Nick Made Whole

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Nick made whole

"As the tall faceless woman with long dark brown hair just past her shoulders stands above me she asks me to repeat my answer. I tell her, 'I am not sure how to find the length of a the hypotenuse.' That, 'I'm not sure what the hypotenuse is.' She laughs a mocking laugh pushes me out of my desk, her long dark hair falling over her shoulders as she stares down at me. The light behind her is so bright it makes it impossible to make out her face. I'm laying on all fours next to her sexy black stiletto pumps staring up at her from the ground. I can't help but notice her stocking clad, well-toned legs, and her short black skirt. The tops of her stockings and the straps of her black lace garter-belt are just barely visible. I can feel myself becoming aroused by my perspective, her stern voice, and demeanor. I tell her I am sorry but I will study more tonight. She laughs again menacingly saying, 'If you spent as much time staring at your homework as you did my legs and feet you would know how to find the length of the hypotenuse.' I open my mouth to scream but before I can make a noise she lifts her right foot shoving her black leather shoe deep into my mouth. I start to cry as she laughs mercilessly but I'm not sure if it's out of humiliation or frustration or..."

"I would say in my professional opinion that this is just jitters because you're starting at a new school and if you had followed my instructions and taken your meds you..."

"I am not sure that's it", Nick interrupted. He was about to tell her that he, thought he was crying out of excitement for finally having his fantasies realized but she always interrupted him. Even now she was not listening to him. He thought the point of going to a therapist was so a person had someone to listen to him or her.
"It's a place where there are no judgments", is what his parents had told him before sending him to Dr. Robins.

"NICK! NICK! Are you listening to me?!"

"Hmmm?! Oh yes Dr. Robins I am listening."

"As I was saying..."

Even now she had no clue what truly was on Nick's mind. Looking at her sitting in her oversized black leather chair. Her strawberry blond hair pulled into a tight bun. With her thin framed glasses pulled to the edge of her nose sharp pointed nose she stared at her note pad with her stunning green eyes. Her white silk blouse, which was sheer enough to make out her black bra, was tucked into her red skirt and her sexy freckled legs, crossed with right leg over her left leg. She bobbed her right foot up and down. Her right black pump barely hanging on to her toes, exposing the heel of her slim foot, the way she always did when she wanted to remind Nick she had graduated from Yale and he should listen to her. Yet, all Nick could do was stare at her foot wishing her shoe would fall so he could finally see her exquisite toes.

"And finally I suggest that you..."

Before Dr. Robins was able to finish her thought her phone rang. Since her ringer was turned up as high as it could possibly be  it startled her and she sent her right shoe flying right into Nick's lap. Rushing to grab the ringing phone and apologizing profusely for the interruption she hobbled one shoed to her desk to grab her phone and answer it. Nick staring down at her shoe unsure what to do. Looking at the shoe then at the doctor he noticed she was not paying any attention to him. Slowly he lifted the shoe to his face and took a quick smell. The smell sent blood rushing to his groin and he felt his senses heighten. He smelled a hint of baby powder, a bit of sweetness from her sweat, and leather. Still staring at the chalice in his hand he could see little beads of sweat inside the shoe. Just as he made up his mind to lick the inside of the shoe clean Dr. Robins quickly grabbed her shoe thanking him and apologizing again for the interruption. Before she could put her shoe back on he chanced a glance at her bare foot seeing her freshly pedicure toes painted bright red. Her feet were as amazing as he had dreamed they were.

Walking out of Dr. Robin’s office he decided that was his best session yet. Of course he hadn't told her he thought he was a sexual deviant since he was obsessed with women's feet. But he had seen her pedicure toes and even smelled her shoe. That was closest he had gotten to a woman's feet in years. The last time was the summer after sixth grade when he stayed with his mom's best friend, Alice and her two daughters. Alice's two daughters and forced Nick to worship their feet. At first he had tried to fight them off as best as he could, but they were both at least 3 years older then him and if he held out during the day he woke in the middle of the night to find himself tied to the bed as they took turns pressing their feet to his face and crotch. Forcing him to open his mouth and lick every inch of their soles while his member felt like it was going to burst. Never allowing him any relief. It only took two of these late night visits before he decided to comply during the day. He eventfully came to enjoy those foot worshiping session and even begged for them once when the two dominant girls ignored him near the end of his stay. He finally convinced them he would do anything to worship their feet. On this occasion the two made him dress as a girl with leggings, a dress, and makeup before they would even let him lick their shoes. On his last day with the girls he swore he would not forget them. This sent them into a laughing spell and they told him, "Not even if you tried could you forget us." That was catalyst that triggered his obsession.

Normally a very strong person, Nick began to find himself submitting to the whims of his girlfriends after that summer. Doing whatever his girlfriends asked hoping he would be allowed to worship their feet, even though he was embarrassed to even bring up his infatuation he hoped they would just offer. However, the more submissive Nick became the more annoyed his girlfriends became, usually breaking up with him after only a few weeks. He found, at one point he was able to control his urges but now after moving to Alexandria, a suburb of Washington DC, Nick was losing control. His parents had noticed something was wrong with him, thinking it had to do with the fact that he was starting his freshman year in a new school they sent him to Dr. Robins, a highly regarded therapist. They were unaware of the demons Nick was fighting within himself.

The night before the first day of school Nick had the same first day jitters he had had every year plus a few added new ones like, would he make and new friends, would he accidentally befriend the wrong group, or would he be a social pariah. He had himself so worked up that he did not fall asleep until four hours before he was to wake up. Nick woke up to find his alarm blaring and his parents already gone. Nick quickly showered, got dressed, and ran out the door not stopping to eat any breakfast. Luckily he was within walking distance of his new high school. Nick ran down the street trying to make up for lost time. Within minutes he was running up the front steps to the school without incident. He slowed down to catch his breathe as he walked through the front door of the school. Unfortunately, Nick was not paying attention and he ran smack into another student who was carrying a venti caramel macchiato, which spilled all over both of them -- more so on the muscle bound giant Nick went head first into. The raucous laughter, which followed sent the All-American line backer, Chad Whitaker, into a steroid induced rage.


Which Nick replied, "I am sorry in didn't see you there!"

The Neanderthal grabbed Nick by his shirt, which received cheers from the onlookers but before Chad could throw a punch a young woman with a flawless mocha complexion, big brown heavy lashed eyes, full lips, and shoulder length black hair stepped in between them as best as she could, since she was only 5' 5" tall.

She said, "Now, now, Chad is that any way to treat the new kid?! You know he didn't do it on purpose. Let's be honest the coffee smell coming from you is an improvement from the gym locker you normally smell like."

Chad dumb founded could only say, "Come on Maxine it's the first day and he ruined my new shoes!"

Maxine replied, "Well maybe... He almost ruined my Limited Edition Nike wedges. Maybe you should pummel him. On second thought let him go!"

"Fine for you Max and only you!"

"You act like I gave you a choice Chad!! Now leave him be!"

With that Chad turned around and walked away and Maxine walked past Nick without so much as a sideways glance.

Nick quickly realizing his savior and possibly first friend was walking away. He quickly chased after her. Yelling, "Hey, hey, hey!!"

Maxine turned on a dime and looked Nick right in the eyes and said, "My name is not 'hey' it is Maxine Adams. You think you would treat the person that just saved your ass better!"

Nick stammering replied, "I am sorry! I just wanted to say thank you and how did you know I was new?!"

"Because only a new guy would not see Chad and be stupid enough to run right into him," Maxine replied. "Plus I live at the on the street you moved to. The big house at the end of the block is mine."

"Oh. I just wanted to say thanks and I owe you big," Nick said.

"The way I see it you owe me your life," Maxine said.

Nick replied, "Isn't that a bit dramatic?! I mean a teacher probably would have stopped him."

"Take a look around. There are teachers right there and not a single one got involved," Maxine retorted.

Nick took a quick glance around and counted 7 teachers and the principle, who he recognized from the school website. "Looks like you're right. I do owe you my life. Thanks!"

"I'm glad you finally agree", Maxine exclaimed. "We can walk home to my place after school and I will draw up the paperwork."

"I am sorry, what paperwork?” Nick asked.

Exasperated, Maxine explained, "My parents are lawyers and I'm kinda a contract buff myself. I will draw up the paperwork after school that says your life belongs to me to do with as I please."

Sticking his hand out to shake hers Nick said, "Sure I owe you and my life is yours. That’s cool! Friends?"

She took his hand and said, "Good, we are in agreement and we can be friends. What's your last class?"

Nick replied, "Ms. Alvarez for Geometry."

Maxine nodded and said, "It is my finally class too. This way you can't weasel your way out!" And with that she walked away.

Nick was a bit dumb founded by the exchange with the beautiful woman that looked like a young Kerry Washington.

As Nick strolled to his first class a guy walking near him offered him some advice saying, "Bro you do not want to cross Max. The last person that did had to move away from the area because Max humiliated her so badly. Seriously, she shaved the girl's head because Max made her stylist fix a bad haircut for free. Max said the girl owed her great new haircut to her. When the girl didn't keep up her end of the contract Max took her hair. Every week! Yeah she shaved her head every week!"

"No way!" Nick replied. "You're trying to scare me and it's not working."

"Suit yourself bro. Don't say you weren't warned!", and with that the boy walked down a staircase disappearing from Nick's sight.

As Nick climbed the stairs to his first class he chuckled to himself. There was no way this girl could be capable of something like that. No way!

The rest of Nick's day proceeded without much fan fair. His classes weren't much different than back home. The lunches were just as bad. The only real difference was people kept referring to him as the guy who owed Maxine Adams his life. He actually didn't see Maxine again until his class, which she was in.

As he walked into the classroom he saw Maxine sitting in the second to last row next to the window. As she saw him come in she patted the desk next to her motioning him to sit. He welcomed a familiar face in a sea of strangers and walked straight to the empty seat next to Maxine and said, "Man am I glad to see you!"

To which Maxine replied, "Do I look like a man?!" We will have to correct your patriarchal language as part of your training. Now please refrain from speaking until I give you permission."

Nick was a bit taken aback but decided that Maxine was just eccentric. He looked at her clothing to confirm his thoughts but she was wearing a gray tank top, jean shorts that were only 3 inches past her butt, and black Nike wedges. Nothing looked out of the ordinary. Now that Nick looked he realized she had amazing legs and found himself wondering how her feet looked. He decided to put it out of his mind. This woman saved his ass and he would not demean her with his fetish. As the bell rang Ms. Alvarez stood up from her desk and began to teach. Nick was taken aback by how beautiful she was with her dark brown hair, which sat just past her shoulders. As she walked around the room Nick saw she was wearing a short skirt, much shorter than any teacher at his old school, black stiletto shoes, and a button down shirt. Nick could have sworn he could see the tops of her stockings and the outline of a garter belt. Lost in his own fantasies he did not realize that Ms. Alvarez was asking him a question. When he finally realized he responded, "I'm not sure." To which the class burst out laughing -- all except Maxine.

Maxine leaned over and said, "She asked you your name. We have all been introducing ourselves. It would seem I have my work cut out for me."

Completely humiliated Nick could not wait for class to end so he could put this day behind him.

The final bell rang and Nick had managed not to make any more of a fool out of himself. He looked over at Maxine and she informed him she was ready to walk home and he could carry her books after he apologized to Ms. Alvarez for not paying attention. Agreeing with Maxine that this was the bed thing for him he walked up to Ms. Alvarez as she sat at her desk.

As he walked up to stand to the side of her desk he could see she her shoes sitting beside the desk. Nick's heart skipped a beat as he looked down and saw Ms. Alvarez's small feminine feet with pink nails incased in stockings with reinforced toes and heels. He thought to himself her entire foot may fit inside his mouth and just as we was about to drool Maxine elbowed him in the back to bring him too.

Looking from Ms. Alvarez's feet to her eyes he could see she was amused by his antics but she said to him, "Nick if you are not going to focus on Geometry in my class then you may find yourself staying after school to make up for wasting my time. Do I make myself clear?!"

To which Nick replied, "Yes Ms Alvarez. I'm sorry I wasted your time twice today."

Maxine chimed in, "He is sorry but I will whip him into shape."

Ms. Alvarez said with a wink, " I know you will Max."

As they walked back to their street Nick did not feel like talking much and as it turned out Maxine was a woman of few words. As Nick neared his house he didn't feel like going over to Maxine's home. He knew his parents would be home late and he would have much rather have be alone. He opened his mouth to say as much and Maxine stopped him before he could start. She said, "First things first we had a deal. Second I know you will feel better with less to worry about tomorrow."

Nick was not sure about how having less to worry about tomorrow but decided she was right that they did have a deal. He just nodded his head in the affirmative and followed her home.

As they walked up to Maxine's home Nick was awed by how big her home was. She unlocked and opened the oversized French doors, which revealed a marble foyer with a spiraling staircase and an ornate chandelier. She said to Nick, "I'm going to get the paperwork ready. If you walk straight back you will find the kitchen. Please grab the lemonade pitcher and the plate of sandwiches out of the fridge and two glasses from the cupboard to the left of the sink. There is a door across from the fridge, which leads to the basement. In the basement you will find a coffee table where you can put everything. Please sit next to the table on the ground and wait for me."

Nick nodded his head in compliance to emotionally drained to argue. 20 minutes later Maxine showed up and with about ten sheets of paper. She informed Nick, "This is a basic contract that we shook on earlier. There are two copies."

A bit confused on what they shook on but not wanting to upset Maxine Nick asked where to sign. Maxine pointed out the two signatures and 4 initials he needed to make for each contract and following Nick's signatures and initials Maxine signed his copy and her copy. Giving him his copy Maxine sat on the couch in front of where Nick sat on the floor facing him. She said, “Now I own you.”

Nick’s eyes became as wide as a doe. He thought he misheard her.

Maxine looked Nick right in the eyes and said, “You should really read the contracts you sign. It is all very legal. It is the best contract that I have ever written to be honest. But I have a feeling you will not want to get out of this contract. Now lower your eyes. You will no longer look me in the eyes and you will call me Master not Mistress because there is no higher authority in your life and I do not bend to society’s patriarchal norms. Now lick the caramel macchiato off of my shoes.”

Nick lowered his head and said, “Yes master,” and began licking the drink he spilled on her shoes 8 hours earlier. Finally, he was whole.

This story is written by Ali, please send comments and appreciation to