Claire's Cuckold Slave

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Claire's Cuckold slave

My beautiful wife Claire cuckolds and humiliates me for fun. We both agreed to this but I never knew she would take it this far.

Claire s has a lover James who she sees regularly. He knows about me and it really amuses him.

Almost from the moment Claire started seeing him he has encouraged her to be meaner to me, he wanted her to make me do all the household chores so she could sit with her feet up and save her energies for him.

James wanted Claire to be stricter with me and to tease and deny me more. Claire agreed and is really enjoying bossing me about more, and teasing me mercilessly.

Claire loves to wear short skirts stockings and heels, whilst making me wear a CB600 restrainer. She knows she is driving me insane with frustration and is loving every second of it.

Claire likes to come home from work, she works in a large office , she likes to flop down in a chair and says something like ,

Slave, see to my feet.

I have to kneel before her, ease of her heels and massage her nylon encased feet. She often phones James up at this point and tells him how pathetic I am and how much she is looking forward to seeing him, and being with a real man.

The other day it went like this,

Claire phones James and says.

hi sexy how are you,

I can only hear one side of the conversation , she continues,

Yes it was fantastic , much better than my slave boy can do, Ha ha HA

Yes heís on his knees to me, massaging my tired work feet.

Ok that sounds like fun, il make him do it.

Slave smell my feet, your superior wants to hear you doing it.

At this I held up her right foot, placed my nose against her stockinged toes and sniffed hard , as Claire held the phone by my head.

Her feet smelt of feminine perspiration, and warm leather. And she deliberately waggled her toes to waft the scent of her toes more.

She giggled,

There see she said,

he has to do it, oh god yes he looks so pathetic down there sniffing my stockings, its hilarious.

Then after a few seconds.

Oh evil after being in my heels all day, must be torture for him and burst out laughing.

Yes it makes me so horny too torturing him,

Claire then laughed and said, no problem, il make him do it now,

Claire s voice changed in an instant , from loving, to very authoritative as she commanded,

Slave, lick the soles of my feet, long licks from heel to toes.

I had no choice and extended my tongue and laved from heel to toes along her nylon covered feet much to their amusement.

Claire continued,

Oh that feels so good and its deliciously mean making him do it, I wish you were here so you could fuck my brains out after this. I can wait until Friday. And im going to tie him up and make him listen again.

I groaned out loud , at this as my restrainer bit into my frustrated penis as it tried to enlarge.

Claire noticed this and after she blew kisses to James and put the phone down she smirked evilly at me and giggled,

How long is it since I let you out of restraint, a week 10 days,

She knew dam well it was a good three weeks and was toying with me.

At this Claire deliberately let her skirt ride up and smirked. My thighs are aching give them a massage ,

Claire knew this would be torture as I could see the lacy tops of her light tan stockings

I could hardly contain myself as I started to rub and kneed her silky thighs, as she moaned,

Yes thatís it concentrate on the stocking tops area.

At this point I was naked except for my restrainer so Claire could enjoy seeing my discomfort, Dis comfort she made much worse by very lightly rubbing the sole of her left foot up and down my thigh as I massaged her right thigh.

She even tapped my restrainer from time to time with her nylon toes just to make it worse.

This was heaven and hell for me as I started to whimper,

Please Claire, Please.

Claire giggled and said,

Oh good are you going to start begging, you know I love it when you beg,

I couldnít help myself,

Please Claire, Please let me out of restraint, im begging you please.

Claire was loving it beaming,

Be more grovelling , beg more.

I begged and pleaded with her, totally grovelling, which she was loving.

Her final answer was, No you deserve to be in restraint, so you are just going to have to put up with it, Ha ha ha.


This happened a lot, and every few days James would come over, I would serve them food or drinks and then Claire would take me to our spare room, Tie me to a high backed chair with one of her work heels tied over my nose, she would then leave me to listen to their lovemaking via a baby monitor,

She loved telling James how much better in bed he was than me and that I was so frustrated it was so much fun .

This was pure torture for me after weeks in frustration, and Claire knew that only too well.

I couldnít do a thing about it except listen and take in the scent from her well worn heels.


After about 6 months of this I started to worry Claire would leave me for James. She clearly loved the sex with him and although I was loving being her slave I couldnít help but worry.

Claire must have sensed this and one Friday afternoon she text me

We need to speak, I was devastated, I didnít want to loose her, so that evening when she got home I threw myself at her feet, kissing the nylon covered toes peeping out from her peep toe shoes, begging her not to leave me, licking her shoes. Claire left me grovelling for 5 minutes or so before kicking me away saying,

Im off for a shower, we will talk later.

I was torturing myself thinking what she was going to say and it seemed like hours before I got a text from her.

Get up stairs now, strip and lay face down on my bed,

I rushed up and obeyed , naked except my restrainer,

Claire came in and without saying anything secured me to the bed with old stockings, tieing me to the corners of the bed by my wrists and ankles.

She then grabbed some clothes and disappeared. For 10 minutes. When she came back she looked fab in a short skirt, White blouse, Black, what I thought were stockings, and black heels.

She removed my restrainer and said,

Your going to listen to me, and just so you donít interrupt.

At this she showed me one of her stockings she had worn all day to work, She loved wafting the foot part over my nose before ordering,

Open that mouth now.!!!!

Claire then deliberately rolled the stocking into a ball and pushed it into my mouth, Giggling,

MMM I bet that tastes good.

My tongue explored the nylon surface of the stocking as the saliva mixed with the perspiration in the stocking forcing me to take in the taste of her perspiration. Which amused her greatly.


At this Claire turned her back on me and pulled her skirt up displaying her gorgeous bottom, encased in nylon.

She was wearing pantihose not stockings. My very frustrated penis twitched violently at this, she knows I love her bottom in nylon but has denied me this pleasure for months. I couldnít say anything with her stocking in my mouth so at this,

She then proceeded to climb on top of me laughing.

Now I have your attention,

She leaned forward so I had a fantastic view of her cleavage , in her bra above her low cut blouse and she whispered that,

She loved me, she loved our life together and the games we played,

She continued that she loved having a lover and teasing me and humiliating me,

She told me she did not want James as anything else but a lover, and that as long as I complied with her wishes she would not leave me. She loved having a slave and didnít want to go back to a more vanilla relationship with me.

She liked being waited on hand and foot, and having a slave to do chores,

At this she informed me she wanted to know what I thought but wanted to enjoy teasing me first,

At this Claire started to rub her nylon covered bottom up and down my frustrated penis.

Her pantihose were sheer and high shine and the sensations generated through my very frustrated penis were driving me insane.

Up and down barely touching me , she went sending pleasure waves up and down my penis, slowly and mercilessly. I couldnít even beg for mercy.

Claire knew I couldnít stand this for long, after being so frustrated and quickly removed her stocking from my mouth and said,

what do you think,

Before I could answer she turned around dropped her nylon covered bottom over my face.

She then proceeded to lecture me on why I should be her slave and why I should be very frustrated most of the time.

Claire ordered,

If you agree get your tongue out and get liking my bottom, I want to feel your tongue between my bottom checks.

I immediately complied,

Good, she continued,

After a few minutes she got off and sat by my head and said,

So a very strict regime or we stop and split up whatís it to be.

I said,

Continue as we are.

At this she deliberately lightly and maddeningly started to rub my tormented penis shaft with the silky nylon toes of her right foot. saying,

No, Beg me to be meaner, stricter, to humiliate you more, and to tease you more.

I was going insane as her Petit nylon toes brushed slowly up and down my tortured penis sending waves of incredible pleasure through my body.

Claire continued,

Beg me to be very mean to you, beg me to increase your frustration, and beg for much more teasing.

I begged for all of it.

Beg me to keep seeing JAMES and to humiliate you about it.

I begged to much to her amusement.

At this she placed her feet by my face and I kissed and licked the nylon cover soles in total surrender.

Then she picked up her phone and phoned James,

Hes agreed to everything and I have teased him mercilessly, shall I let him come. ?

Then I heard her giggle and say,

I agree besides I love saying no, It adds the extra spark to teasing,

Then she looked at me and said,

James says your not to come,

Hes coming over so its the chair for you again tonight.

I will love making love to James, knowing your suffering and there is nothing you can do about it.

Then she blew JAMES a kiss and put the phone down.

James loves me being a total bitch to you, but not as much as I love it,

I was whimpering in frustration as she whispered in my ear you will come soon, if your a good slave.


This story is written and contributed by Ian.
please send comments and appreciation to