately seeking work, I rang the number it rang for some time when a very soft voice answered and I explained I was enquiring about the advert. Hold the line please said the soft voice and I will transfer you to Lady Caroline, their was a brief delay while I was transferred, when an equally soft voice answered Lady Caroline. I explained I was enquiring about the position advertised, she enquired about my present employment , to which I replied I was currently unemployed so you could start immediately then she said , I could I replied. Then she asked how I felt about working for a woman who demands very strict procedures, that was strange question, however I said was use to working to strict guidelines. With this she asked my age. Name and address, then she said you better attend an interview, i will send my car for you in an hour be ready, with that the phone clicked dead. An hour, who is this woman, car, collection odd, oh well showered and dressed smartly and looked at my watch, ten minutes to spare. So waited where I could view the road, on the hour noticed the black range rover turn into the road, darkened windows at the rear slowly drove down and stopped outside my door. The drivers door opened and out stepped a very attractive dark haired young lady and slowly walked up to my front door , as she got closer I noticed she was wearing a very short leather skirt , knee high black leather boots and tight fitting jacket. She rang the bell I slowly opened the door she was even more beautiful close up perfect make up and dark lipstick. Your transport awaits she said in that soft voice I recognized from the phone, follow me she instructed. As I followed her down the path I could not help but notice her divine figure and also black seamed stockings she was female perfection. I went to open the front door, what do you think you are doing she said in abrupt voice, sorry I said was getting in the front I stammered, your position is in the back she snapped, I immediately opened the back door and got in, and the smell of the leather upholstery in the back, as I sat down I seemed to sink into them luxury I thought, I noticed the screen between the front and rear .The young lady by this time had got back in behind the wheel and had started the engine , at this stage I thought this must be one very rich old lady As we pulled away from the kerb I heard what I thought was the air conditioning start up and felt the cold air blowing onto my face, suddenly I started feeling very drowsy and must have nodded off

When I woke I was staring into the drivers face, she said get out and follow me, as I got out I felt drowsy I appeared to be in some kind of underground garage. As I followed her down a passage and then up some wooden stairs through a big wooden door, I was shown into a dimly lit room, please take a seat and I will inform the mistress you are her, with that she turned and left the room. As peered through the dim light I saw some photo’s on the wall of what appeared to be male’s in various positions of subservience with authorative females standing over them. Very strange I thought as I explored the room further I found a display case of cane and whips, I examined the pictures on the wall closer , and their in numerous photo’s was the chauffeur along with another stunning female, then it dawned on me I was to work for a stunning female

As I sat down to contemplate my next move the door opened and their stood in the door was a tall stunning red head with an hour glass figure , dresses in a black pencil skirt and a black jacket fastened by one button and seamed stockings and stiletto heeled shoes. As she walked across the room towards or should I say floated. I stood up as she approached me, so she said you want to be my handyman do you she said. I stared at her for a moment, well she said lost your tongue have you she snapped I was stunned by her beauty, and her perfume filled my nostrils eh! Yes madam I replied you don’t sound too sure, oh yes madam I do want the job I pleaded more or less. Well she said it entails keeping my cars clean driving me to events, and accompanying me to certain events, also keeping my boots and outfits clean and tidy. Yes madam I replied I will have Miss Sarah show you round the establishment she crossed to the phone and spoke softly into it, Sarah she said can you step into my office please. A minute later she entered the office can you show, let me see we shall call you slave p round, familiarize him with his duties. Certainly madam she said smiling oh! and please get him in the correct attire when we meet again she smiled again. Follow me slave, miss Sarah snapped, i followed her like a lap dog mesmerized by her body, in here she snapped I followed her through the door, she ordered me to undress what! I said strip she snapped with that she steeped forward and started to undress me, I tried to push her off but her strong grip had me pinned against a wall and the smart slap across the face stunned me now strip she repeated. With that my arms were pinned against the wall and secured into two clasps I was helpless my clothes by now were being removed . Standing naked in front of this young lady she smiled and said you cannot win here you are mistress slave to do with as she pleases do you understand. We can do this two ways the easy way, or the hard way she said and that will be very painful for you .With that she crossed to a cupboard and opened it inside were various devices chains, whips, canes, this she said is my little toy cupboard. She started to take the kit out of it and walked across towards me. She smiled and said I have grown man groveling at my feet asking for mercy, when I have this cupboard open, with that she placed a leather collar round my neck, then started to place a ring around my scrotum to which she attached a cage my manhood was now tightly caged. Now she started to explain how lady Caroline would be addressed as madam, and when she wanted I would drive her to clubs accompanying her as her slave, she then attached a lead to my collar and before releasing me warned any false move and she would use the cane on me I received one sharp blow from the cane and with this i followed her out of the room being pulled along like a dog. We entered the study again, on your knees she said I dropped to my knees and awaited the return of the mistress I did not wait long as she entered the room dressed in a leather Basque and black leather crutch boots well that’s better she said staring at my new attire any problems miss Sarah she asked, not really replied miss Sarah, you may worship my boots slave she snapped I immediately started to lick at mistress Caroline’s boots. My tongue was busily licking the toe and then onto the heel Stop she commanded me stand up, Miss Sarah secure the slave on the cross please. I was lead across to the st Andrews cross on the wall and secured onto it by the thick leather straps, you can remain their till we return slave she said, and with that they left the room.

My arms were beginning to ache as i hung their by my arms feet just off the ground. My tongue was dry and I could taste the leather from mistresses’ boots. Suddenly the door opened I could hear the click of heels on the floor and felt a leather clad hand on my back well how are you slave, it was miss Sarah. Again I heard the click of heels on the floor it was Mistress Caroline. As I turned my head to look I could see mistress Caroline dressed from head to toe in a leather cat suit that clung to her body as though it had been painted on and a pair of thigh length boots . Well slave are you ready to begin your training she asked I turned and replied yes mistress, with that Miss Sarah stood next to me. She began with the cane and closely followed it with sharp hand slaps you she said should get use to this, this is just a sample of what awaits if you don’t follow our instructions after several more strokes of the cane my back and cheeks were stinging, mistress Caroline approached .You will now be taken to your room and secured for the evening unless of course miss Sarah has other plans for you , well I was going to put him to work to clean your boots Madame she said, excellent idea start as we mean to go on. I was taken down the corridor into a room full of various outfits of leather, rubber mistress Sarah opened a cupboard door and entered a walk in wardrobe on various shelves were boots shoes and the sweet smell of leather . She opened a cupboard and remove cloths and leather spray she handed them to me start this end and clean madam’s shoes and boots and make sure you clean them properly or I will whip you as punishment. She left me to my labour, s. At this point I realized I was their slave naked and stunned, I was to be mistress slave to do with as she wished, and that included her friends

To be continued

This story is authored by Bike Slave, please send comments and appreciation to Sonia