New Neighbours - Part 2


This story is authored by Griffin Sonia, please send comments and appreciation to Sonia


 It was some weeks now since I had first been enslaved by my own wife and my new neighbors.        My daily routine was been woken at 7, by one of the young maids, they were normally dressed in a short leather skirt, leather boots and tight white see through blouse. Mistress Tina and mistress Cheryl were relentless in their task of training me to be the perfect slave over seen by my ex p a mistress Karen, who also was somewhat new to the dominatrix scene , however when my wife took over the running of the company and she explained to mistress Karen who had

Accidentally come across the pictures of me on my wife’s desk in the office that I once used.  She at first was dubious about asking about them, but my wife knew she had seen them, they were left on purpose. So my 2wife confronted her one day , so she said you have seen the pictures then she asked , which ones replied Karen ,of my husband replied my wife, eh! Yes I did she hesitantly replied, and what do you think of him now. I always knew he was an arrogant swine and needed taken down she said, well said my wife how would you like to stop on as my p a, would that consist of my normal office duties she enquired. Of course replied my wife with some extra’s as well

Extra’s replied Karen what would they be, well said my wife, as my husband made your life a misery how would you like to make his life even more miserable. How would I do that, he is currently undergoing training to be my slave, and I have observed you for some time and I think you would be the perfect dominatrix to oversee his training, “ me” she replied “I have never thought about being a dominatrix I would not where to start”. You have the perfect stature for it, and the looks and height, and I have seen the way you treat the young males in the office.

 But what about the outfits and clothes, I only have my work clothes, no problem if your agreeable I will take you shopping this afternoon along with my friend mistress Nicola , my neighbor we will visit my personal outfitter and my worm of a husband will pay  I will get mistress Nicola to bring him along .

  Mistress Cheryl appeared in the door of my cell .we have a surprise for you slave , follow me she commanded I followed her up the cellar stairs , watching her curvaceous body in a tight leather dress, and seamed stockings, and those stiletto heels clattering on the wooden floor. I was taken into the lounge where I found Mistress Nicola and Mistress Tina. Right slave said Mistress Tina I dropped to my knees as I had been trained to in the mistress’s presence  You are to take mistress Nicola  to meet your wife  and then take them shopping , yes mistress I replied.

 Mistress Cheryl placed a leather collar round my neck and checked my penile restraint, good she said now put this on, it was a short leather dress complete with nylons and boots to match.  I cant wear that I said, mistress Tina replied, you will wear what we tell you slave now put it on this was accompanied by sharp pain in my back caused by her crop ,on now she said ,  the suspender belt first she said , I pulled on the suspender belt. Followed by the black seamed stockings, now the dress, feel the leather she said so thin and just your size I stepped into the dress and pulled it on it was so snug. Now the boots which were ankle boots I pulled them on. I could see myself in the mirror

 Now follow me said mistress Nicola, I thought how ridiculous I looked in this outfit, mistress Tina was  also following me , you she said are a lucky slave she said you are going with mistress Nicola  and myself   to collect your wife , to take her shopping and you’re the chauffeur. As we got to the front door mistress Nicola stopped door slave she snapped , I  ran forward and opened the door for her and stepped aside she brushed past and out on to the drive, the car was their gleaming a big black Bentley darkened windows, door slave. I again opened the door and she slid onto the big white leather seat. Mistress Tina walked round to the front  passengers door and waited, I  ran round  and opened the door she sat in the seat and pulled her legs in displaying her gorgeous long legs clad in stockings’, I shut the door and walked round and got in behind the wheel , the smell of the leather was pungent in the air. I started the engine , mistress Tina  said drive to your old office and park at the front door, I cannot park their I will be seen , that’s the idea let everybody see what you have become your wife’s slave and chauffeur, she laughed. I drove drive down and turned on the road, mistress Nicola and Tina were discussing the days shopping programme. Little be known to me what was in store for me. It was about a 20 minute drive to my old office,  mistress Tina spoke to me  and gave me my instructions when we arrive slave you well get out and wait by the rear door till your mistress arrives when she does you will bow kiss her hand and open the door do you understand , yes mistress I replied, this is going to be so embarrassing I thought

        As we arrived I pulled at the end of the path that led to the front door. I got out after looking about to see if any one was about, good all clear I got out walked to the back door next to the path, it seemed like ages my wife appeared followed by miss  Karen and the finical director. The look on their faces said it all, Karen took one look at me and a big smile appeared on her face, well Caroline you certainly have transformed this male chauvinist pig, the finical director Alan looked at me and said, well mistress Caroline , if this is what you can achieve in three weeks ,I will be phoning for an appointment , my wife approached me I bowed and she extended her arm , I then kissed her hand  and she got into the car followed by mistress Karen. I closed the door and walked to the drivers door, got in and started the engine... I always thought their was something strange about Alan, the finance manager. Karen was introduced to Mistress Nicola and Mistress Tina, she was introduced as my wife’s    p a , she will do very well said mistress Caroline you want to see the way she treats the males in the office, eating out of her hand that is why I picked her, but she desperately needs new outfits. Mistress Tina you know where Madame favorite shop is, of course replied mistress Tina, slave right at the next lights she commanded me. It took about thirty minutes when   I was commanded to pull up outside a very expensive clothes shop. I stopped in front of the door and got out and opened the door for the ladies to exit, Mistress Karen first then my wife and lady Nicola last, Mistress Tina got out herself. The ladies headed for the shop mistress Tina snapped follow the mistress’s, slave she said; I followed them into the shop. This was definitely up market and the outfits all leather latex and rubber I stood gazing for a while  till I heard a soft voice  saying good afternoon ladies, my name is Chelsea , follow me please I looked at her legs clad in stockings seams perfectly straight her body was encased in a short leather skirt and Basque, and completed by six inch stiletto heeled shoes  made of patent leather. We were led through a door into a large room where another female long blonde hair, and again a body to die for , ah ladies welcome, mistress Nicola lovely to see you again, and of course mistress’s Tina and Caroline , and your slave Caroline, what a difference , and this is your new p a. Chelsea she said will you take the slave and see to him while we view some outfits for mistress Karen. Of course,  Madame Christine follow me slave she snapped I followed her like a little lamb, we went into what looked like a stock room , she came close to me and said undress now , what I said  undress here yes here and now slave, or else she picked up a riding crop , I undressed quickly rather than feel a lashing from her Although  she looked like butter would not melt in her mouth, her tone was enough Your job slave she said is to assist mistress Karen to try on the outfits understand , yes I answered but why naked , that was it she walked across to    a desk and pulled out a cane bend over she commanded me, I will teach you not to obey commands right count them out for me and thank me after each stroke , one thank you mistress, two thank you mistress each one harder than the last . by the time we had reached ten I could feel the tears welling in my eyes and the pain, now she said stand up straight and follow me I re-entered the room ad their was mistress Karen naked, I see Chelsea  you have had some fun ,”yes mistress he questioned as to why he had to be naked , so I explained why to him”, mistress Christian stood up, six foot of loveliness, tight leather Basque, leather trousers and crutch boots, in my shop  I rule and mistress Chelsea  orders are not to be questioned understand slave, “ yes mistress “ my wife came over and examined my stripes, excellent she said  such professionalism and smirked as she sat back down. Well ladies let us begin said mistress Christian, what would mistress like to see first well said mistress Karen dresses first, follow me said miss Chelsea, Karen followed and you slave said Chelsea  I scurried after them afraid of another punishment  from her, she took her into a fitting room  where their were racks of outfits in leather and latex , please she said peruse at your leisure your slave will assist you to disrobe and dress, mistress Karen went through he racks  and picked several dresses skirts, now said Chelsea undress your mistress. Mistress Karen stood their while I undressed her, starting with her blouse, then her skirt, underneath was a very expensive set of black lace underwear, suspender belt supporting black stockings, remove them all she ordered me. Slowly I removed it all, until lastly I slowly peeled off the stockings, but just as I was about to remove them miss Chelsea suggested to leave them and see how they went with new suspender belt and underwear. Mistress Karen agreed and miss Chelsea took mistress Karen to view  the underwear , she picked a very sexy combination of leather and lace, I helped her on with them and re connected the stockings and suspender belt followed by a very short and tight fitting leather skirt, which showed off her slim figure, then she picked a black leather Basque which miss Chelsea tightly laced her in to now boots or heels she said , oh boots replied mistress Karen , I was fetching and carrying boots  for about twenty minutes till she picked a pair of  six inch stiletto heeled   over the knee black leather boots which I helped her on with and laced up. At first she had some trouble walking in them but after five minutes mastered the art of walking sitting and standing on such thin heels. Gloves said Miss Chelsea a must with that outfit, black leather she passed her a pair of black kid leather gloves, which she put on perfect. We have all your measurements now and your other garments will all be made to measure including your boots and shoes please return to the other room to the ladies and champagne, we followed her through , were the other mistresses had been taking champagne, stunning said mistress Christian absolutely stunning mistress Nicola and my wife exclaimed beautiful , glass of champagne for the new mistress said mistress Christian , and miss Chelsea, I immediately picked up the bottle and filled two glasses and handed them to the  two mistresses. Now for the bill said Miss Chelsea. I have it worked out here and if Mistress Caroline would care to check it, before the slave signs it Mistress Caroline stood up and walked across to the screen where miss Chelsea explained each item to her, and after ten minutes she gave my credit card to miss Chelsea and completed the  sale .Miss Chelsea  ordered me to pick up the parcels that were brought in to the room by another naked male slave, and placed at my feet  I picked them up and accompanied by mistress Tina and Chelsea I took the items to the car and put them  in the boot , I then followed them back into the lounge where the mistresses were discussing my wife’s first party to be held at my  house, kneel slave I was ordered by  mistress Tina , clean the mistresses boots slave   I began with mistress Christina, and worked my way round . By the time I got to Mistress Karen’s, who was seated on a chair at the end of the mistresses, my mouth was dry. As I licked at her shoes I glanced up only to catch a glimpse of a taut suspender and her stocking top, mistress caught  me and with a stinging slap across my face she said how dare you slave I did not give you permission to look up my skirt pig she said. Mistress Christian stood up and dragged me up by my hair, miss Chelsea bring the slave to the punishment room, Miss Chelsea attached a lead to my collar and pulled me along behind her. Followed by the other mistresses I was lead down a narrow stairs and into what can only be described as a dungeon after being stripped naked I was placed on a large leather clad wheel in the centre of the room, and secured tightly with numerous straps. How dare you peer up your mistress’s skirt without permission said mistress Christian, with your permission mistress Caroline may I punish your slave for his behavior, of course  replied my wife how dare he disgrace me in such a manner twenty lashes at least she said. Miss Chelsea the cat after each stroke slave you will thank the mistress. Yes mistress I replied Mistress Karen will you go first, may I watch first as it is my first time, Miss Tina show mistress Karen how it is done. She stepped forward and demonstrated to Miss Karen, and then I heard the swish and felt the stinging on my back one thank you mistress. Now Mistress Karen have a  try mistress Karen took hold of the wife and under mistress Tina she delivered   a stinging blow, two thank you mistress. Well done that was perfect said Mistress Nicola, mistress Karen spoke if it is alright with you ladies I would like to complete the slaves punishment after all it was I who he offended. Well of course please carry on thank you ladies said Mistress Karen and carried on with my punishment. Thank you mistress, twenty mistresses I gasped out. I was released off the cross ,and stood next to it , while the ladies viewed the dungeon of miss Christina, then they viewed my back and the handiwork of mistress Karen., perfect marked and no bleeding superb. My wife then said dress slave time to return the ladies back home; I quickly dressed and awaited further orders my back was stinging even more now encased in a black leather jacket I was  taken to the car by miss Chelsea wait here she said till the mistresses are ready, after a while they re appeared led by mistress Tina, then my wife and lastly mistress Nicola and then mistress Karen. I quickly opened the door and Mistress Caroline got in followed by Mistress Nicola, I then hurried round the other side and opened the doors for Mistress Karen, and Mistress Tina. Once they were all in mistress Tina said home slave. I started the engine and headed home. On the way they were all discussing the outfits mistress Karen had bought also mistress Caroline’s first  dominatrix party to be held at our house in the very near future, and you slave, said my wife mistress Caroline you will  be well used on that occasion,  she laughed.    pt three to follow


This story is authored by Griffin Sonia, please send comments and appreciation to Sonia