Dispatchment Week Part 6


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Dispatchment week Part 6


The male's spirit was now broken completely; he now yearned for the pain that the third ring would offer him, and his humiliation started from the word go, as he convulsed in the cocoon in full view of the arriving women at first light. Miranda, Destiny and Matron looked up and applauded as a crowd of jodhpur- clad women laughed hysterically at the hoist male, as he squirmed and shook in his silken bondage to a glorious submissive orgasm; being in full humiliating view he spent in ecstasy as the women's taunts and laughter rang in his ears. He was ready to die for the women, but would know more pain before being allowed the exquisite strangulation of the noose at the hands of the dominant females. He knew his visual display in disgracing himself in the silk would earn him extra punishment, punishment he now desired with a masochistic lust.

The laughing increased as he was whipped mercilessly by the superbly assertive Destiny, whilst Miranda displayed the spoiled silk which was greeted with the scorn of the massed females. The whimpering and beaten male was made to lick his mess from the silk this morning; he was then thrashed by several of the jodhpur wearing women, their crops and horse whips put to good use in giving him a taste of what the day held for him.
The sobbing male was then ordered to the bench, where Matron would have her usual pleasure with the needle. His cock was rigid again after the horse-whipping; he viewed the plump feminine buttocks, bulging in the tight cream-coloured riding outfits, boots wickedly accentuating taught thighs beside which crops hung, and wondered what pain would be inflicted. One of these women; a particularly plump and wicked- looking woman of about 40, her haughty face sneering as she had thrashed him, grabbed his cock and pulled it back to oblige matron. Her velvet gloved hand being used as harshly as possible, lifting his buttocks in an effort to make the male feel as though she was to tear his cock from his body.
The women laughed with enjoyment as he whinged and whined as Matron ensured the huge needle was driven slowly into the most sensitive spot; her hot pussy buzzing with arousal as she smartly inflicted as much pain as possible, her panties moistening rapidly as her mature womanhood bulged while she watched the male squirm in agony once more; he was hers for a short while, and he would pay homage to her dominance, giving her divine pleasure.

The bitch in the jodhpurs lifted his head with her other hand as a loud cheer went up from the watching crowd of women, as destiny approached, smiling wickedly with the ringing shears. The riding mistress sneered down at him and squeezed his pulsating cock.

"I've been waiting to see and feel your fear after watching you ringed twice on the screen. I am going to thoroughly enjoy holding your cock as your balls are owned further; and then I shall show you later, just how to worship the utter supremacy of women." She tilted his head slightly to allow him to view her succulent camel-toe and the dark patch which was forming in the beige material. He sniffed at the sweet scent as she massaged his cock and he awaited the pain of tighter restriction. She held his cock firm as the cold steel made his balls shrink back, much to the delight of the women. He howled as his sack was pulled back, whilst the bitch who held his cock firm giggled with pleasure. The ringing shears were forced down against his tender balls to allow application of the third, smaller girthed ring.

Nipples protruded like thumbs and eager pussies tingled with pleasure as the women awaited the cry of pain from the squirming male when the shears were clamped. He was to know in no uncertain terms that his balls were theirs and his agony through them would increase until the fifth day. The fifth ring would allow him just enough room to shoot his mess for them on his final day, until his balls would be removed before the crowd as he was slowly snuffed by the rope he now yearned for. Destiny smiled with pleasure, and her whole body tingled as the shears were snapped shut. The male let out a high pitched wail as the searing pain shot through his balls like an electric shock. The riding mistress panted with pleasure and stroked his chemically enhanced erection which was bolt upright and rock hard; the male felt the agony and looked up through tears at the pleasured faces of the women, his balls tingled with pain and ecstasy, and he groaned with pleasure as his cock spurted in submission to the women. A huge roar went up from the crowd watching on the screens as the punished male dappled the riding mistress's black velvet glove with his creamy submission. She sneered all the more as he spent in masochistic ecstasy.

"You shall pay dearly for coming on my glove without permission; I'll give you a taste of what you may expect." She removed the glove from her other hand and smiling, she raked her razor sharp nails under his bell-end; the pain simply made the male shoot even more. She slapped his face and laughed at him.

"We'll see if you enjoy being broken-in under the whip so pleasurable." The male whimpered as he was pulled from the bench; his scrotum now stretched uncomfortably by the aching third ring, his balls now forced lower, inviting punishment from the women. The women in jodhpurs now surrounded him, he was made to bend over, and the anal plug he'd worn overnight was pulled roughly from his anus. His sore rectum would know only brief respite though as one of the horsewomen held something aloft which had the crowd of baying females cheering and laughing. The male was held as another huge plug was viciously forced into his anus, spreading it wide and making him want to defecate, and an upturned prong nestled under his prostate, making his cock dribble. He felt something brush the back of his thighs as he squirmed; he had been given a tail. His humiliation continued as crops were used to swat his hanging balls regularly, as he was hooded on the stage; the black leather headpiece displaying horses ears. Next, tight leather harnesses were fitted which pinched his flesh, a choker was tied to his swinging balls and his cock was tied in a leather sheath; his bell-end protruding, and stimulated by its collar, a thong was looped about the sheath and around his neck, ensuring body movement would stimulate his bell-end. The women smile as their harnessed stallion's cock stood proud in the confinement of the wicked sheath; matron's concoction would ensure he stood firm during a punishing day in which his balls would be drained regularly as he was broken to full submission by the equestrian school, as he learned obedience by the whip.

The women jeered and mocked at the new 'horse' as the gloved bitch attached a small two-wheeled chariot to his harness. She retained her tight jodhpurs, but removed her blouse; her large firm breasts pointed their excited nipples at the horse's back, visually demonstrating her feminine domination of the male whose sheathed cock bobbed excitedly with the sublime humiliation. A symbol of masculinity which would succumb to the prowess and power of womanhood many times that third day. The crowd of women roared their applause as she mounted the chariot and whipped his exposed buttocks, just above his newly acquired tail, for the first time.

"Forward! - Around the perimeter of the stage to please your audience and show your obedience." The whip cracked and stung his buttocks once more, as he heaved forward; despite the well-endowed woman's weight, the chariot moved forward, and he began. Immediately the women laughed at his contorted face as he was whipped forward; this was not the pain of the whip, but the motion of the wicked stiff leather sheath and the anal plug which nursed his prostate. The horse-woman smiled with satisfaction as the big screens split; one side showing her whipping him forward, the other focusing on his cock; the stiff leather tube teasing his bell-end exquisitely as the thong round his neck made it swivel and slide on his now well-lubricated glans as he was relentlessly whipped forward.

The women at the edge of the perimeter watched excitedly as they and the rest of crowd clapped in time, watching his harnessed humiliation and knowing he would soon shoot his cream for the first time under the constraints of his equine harness, and in full view of the entire crowd of women. He was immersed in new sense of submission; bound, and mad to go only where the woman commanded him too, he was reduced to no more than livestock. The pinching of the tight restrictive harness and the venomous sting of the whip expertly applied by the dominant horsewoman, was tempered by the motion of the tight leather tube which excited his rigid cock, and the spiteful plug which nursed his prostate. The bitch tugged at the thong on his balls on occasion, to let him know just who was in control, making his cock jump to delectable effect in the tubed sheath. He eyed the laughing, clapping women as whip and tube did their work; his balls tingled in inevitable ecstasy as he made his third circuit, the women built up to a crescendo with clapping as the screen showed his was about to submit his first offering. The bitch whipped unforgivingly as he moaned and stumbled in a bound ecstasy, creamy white spurts shooting from his harnessed cock and dribbling down the black leather sheath and harness.
The delighted bitch thrashed him mercilessly as one of the wheels slid awkwardly sideways on a blob of the defeated male's ejaculation; the women pointing and laughing as the white blob rotated on the black tyre. He was to know being owned this day.

He gritted his teeth as the throes of ecstasy continued and he was whipped on, not allowed to halt. He had never believed he could maintain a run whilst mid-orgasm, but the horsewoman was showing him the way, She had him and he was bathed in a new and exciting sense of humiliation and control as he sampled the sublime derision of the watching women. She whipped him toward a ramp at the far side of the stage.
"Now down to the arena; I shall have you trained in no time!" She allowed no respite with the whip, as he was made to draw the chariot through an avenue of jeering women toward the equestrian track. He was now thoroughly enjoying his new humiliation and was almost reluctant to stop; his cock now well on its way to shooting once more. His heart pounding, he was ordered to halt by his mistress for the day. She was applauded by a crowd of women in jodhpurs; hers now sodden about the crotch. She whipped him smartly as his cock dribbled.

"On your knees NOW! I shall have relief before we continue." The other women smiled wickedly as she had him first remove her boots, and then she drew up a chair and peeled of her skin tight jodhpurs. The male's cock delighted the female audience as it bobbed rigidly when he sampled the divine whiff of the woman's hot arousal. His balls tightened against the harsh rings, and his anus clenched as he viewed the mature woman's shaven cleft, pink and shiny with feminine juices, and her asshole, hot and sticky as she sat and then straddled his harness.

"I'll have my asshole licked first; get to it!" She cracked the whip for good measure, though the submissive male needed no encouragement; the woman sneered and giggled as the horse's ears moved up and down feverishly as the male probed the delicious tang of the dominant woman's anus at her command. His cock twitched excitedly and his balls tingled as he paid homage to the woman who had introduced him to a new humiliation. The honeyed sweaty asshole was as delicious as the torture he had just experienced, and he relished being whipped to his next bound orgasm by this superbly dominant woman. The other woman teased his exposed bell-end with their nails and sniffed at the dribbling cream, whilst playing with his tail to keep his prostate stimulated. They also groped at his tightly tortured balls, which hung in vulnerable fashion; the three rings displaying his complete ownership by the women. As he delved deep into his wicked mistress's soft and savoury anus, she held his head firm in the sweaty cleft.
"I have enjoyed watching you have a ring applied first hand, and will thoroughly enjoy watching you snuffed by the rope the day after tomorrow, knowing you were trained and broken by me on the third day. I will make sure you think of me when you shoot your last as you dance for the women while the cord enjoys your neck." She then pulled the masked wretch up from her sweaty anus to the engorged and dribbling wetness of her eager pussy. Its perfumed scent had his cock pulsating as he lapped at her fragrant juices; her taste was divine as he strained in the tight harness, he wanted to be whipped by her again and would certainly think of her as he shot his last on the rope. His anus clenched and tingled as he enjoyed her folds and the succulent womanly taste and scent if offered whilst he thought of her smiling with satisfaction as he was milked, trussed and near death as the rope choked him. As she moaned in ecstasy his ears were also aware of the crowd in the background watching a race between other poor wretches. As his mistress squeezed her thighs tightly about his head as she indulged in a rich orgasm, the crowd of women roared as the race was one, and roared even louder seconds later; it seemed the loser held more significance at this venue.

The male was made to lick the toes and kiss the feet of his mistress before being made to thank her for being allowed to lick her asshole. He was then made to put her boots back on her athletic legs. He was promised a thorough thrashing in the arena for spoiling her jodhpurs. He was made to stand; his cock proud in the sheath, glistening with pre-cum as he yearned for the whip. The horsewoman teased his buttocks with the whip, as the excited crowd of jodhpur-clad women moved eagerly to another part of the track; he looked at the delicious round asses squirming in the tight gear as they walked, and wished that he could lick each asshole and then be whipped by each owner in turn. His mistress whipped his ass back to reality.
"Follow the girls; you shall witness what happens to those who lose a race, before I thrash you again." Though his progress was only at walking pace the tight cut of the harness and the command of the woman who would shortly whip him had his balls closed to spending. He was made to kneel as some preparations went on in a building in the central arena which all the women watched over eagerly. His earlier vision almost came true as several of the girls took turns in standing in front of him, peeling down their tight jodhpurs, and having him sniff their beautifully fragrant anuses. He was close to coming involuntarily when the last of the girls moved to one side.

The crowd erupted as a the three other males who had taken part in the prior race were whipped out as they towed the winner's chariot, behind the victorious bitch charioteer ran a leashed male, half stumbling half dragged by the dominant victor who leered with anticipation at the hapless loser of the race. He was dressed in a white waist-length white shroud, was gagged, his hands bound behind his back. he had what looked like a small bolas, noosed about the neck of his scrotum. After an agonising circuit of the arena to display his worthlessness to the baying women, he was taken to a central pole where the chariot stopped and the buxom redheaded dominatrix dismounted and had the leashed male lie on the ground. The women cheered and taunted as the redhead, smiling with supreme pleasure whipped the grovelling male with vicious metal tipped flail.

Though gagged, his agonised screams and groans were still very audible. The spiteful bitch worked up a sweat as the flail was brought down again and again; the white shroud soon transformed to bright red. When he had finished writhing, on the horsewoman having sated her spiteful lust, he was helped to the pole by two smiling female guards. His neck was placed in a ringed clamp which was clamped shut against the pole; a large handle to the rear of the pole behind the clamp. His feet were splayed on small platforms at the pole's side and were firmly shackled. His bound hands remained behind him, pushing his torso away from the pole slightly; a huge leather strap was tightened about his waist, he would not be allowed to sag and break his neck in the clamp. His cock stood erect as he paid homage to the victorious redhead who now smiled wickedly as she slowly attached weights to baubles which swung from his noosed scrotum.

The male squirmed in pain and the women cheered as each weight was applied; his scrotum now stretched to an incredible length, the male was shown a pair of shears. The harnessed male who was brought to watch by his own riding-mistress, at first assumed the male at the pole would be ringed like he; as the cameras focused on the shears held by the redhead the male's balls shrank back and his anus clenched on his newly acquired tail. They had pincer-like blades; the loser would be gelded.

This story is authored by Midsummer Man, please send comments and appreciation to Midsummer Man