Motel Maletamers

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 I don't know how it got to this point but there's nothing I can do about it now; even if I wanted to and I'm not sure I do, or can! One again my stepmom who insists I call her 'Mother' informed me, well, not me personally, but announced casually at the family dinner that she was thinking of taking Hillary, my so called younger 'sister (her spoiled rotten daughter but as beautiful as her mother) and me to visit her sister next week! I half expected this since it's become a monthly ritual. My father absently nodded. The first time she suggested it he looked at me wondering why I wanted to go, to visit a woman who is no relation to me at all. I could have stopped it all from progressing if I just said no. But then I'd miss the good times along with all the bad stuff. So now I know what I'm in for, seeing the smug little smile from my 'sister' sitting across from me.

It all began when my real mom left with one of dad's colleagues a few years ago when he and some of his geek buddies were working day and nite and weekends starting up a networking company in the garage. I know mom had been unhappy for some time and dad had neglected her. In fact if they didn't go to the same college I doubt if he would ever have married, too much bother to go on the dating scene. Not that he was bad looking but even his buddy geeks joked that he probably didn't notice his wife had left him until the laundry built up and the house was a mess. I was upset for a while but at least the tension or her dissatisfaction in the house was gone. We were okay for a while, I did most of the housework, spoke to dad occasionally, went to school, and then disaster struck in the form of big money. Their little garage business went public and the stock went nuts, we were multimillionaires and dad's idea of going on a shopping spree was selling his old beater, buying a ten speed bike and work round the clock again in the basement to put another idea into practice.

Shortly after that Helena Redmond, my stepmom, entered our lives. She lived in the neighborhood, and was, is very attractive. She was divorced with not much money and one teen daughter. Dad may be obsessive but he's not blind and nobody had ever come on to him. At first she seemed nice, even her daughter, and they were both foxes, big breasts, small waists, daring clothes. Dad agreed they buy a bigger house primarily because he needed a bigger workshop. And after the honeymoon and dad returned to his regular regimen of living in his laboratory in the basement, coming up sometimes for dinners, making conversation that would be strange to anyone else. Like he still wasn't sure what school or grade I was in, it kept changing, Helena's daughter Tiffanny was sometimes called Daphne or Bambi, and he gave up on his wife's name, just calling her 'sweetheart' and agreed with everything she said because it simply easier than caring what she said.

When Tiffanny caught me peeking at her in the open bedroom door while she
was parading around in a see through nightie, giving me a cast iron boner,
I thought she didn't really mind too much. So a day later when she came
home and I watched her bikini panties swish up the central stairway and her
mother caught me I didn't think I was in too much trouble. I couldn't help staring at her either many times. She dressed with a lot of cleavage and her skirts were way too short. And she and Tiffanny were having a lot of fun with dad's money too. Clothes, sports cars, restaurants! I hoped dad signed a prenup but of course I know he didn't. In fact if she took him for everything he had, he wouldn't care either. That was what mom did and he just signed all the papers without an attorney present, and I'm sure mom realized later when the company went public how much she lost.

But when Tiffanny stood in my bedroom door as I was looking down at the lump in my shorts on my bed, thinking of beating off, and I blushed as she smirked.

"Mother wants to see you in her bedroom, Timmy!"

She was sitting on the bed with her shapely legs crossed wearing a daring low cut and short robe.

"Come in, please, Timmy, shut the door Tiffanny!"

I was surprised by her smile and then paused when I saw the ping pong
paddle on the bed near her hand.

"Um, you wanted to see me, ma'am!"

"Dear, I do want you to call me mother!"

"Yes, m-mother!"

"Now, I know it's difficult for a young man to be around new
females in his life after being basically alone with your father, and well,
(smile) your father as we know is frequently in his own world. I love him dearly but I wouldn't want to disturb with any problems, don't you agree, Timmy?"

"Um, yes I suppose so!"

"Excellent, now I know the kind of urges teenage boys have, with two women now living under the same roof but at the same time you must respect our rights too, Timmy! When you peek or spy at us, it makes us feel uncomfortable, even violated!"

"Oh, well as for that...I didn't mean...!"

"Please don't interrupt!" I stopped at the tone of her voice immediately.

"Now I know from my first marriage that males, especially young males who have never known any form of correction before,... like you, must be taken in hand before they develop even worse behavior. And I feel like it's my duty as your mother now, my responsibility even, to correct you! And to train you to regard women with more respect! Do you understand?"


"In exchange for seeing you behave better you will be rewarded. Tiffanny and I prefer to be very comfortable around the house and we like to dress casually, but only if wer'e sure your'e behavior is non intrusive!"

What does that mean, walk around naked, the idea of that and her ripe smooth bare thighs and those braless firm beauties showing all that cleavage
made me nod my head.

"Excellent, so tonight I want to give you a spanking. I did on my own husband many times and it was very beneficial!"

"Well, b-but...!"

"Of course it's up to you! I'll have to go down and interrupt your father and you know ....!" I certainly didn't want dad to hear I was spying on his wife and daughter!

"No, no that's, I mean. Your'e going to spank me, now?"

"Yes of course now. The first spanking is most important, breaks
the ice so to speak!" She spoke like this was going to be a regular thing,
which of course it was!

She uncrossed her ripe bare thighs then and motioned me forward.
I took one hesitant step.

"Well of course you must drop your shorts!" I was wearing a sheer pair of gym shorts and nothing underneath, and was already half hard.

I looked sideways at Tiffanny who was broadly smiling.

"Oh don't be concerned about your sister. In fact since she is also a victim of your spying she should be here to see you get your medicine!"

I groaned as I slipped my short down, cursing my half hard erection,
and then, as she guided me across her bare thighs, the feeling of her warm smooth satiny skin, I got hard, but she didn't seem to notice.

"Just lay over my knees and put your palms on the floor and don't
remove them until I'm finished!"

I heard her move to pick up the paddle, and Tiffanny moved to sit on
a chair where she could see my face and my naked backside.

WHAP! The stinging burning sensation made he start and writhe, but
that also made me grind against her thighs.

WHAP! I almost cried out, noticing the smug little smile on Tiffanny's lips. I forgot to even ask how many strokes I was getting, but I did
know I was erect, my dripping cock squished against her warm thighs, feeling
the occasional brush of her big breasts as she measured her strokes.

After a dozen, and I had already begun to cry shamelessly, she paused. "This is in the way too much!" I knew by the way she opened her thighs
and my big swollen cock slipped between then and then she squeezed them
together, making me moan, she wasn't at all shocked by my having a hardon.

"Did he squirt, mother?" Tiffanny asked with a giggle. "You should really punish him if did!" I raised my red tear stained face to see her little smirk.

"No, not yet, dear, but this is very new to him so we must give him
some leeway, at least for a little while!" Then the continued, and now
the pain on my backside was accompanied a second later with my
rigid cock being pushed down and bouncing back up between her smooth
warm thighs. I also thought I detected a fragrance of atmosphere of feminine excitement that I had never experienced before.

After she finished, and I was continually sobbing, she paused, pushed
me off to kneel in front of her, my dripping hardon in full view.

"Now after a punishment, Timmy, it's important for you to make amends,
but in this case but I don't think you can think of anything else with
that!" she smiled arrogantly as she pointed at my erection. Tiffanny giggled and if my face wasn't red it would be crimson now!

"I'm s-sorry, ma'am, b-but...!"

"No need to be sorry. It is an involuntary thing that a young male
cannot control, that's why females must control it for you!" She smiled
over at Tiffanny as I was gazing at her erect hard nipples and looking up
her short robe at the cunt hairs around her bikini panties, her scent
making me dizzy.

"Tiffanny dear, tissues and panties please!"

"Oh yess!" she laughed and soon she came in back of me and her breasts
touched the back of my head as she bent down and I saw her hand with
several tissues in it.

"Y-you want me to, right here?"

Helens smiled. "Why naturally. Don't forget the panties dear!"

"Oh, right," she giggled, and I saw her from the side as she slipped her panties off and then, I was shocked as she pulled them down over my head
making me start.

"Hold still, stupid!" she said as she made sure the saturated crotch
was in front of my nose and mouth.

"Good, now Timmy, I want you to suck your sister's panties clean for
her like a good boy and I think your'e doing a good job I'll let you relive yourself. What's the expression, jerk off?"

Tiffanny turned to sit on the bed besides her beautiful mother as I
gaped at her own braless cleavage and short skirt, intoxicated by the fragrance of her panties making me suck and lick earnestly as they giggled
in approval. After a bit, beyond shame now, Helena pointed her finger
at my dripping erection.

"Take your tissues in one hand and you may begin, and don't dawdle, boy,
Iv'e already taken enough time with you today!"

Without any shame I squeezed the tissues around my knob and began to stroke, my cock harder than it had ever been before.

"That's it, boy," Tiffanny giggled, one arm around her mother's shoulders
as they watched me with amusement. "Jerk off for us!"

I gasped and soon came, jet after hot thick creamy jet into my hand and tissues.

"My goodness, such an awful mess!" Helena smiled. After I finished, she had me apologize humbly to her and Tiffanny, and finally I was allowed to rise and return completely beaten to my room hearing the women laughing
behind me.

That was the first of many sessions and degradations that I feared and anticipated at the same time. Until it became obvious to me that I was trapped by desire and didn't even care.

That night when Helena had casually informed my father we were going
off tomorrow to visit her sister, both women looked at me with that special look in their eyes. In fact Tiffanny couldn't even wait, she pointed with her little finger under the table. I should have known right away when I saw her wearing her leather shoes. I kicked off my sneakers and socks and spread my legs to my bare feet were right near her, and soon I felt her leather soles on my bare toes as she made me look in her eyes as she began to increase pressure, as I tried to behave as if everything is normal. After
a painful dinner, dad as usual excused himself early, picking up half his meal in a paper plate, to return to his laboratory and I stood up with both
women then.

Tiffanny stood directly in front of me when I returned from clearing the table. "I thought you were rather slow tonight after I gave you the signal!"

"Well, b-but...!" "WHAP!" She slapped me hard across the face.

She arched an eyebrow and shook her head with a little smile. "Did I ask for an explanation?" "SLAP!" my head rocked as her backhand caught my other cheek!

Helena laughed, "be patient darling. We'll have plenty of time to straighten him out tomorrow night!"

She pouted, "yes mother!"

"Oh and Timmy, I want you to call Bond's Motel and make a reservation
for tomorrow. We should arrive around 6, and make sure we get cabin # 6!

"Yes mother!"

The first time they took me to Bonds I was rather surprised. Helena and her daughter always travelled first class with my father's money, and this was an out of the way. old fashioned motel with cement block small one bedroom units off an unused highway. A friend who shared my 'mother''s interests clued her to it. I saw why when I carried all the luggage and props for the evening into it. It was mostly unoccupied and almost completely soundproofed, especially the large bathroom with it's solid steel shower rod over the bathtub, and you jammed a wet towel under the doors!

Tomorrow I would be between the two beautiful women in the front seat
for several hours, already with my hands cuffed behind my back as they teased and tormented me, until I was in that tacky cement block bathroom with peeling paint I knew so well, naked and manacled to that steel shower rod as the women took their turns and pleasures!
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