Dispatchment Week Part 9 - Final Chapter


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Dispatchment week Part 9 - Final Chapter

The wretched male was allowed very little sleep on his final night; he was strapped extra tight to increase his discomfort, his erection remained stiff all throughout the night, despite discharging his balls on many occasions.  The three main protagonists; Destiny, Matron and Miranda, had all worn thin panties on the fourth day, which they had soiled nicely in anticipation of the hanging on the following day.  The male had been masked with all three pairs, and had shot his load wildly, shortly after being hoisted, as he sniffed and snorted through the delectable cocktail of the three women’s richly scented cunts and anuses.  His orgasms had been special indeed that night as he twirled in full view of the noose he’d wear the next day.  His sleep was further hindered by women who had camped out all night, to ensure they would be in a prime position to watch him swing, and capture every expression of his face as the life was strangled from him.

They posed beneath him, taunting him with the promise that the rope would bring tomorrow, and made their own posed videos as they stood by the gallows, smiling as their efforts ensured he jerked to many humiliating orgasm in full submissive ecstasy.  He had been broken by many women in so many exquisite ways and now yearned to feel the rope about his neck and to shoot his load in honour of all womanhood, as a final sweet humiliating tribute as his bound feet looked for the ground which would no longer be there. He came sweetly as one of the waiting women taunted, smiling and spiteful.

“Enjoy this night, it’s the last you’ll see.  You’ll be dead before mid-day tomorrow and your cock and balls; those pathetic objects that have brought you here, will be on display in a jar, every woman here having thoroughly enjoyed watching you snuffed.  Your punishments will be watched over and over again long after you have gone, as your week and death will be shared by millions of women watching the recordings; our orgasms will be extra intense, knowing you’ll swing endlessly at the mere touch of a button.  I, and many others will have the sublime pleasure of saying ‘I was there’, ‘I watched him, milked, castrated and snuffed by the rope.’”  The bitch fingered herself and smiled with supreme feminine pride as the male twitched and jerked, shooting his mess in the tight bindings of his silk cocoon in complete submission to her words.

As the fifth morning dawned, thousands of women were present; Destiny, Miranda and Matron were applauded onto the stage, as they filed their way through the massed ranks of the women who had pleased the male and the vast audience throughout the week; the jurors, amazons, jodhpur clad women, all were there to gleefully witness the male receive his just deserts.  He had dared to watch depraved videos of women in bondage; simple straightforward justice decreed that he must now die after suitable punishment at the hands of women had been served.  He had known there would be no mercy and would be ready for the rope, having been broken by womanhood; he would know his place and it would be permanent.

The crowd roared as he was lowered for the last time.  The women showed their satisfaction in laughing and jeering as the male emerged from the cocoon, snorting and sniffing through the three pairs of soiled panties; he knelt in humiliation, all eyes on him as the silk was displayed; as was expected, he had disgraced himself as never before, knowing the noose would follow.

His anus clenched on the huge butt plug as Destiny simply pointed to the padded bench; her face a picture of stern authority and wicked anticipation; it was time to have the fifth and smallest ring clamped to his sack.  He realised now that the rings served a second purpose other than inflicting pain, they were symbolic; the fifth ring was so restrictive it would virtually strangle his balls.  This was in keeping with the fifth day, when he would face the pleasure of the noose; he would lose his life, and his sack, to the women.  His tortured balls were submitted routinely to Matron first, who applied the needle with her usual grace as he squirmed in discomfort.  His erect cock was held back by a delicate hand and the monstrous shears were applied by Destiny.  His breath was taken away by the intense pain served upon him, as the buxom dominatrix crashed the handles together with a gleeful smile. The pain coursed through his balls as the final miniscule ring restricted his sack so tightly, the tubes to his testicles were almost crushed, but not quite; the women would see his cream shoot freely before he was snuffed.

Still in agony from his balls, which now hung a couple of inches lower due to the restricting rings, the women of the week’s entertainment lined up with whips, canes and crops; his naked body would be thrashed by them all before he ascended the gallows.  He would feel pain from each and every female who had helped show him the error of his ways and reminded him of his true place; all were now dressed in loose silk garments for his final day; their pussies open to the excited atmosphere.  The male’s final moments would be immersed in the heady scent of massed female arousal as he danced at the end of the rope for them.

Destiny, who was dressed in lose black silk, lifted his face and had him sniff her pussy, already aroused in anticipation of noosing the male.  This was the woman who would execute him; he sniffed lovingly at the bulging mound, ripe and ready; her scent alone told him she was eager to hang him.  After he had been allowed to take in her scent, guaranteeing he was now stiff and excited at smelling her undeniable pleasure, she lifted his head, and with a curt smile she slapped his face five times.

“You will sniff the scent of each and every woman; each will then administer five strokes of their chosen method of discipline as you take in the scent of the next punisher.  You will disgrace yourself many times when strapped to the display bench, as you will be patently aware that the noose gets closer with each punishment.  When you smell my cunt again you will have no doubt that it is time for you to face the rope; you will then beg to be dispatched, and I will have great pleasure in preparing you for the drop.”  The huge crowd roared their approval as he was then allowed a further sniff at her richly aroused scent as smiling guards, now also clad in soft silks, wafted their feminine scents about him as he was strapped to the padded leather bench; his cock rigid and ready to come at the first opportunity.

The crowd of excited women roared again as Destiny strutted away to choose a thick rattan as Miranda took her place; her scent was magnificent, as was each woman’s in its own sweet way. Miranda smiled with satisfaction as Destiny flexed the wicked rattan.

“I told you I would be here to see you swing; I shall so enjoy watching you milked on the rope, it is always so pleasing to witness a male’s final gift of worship to female superiority. I cannot wait!” She laughed aloud as the male’s cock pulsed against the leather at her words, and with the sound of the descending rattan.  A great cheer and applause went up as his cry of pain echoed around the arena as a closely placed microphone ensured no female anywhere in the huge crowd missed his agony.

He bucked and squirmed in the tight leather straps as Destiny delivered her five strokes with all the venom she could muster; his cock slithered and dribbled on the padded bench, he was so close to coming for the first time already. Miranda moved away and chose her ceremonial judicial whip; short and with twelve punishing lashes each with a wicked bead, representing the twelve jurors she oversaw.  A delighted Matron strutted her plump body over, smiling victoriously for the viewing cameras, she was appropriately dressed in pure white silk.

“Well my good little boy, the time has come for you to endure your final and well-deserved punishment. I hope you’ll give us all a fine display on the rope; the injection I gave you this morning should ensure you don’t pass out too quickly and spoil everyone’s enjoyment, we so love to watch a male’s face contort as the rope applies its exquisite concoction of pain and pleasure!  I shall enjoy applying my five stripes to your willing body when Miranda has done; my only regret is that I cannot entreat your balls to five more injections.”  The crowd jeered and laughed as Matron first allowed him scent of her sumptuous, engorged and moist cunt, and then turned and spread her ass cheeks.  The male was excited beyond measure as Miranda punished his ass with the biting beads, as he sniffed at the heavenly tang of the wicked Matron’s delectable anus.  He moaned uncontrollably, to the delight of the crowd, as on the third punishing stroke of the judicial whip, his cock exploded forth the jets of hot cum in his first exquisitely submissive orgasm.  Matron laughed and pressed her sweaty anus into his face as he moaned and spurted in ecstasy.

The jurors followed, and then came the various women who had entertained and humiliated throughout the week.  The wretched male had come several times, on sniffing the scent of those who had delivered his most divine punishments during the five days; he sensed the canings were reaching their end as the crowd began an amassed slow hand-clap. They were very eager to see him dispatched; the male fought hard to avoid spurting again whilst being punished, he was now yearning for the rope as never before and was anxious to spurt whilst suspended; that final humiliation would be sublime.

Cut, bleeding, and now totally broken, he at last sampled the delicious scent of Destiny once more.  True to her word, her pussy smelled like heaven itself; she was than ready to exact the most enjoyable crescendo to the week.  She smiled and panted; almost showing signs of losing her normal impeccable discipline, such was her excitement; she so relished hanging broken males.  He was unstrapped, and made to kneel at her feet.  Destiny’s pussy  tingled uncontrollably, to match the excitement of all those other woman there; the scent taken in by the male was now overwhelming; his cock was stiffened by the rich, wafting, feminine aroma, more than any Viagra could ever have. She stood dominantly over the wretched male.

“You will now beg to be hanged; your audience wants to hear that you want to die for them.”  The male’s cock stiffened as he viewed the noose beyond Destiny; the silence of the crowd was deafening as they waited to hear the male request his own death. He looked up at the woman who would hang him, his cock bobbing, balls tingling as he took in her magnificent shape in black silk, hands on hips and contemptuous look on her face.  His voice, broken and defeated, squeaked all around the arena on the many loudspeakers.

“I beg you Mistress, I want to die, please hang me.”  The crowd erupted as Miranda, Matron and the immediate crowd smiled and clapped while the victorious Destiny leashed the male and led him to a portable gantry which was now wheeled up to the gallows.  The male was close to coming as the huge crowd clapped in time once more, as he ascended the steps to the noose.  He watched the beautiful ass and pussy under the black silk ascend before him, the leash pulled tight to ensure he did not falter; there was no chance of this, the male was now eager to die.

The crowd cheered and applauded as they reached the platform; a camera focusing on his erect cock to emphasise to all the women watching that he was ready to surrender completely and was excited beyond belief at  his inevitable fate.  Destiny had him kneel on the trap-door below the noose; she kissed it and giggled, while pulling his head into her crotch for one final time.  Miranda and Matron had followed up the gantry and tightly lashed his wrists behind his back, and his ankles tightly together.  The male sniffed at Destiny’s hot and juicy cunt, and took the liberty of licking the beautiful essences from her bulging lips and taut clitoris; he knew his only punishment could be the rope, his cock dribbled as he enjoyed the taste of the woman who was to execute him; his pained and restricted balls tingled ecstatically as he felt the other women bind him tightly; he knew he would soon give his life and his balls up to the women.

Destiny made her final announcement to him, and the eager listening crowd, as he enjoyed her beautiful womanhood for the last time.

“You have been found guilty of degrading women by your actions, and now you will pay the ultimate price.  I shall now hang you in payment to all women.  You will not be allowed the mercy of a broken neck; I shall ensure there is no drop so that you may savour your crime, and gain the full benefit and enjoyment of the noose, as will all who witness it today and forevermore by recorded testimony.  You will give up your manhood once more before you die, and your pathetic masculinity will be removed and shown to you as a final act. It is with great honour and with extreme pleasure that I conduct this punishment.”  The huge crowd roared as the trembling male was raised to his feet on the platform.  Destiny smiled with supreme satisfaction and pleasure as she slowly slipped the noose over his head with deliberation.  She then move to the rear of the platform as the murmuring excited crowd now hushed to a silence once more; her graceful and feminine arms shimmered in the black silk of execution as she pulled the rope taught. Matron stepped forward.

“On your toes now!  We’ll not have you cheat the rope with a broken neck.”  The crowd giggled and sneered as Matron put her crop beneath his strangulated balls and eager erect cock to ensure he lifted to maximum elevation.  He was close to shooting his final load as Destiny heaved on the rope and bound it tight as he teetered on tip-toe, squirming in submissive pleasure in the tight bindings of wrists and ankles.

He looked down at the thousands of sneering gleeful women, desperate to see him dispatched.  Destiny walked over to him, wiped her wet pussy and had him sniff and lick her fingers before moving to the ominous looking lever to the side of the trap-door. She looked to the crowd, and then to him in the deathly silence.  She smiled as she made sure he was aware her finely manicured hands were about the lever.

“You shall now enjoy the rope!.” The crowd screamed and cheered as Destiny slammed the lever across with a look of absolute pleasure on her face; her pussy now dripping, her nipples erect in the black silk as the trap-door fell away with a satisfying bang. Many of the women below nursed their aching pussies as they watched the spectacle of the doomed male’s imminent death.  He gasped as the trap-door disappeared below him and the rope began its deathly grip on his neck and throat.

As he twirled slowly in his dance of death he could see the Matron and Miranda clapping their hands as they watched him suffer. The noose slowly squeezed, exquisitely, he knew he would be dead shortly as he fought for breath.  His cock was now stiffer than it had ever been as he jangled at the end of the cruel rope. Destiny stood less than a foot from him, to cruelly emphasise how close his feet were from safety.  She smiled wickedly as his face showed the pain and ecstasy of the noose’s work.

The pain was intense within his neck and throat; his lungs hurt as he tried hard to keep them filled with air. The crowd roared again as Destiny held up a sharp and wicked looking knife; she licked her lips and smiled wickedly at the male as his life slowly ebbed away, his cock dribbling with pre-cum and his anus clenched tightly about the plug as he awaited the cut of the knife.  Destiny leaned across and took his eager cock in her hand. She was ready for a final tease.  His face now turning blue, he was desperate to come one final time.

“Can you hold out long enough to enjoy your last tribute? I hope so; I do so want to see you spurt your cream before I take your cock and balls.”  Women below the dangling and doomed male, moaned in heavenly pleasure as they nursed their clitorises to fulfilling orgasms, as the smiling Destiny now teased the male’s rigid erection; his mind fighting hard to stay conscious, as the rope clicked tighter and tighter about his neck; the pain matched by the pleasure of a feminine hand teasing his rampant and needy cock.

Destiny did her best to add to his submission and pain, by raking her sharp nails up the underside of his bell-end, but his balls would not be denied their final pleasure.   The rope nearly made him black out as he went into a glorious submissive spasm as he died for the women; the crowd roared with delight as the cameras focused on his cock as the delicate hand teased the seed from him for the final time.  Destiny would have her coup-de-grace as hot loops of semen shot out and down to the crowd.

“I shall show you your cock and balls when you are done; I want you to drain those balls first though.” The male shot again and again in absolute pure submissive ecstasy; Destiny sneered as she now gripped his cock firmly and worked him back and forth to allow maximum orgasm; she would not deny him this, as he would now lose his balls along with his life.  He shuddered with pleasure as the rope squeezed, his wrists and ankles squirmed in captive and doomed pleasure; his anus enjoying the fear of death as it was kept wide by the plug.  The pleasure was infinite as he sent his loops of cream down to the crowd of frantic women, who spread their hands to catch a spot of the salty offering.  As he shot his last, he fought to keep alive as Destiny showed him the knife again with her other hand. She smiled.

“This will be your final pain; I’ll take your pathetic manhood now; it’s of no further use to you.”  As the male’s head spun dizzily in a rapture of submissive satisfaction, he felt a sharp pain as the final humiliation was executed; his failing ears heard the rumblings of a huge roar as destiny held up his severed cock and balls for him to view as he went to his death.  Just before he blacked out, he studied the five rings that had tortured his sack, a sack which was now cut from his body; his eyes closed as the rope snuffed him out. Dispatchment week was over.


This story is authored by Midsummer Man, please send comments and appreciation to Midsummer Man