New Neighbours


This story is authored by Griffin Sonia, please send comments and appreciation to Sonia



It was a sad day when my neighbors put their house on the market, as we had been good friends for some time, however

 Having been on the market for some time and not many viewings, it was a luxury house four bedrooms, cellar and all the trappings of an up market abode. On arriving home one evening, their it was the sold sign. I entered my house to be greeted by my wife and the neighbor, so it has sold then,, my neighbor Alan replied at  last thought we were going to have to rent it , as he was moving with work. What I enquired are the new people like,   Alan replied very high flying, she runs her own company with her own p a, the husband is a bit of a   quiet type she appears to wear the trousers, when do they move in, oh not for some time they want to do some alterations first, so you will probably have builders here when we go in two weeks. The day came and Alan bid us farewell, and off he went , shortly afterwards the builders arrived, and started to pull  the inside apart ,  their was some strange objects being installed metal grills being taken in to the house, and other objects benches in what appeared to be made in leather


        After four weeks the builders left having pulled the house apart, then came the removal vans with what appeared to be very expensive furniture, then up pulled the new owners, in a Mercedes driven by the husband sat next to him a very attractive female, The car came to a halt and immediately the husband got out of the car and ran round to the open the door for the female who got out of the car, one could not help notice the long legs as she exited. She looked round, and in commanding voice told the husband to go and supervise the removal men. She looked in my direction smiled and started to walk over, one could not fail to notice the expensive clothes and the six inch stiletto heeled shoes  She introduced herself as Nicola , we made small talk discussing the house and the alterations she had had done, when another car appeared on the drive driven by another female, and as she exited the car again short skirt and long legs , she came across and Nicola introduced her as her p a this is is Natalie , both women were absolutely stunning looking. Natalie she said go and supervise that wimp of a husband unloading my furniture you know were it all goes , certainly madam she replied she turned and walked towards the house I gazed after her noticing the curves of her body underneath her tight top and skirt and also seamed stockings , also wearing stiletto heeled shoes .A sharp voice   broke my gaze and said, I hope you leave her clothes on and with that she turned and followed her pa towards the house two goddesses waking towards the house. How these two were going to turn my life upside down. It was late evening when I heard the letter box rattle, by the time I got to the front door their was no one their, but I did spot the husband walking back up the drive, he turned and waved,  I waved back and as I shut he door on the floor was an elaborately decorated envelope with what appeared to be  various ropes and chains on the outside , how strange I thought  I walked back into my lounge where my wife was sat, who was that, our new neighbor, I said dropped this in the door I opened it and inside was an invite to  a party  I read it out to my wife who was laying on the settee  her long legs stretched over the arm, and her long blonde hair dangling down  over the other arm i passed her the invite and as she studied it , she said interesting dress code slaves and mistress party. That could be interesting what could I wear she said, are we going then I asked. Be nice to get to know the neighbors what harm can it do she said. As the party was only two weeks away we were not sure what to wear

 The two weeks past and having  decided what to wear  eventually my wife picked out a white shirt and bow tie, their she said just like a butler , she however was more splendid short tight skirt over a black satin Basque , black seamed stockings  and six inch black patent leather stilettos , she looked stunning, her make up and her hair in a pony tail she looked the part of  a mistress, I had purchased some s and m magazines on the quiet un be known to my wife, research only  and she certainly looked the same as the pictures in those. As we left the house and started to walk up the drive to the front door we noticed all the big posh cars in the drive, they look to have some influential friends I said my wife agreed. I knocked the door knocker and shortly afterwards the door opened and we were ushered in by a young blonde girl dressed in a very short and tight fitting maids outfit “welcome please follow me she said, as we followed her i could not help but notice her gorgeous body that swayed from side to side as she walked on her stilettos , she opened the door to the lounge and directed us in to the room,  as we crossed the room I could not help but notice the ladies were all so glamorous ,dressed immaculately  in  leather and rubber , the males were all naked from the waist up , and in some cases only wearing tight shorts. A waiter approached and offered us a glass of champagne each we nodded at the other guests

 And jut then a voice announced the arrival of the hostess please welcome mistress Nicola your host for the evening, she appeared at the top of the stairs  and started to descend , I could not believe her transformation dressed in a leather cat suit , thigh length leather boots and carrying a whip, she looked stunning. I turned to my wife, who was stood next to me,

 And uttered doesn’t she look stunning, her costume suits her, my wife smiled at me it does she said smiling. As mistress Nicola reached the bottom of the stairs, followed by Miss Natalie she spotted us, and immediately came across to thank us for coming she said it all seems strange to you at the moment but all will be revealed she said. Caroline she said you look stunning but we must find you something a more suitable dress for the fun to follow, Natalie can you take care of her slave she said with pleasure, she replied and instruct him in his duties. Follow me she said  pardon I said  follow me now, some of the guests turned and looked at us  to see what was going on now she snapped, stunned I followed sipping my champagne, as I followed her I was mesmerized by her tight fitting leather clothes, and black leather crutch boots, she opened another door , I followed her, suddenly I felt quite strange , I must have blacked out because although I could hear and feel what was going on I was powerless to do anything , my clothes were being removed by two women one was the blonde maid and another with red hair  dressed in a maids outfit. When I was naked they fitted a penile cage on me, after that It went blank I woke to find myself in a darkened room naked arms and legs secured, the room was lit by a large screen on it was the party, and their in the middle of it was my wife who I did not recognize at first, she had changed her outfit from  the Basque and stockings she was now dressed all in leather with a male slave prostate in front of her worshipping her boots which she was now wearing, and her body encased in a tight fitting leather Basque over a leather cat suit

 I was stunned my wife partaking in these games as a dominatrix,then in the next few minutes I witnessed a male being whipped by her, she was enjoying that as each time her whip met with the slaves back she smiled. Suddenly the door opened and in walked Miss Natalie well she said you know the truth about your wife as you see it, she is so good at being a Dom, she was trained by myself  and mistress Nicola not that she took much training she is a natural dom.  What I was witnessing I could not believe, my own wife yes she said when you thought she was at work all those late nights she was with me and mistress Nicola in our other dungeon, how do you think we found out about this house, yes your wife, but that’s not all you are going to become her new full time slave, I have a job I replied, not any more you will sign over your company and all your belongings to her tonight With that the maids re appeared with  the camera, a picture was taken of my predicament  to be used to show your colleagues what a wimpish slave you are the maids walked over to me , a rubber ball gag was put into my mouth,  the wheel I was strapped on was made of leather the room was decorated in leather and on the wall was a selection of whips and torture instruments.  The young blonde maid  crossed over to me and put a nipple clamp on my nipples and one by one my arms were released and put into leather cuffs attached to metal wires once they were secured  I was winched up so my feet were just off the ground  and secured by two more ankle cuffs attached to chains. They commenced taking the pictures  I was powerless to do any thing Then mistress Nicola said I will inform mistress Natalie and your wife mistress Caroline your torture is about to begin, begin his whipping ladies she commanded yes mistress. As they left the room the two maids commenced my torture, they began by slapping my bottom with their hands, it then proceeded on to what appeared to be a strap, and then came the whipping, right slave after each stroke I want to hear the words thank you do you understand slave, yes miss I replied, the first stroke one miss thank you miss and so on till ten thank you miss. At ten the door opened and in walked mistress Natalie, Nicola and my wife, ladies let me view your handy work my wife said as she stepped forward rubbing her hand down my back, I could smell my wife’s perfume, as she turned to mistress Nicola excellent work, are you ready to sign the documents she asked, definitely not I said, oh dear I think a little more persuasion is required ladies something more painful I suggest. I could feel the maids attaching wires to my scrotum and penis. Pass me the controls my wife said to Mistress Natalie, she turned on the control box, now where to start suddenly I felt the sharp pain I screamed. I think we need to gag him ladies said mistress Natalie, my wife spoke, so she said you refuse to sign the forms to hand over all your belongings to me and control of your company  are you sure about this , definitely not I said back .ladies carry on with your torture she said and when he changes his mind bring him upstairs to me , yes mistress said the two maids,  for two hours I was whipped,   electrified, had my nipples stretched and pierced,  my back was raw from the whipping  Ten more I think  said one of the tortures, after five I cried please no more I give in I will sign the forms , she did not stop ten I said and ten it is. The pain stopped at ten and my shackles were released I collapsed to the floor  crying well what a  wimp said the ginger haired maid  her name was Cheryl, pop up and tell mistresses the good news , she said to the blonde haired maid named Tina fetch him up stairs but clean him up first Tina said when she returned. Cold water was poured on my body and I was taken to the shower , where the hot water  made my suffering worse they laughed at me, dry yourself off they commanded me  I dabbed at my back gently harder they commanded me. With that a dog collar was placed around my neck and attached to a lead I was led upstairs to where my wife was sit with mistress Natalie and Nicola, so you have come to your senses at last she snapped, Miss Karen the papers please said my wife you may recognize miss Karen she used to be your secretary, but is now my p a what do think of your ex boss now Karen, I always said he was a useless wimp, they all laughed out loud Crawl forward slave, my wife said and kiss miss karens  shoes  as you will be doing in

 The future, I crawled forward and took hold of her shoe and started to caress it and lick it   I noticed the seamed stockings and the very thin heels on her shoes. Now sign the forms where mistress Karen has marked I took the pen and signed the forms in the marked spots now stand up slave said mistress Karen she took the forms and put them in her leather brief case she turned and said to my wife I will deposit these with the solicitor and return for more fun as she walked out of the room    I could not help but notice how stunning she looked in tight pencil skirt, seamed stockings and leather shoes. Tina, Cheryl, what a  remarkable job you have done , no wonder mistress Nicola is indeed  lucky to have you as her two maids , now can you please transport my slave to his new  abode in my house, I will follow later when the party has finished here yes mistress they replied  in the cage is it , that’s correct till I get  the builders back and have  my dungeon built, as I left lead through the party goers who were laughing at my predicament as all the male slaves their were in the same predicament  slaves to their wives .It was dark outside now as I was led naked through the undergrowth back to my own house , every branch tore at my already cut back , the two maids  laughed aloud quiet slave they said. They produced a key and un locked the front door I was dragged in to the house and taken to the cupboard under the stairs as the door opened and the light came on their was a cage on the floor Cheryl bent down and unlocked it get in she said,I am not getting in their, with that I felt a stinging across my back get in she said holding a riding crop in her hand , I immediately crawled inside it as I knew how skilled they were with the crop, they locked the door and left. I was left their for what seemed like hours, in my cramped cage with just a low light on, suddenly the door opened and the two maids Tina and Cheryl entered as they walked across to the cage I could hear the click clack of their heels, they stopped and looked down at me had a good night slave they scoffed, not really this cage is cramped I said, oh dear shame they unlocked the door, out said Tina. Being in their for so long I struggled to get out, come on slave quickly your mistress awaits her slave, as I got out I noticed their dress was different  Tina was dressed in a leather cat suit  knee high lace up boots,  while Cheryl was dressed in a latex Basque  dress with seamed stockings and stiletto heeled shoes . Follow us they demanded  as I went to stand , I felt the crack of a whip on my back crawl slave no one told you to stand Cheryl said.  Now stand  she snapped   and only on command do you stand  Tina attached a dog collar round my neck made of thick leather , to this she attached a chain now kneel  she snapped , I got back onto my knees and  I crawled along behind them  As I crawled up the stairs  and along the corridor to what was my lounge , I could not help but notice the  the shape and body of my two tormentors and how stunning they looked in all that leather, what you staring at you pervert said mistress  Tina , she was walking behind me  and I felt the crack of her cane on my back. We stopped outside the door and mistress Cheryl opened it we entered and their was my wife dressed in a short leather flared skirt leather Basque and seamed stockings, , ladies has the slave behaved  , I am afraid not as you can see by his back he was  staring at our bodies as we brought him up so he had some cracks from the cane. You have not changed have you  she snapped any way mistress tin and mistress Cheryl have agreed to  be my domestic supervisors, so they will keep you under control won’t you ladies, with great delight they replied,  mistress Nicola has employed two more so I have asked these  to carry on with me and they agreed .  The door opened and in came mistress Nicola and her p a mistress Natalie  followed by  another female  who looked stunning in a leather thigh boots and black stockings and a leather Basque , long blonde hair

 She walked across the floor and joined my wife on the settee while  the other ladies sat in the armchairs , now slave do not recognize this lady  you should do you use to verbally abuse her while she was your p a is this not correct mistress Karen absolutely , so you see how gorgeous she is. Well mistress Karen has now transferred all your assets and company to me, so slave you are entirely at my mercy now. Mistress Karen stood up I could not believe the change in her appearance from a frump to a stunning goddess, she came over, well slave what do you say to that I was about to reply when she hit me hard across my face  clean my boots she ordered with your tongue. Having cleaned her boots and that included the soles she walked back and sat beside my wife. I think we should put the slave to work ladies said mistress Karen my wife lady Caroline agreed  mistress Tina mistress Cheryl   get the slave working. As I crawled from the room my wife and Karen were discuss using plans to re furbish the house. I was taken to the kitchen and put to work scrubbing the floor 


This story is authored by Griffin Sonia, please send comments and appreciation to Sonia