Mikey's Fetish Fantasy


This story is written by MIKEY, please send comments and appreciation to mikeyg1667@gmail.com

I pressed the return key and realised that there was no going back. My entry to the Fetish Club was duly confirmed.

It had been so easy to become a member, by just submitting my gender, date of birth and username. There was an added facility available by entering more detailed information and uploading a photo, but I declined this offer. I waited impatiently for a contact for several days but   received no response. After two weeks I contacted the Club and asked for  advice. I was instructed to supply more detailed information, stating my chosen fantasy, the type of woman or, group that I was seeking, the age, and location of my preferred contact. Perhaps I should also send a photo? I hesitated about the photo, but searching through my picture database, I discovered one of me wearing a gag and blindfold, secured to a door- frame with my jeans pulled down, and a woman’s leather gloved hand thrust deep inside my underpants.  As I could not be identified, I was prepared to release the image to the Club for distribution to its’ Members. Within days, I received an enquiry from a lady named Carole. She explained that she was an experienced Dom and liked the photo I had displayed on the site. Having collected some Fem-Dom books and DVDs, I had a fair understanding of the type of sex-play usually associated with this fetish. I instantly replied, and was rewarded with a picture of Carole wearing some very seductive black leather and another dressed as a sexy Nurse. The short movie clip she attached, showed clearly what she most liked to do with a man. The dungeon interrogation was stimulating and most explicit, as Carole put the guy through some imaginative BDSM sex. She suggested a kidnap style encounter, which might be to my liking, especially if some of her girlfriends were allowed to assist her and perhaps this might include some medical play?


It took several days to arrange our first meeting in a secluded woodland area near to my home. I felt very apprehensive, as I stood alone in a clearing, listening intently for the snap of a twig or, the rustle of leaves, to signify the approach of my abductors. Without warning, I was surrounded by three young women, dressed entirely in black leather, wearing facemasks, with handcuffs attached to their belts. I tried to defend myself, but it was all over very quickly, and soon lay pinned to the ground with my face trapped under the short skirt of one of my attackers. Her muscular thighs held my head securely, with my mouth forced tightly against her silk panties, effectively gagging me. Her companions quickly removed my shirt and jeans, together with my shoes and socks. A hand grasped me between my thighs, and I was warned not to offer any resistance or, I would suffer some serious pain in a very private part of my anatomy.   The woman sitting on my face enjoyed my mouth for several minutes before she produced a cloth soaked in an effective drug and clamped it firmly over my nose and mouth. When I eventually awoke, I saw that I had been strapped to a reclined leather examination, chair in a room fitted-out as a clinical surgery. A leather hood covered my head, with a ball-gag fastened inside my mouth and my wrists and ankles stretched out and fastened to the sides of the chair. Through the eye-slits in the hood, I saw that my pants had still not been removed, but they offered little protection from the treatment I knew I could surely expect from these kinky women. After some minutes the door of the room opened and the three women who had abducted me, filed into the room. They now wore short white nurses uniforms, surgical face- masks, and sheer black stockings covering their shapely legs and thighs. In any other circumstances, I would have enjoyed entertaining them, but glancing around I noticed several medical trays covered with white cloths, and began to panic at what lay underneath. I remember suggesting to Carole that I might like a medical type experience as part of the fantasy role-play, but this all seemed far too authentic. As they approached my body, their high-heeled shoes clattering on the polished floor andI struggled to free myself, but found that I was too well secured to the chair. I could only watch as they stood around me stretching latex gloves over their hands. I shuddered in fear as one of the trays was uncovered and the polished instruments of surgery were revealed. One of the women stared intently into my eyes through the slits of my hood, and noticed that I was now fully awake. “Ah, I see that you are ready for us”, she announced. “Good, then we can begin your treatments, Mikey” Her fingers stroked over my chest and pinched my tiny nipples. She introduced herself as Carole, and I winced in pain as she instructed another woman to give her some serrated metal clips, which she fastened to my nipples. She began to turn the tiny wheel on each clip, tightening the sharp jaws tighter until they squeezed my sensitive flesh very painfully. I tried to adjust my position to avoid the harsh treatment, but was unable to prevent the pain cutting into my chest. My nipples were now on fire as I felt other fingers stroking my tight white pants. I lay quite still as the fingers stroked the bulge of my cock within the soft cloth and then moved down between my wide-pulled thighs to fondle my swollen balls. I gasped into my gag due to the intimate touch, and heard the women snigger with pleasure. A voice whispered in my ear “ What have I found down here Mikey, are you getting excited for us?” The chair began to tip back so that I could no longer view the trays of medical instruments.  Suddenly, my pants were pulled down exposing my nakedness to their avid gaze, as my erect cock sprang to attention. “Wow!” exclaimed a voice above me, “have we made you do that?”. Laughter erupted around the room and I was glad of the hood covering my embarrassed face. Fingers wrapped around my erection and began to work the foreskin gently up and down, as some lubricant was splashed over the engorged head and then trickled down onto my balls. “Now we really have you Mikey, don’t we? Perhaps we can make you give us some of your milk, before we cut off your prick and you will be unable to fuck anyone ever again” There was more sniggering, as fingers continued to masturbate me and stroke my balls, until I became rigid and strained for release. I shuddered at what Carole had threatened to do with my cock and pleaded desperately into my gag, as tears welled in my eyes.  The foreskin was now stretched back tightly, almost painfully, exposing me totally as a dribble of seminal fluid appeared from my cock-head. Another nurse placed a cotton bud against the open slit to soak up the expulsion. “ He will need no Viagra if he keeps as hard as that”, suggested one of the nurses. A bud was then pushed gently into my cock and forced deeper; I shouted loudly into my gag in discomfort, but my protests were ignored as another cotton bud was pressed inside. “Mppphhh” I wailed, as the intruders were then agitated, scratching the sensitive skin of my urethra. Make sure he is nice and clean” ordered Carole, as she bent over to inspect my groin. As quickly as they had been inserted, the buds were withdrawn and then replaced with a thin rubber tube, coated with a layer of lubricant. A rubber cap was fitted over the swollen head of my cock and fastened with tiny straps around my genitals, whilst some wires were attached to special fittings on the rubber covering. I did not have long to wait before stabs of electricity attacked my cock. The women seemed to enjoy my pain and turned up the flow of the current to add to my suffering. I began to wonder what I had gotten myself into, and just how much hurt I could withstand to satisfy the women’s perverted pleasures.

“Now Mikey!” demanded Carole, “it is time for you to give us some pleasure. If you please us well, we may let you keep your little dick.” She lifted her skirt exposing her tight black knickers. Pulling aside the strip of silk between her thighs, she inserted a finger slowly inside her cunt and began to stimulate herself. My chair was lowered and then reclined until I lay with my head tilted back. Carole stood with her hand inside her knickers smiling down at me. “Are you going to be a really good boy and give me what I want?” A condom was stretched over my cock and she moved closer. I realised that I was in no position to prevent being raped, as Carole pulled down her knickers. Fingers unfastened my gag, but instead of Carole climbing over my hips, she moved over my face and sat down over my mouth. “Lick me! Suck me! Make me cum or, we will cut off your dick.” I needed no further encouragement, as my mouth and tongue went to work on her Pussey. “Yes! Yes!” She hissed, as she ground down on my face and I heard her give instructions for me to be milked. I found it difficult to breathe with my mouth so filled with her sex and then felt my rubber-covered cock grasped in lubricated fingers and masturbation began. Fingers forced me to complete into the enveloping rubber of the condom as I groaned deeply upon reaching my climax. The sting of a whip slashed against my thighs, bringing me to a state of instant reality. “Did I tell you to stop sucking me Mikey? Carole screamed at me. “There is so much more for you to do, before we are finished with you”. Eventually, she climbed off my face, but not before she had reached a further orgasm. Before I had a chance to rest, another pussy was clamped across my lips. The dripping rubber covering my wilting cock was peeled from me, as my shaft was cleaned with a swab, and another protective sheath was rolled down over my foreskin as it was gently aroused. Again I was instructed to use my tongue and soon succeeded in pleasuring the woman writhing above me. Fingers again coaxed me to spurt more of my semen into the tight rubber sheath.  Eventually, a third woman mounted my face, and forced me to pleasure her under her leather skirt. The scent of her sex and the leather of her skirt soon had me very excited, and a fur-lined mechanical suction tube was forced down firmly over my erection. Even though I had already cum twice, I became very stimulated by the milking device, and quickly produced a further quantity of my cum, which was drawn into the sucking tube and duly collected in a small glass flask.

“We will leave you to rest, before we continue with some more treatments Mikey” suggested Carole. “but before we leave you, we shall give you a nice refreshing drink.” I watched as the contents of the two condoms were squeezed into the flask containing my final ejaculation, and some white powder was added. A nurse stirred the contents before it was held against my protesting mouth. “Don’t struggle” I was told, “it is only some Viagra mixed with your lovely milk to keep you nice and co-operative” Latex fingers held my nose closed as I was forced to swallow the glutinous mixture. “What a good boy!” exclaimed a nurse, as she kissed my cum covered lips and my gag was replaced. The lights were switched off leaving me alone in the darkness to contemplate the next stage of my captivity.  


After about half an hour the women returned and the treatment resumed. My pants were pulled down my thighs, again exposing my semi-aroused cock, and latex covered fingers soon had me ready for more treatments.

A thin rubber tube was forced into my cock. “Now Mikey, we shall just empty your balls before we start with the next stage of your treatment”. I was then made to pee into a plastic container. The women suggested that I should be made to enjoy another drink, but thankfully this did not happen. Next my legs were pulled up from the chair and hoisted above my body. With my rear now totally exposed, one of the women began to explore my hole with her greasy finger, before she inserted a rubber invader into my anal passage. I screamed in pain as the dildo was forced more deeply into my body. “Sshh!” demanded a nurse as she held her fingers over my lips and reached down to stimulate my cock. As the invader raped my arse, her clever fingers forced another jet of cum from my cock. I had never enjoyed such a complete feeling of submission, as she squeezed the last drops of semen from me, leaving sticky white rivulets running down my cock and collecting into pools on my belly and thighs. My pubic hair had also become coated with my ejaculation, as the woman released my cock and removed the invader from my anus. Silently, I was released from the chair and again sedated. When I awoke I found myself in the room I had seen in the DVD; suspended from a ceiling hoist with my legs spread wide and my ankles fastened to ringbolts set in the floor. My hood was still in place, but my gag had been removed and my pants had been cut from my body, and lay in shreds on the floor in front of me. The women stood around me holding whips in their leather covered fingers and once again dressed in their black leather skirts and boots, looking like torturers from some form of secret police.  I shivered in fear as I watched them move around me, before the first whip struck my buttocks, the next hit my chest and a third cut me across the thighs. I shouted in protest, but the women continued to enjoy my pain and ignored my screams of protest. At length, I became exhausted with the pain and screaming, and hung limp and semi-conscious, as the assault ceased. The woman began feeling my nakedness, stroking the angry red welts covering my body, until I was once again fully awake and responsive. One of the women knelt between my thighs, and began to suck at my rigid cock. If she had not been told to stop, I would have erupted into her mouth. She smiled up at me, as my cock popped from het wet lips “Did I nearly made you cum for me, Mikey?”   I could not believe I was still being made to respond to these sex-hungry women, and realised that the Viagra was indeed a most powerful stimulant. Picking up my discarded pants, a nurse began to dry my cock very seductively, and I began to feel another climax building within me. Before I erupted again, she stopped wiping me, and fitted some rubber straps around my cock and balls and tightened them painfully. Carole stood in front of me and smiled as she explained what I was next required to do for my captors. I looked up and whimpered into my gag as the women lifted their skirts and removed their panties. “Are we ready to obey Mikey or, will we need to take you back to the surgery?” I shuddered at the thought of what the scalpels would do to me.  She reached down and began to tighten the bindings until I nodded my head in defeat. I was pulled forward and fastened into position as I watched each of the women insert a thin probe of a rubber into their pussies and strap devices around their groin. Greasing the life-like rubber (strap-on) phalluses attached to the front of the harnesses, they moved behind me. “Now Mikey, you must be very brave whilst we enjoy you some more.” The feel of their leather-gloved fingers playing with my cock, served to relieve some of the pain of the anal rapes. My semen squirted onto the floor in front of me, as my rear was put to good use.  At length I began again to tire of the harsh treatment, and was sedated.


I must have slept for many hours and awoke tied to a bed in a conventional bedroom. My hood and gag were still in place, but I was now again fully dressed and feeling very sore, particularly within my anal orifice. Carole entered the room, dressed in a clinging silk kimino.  “How do you feel Mikey. Have we worn you out or, are you ready for some more?” Removing my gag, she began to feed me with some juice and  coffee, plus a little blue pill, which I attempted to spit from my mouth. Carole noticed this and picking the pill from my chest, she pushed it between my lips and held my nose closed. Whilst I attempted to prevent the pill entering my throat, I was made to swallow it, helped with another small glass of fruit juice. Carole inspected my mouth to ensure the pill had been taken and then placed the gag back in position. “I will be back in half an hour when you are ready for me”, she announced. The half hour passed quickly, as the door opened and Carole re-appeared, dressed in a black leather catsuit and thigh-length leather boots. She stood looking down at me, and explained that she was now going to enjoy me one last time before releasing me. I tried to speak, but she knelt down on the bed and pressed her leather-gloved hand over my lips. “Shhh” she whispered, “just relax, while I get you ready”.  She unzipped the front of the suit to give me a view of her black knickers showing clearly the outline of her pussey. “Do you like what you see?” she asked, and stroked her fingers over the tight silk. I stared harder as she released an arm from my bindings and forced my hand between her thighs. “Touch me Mikey, touch my cunt, make me horny,” I needed no further encouragement as my fingers began to caress her. Carole began to sigh with arousal and I tried to poke a finger under the tight panty and explore the lips of her vagina. “Yes! Yes!” she hissed, as my finger found her wet orifice and plunged deeper. Her gloved fingers began to stroke her clitoris and she shook with an orgasm. Grabbing my hand, she quickly refastened my arm to the bed. “That’s enough Mikey, you have been very naughty, making me cum without permission” she explained breathlessly. She smacked my face several times, very firmly. “Now let us start again; My way!” I watched, as she began to feel my jeans, until my cock was bulging within the tight denim material. I gasped with growing excitement as she ripped open the zip and pulled the jeans from my hips.  “Oh! I love your pants, they look so much like mine” she smiled as I glanced down my body and saw that I was now wearing a pair of black feminine panties. She pulled my jeans further down my thighs and I saw that I was also wearing a pair of sheer black stockings. “You did not tell us that you were a transvestite Mikey Ha! Ha!. I am going to have such fun playing with you dressed like that.”  She began to stroke the thin silk of the panties, which bulged obscenely covering my erection. She smiled as her fingers continued to arouse me, and then began to stroke the sheer stockings on my thighs. Her eyes glazed and her breath came in short gasps as she continued to excite me. “Do you like me feeling you Mikey, aren’t my silky panties lovely and soft on your prick? You look so sexy in my stockings”. She climbed onto the bed and opened her cat-suit more to expose her knickers. Opening a drawer in the bedside cabinet she pulled out a foil-covered pack and ripped it open.  Extracting a condom, she gazed down at me and smiled. “You know what you must do now, don’t disappoint me, will you?” She peeled down the knickers from my hips and forced the condom over my erection. Now holding my rubber-covered cock firmly between her fingers, she positioned herself carefully and sat down slowly over my cock, forcing it firmly inside her tight wet channel. It was over very quickly as she rode me to a shattering climax within the rubber sheath. This was repeated, although, I could not match her orgasms. “Well, Mikey”, she announced breathlessly, “that is all for now, I shall call you again when I want you,” She rose from the bed and looked down at me for a few seconds, then smiling sadistically, she bent over me and forced her hand between my thighs, poking a gloved-covered index finger into my arsehole. I shrieked with pain, as she stared down at me and giggled with lust. “Oh! Am I hurting you so very much? You will remember us for days won’t you?” I grimaced in pain as she moved away and returned with yet another drug soaked rag. “You can keep my sexy underwear as a nice memento of what we have done with you; Goodbye” she cooed, as she pressed the rag over my face, and the room became a blur.      


I awoke in the woodland area from which I had been abducted, feeling more than a little confused. On reaching my home, I interrogated my E-mail site and read a short message from Carole. “Hope you are feeling OK? You were very good. We shall want to see you again, soon for more games!”  I stroked my fingers over my jeans, feeling the silk panties rubbing against my cock, and knew that Carol’s summons could not come soon enough! Perhaps I might buy some more feminine underwear, it was so sexy and was really turning me on?



This story is written by MIKEY, please send comments and appreciation to mikeyg1667@gmail.com