Dispatchment Week Part 8


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Dispatchment week Part 8

As dawn broke, the women looked up gleefully to witness him jerking helplessly to another humiliating orgasm.  As he panted through Destiny’s richly soiled panties; squirming in the tight bonds and luxuriant silk, the women applauded loudly, jeered and laughed as he spent over and over as he was slowly lowered, adding to the milky mess he had made of the silk throughout a torrid night.  Today was his last full day, and Matron, Destiny and Miranda were accompanied by a group of huge, buxom and some obese women, who sneered and toyed with whips as he came down to face the fourth ring and his last full day of life; a life which was to be extinguished by the woman whose panties delighted his sense each night, the woman who he saw looking up, not at him, but admiring the noose she yearned to put about his neck; his cock spurted it’s last tribute as he saw the pleasure on her face.  He was now yearning to die for her and hoped she would milk him as the rope snuffed him out.

He was to be shown no respite today; as soon as he was released from the bondage, his naked body was thrashed mercilessly by the huge women, who sneered and laughed as he writhed in agony below their bulbous figures; their sweat and rich arousal building up quickly, the male cried bitterly with erect cock as he took in the scent of the women who would have him for the day.  A plump sandaled foot was pushed under his nose as he received the final pulsating swat with the owner’s crop.  He obligingly kissed it many times as he watched the fat legs of the other women troop away; huge fleshy thighs and bottoms wobbling as they went.  What torture would befall him after the pain of application of the fourth restricting ring?  His lacerated body was helped to the display bench by the leather-clad guards who nearly dragged him in their eagerness to witness further suffering by him.  The cameras focused on tortured sack as first, Matron enjoyed her needle application with the usual gusto; the male making little or no movement now as the piercing instrument was discharged to inflate his aching balls; Matron smiled as she saw he now enjoyed the pain.  The sack was now ready for the ring which would restrict his balls and have them hang a little further.  Smiling with wicked satisfaction as she took the last but one of the reduced circumference rings, the noose mistress, Destiny first straddled the male’s head and parted her supple ass cheeks.  She slowly sat on the male’s face and he sniffed urgently; taking in the rich scent of her asshole as she descended.

“Enjoy a taste of what the day has in store for you, though this will be the supplest ass you’ll taste today; you are in for such a treat.  But first, you shall know real pain.”  He whinged as the tangy delight was lifted from his face and he felt the cold shears being placed.  The women roared their applause as they were snapped shut with real venom by Destiny. The male screamed in agony as the last ring but one was brought home; he felt as though his balls would explode, so tight was the narrow girth, forcing his balls down tight into his tortured scrotum.   He was whipped for good measure as he writhed in pain; the sting of the whips and the laughing of the women helping to deflect his mind from the pain in his sack. He was rolled onto his front on the leather bench, so that his stiff cock could have the pleasure of the leather padding as his head was lifted by the sneering Matron. He was to watch a show to which he would join shortly.

The large women arranged various leather benches of curious designs and at various levels; they were suitably reinforced to accommodate the vast weight of some of the huge women.  One bench had a seat at one end and a glass tube protruding from mid-way below it; a camera slung below alongside it.  A silence came over the crowd of excited women for a moment, as the huge women wobbled delectably as they cracked the air with whips; the crowd erupted as three males were dragged in on leashes by smiling guards and thrown to the feet of the bulbous women, where they cowered in fear.  The crowd roared again as the fat women dropped down to the wretches, swiftly binding their ankles and their arms by their sides, using leather straps, displaying their wobbling masses of flesh to good effect.  One of them was lifted by four of the smiling women, whilst a fifth clambered up to the tubed bench, and sat with her enormous thighs agape as she placed her feet in stirrups, showing the sticky sweaty chasm of flesh between.  The male bucked in fear as he was laid on the bench; his erect cock carefully placed in the hole which led to the tube; soft transparent rubber flanges ensured his cock would be teased with the slightest movement, and the camera would capture his inevitable submission to the abundance of flesh he faced.

He gasped in a combination of horror and expectance as the huge smiling bitch pulled his head down into her sweaty chasm, another huge lady sat straddled across his legs; bound and pegged down, there would be no escape.  As the male squirmed and spluttered in the richly scented labyrinth of folds, the female on his legs held a large vibrator high, much to the delight of the watching crowd, who roared their approval.  The male bucked and his stiff cock was nursed by the tube as he fought for breath and lapped at the nectar he could not avoid. Now his senses would be tried in the extreme, as he felt his ass cheeks being parted by the huge mistress who now owned his rear.

The camera showed his cock stiffen noticeably as he squirmed in vain to escape his bonds and the women who would have their way with him, as the vibrator was wickedly slid deep into his anus.  As if to emphasise the anal theme, the huge seated goddess shuffled her massive cheeks forward and tilted back a couple of inches; this allowed the suffocating male to free his sticky face and fill his lungs, only to have her huge thighs clamp down on him once more.  As he dived this time, the rich sweaty tang of her hot and moist anus greeted him, whilst the surrounding hot flesh of her highly scented cheeks engulfed him.  The vibrator was pushed home; all the way in, and the fat mistress at the rear leaned back to allow a third huge woman access; she smiled as she flexed a beautifully made rattan cane.  The male, who could barely breathe as it was, and then only as the fat of the huge mistress’s cheeks flexed as she groaned in dominant ecstasy, sucked at air which wasn’t there as he was thrashed whilst the crowd cheered at his humiliation.

The bondage, flesh, taste smell, and rattan, along with the screams of delighted women were too much for him. The crowd roared and applauded loudly as the camera on the tube saw his cock pulse and spasm, then splatter the inside of the tube with a generous wad of cum.  As he bucked, his lungs fit to burst with the pain, yet bathed in complete and utter submissive ecstasy, the smiling goddess who held his face clamped her huge thighs ever tighter with a menacing smile.  The bitch at the rear stretched further back, and the fat woman with the rattan wobbled all over as she thrashed the male mercilessly.  All three now wore wicked grins as their prey filled the tube.

Matron made sure the male watched as the captive was held, locked in an ecstatic fleshy prison.  The poor wretch sucked at the flesh as he was caned; his convulsion from orgasm soon turned to another jerking as cane and flesh sucked the life rom him; his body stiffened as he blacked out, the jerkings turned to mere shivers, and then he stopped.  The women raised their arms in victory to a crescendo of cheering and applause as the lifeless, blue faced was turned over to face the sky.  Another huge goddess appeared to a round of applause; she was bigger than all the others and wore a golden silk shawl, from beneath which she produced a sharp dagger.  The crowd erupted as the male’s cock and balls were held aloft; another trophy to be pickled and displayed.  The hapless captive’s corpse was unceremoniously dumped to the floor; the smiling guards hooked a rope to his ankle bindings, and dragged the carcase away to be disposed of.

The other two males, who had been allowed to witness the demise of their counterpart, quailed in terror as the smiling female leviathans descended on them; they now knew what they faced.  One was placed on a bench with his head facing the crowd; his legs strapped to the bench.  They watched in sheer delight as his squirming face was enveloped by a pair of massive sweaty cheeks which engulfed him.  A camera focus on his hapless prick which stood erect and was nursed to orgasm by a chubby but delicately manicured hand as he bucked vainly beneath the mountain of sweaty flesh which consumed him.  Though he knew there would be but one outcome, he was evidently overcome by the most delicious suffocation any man could be offered.

His cock remained rock hard as he was allowed very few breaths; the crowd jeered and laughed on the odd occasion his bright red and juice covered face was allowed a brief reprieve, before the huge bitch spread her cheeks and descended once more, on the final occasion she turned her head to the crowd.

“And now he will die.” She plumped her wobbling and irresistible cheeks down as the male squirmed for his very life; one which would be squashed from him by a mass of fragrant and all-consuming femininity.  The huge woman’s whole body wobbled; breasts and cheeks shimmering as the captive and helpless male was milked mercilessly; his head almost swallowed by her gaping sweaty buttocks.  She smiled wickedly as he gave up his manhood in a glorious submission to her.  The crowd of women cheered deliriously as the screen showed his cock shoot a fountain of hot cum again and again, before convulsing, shaking, and then expiring.

The huge woman was handed a lethal looking blade by the woman in the golden shawl.  She removed her victim’s balls and laughing, tossed them over her shoulder into the crowd of watching women, who scrambled to claim the trophy.

Matron and Destiny teased as the male watched a similar fate befall the third wretch. Matron squeezed his already tortured testicles as his cock slithered in copious lubrication as he watched.

“Perhaps you’ll cheat the noose after all; those women’s assholes and pussies will not be like anything you’ve faced before.  They may lose control very easily in their excitement and snuff you out like a candle; but oh how you’ll enjoy your last orgasm – see how those males’ have come knowing it’s their last? You’ll certainly worship Venus today.”  A huge roar went up as the condemned male was approached and taken by his leash by the woman with the golden shawl.

He cowered behind her huge bulk, though his cock was rigid as the shawl wafted from side to side, allowing him glimpses of her huge yet beautifully womanly cheeks.  He knew he would soon be savouring the rich sent and hot confinement and was close to coming, just watching the orbs glisten and wobble.  In a trice he found himself strapped to the tubed bench he gasped as his cock slipped all too comfortably into the sensual heaven of the nursing rings as he faced the shawled woman’s gaping, sweaty and eager cunt.  Her smile radiated complete confidence and control as she pulled his head down to face his true mistress for the first time; the crowd applauded and screamed wildly as he descended to begin his heavenly torture.

He was allowed no quarter from the word go, as the bitch behind him immediately fingered his anus, making his cock stab and jerk in the tube; even his manhood would enjoy confinement.  His cock was already close to erupting as he squirmed in the divine bondage, which ensured his senses magnified his entrapment a million times as the air and light disappeared when the hot thighs wrapped him; his face immersed in hot and acutely fragrant moistness as his face was consumed by her hot and willing cunt, which closed on his mouth like an erotic gas mask. Oh how he wanted to be snuffed that way; as he lapped at the deliciously tasty pussy juices his cock probed the confines of the tube, desperate to shoot long and hard and hear the derisory roar of the women who were enjoying his torture, as he filled the tube in submission to this fleshy goddess.

He sniffed and snorted but no air was allowed him as he sucked and swallowed at the gorgeous hot flaps and folds of her supreme womanhood.  His ass bucked as the tight announcement of the vibrator stimulated his cock all the more; he knew this heralded the caning which would make him buck.  If only he could stop himself from coming till then...

His face was lifted and the golden goddess looked at his red and gasping face with a spiteful wickedness which almost made him spurt; he fought hard to resist shooting as she shuffled.  He would now face the savoury tang of her divine anus; oh how he needed to be caned now; he would surely come in no time at all.  She smiled wickedly as he obediently went down to face defeat to the taste and heat of her sweaty anus; his look of submission made the huge woman tingle with victory and spite as she held his head down with one hand, and stroked her huge lubricated cunt with the other. She too would enjoy watching this wretch swing tomorrow, but she would bring him as near to death as she possibly could. As she moaned sweetly at the tongue probing her vast anus, she gestured at a bulbous and muscular bitch with a tight leather thong splitting the fat of her mound and anus, who carried a cane.  He would now be thrashed to submission.

He wallowed in complete and utter submission as he sampled the rich tart tang of nicely soiled and moist anal passage; he fought hard to control his breath but was compelled to snort at the deliciously rich scent of her asshole.  His cock was beginning to spasm when he felt the welcome touch of rattan against his cheeks as the thonged bitch let him feel the shape of what was to come.  Even within the hot folds of his heavenly prison, he heard the sweet distinctive sound of the cane cutting the air, and he bucked in tortured ecstasy as the smiling and all powerful dominant woman flexed her weighty and muscular arm with relish, as she enjoyed caning the captive.

He thought of the males he had witnessed being snuffed as he spluttered and moaned in submissive heaven and his cream burst into the tube to the rapturous applause of the watching women.  His head was fit to burst too as the cane whipped down and he sucked at the hot sticky flesh; his mistress’s tightened her thighs about him as she too, sank into a satisfying orgasm.  The other woman laughed wickedly; they knew this may mean she would lose control and take the defeated male a step too far.

As he pumped and squirted in a mixture of absolute ecstasy, pain and total envelopment, he found that his spending balls were not all that buzzed. His entire body now buzzed right through as he began to lose consciousness in the divine clutch of the sweaty folds of her cheeks, which held him tight to the luscious scent of her tangy anus.  As she moaned in heaven at the apex of her orgasm, the defeated male spent his last and blacked out.

As he dreamed of nooses, jodhpurs, leather clad bitches and huge cavernous vaginas, a slap to his face and the sudden roar of the crowd at his revival brought him back to his torture.  He had but a moment to realise he was now on his back, when a huge woman smiled down at him, parted her cheeks and sat down to have her moist anus licked.  He was turned blue many times, and miked relentlessly, until he begged for mercy at the sight of each voluptuous ass.  At the end of day four, he was thrashed again by each and every one of the big women; spending on the mat he was whipped on, much to the delight of each and every woman who attended.  Tomorrow he would be noosed.

This story is authored by Midsummer Man, please send comments and appreciation to Midsummer Man