Mistress Bryce Jones

This story is written by Mikey based upon a real life experience, please send comments and appreciation to mikeyg1667@gmail.com


It was already 7.00pm and I still had not reached her apartment. The traffic was very congested on the outskirts of London and I knew it would take at least another 15 minutes to get to Croydon and find where she lived. Whilst I had tried a number of domination sessions, I had yet to find any truly satisfying experience. Stripping myself naked to receive a severe spanking and then being requested to give myself some hand relief did not really do much for me! The Adult Contact magazines offered a variety of dominant sex, but nothing that truly seemed imaginative, until I found the advert for “Mistress Bryce-Jones”. Her photo was totally sensual, dressed in a pair of extremely tight-fitting jeans and an open white blouse showing an expanse of her magnificent breasts, whilst she fondled a delicious looking whip. Her blonde hair was long and framed her very pretty face. She was, I guess; in her late twenties with darting blue eyes that seemed to penetrate right through you. I was totally captivated, and imagined myself restrained and held prisoner between her powerful thighs. Sex was not mentioned and for that matter neither was “Domination”, but it was obvious from her photo that she offered some type of specialised service that was more than just simple prostitution.

I had arranged a meeting with her at 7.00pm and now it was almost 30 minutes beyond that time, as I pulled to a halt outside her house in a dimly lit suburban street. I quickly alighted from my car and rang the doorbell. There was no reply and I begun to wonder whether my long car journey to meet her was to be a complete waste of my time? I hesitantly pressed the bell again and waited patiently on the doorstep for the door to be opened. After several minutes, when I was about to give up and walk away, the door slowly opened and I found myself staring at a powerful looking slim middle-aged woman wearing a close-fitting black leather one-piece uniform with high-heeled boots. She greeted me very curtly and asked in a strong German accent what I wanted. I coughed and very nervously began to explain that I had an appointment with Mistress Bryce-Jones at 7.00pm. The woman looked sternly at her watch and stated that I was very late and that my appointment had been cancelled. I tried to explain the reason for my late arrival, but the door was slammed abruptly in my face, leaving me standing dejectedly on the doorstep.  After standing for a few minutes, I plucked up courage and rang the bell again. This time the door was answered almost immediately and I found myself once again staring at the assertive woman in black leather. I pleaded for her help and asked if it might be possible to another appointment at a later time, if this could be possible? The woman stared at me for a few seconds and replied that she would need to ask her Mistress. The door closed again and I was left again standing in the darkness. After some minutes the door opened, and I was ordered to get inside. I stood in a carpeted hallway and was immediately led into a small nicely furnished sitting room with three comfortable armchairs and a well-polished table on which stood a small telephone. The woman pointed to a chair and ordered me to sit whilst she took some notes. She fixed me with an icy stare and asked what type of session I was seeking with her Mistress. I again coughed nervously and explained that I really did not know what services might be available. The woman looked extremely puzzled and asked whether I had ever visited the house previously and knew anything about her Mistress. I shook my head and explained that this was a first visit and it had been suggested that I should just attend a session and her Mistress could then decide what treatment I needed. The woman in leather smiled cruelly and confirmed that she understood perfectly and that I would not be disappointed. I shivered in some fear of might happen to me. She then explained that her Mistress had no time to waste and certainly did not like being kept waiting, particularly by slaves that could not keep to time especially on their first visit. I shuddered at the word “slave” and wondered whether I had made a huge mistake in engaging this lady to provide me with some of her very personal services. I blinked and watched the woman continue to stare at me as she slowly opened a drawer of the table and take out a slim notebook. Opening he book she selected a pen from the drawer and asked me abruptly for my name. I thought quickly and deliberately lied, giving her my name as Nicholas; the name that I had supplied to her Mistress when first making my appointment over the telephone a few days earlier. The woman smiled sadistically and suggested that this was probably not my correct name? I stuttered a reply confirming that I had supplied my proper name. I had however, taken the precaution of emptying my wallet before leaving the car, so that there was no incriminating evidence, such as bank or credit cards to reveal my true identity. I had also ensured that the wallet contained only just sufficient cash to pay the fee demanded and very little more, in case (as in one earlier experience) I was searched, whilst tied helpless and had all my money stolen. The woman repeated her question and warned me that should I have not told the truth, I would be tortured until I was made to reveal my real identity. I tried not to show that I was frightened by this threat, but the suggestion of torture both unnerved and aroused me.  She demanded £200 in cash, as a tribute payment and I duly handed over the money. The woman took the cash, quickly counted the notes and placed them in a box within the drawer, before locking it securely with a small key and depositing it inside a locket dangling around her neck. We sat for a few seconds before the woman lifted the telephone receiver and spoke a few words in a language I did not understand. Slowly she replaced the receiver and again stared down at me before ordering me to remove my jacket and shirt. I shivered slightly at the woman’s strange command, but did exactly as I was asked. I was then told to place my arms behind my back and I felt her put metal handcuffs over each of my wrists. Before I had time to move, my assailant took an object from the drawer of the table and pressed it against my trembling lips. She ordered me to open my mouth and forced the object inside. Once in place with the rubber padding tight against my teeth, she began to turn some screws and it began to expand, forcing my jaws apart. She turned the screws tighter until my mouth became stretched wide open and I could only utter some quite unintelligible sounds. The woman stared into my eyes for several minutes without uttering a word then taking a length of white cloth from the drawer, she wrapped it around my mouth preventing any further sound. I stared at her as she smiled again and told me in her heavy German accent that I would be taken care of in a most satisfactorily way, then she knelt down on the floor in front of my chair. I felt quite aroused by what had already taken place, and was worried about what she intended to do now that I was totally restrained and gagged. I was certainly not ready for what followed next as the woman slowly reached between my thighs and unzipped the front of my trousers with her leather-covered fingers. I tried to close my thighs to prevent her from touching me so intimately, but she easily pulled my legs apart, and warned me never to resist her in any way or, she would really enjoy hurting me. I sat quite still as she thrust a hand inside my trousers and touched me very intimately. I naturally responded to her touch as my cock erected inside my tight underpants. The woman studied me intently and asked whether I would like her to make me cum? I blushed with embarrassment and she laughed quite seductively.  Before I had time to nod my head the door of the room opened and Mistress Bryce-Jones appeared. I stared at her dressed in her skin-tight jeans as she moved towards me and spoke to the woman in a cultured English voice. She asked if I had given her any trouble and then turning to me, explained that her assistant’s name was Nina and she was very experienced in torturing wayward males that did not do exactly as they were told.  I tried desperately to reply, but the gag stretching my mouth prevented any kind of speech. Nina withdrew her hand and zipped my trousers closed. My face had now become quite pink with embarrassment at the humiliation I had suffered whilst Nina had been exploring me. The Mistress moved across the room and sat down on a chair opening her thighs wide as I stared between her legs. She ordered Nina to take me from my chair and force me to kneel in front of her, between her wide-pulled thighs. Before I had time to realise what was happening, my hair was grasped and I had been lifted to my feet, and literally thrust down on my knees between the legs of the Mistress. She next instructed Nina to fetch some implements from her desk and whilst this was being done, The Mistress took hold of my hair and forced my face tightly down against the denim material of her jeans. When Nina returned she was instructed to pull down my trousers and underpants, which She did very efficiently, as though undressing a small child.  I now felt even more humiliated, being held naked before the two women, whilst they discussed how I should be punished for my late arrival. I realised that due to all this overtly sexual behaviour, my cock was now protruding indecently from my groin. The Mistress lifted my head and casually glanced down at my stiff erection. She informed me that she did not appreciate my arousal and stated that I would be punished for that bad behaviour as well of my lateness in arrival at her chambers. I could not believe that this was all happening and tensed my body in readiness for what might happen next. The Mistress casually announced that I must be immediately punished and without a word, my face was pressed once again against her tight blue jeans, as Nina commenced to administer my discipline. The first blow landed across my back, followed quickly by two more. There was a pause, before more blows were struck in succession across my naked buttocks. I tried to raise my head from between the thighs of the Mistress, but she held me very firmly in position and closed her thighs around my face. Nina was an expert with the flogger and knew just where to hurt me  most. I heard the Mistress give a further command and the next blow landing across my rear was with a thin cane. I screamed into my gag at the increased pain of this new instrument. Another three blows landed and I tried to wrench my head free of the soft leather gloves holding down my head. I could hear Mistress Bryce-Jones order another two strokes for my attempting to escape her grasp of my head.  After the additional two strokes had been administered, my head was released and I was allowed to stand up. My face was now crimson with both the pain and the humiliation. Nina stroked my sore buttocks almost soothingly and tugged playfully on my swollen cock. Upon instruction, she pulled up my trousers and underpants and fastened them around my hips to cover my nakedness. Some more instructions were given in a foreign tongue and Nina dragged me from the room and down a long corridor to another room devoid of any furniture, except for a large carved wooden chair resembling an ornate throne. In the corner stood a table covered by a cloth that was draped across it almost touching the floor. I was forced under this table and shackled by both my wrists and ankles to some fixings on the wooden floor. A pillow was thrust under my head for comfort, which enabled me a full view of the throne. The lights were extinguished and just a spotlight above the throne was switched on. Mistress Bryce-Jones entered the room, having changed from her jeans to a short black leather skirt. She moved to the table and pulled back the cloth, explaining that I would need to be patient, as she needed to see two more of her clients, before she could spend any more time with me. I tried to protest, but she dropped the cloth to partially obscure my sight of the room and went to sit on the throne. I watched as she thrust a gloved hand under her skirt and pulled back the tight leather. She explained that watching me being punished had made her very horny. I sucked in my breath as I watched her lift her skirt displaying her tight black silk knickers. She forced a gloved finger under the knickers and began to rub herself quite erotically. She breathed heavily as she became more sexually aroused. At that moment the door opened and the Mistress quickly re-arranged her skirt to cover herself, as a young girl dressed in shiny black leather pushed a young male into the room. The girl wore knee-length high-heeled boots and a tight leather hood, covering her face. The man was both gagged with a piece of white cloth like myself and his wrists were bound with a length of twine, but otherwise he was still fully dressed. The Mistress greeted him by name and asked whether Mistress Evelyn had taken care of him satisfactorily. He nodded his head obediently as Evelyn forced him to his knees on the floor in front of the Mistress. She was asked to show her prisoner to the Mistress and quickly knelt beside the trembling youth and tore open his jeans. With equal speed she extracted a very aroused cock from his underpants and closed her gloved fingers around it.  The Mistress asked whether he had already cum and Evelyn replied that she had forced him to do so on two earlier occasions. At this point his gag was removed and he was warned not to make any noise as he should press his face under the tight skirt of the Mistress and lick her panties. He shook his head negatively at this request and Evelyn was ordered to hurt him. This she did bypulling down his underpants to expose his balls, then squeezing them in her gloved fingers.  The Boy shook his head in discomfort and pleaded for Evelyn to stop hurting him. She ignored his pleas and continued to manipulate the swollen sacs and then pinched the head of his cock that she produced by pulling back on his tight foreskin. The boy emitted a strangled cry and the Mistress lent down and slapped his face, warning that any further resistance, would mean that Mistress Nina would need to change his mind. He looked very scared and  immediately did as he was requested. I watched intently as he pressed his mouth against the silk panties as the Mistress lifted herself from her chair and opened her legs widerto give him a better access to her sensitive vagina and clitoris. She grasped his hair and forced the boy’s mouth harder against her body. She began to moan and gasp with extreme pleasure and ordered the boy to lick her clitoris more enthusiastically. Her reaction suggested that his tongue had found the exact spot and she rubbed his face faster against herself. It was all over very quickly as Mistress Bryce-Jones threw back her head and screamed in completion, whilst Evelyn continued to stroke her captive’s erection, bringing him nearer to his third ejaculation. He was asked why it was always necessary to make him so compliant every time he visited her house, and warned that any future refusals to please his Mistress would lead to an unpleasant torture session with the talented Nina. Evelyn was instructed to stop milking his cock as he had already enjoyed far too many privileges for a slave and it was time for him to be released. He seemed most disappointed that he was not to be allowed to cum for a third time, as Evelyn seized his cock and dragged him struggling from the room. The Mistress rose from her chair and moved to where I was fastened under the table. She reached between my legs and stroked me forcefully between my thighs, asking if I had enjoyed what I had seen. I nodded frantically as she continued to stroke my trousers and bent lower to kiss my cheek. My gag prevented me from returning the kiss as my nostrils filled with her heavenly perfume. Her fingers caressed me harder and she smiled and stated that she would unzip me to examine the results of her stimulation. Her fingers unfastened my zip and quickly she extracted my cock from my underpants. She stroked it for a few minutes and I strained to contain my excitement as the beautiful woman excited me beyond my wildest dreams. Thankfully a knock at the door interrupted any further activity and I relaxed as she went to admit her next caller. He was an older man with a smart suit and stood confidently before her as she lounged on her throne. She again knew him by name and told him that she had summoned him before her to explain the punishment she had planned for him in respect of his inappropriate behaviour on an earlier visit. He smiled quite evilly as I watched him move nearer and take a small device from his pocket. Before the Mistress could make any move, he seized her hands and fitted small plastic loops of the device over two of her gloved fingers. She stared at him in stunned silence as he then produced a rubber ball-gag and forced it into her mouth. Literally in an instance she had become his prisoner and he grinned as he leaned over her struggling body and told her that he intended to have his fun with her and nothing she could do would stop him. He pulled open her blouse and allowed his hands to wander over both of her bra-clad breasts before pulling loose the bra cups to expose her breasts. He lowered his head and began to suck on the exposed nipples. She tried to resist what he was doing, but in my mind not altogether too convincingly, and shouted quietly into her gag. He merely grinned and taking a hand from her breasts he lowered it to her skirt and forced her legs apart.  She thrashed around on the throne in an effort to avoid the assault but still the man continued to play with her body. His hand disappeared under her skirt whilst the Mistress remained with her legs spread wide and it was obvious that he was now touching her very intimately. After a short period of abusing the Mistress, he stood up and unzipped his trousers, pulling out a very large erection. He stood before her stroking himself slowly for a few moments and then told the Mistress that he wanted her to suck him until he was ready to fuck her. She stared in panic as the man moved closer and took hold of her hair in readiness to make her comply with his request. She now half lay beneath the man as he move his cock nearer to her gagged lips and made ready to pull her gag loose, so he could use her mouth. As if by arrangement, both Nina and Evelyn rushed into the room and after a brief struggle, the man was overpowered and his arms and legs were put into restraints. A gag was fastened over his mouth to stifle his cries and he was hauled from the room. I could not believe what I had witnessed and lay under the table breathing heavily. He was clearly intending to rape the woman and had it not been for the timely appearance of her two assistants, he would have surely carried out his threat.  Evelyn re-entered the room and pulled me from under the table and placed me back into some handcuffs.  She released her Mistress and allowed her to button-up her open blouse. There was a hushed conversation, which I could not quite hear and then I too was pushed from the room. Evelyn dragged me along the carpeted corridor until she reached a room with a heavy wooden door fitted with a small hatch that resembled the door of a prison cell. She pulled my head towards her and whispered into my ear that I would now see why I should always obey instructions and never do anything to displease her Mistress. On entering the room I was greeted by the sight of the man whom I had seen attack the Mistress, standing stark naked and tied upright with his arms above his head and leather manacles fastened around both wrists. Both his ankles were fastened in shackles and a thick telescopic tube held his legs wide apart. I was seated in a high-backed chair and tied to it with thick leather straps. Nina stood beside the man and grasped his rampant cock tightly with a leather-gloved hand, pulling back the foreskin as far as it would stretch to expose the bloated dark coloured head. The man shivered in fear as she produced a tiny whip and began to strike his erection quite wildly, until he began screaming in pain. I realised that although his eyes were covered with a tight rubber cover, he wore no gag to silence his cries.  The door opened and the Mistress entered the cell and watched avidly as Nina continued to whip the man’s cock again. Nina turned and spoke a few words in her native tongue to which the Mistress nodded approvingly. Taking a thick rubber instrument from a tray, Nina moved behind the man and inserted the thing into his rear. He danced with discomfort as she forced the probe deeply inside his anus. Next, she fitted some vicious spring-loaded clips onto his swollen nipples which she fondled until they had developed to her liking. His cries were incessant as he swung to and fro to avoid the cruel treatments. Nina raised her boot and kicked the man directly between his legs, delivering several blows to his swollen testicles. He screamed again and again and pleaded for the torture to stop, then started to cry as once again Nina began to stroke his tight foreskin and sensitive cock-head. The crying gave way to gasps of arousal as Nina continued with the massage treatment. She then   slapped his cock with her gloved hand, until he attempted to twist his body to avoid the blows. Nina shouted something in German and seized his cock to once again masturbate him quickly and hard. Nina really seemed to enjoy her work torturing the man, alternating between masturbation together with slaps and kicks, whilst tightening the clips on the man’s nipples. When it seemed that the man could take no more, she produced a metal rod and touched it lightly against the exposed head of his cock. He screamed several times as he was clearly being electrocuted, whilst Nina thrashed his buttocks with a multi-thronged leather whip. She watched the man carefully before once again wrapping her fingers around his swollen cock, to begin some further masturbation, which she conducted at a slower pace. The Mistress gave an order that the man should be made to cum for her and moved forward to watch quite intently. He began to shake and twitch as Nina speeded up the milking process.  With a gasp and a lingering moan he became rigid then twitched as a huge squirt of semen shot from his cock-head onto the stone floor of the cell.

I sat transfixed as I had never witnessed a man’s torture and knew that it was making me severely aroused. The Mistress asked whether I was appreciating what Nina was doing and explained that she was well trained by the East German Stassi (Police) before coming to live in Britain. Evelyn was instructed to remove my trousers so that she could inspect me to see whether the action that I had witnessed was having any effect upon me. I felt embarrassed as Evelyn bent and neatly unzipped my trousers, before tugging them from my hips. I was most stimulated and my erection poked tight against my underpants as her fingers stroked the soft cotton material. After some preliminary fondling and stroking she peeled down my underwear exposing me nakedly, as my cock sprang from the tight cloth. She gently retracted my foreskin until the whole of my bloated cock-head was revealed. I continued to watch Nina forcing her prisoner to produce some further cum for the Mistress who seemed far too interested in the man than to watch what Evelyn was doing with me. Suddenly, as I least expected it, Evelyn plunged her soft wet lips over my shaft and began to suck me vigorously.  I lasted no more than one minute and emptied myself into the girl’s mouth. I don’t think I had ever experienced such a violent climax and was most concerned that I had been unable to warn her of my impending eruption. Evelyn seemed quite unconcerned as she swallowed my jetting spend and then released me from her mouth and watched the last drops of my semen dribble from my cock-head and splash on the chair. With the man still screaming from Nina’s treatment, I was dragged from the room and taken back upstairs. I could no longer hear his screams of pain as my bondage was unfastened and the gag was taken from my tired mouth.


I sat quietly in my car reflecting upon my treatment and knew that I would certainly be returning to visit Mistress Bryce-Jones and hopefully enjoy some of her other very special services.



Written by Mikey, based upon a real life experience. All comment should be sent to him on mikeyg1667@gmail.com