Dispatchment Week Part 7


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Dispatchment week Part 7

The victorious charioteer smiled with pleasure as she teased the shrouded male’s erection with her free hand; the cameras focused on her supple arm and firm breasts, her pale skin dappled with light freckles, as she slowly placed the opened shears to the stretched neck of his scrotum. The ginger bitch’s expression beamed with immense and increasing pleasure as she worked the doomed male’s cock toward his final milking.  His face, which was gagged but otherwise unmasked, grimaced in a blend of ecstasy, pain, and terror; the guard who stood behind him on the pole on her own little platform, smiled wickedly with equal satisfaction as she slowly rotated a handle behind his neck; a humiliating castration was the least of his worries, he was to be garrotted.

The male would hear two eruptions of applause from the eager horde of female onlookers, but was unlikely to hear the third delirious crescendo. 
Overcome by the wicked attentions of the smiling redheaded dominatrix and the sweet promise of death from the haughty bitch behind him, who rubbed herself and allowed him a sniff of her arousal from elegant fingers, the male’s tortured balls tingled with a final, fatal ecstasy as the bolt began to bite his neck and he witnessed the willing anticipation of the eager watching women.  They erupted with a gleeful barrage of cheers, jeers, and applause as his expression moved to one of exquisite pleasure and utter submission; his cock manipulated expertly by the ginger bitch, shot loops of hot semen as he savoured his divine bondage, sweet humiliation and the increasing pressure to his neck and throat as the feminine guard took utmost pleasure in slowly winding the garrotte.  She was close to coming as she watched her redheaded companion make him spend for an eternity while she in turn, savoured the feel of the ever-tightening bolt.

Tears ran freely from the male as his expression turned to pain and fear once more and the applause died as his cock dribbled; he knew what was next.; the women laughed as he pissed and defecated, losing control completely.  The bitch with the bolt seized the moment and gave a slightly swifter turn of the handle; the agony shown clearly on his face almost had him erect again as the supreme ginger woman gained his attention by grabbing both handles of the shears.  His tongue poked out as the pressure about his neck increased and he focused on the stern woman’s lusty arms and erect nipples.  When she was sure he was looking her in the eye, she grinned with a wickedness he would not witness again, and with a firm snap, dispatched his tortured balls.

He heard the second ecstatic roar and delighted hub-bub of the mass of on-looking females, as first he heard the weights and his balls crash to the lower platform.  The roar reached a melee as the sneering redhead lifted his balls aloft, ensuring he saw them before he was snuffed; her pussy buzzing with profound and dominant satisfaction. The surge of pain he felt shortly after the gelding was tempered by the pain and popping he felt in his neck as the eager guard licked her lips as she wound home the garrotte. His eyes bulged and his face contorted as he succumbed to the lustily aroused executrix; she panted with untold pleasure as she wound the bolt home. The ginger bitch held his limp cock and laughed as his eyes blinked wildly for the last time; he did not witness the final ecstatic roar of the crowd which began as his body ceased convulsing and the executrix flexed her fragrant body as she held the bolt firmly home.

The crowd now gave their attention to the next race.  The buxom charioteer rubbed the male’s dribbling sheathed cock; rigid with excitement after watching the other male’s demise.  She streaked her sharp nails slowly across his exposed bell-end and laughed.

“You needn’t get any ideas about coming last on purpose; your races will be for humiliation and discipline purposes only, you’ll not cheat the noose.”  She mounted the chariot and resumed giving the male’s buttocks and back the full attention of her whip; the crowd cheered again as he was led by his mistress to the arena track, the starting line coinciding with the pole where the recently disposed of male’s body hung, still and castrated, a strange look of erotic bliss upon the now ashen face.  This would serve as a reminder to those in the competitive races that coming last would end their short careers in a most humiliating way at the hands of their female owners.

 All the males involved in the competitive races were resigned to this fate; the punishing treatment at the hands of their delighted mistresses, ensured that the introduction of newer and fitter males meant that those whipped and drained of their cream over several races could not help but lose eventually.  Some males losing purposely to end the torture of the whip and harness; the women’s enjoyment was fulfilled either way, their arousal fired equally by both the sweet humiliation of whip and race, as it was exquisitely by the spectacle of the pole.

The women screamed for their favoured chariot as the race began; our male’s cock stiff and erect in the tube after savouring the snuffing at the pole, was further excited as he felt the delicious bite of the whip; as his sadistic riding mistress put him through his paces.  The exquisite pinch of the leather harness, and the clench of his anus on the plug from which the humiliating tail swung, ensured he would soon shoot again as the wicked tubular sheath teased his cock relentlessly.

The women bayed and taunted as the four males in this race were whipped for their pleasure; the sadistic riding mistress’s tugging at the scrotum leashes regularly to enhance further the movement of the sheaths and have their steeds spend.  Our male could hold back no longer; he had been in second place, but the exquisite cut of his mistress’s lash and the erotic view of the chariot in front made him falter as his balls squirted in ecstasy; as his cock was nursed he watched the raven haired mistress in front, expertly whipping her male, the pleasure in her eyes as she turned to unleash the whip on each stroke was unmistakeable.  As the harness held him firm and his own mistress thrashed him, his cock erupted in sweet submission. This action had him stumble to last, and was not helped by he now being able to witness the other two equestrian bitches, lashing their charges with equal pleasure and his own giving him extra encouragement with the whip.  He spent once more and finished third.

The hapless male was treated to several more races and witnessed the castration of three more losers, before he was allowed out of the harness.  In an age-old tradition, he was thrashed as he lay naked on the ground, by the young stable girls; their tight jodhpurs wet around the crotch with excitement.

He was harnessed once more and thrashed back up to the site of the gallows at the end of the day; crowds of taunting women lining the route as he made his way back to eye the waiting noose once more.  The women applauded as he drew the chariot up to the gallows in preparation for day four.  The wicked Matron ensured his injection was of an extra powerful dose as she spiked his weary cock that night; he was fit to drop after the exertions of the day, and Matron was not going to allow him to sleep all night.  A rope was thrown over and the tightly trussed male was hoisted up to view the noose once more; as he panted through a fresh pair of Destiny’s panties, his cock rose, rigid once more, as the loop of rope he would face after tomorrow twisted in the gentle breeze as if to taunt him.  Shattered by the day, his back red raw, he dropped off to sleep knowing Matron’s concoction would wake him shortly, and he would dance in orgasm as he savoured the noose.

This story is authored by Midsummer Man, please send comments and appreciation to Midsummer Man