Life in the Prison Camp of 2020

This story is written and contributed by Ian


The year was 2020, 4 years after the second world economic crash and the wars which followed. The womenís movement had seized the opportunity to take over.

It all started in London where a group of women in the financial district had taken control and the rest of Europe and the USA soon followed suite.

All resistance by males was dealt with harshly and internment work prison camps were set up long sentences were dished out by female judges and the camps specialized in hard labour and punishment.

Claire Martley ran camp 2 on the outskirts of London, this was one of the harshest regimes of all the prison camps.

Claire was a very beautiful woman, she stood 5'10; (1.75 m) in her stocking feet and at least 4 inches; (10 cm ) taller in her spike heels that she loved to wear. Claire s hair was in a shoulder length blonde bob she had a a slim but curvy build. Her impressive bottom and chest were only just surpassed by her long very strong curvy legs. But the thing that set her apart from most women was her sadistic nature, she loved her job as Major Martley in charge of camp 2. she loved punishing males and making them work their guts out day in day out. The camp was run on this ethos and Claire had chosen each member of staff personally so that mercy was not a word they understood. The males were all fitted with an electric shock collar so any resistance was futile and agony.

As well as being guards the women running the camp lived the life of luxury waited on by prisoners who were in fact no more than slaves. Claire had chosen beautiful , cruel women to mercilessly tease the poor males to make it harder for them.

Claire had enjoyed a relaxing day , the guards were encouraged to report males for the most minor faults which meant they were on punishment duty for 24 hours. They were caned at 10am and worked until midnight then whipped or flogged. The guards were encouraged to sit and watch the males being punished and to laugh and taunt them as the ladies enjoyed wine and fine food.

Claire had watched the morning caning then had a work out in the gym. She then had 3 males massage her, one doing her back, shoulders and legs whilst the other 2 rubbed scented oil into her beautiful feminine feet. She the ordered a bean salad for lunch and cabbage and Brussels sprouts for her evening meal which was now having the desired effect.

Claire phoned down to the guard room,

Send up a prisoner on punishment detail,, put him in leg spreaders and an arm sleeve .

Cathy an Amazon brunette chose prisoner 135, she had put him on punishment herself for not polishing her knee boots to her satisfaction.

135 was marched up to the accommodation block and put in a sleeve which pinioned his arms behind his back and a bar with cuffs was put on his legs keeping them 3 feet apart at his feet.

This was fairly standard punishment gear so the prisoner didnít know his fate as he was pushed into Claire s luxurious private quarters .

Claire was waiting for him in a white shirt , black leather skirt, black sheer high shine pantihose and 4IN spike heeled, peep toed stilettos. She looked amazing.

135 then watched as Claire deliberately slowly let her shirt fall to the floor. To his horror he saw she had on her fragrance pants.

These pants were very baggy at the back and had tight rubber seals around her waist and thighs. But what made them special was the third leg hanging down from the bottom part. 135 immediately knew his fate.

He fell to the floor and started kissing Claire shoes and her toes peeping out from her shoes , grovelling,

NO, NO Please not that anything but that.

Claire was loving it and let him grovel for a few minutes slipping a shoe off so her could debase himself more as he licked the nylon sole of her foot. Begging and pleading.

After about 3 or 4 minutes Claire said,

Cathy be a dear and position him for me. And put some masking tape over his mouth.

The slave was beside himself as Cathy taped his mouth and pulled the tight rubber seal apart and pushed 135,s head into the pants so that his face was right against Claire s nylon covered bottom. The rubber seal fitted tightly around his neck giving an almost air tight seal.

Claire positioned herself on her bed on her side. She had some wine and some chocolates at hand and the TV playing her favourite soaps.

135 was completely helpless and at her mercy as Claire s stomach gurgled after her meals.

Not long now slave she giggled.

Oh god no!  how could he take this again?

, she had done this to him 6 months ago, he couldnít take it again, he couldnít.

At this a warm blast of Claire s bottom gas hit his face and even though he tried to hold his breath he still had to breath in eventually, through his nose.

This brought frantic twitching from his legs as he took in the full benefit of her sent.

Claire loved it and chuckled out loud saying,

There is plenty more for you to enjoy,  where that came from slave.

Every minute or so Claire let him have it and enjoyed the frantic leg movements and snuffling from him. Revelling in his torment, As she relaxed in comfort on her bed.

She thought how bad it must be for the slave being forced to take this, and laughed out loud. It was sooo much fun to torture him like this, there was nothing he could do about it but take it. Ha ha Ha


135 couldnít believe it, he was suffering so much. He had been caned and now this all because of that bitch Miss Cathy. She was 10 years younger than him and he had been an executive, she loved picking on him. She regularly made him refresh her nylon covered feet after a full day in her knee boots.

He had to lick the soles and suck the perspiration from the reinforced nylion  toe part. he had to do it with enthusiasm but not slobber on her stockings. T hats what got him in the fragrance pants the first time. A tiny trace of saliva on her stockings heels, and she loved finding it.!


How dare you , you little shit, you are going to really suffer for that impertinence

!She slapped his face several times with her black leather gloved hands,  then sent him to Major claire s for this torture.

Cathy had sent him to claire s several times since, Once to lick her floors clean, and several times to be teased,  tormented  and punished by Claire and her female friends . And now this.

Claire was loving every second of doing this to him.

Claire decided to turn the screw on his punishment up a notch and held on to her gas a bit. She picked up a Dr Schole wooden sandal she had put out next to her bed.

She didnít like the fact he was holding his breath when she passed her gas. He wasnít getting the full treatment. So as she let her gas go she slapped him hard in the balls with the wooden sole of the sandal.

The instant pain made him forget all about holding his breath and he was forced to take in the full scent of her gas. Claire was highly delighted at this and was giggling away to herself as she felt another gas blast building up.

Splat went the sandal into his unprotected balls as the gas hit his face. Forcing him to inhale deeply.


Claire continued like this for a hour or so before tiring of her fun.

She ordered, I will let you out soon if you bury your nose into my bottom hole for three blasts, But I want to hear you sniffing like mad, If I donít hear and feel you sniffing properly you will get another hour in there slave. Its up to you.

She loved giving them dilemmas. 10 minutes of absolute torture or another hour of real suffering, it was up to him.

As she let go the next one she felt his nose forced against her bottom hole and he was sniffing like mad. Oh this was such fun she couldnít wait to tell Cathy all about it later.

How 135 managed to takeit, he didnít know.  it was a living hell. How could they be this cruel?, but he had to get out sooner than later he had to force himself to obey twice more. Which he did.

Eventually Claire pulled the seal open and a very green faced 135 emerged spluttering and suffering.

Claire let him recover for a few minutes before calling down to the guard station to collect him.

Right slave she said,

I am taking my shoes off and you are going to thank me for disciplining you, It better be good, you had better convince me you are grateful of you will be back here tomorrow for another dose of fragrance treatment, do I make myself clear.

At this she ripped off number 135s tape over his mouth and watched him grovel kissing and licking her black nylon covered feet, running his tongue along the perspiring soles, from heel to toe. whilst saying,

Oh thank you, Oh thank you, so much Major Claire for disciplining me, i fully deserved it, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to discipline me so well.

She loved it, making him suffer so much then forcing him to thank her so pitifully for doing it for it and having him grovelling to her feet. she loved the feeling of his tongue desperatly trying to please her.

This was the life.

10 minutes later Cathy and another guard, Sharron speared , and as Sharron dragged 135 back to the guard room he could hear peals of laughter from mistress Cathy and major Claire

This story is written and contributed by Ian