Birthday Gifts - Part 1 - 3

This story is written and contributed by Ian

Birthday Gifts Part 1

My beautiful statuesque 24 year old, blond girlfriend loves to dominate me and I love being her slave.
Claire, asked me what I want for my birthday, she saw me looking at her, and grinning flashed me a bit of black stocking top. I was mediately transfixed and said
You know what I want.
What were you thinking?
she said, Grinning at me as she casually teased me with her fabulous black stocking legs.
A whole weekend, total slavery, I replied
She almost purred,
Sounds fab to me, as its your birthday is there anything you would like me to consider,
I replied,
Lots of being difficult and demanding, foot stuff, and tease and denial,
How mean and demanding do you want me to be ?.
she asked with a sadistic grin on her face,
Very I replied,
She laughed and was clearly happy with my answer. She then asked,
What level of tease and denial would you choose if it was up to you, cruel tease , torture or Totally merciless.
I was really turned on looking at her and listening to her words and with a pleading tone in my voice replied,
Fantastic, she continued , you poor boy I hope you realise what you are asking. Ha ha.
This was Monday morning and we saw friends and family over the next few days leaving the weekend free. Claire said she wanted me nice and frustrated for the weekend so made me tongue pleasure her lots. But kept me frustrated.
My weekend of slavery started on Friday evening. I got home from work first , showered and made the dinner.
Claire arrived an hour later and looked fab in her office skirt suite neutral stockings and high heels,
She bustled in from her car as I held the door open, she mediately slapped my face with her black leather gloved hand, a real stinging blow and hissed,
How dare you stand in your mistresses presence , on your knees and kiss my feet.
I mediately dropped to my Knees and showered kisses on her shiny black stilettos.
She eventually kicked me out of the way and demanded a glass of white wine, and went to the main room and eased herself down in an easy chair.
I returned a few moments later with a chilled glass of Chardonnay, and knelt at her feet holding out her drink. She ignored me for a minute or two then took the glass and said,
My shoes are a bit muddy, lick them clean slave.
I bent down and extended my tongue licking and buffing the shiny leather of her shoes as she ignored me.
Now the soles she hissed,
I had never done this before but didnít hesitate to obey, licking the gritty soles of her sexy shoes.
Now stop that and lie on the floor on your back with your head by my feet ,
She continued , and I did as I was commanded.
With an evil grin on her face she , take my shoe off and start massaging my left foot.
I went to lift my head up and she said,
How dare you lift your head , put it back down, you have earned yourself a good slapping for that later.
Still lying on my back I eased off her shoes and started to kneed the sole of her left foot.
MMM thatís good she purred and slowly lowered her right foot, flexing her nylon covered toes slowly as she lowered her foot onto my face.
She was loving it and pushed her toes right up to my nose forcing me to smell their aroma. The aroma of a foot encased in nylon for eight hours in a shoe.
AHH, aroma therapy , its so good for you she laughed.
I continued to kneed the beautiful foot and she casually moved her other foot forward so that the ridge just behind her toes was right over my nose. She giggled as she ordered deep breaths in through your nose slave , I want you to get the full benefit of your treatment.
I started to sniff as hard as I could breathing in the leathery, slightly vinegary aroma between her toes. I could hear her laughing as she demanded sniff harder or else.
I sniffed for all I was worth but it wasnít good enough and she withdrew her foot for a second or two so she could hiss at me,
Not good enough 10 strokes of the cane . With that she swapped her feet so I had to massage the right foot , and she mediately placed her left foot back over my nose. I sniffed for all I was worth which amused her greatly.
She kept me like this for another Ĺ and hour before ordering. Tongue out and when I extended my tongue she casually wiped her stocking feet on it forcing me to lick the soles of her hot scented stockings.
After a while she said,
Go and fetch me my gloves, I ran and got them before kneeling at her feet.
Right I want a Chinese meal so get me, sweet and sour chicken and egg fried rice and some spare ribs whilst I go have a nice long bath.
I went to get up but she scolded,
Not so fast. You have earn't a slapping for lifting your head up,
With that she slowly pulled on her super soft and shiny leather gloves flexing her fingers, and with a grin on her face said. 10 slaps then and keep still if you move I will add on further slaps.
With that she drew back her right hand and splat she landed a stinging slap on my left cheek.
She was clearly loving it and waited a few seconds for me to recover than splat again.
Oh this is such fun . I love slapping faces its such fun she laughed as she continued her on onslaught.
At number 7, I flinched a bit and she didnít count that one giving me two extra before continuing with number 8.
After the last one she held up the soles of her feet and ordered,
Kiss them and thank me for disciplining you.
I kissed every inch of her stockinged soles saying,
Thank you Mistress Claire for disciplining me, thank you so much.
Afterwards I went to get up and she said,
Not so fast, only half way there, now for the left hand,
At this she held out her hand and said,
Kiss the hand that will discipline you.
I kissed the aromatic palm of her left hand , encased in its glove. Before she repeated her stinging slaps to my face.
At this she had all but finished her wine She took a last sip then swished it around her mouth and spat it back into her glass, she then with an evil grin on her face announced,
Here is your drink slave,
I had no choice and poured the warm liquid from the glass into my mouth , drinking it down.
At this Claire looked at my face and laughed,
Lovely, nice and red, now go fetch my Chinese, and if the cute Chinese girl asks about your face, you have to tell her I slapped you for forgetting to wash my car. With this she grabbed hold of my chin and said,
Thatís an order.
With that I was dismissed.
I had used the same Chinese take out for 6 months or so now, and there was a very pretty Chinese girl, about 19 years old who often took the orders. I hoped she was not in but as I entered the door she was there serving and old man who when served went to sit down on the far side of the room. A very elegant lady in her early forties came and stood behind me as I was giving my order, The Chinese girl kept looking at my face but didnít say anything as I handed over my card to pay. I nervously looked around and saw that elegant lady had black nylon stockings or pantihose on and black high heeled shoes.
I thought I had got away with it but as I was handed my card back the girl said,
Are you OK your face is a bit red.?
I was mortified, how could I tell her, but it was an order so I had to obey,
I looked at her and said, quietly
OH, I forgot to wash my girlfriends car, she was not happy and slapped my face.
The girl Looked at me and
sorry can you say that again,
I was forced to repeat myself only louder,
The girl who was obviously amused, as I repeated myself and she said,
Oh , Oh better not forget next time , as I went to sit down.
The elegant woman had obviously heard and said to the girl.
Now there is one switched on woman, I would love to slap a man for not doing my car ha ha ,
And the Chinese girl giggled and nodded
The shame and humiliation was increadable and the ten minute wait seemed like an hour. The elegant woman kept looking over at me and was clearly amused.
My food arrived at the same time as the womanís and as we left I held the door open for her. And as she marched out she stood on my foot, either accidentally , or on purpose. Digging her high heel in, saying, ,
Make sure you do a good job on her car next time to make up for your mistake
and walked off to her car giggling away to herself.
I arrived back home a short time later and Claire was in a towel waiting. As she ate her meal she ordered me to massage her feet.
I was really hungry and the smell of the Chinese was driving me mad. Claire knew this and deliberately savoured every mouthful.
As she finished she said ,
There is some left do you want some slave?
I replied,
Yes please mistress.
At this she put the remaining sweet and sour into the aluminium tray which held the rice and said,
are you sure,
At this she spat 5 times into the tray and mixed it up with her fork,
The Bitch , I was starving. I couldnít believe she would do this to me, but it was her right as the mistress and she was clearly having fun.
Beg for it she laughed,
I begged her, grovelled to her, kissed and licked her feet,
You have nearly convinced me, but just to make sure, I think you should do some forfeits,
You have to clean the house with my Gym trainers tied to your nose,
I replied,
And you have to lick my ass for 20 minutes tonight,
Yes anything. Please I am starving I said,
And lastly she added,
I get to spit 5 times in your mouth.
She had a look of pure sadistic delight on her face as I agreed.
OK she said and went to hand me the tray, She then stopped and said,
Just so I know you want it,
Beg for my spits.
I had to beg her to spit in my mouth, I pleaded , I begged I grovelled to her.
OK she said open you mouth slave boy, and donít swallow till I say you can.
She spat 5 mouthfuls into my mouth, slowly taking her time, dribbling spit into my open mouth
Now hold it. Savour it. She said, and made me hold it for a good five minutes before ordering
OK you may drink it down now.
After that she placed the sweet and sour with her spit in it on the floor and I had to lick it all up like a dog.
After my meal of cold Chinese and goddess spit Claire ordered my to tidy up and afterwards I was to have a shower and report to her in our bedroom.
I tidied away and had a nice shower as Claire stayed in our room. After I dried myself I knocked on the door and was ordered to enter.
Claire looked fantastic. She was wearing a tiny black leather skirt., a black lacy half cup, bra. The shineyest black hold up stockings , and beautiful black leather mule high heels. She had her hair up in a high pony tail and dramatic make up. I was transfixed and as I drooled she slapped me a stinging slap to the face.
On your knees in my presence slave,
She hissed and I immediate dropped to my knees.
You have just earned another 10 strokes of the cane she laughed as I humbly kissed her black stocking toes in homage to her.
After a few minutes she ordered me to lye on the bed on my back and proceeded to tie my arms and legs to the corners of the bed. I was naked and the sight of her looking so sexy and her bossy attitude was driving me mad with lust.
Next she got on the bed and lay on top of me and kissed me on the lips then slid down me so that my frustrated penis was between her fabulous breasts. I was going insane and started to plead.
She threw her head back and laughed out loud saying.
This is just the start, I am going to tease you until you cant take any more, and then tease you more ha ha poor boy.
At this she got up momentary and took a pair of black leather gloves off the bed side cabbinate, she took her time putting them on , flexing her fingers, she then reached for some baby oil and with an evil grin on her beautiful face, slowly poured some into the palm of her left hand then tantalisingly slowly rubbed them together. I was hypnotised as she then slowly took hold of my engorged terribly frustrated penis and started to stroke it wither her oiled gloved hands.
The first touch send pulses surging through my frustrated shaft I was going insane.
She kept up a maddeningly slow light touch rhythm . I thought I would go insane.
Here was a gorgeous blonde woman dressed to drive men mad, teasing me mercilessly, doing everything she could think of to drive me insane. (The bitch )
After only a short time I was in trouble I just couldnít take much more and she knew it.
You can start begging for mercy if you like slave he ordered.
I begged and pleaded with her and she revelled in it, loving every minute of it.
As I was just about to explode she stopped and said,
I donít know the meaning of the word mercy Ha Ha .
She waited a few seconds before announcing,
mmm, I am so turned on from giving you the torture treatment that I need satisfaction.
At this she knelt above my face facing my feet and slowly lowered her beautiful thong covered pussy onto my mouth. She deliberately squirmed about so that my nose was trapped between her butt cheeks then commanded.
Get licking slave. If I donít come soon you will suffer for it.
I extended my tongue and worked away at the shiny lacy material covering her shaved pussy as she ground her ass into my face.
After a short time she rose up and pulled her thong to one side, before slumping down onto my face again.
I extended my tongue and finding her c lit made little circles on it just as she likes it.
Oh yes oh yes she moaned , donít you dare stop. And rode my face to her first orgasm. Squashing down onto my face as she did so.
I was loving it , I was struggling to breath, and her butt hole had engulfed my nose, forcing me to inhale the aromatic scents inside.
I knew I wanted this more than ever. And I deliberately sniffed in as hard as I could to get the full benefit of her musky aromas.
After 30 seconds or so she did lift up allowing me to gulp some air into my tortured lungs before flopping down again onto my face.
Several minutes later she arose up and knelt up and looking into my face from a few inches away said,
Good slave I liked that, but, and as she said but, she reached over and poured another dollop of baby oil in to her gloved hands,
Dont think you have suffered enough yet.
I moaned aloud as her gloved fingers started there gently but relentless teasing of my penis driving me insane. I tried to squirm in my bonds but she had me well secured and giggling in my ear whispered,
There's no escape. I am going to be wicked and merciless to you, I am going to do this for ages yet so you are just going to have to put up with I for me, arenít you.
I had never seen her so sadistic, she was a goddess and despite it being absolute torture . I wanted her to force me to take it for her, to revel in my suffering. I was her slave.
Several times I begged and pleaded with her as I approached climax and she would stop for a short time. Letting me recover before continuing to torment me.
This went on for several hours before she tired of her game. She released me and announced she was tired, but I had a forfeit to pay so she lay on the bed face down and commanded,
Get that tongue to work on my ass now slave.
I kissed I licked and sucked the rim of her ass for a good 15 minutes, before sticking my tongue inside,
Waggle it around inside slave she moaned and shuddered to another orgasm.
It was so mean so unfair she was coming as much as she liked whilst I was so frustrated I would do anything just to come once. Not that Claire was going to let me for one moment.
OK slave boy fetch me my cane.
I both feared and loved those words.
I went to the cupboard and took out her 4ft dragon cane and on my knees handed it to her.
She immediately extended her feet toward me and said,
Plead for clemency, I pleaded and kissed the black nylon covered feet which she loved.
Beg for mercy,
was her next command
I begged and begged and then sucked on the nylon covered toes she forced in to my mouth.
Not good enough she announced
Right now 20 strokes for you then, 10 for not sniffing my nylons properly, and 10 for not kneeling to me fast enough, bend over the bed.
I bent over the edge of the bed and heard the swishing of the cane, she deliberately did this to jangle my nerves. Then out of the blue, swish and splat. Immediately a fire spread through my butt cheeks and I moaned in pain.
At 5 I almost got up and she enquired,
Finding it hard to take slave?
The Good,
Then following up with.
Too bad , put up with it.
She looked fantastic in her leather and stockings and I forced myself to take the the next strokes. At fifteen I bellowed out and she laughingly announced ,
You get two extra for all that noise Take it like a man.
I some how managed to stifle any more bellows until she finished after about 30 strokes.
OK she said , obviously having enjoyed dishing it out to me.
I am going to be kind to you. I will let you choose.
10 More of my hardest strokes or ,
I have sealed a weeks worth of sweaty work stockings in a plastic bag. If you choose to suck the feet of every single stocking to my satisfaction, so that every trace of perspiration from every pair has gone . I will spare you the next 10, its up to you,
She was loving it, what a dilemma. But I knew I couldnít Take another 10. I knew she would deliver them full strength.
OK I will do your stockings.
At this she laughed theatrically and said,
Oh you are going to suffer ha ha ha .
You know my stockings are evil after 8 hours in shoes and boots,
She was loving it.


Birthday Gifts Part 2

At this Claire announced that she was tired and was going to have an early night she said,
I want you to go downstairs' and you have two jobs to do before I allow you to go to bed..
Firstly, you have to such all my stockings clean, then I want you to show me your appreciation.
She continued
I want you to write out a sentence for me , it is this,
Mistress Claire is superior to me in every way. It is an honour to kiss her feet.
I want it written in black ink but I want the words Superior, kiss, and feet in blue ink.
It didnít sound too bad to me' the main time would be taken up on cleaning her stockings.
Claire, Ordered,
Right downstairs wait on your knees until I tell you to start.
I waited a good ten minutes on my knees until she sauntered down stairs,
She looked fab in her stockings and heels and I loved the evil smile on her face.
She sat down by me and opened the sealed bag. She took out a nude coloured stocking and wafted the foot part under my nose.
Does that smell good she laughed, only 14 stockings like that to do.
I groaned in both pleasure and at my difficult task,
She was loving it and pondered out loud,
Maybe I am being too mean, maybe 7 will be enough to teach you a lesson.
She continued.
I tell you what, You can lick my feet for me and I will mark you out of ten , anything under 8 and you have to do all of them, anything over 8 and you can just do 7, That sounds fair doesnít it.
I replied
Yes Mistress Claire.
OK she said , and held up her black stocking covered feet to my face.
Start trying to impress me.
I extended my tongue and ran it from her heels to her toes licking as hard as possible,
After a few moments she sighed, Thatís nice keep going, work that tongue.
After about 10 minutes she said,
You can stop now.
Then pouting said
Now for your marks,
Nice licking along the soles, I enjoyed the toe licking very much, so I will give you a high, and she paused Ö........................ 7.9.
I couldnít believe it' the Bitch.
Right slave boy I am going to bed, do my stockings and then write the sentence out no touching yourself, and you are to sleep in the on suite on the floor is that understood.
Yes Mistress.
At this she removed the nude coloured stocking from the bag held the toe part to my nose' forcing me to smell the slightly acid, musky aroma, and giggling said make it special for me,
Plead with me.
I said,
Please mistress Claire donít make me do it I beg you.
Ha Ha Ha very good, that makes it all the more special for me. , now open that mouth wide, I want the pleasure of putting the first one into your mouth.
Claire was clearly loving it and slowly dabbed the stocking toe onto my tongue, drawing it out' teasing me. then using her fingers , she slowly inserted the whole foot part into my mouth.,
Now close your mouth, for me but donít suck until I say so..
After about 5 seconds she lowed her beautiful face down next to mine and said,
I really want to enjoy this,,
Right get sucking.
I started to suck on the stocking taking down the acrid taste of her worn stockings as she laughed out loud, into my face.
Oh this is so fun, I bet that tastes lovely' Ha Ha Ha.
At this she put my mobile phone next to me and said, I am going to bed I may phone you so be aware. She continued,
I want all the sweat removed from my stockings and I want you to write out that sentence shall we say 200 times before you come up.
At this she turned on her heels and headed off up the stairs laughing away to herself.
200 times, 200 times .I could not believe it but I knew I would love having to suffer it for her.
I sucked on each stocking foot for about 5 minutes gagging frequently, but knowing I had to carry on to suffer the consequences. sucking really hard to ensure no perspiration could be remaining.
Just as I was finishing my phone buzzed with a message. It was from Claire' It was a picture of her lying on our bed, looking fantastic, and totally relaxed.
The message read.
Hope you are working hard for me slave. Ha Ha
She was surpassing my wildest dreams of her sadism,
It took hours to write 200 sentences, made much worse by the constant pen changes. And by the time I had finished it was the early hours.
I tidied up and took the stockings up and put them in the bath for her to check in the morning.
There was a note next to my tooth brush it said.
Set your alarm for 6, get up and scrub the kitchen floor. Then you can clean my car inside and out, keep your phone on you so when I wake up, you can take my breakfast order. PS I am loving this,
Signed Mistress Claire.
Oh my god 3 Ĺ hours sleep only. The Bitch , The Bitch.
I quietly opened our bedroom door and made my way to the on suite, I saw a thin blanket on the floor and her used bath towel for a pillow.
As my eyes became accustomed to the dark. I looked over and saw Mistress Claire s beautiful head on her soft pillow she looked so comfy and Beautiful. I deserved this I thought.
In no time at all The alarm buzzes into action and I wearily made my way down stairs. I found the mop and bucket and made a start on the floor, I worked hard to make sure it was up to standard. When I had finished I made a start on her VW Golf Gti. Cleaning the outside , before hoovering the inside from top to bottom.
Just as I was finishing off, my phone buzzed into life.
Toast and honey, and a black coffee now!
I rushed inside and made the toast and hot coffee and rushed upstairs to our room.
I handed the breakfast to her on a tray and she scolded,
What kept you,
I started to answer and she shouted ,
Silence slave come hear,
She gave me a stinging slap to the face and Ordered
Suck my toes whilst I eat.
She extended her Right foot out of the bed as I sucked her beautiful toes.
This is the life she murdered.
After her breakfast she got up and went to the bathroom,
She ordered me to follow and picked up the stockings I had sucked so diligently. She sniffed each one saying OK , OK Right to the last one, She sniffed it once, then again , she turned and said,
A slight trace still on that one fetch my cane and report to the bedroom.
I couldnít believe it. But she was the mistress and her word was law.
I ran to get her cane.
I reported to her in the bedroom, she was still only wearing a long T shirt she had slept in.
Over the bed then she demanded.
10, I think, The cane swished and cut into my already well beaten butt. I muffled a scream and she casually said,
Donít make me increase the number of strokes by being a baby, Take it in silence or you know I will add more.
Had she no idea how sore I was form my canning yesterday. I had to fight really hard to stop from shouting out.
Claire Then went and showered and dressed as I cleared away the breakfast things grabbing a piece of toast.
Claire came down dressed in a pair of skin tight, black, leather trousers, and a very low cut top. She looked fantastic and knew she would be driving me mad with frustration. She did a little twirl to see my reaction and watch me drool.
She sat in an easy chair and commanded,
Fetch me your sentences.
I handed them to her and she looked at them with an amused look on her face.
Good she said, You have nearly done a good job.
However you didnít number them so how do I know you have done 200.
I went to say something but she cut me off saying,
Surely you didnít expect me to waste my time counting them did you slave.?
Apologise to me.
I mediately fell to my knees pleading for forgiveness , kissing her black shiny 6 inch heels.
She clearly liked this and let me continue before saying
Look at me, I looked at her beautiful face as she deliberately tore up my work' and said,
You can do them again, tonight. 250 this time though, to teach you a lesson. Fetch me the cane.
I ran to get her cane,
Bend over the sofa, she ordered, 6 I think.
She really laid them on hard and I had to bury my head in the cushion not to earn any extras.
My but was on fire which she was very aware of.
Now sit on the floor and give my feet a rub she ordered.
I eased off her heels and saw she had black stockings on under her trousers and started to rub and kneed her gorgeous feet through the nylon.
She said, after about 20 minutes
Although I have had to discipline you a lot, you have been a good slave so far, so I am going to reward you.
Lye on the floor face up.
I did as commanded and she came over and knelt above my head facing down to my feet.
She then slowly lowered her perfect, leather clad bottom onto my eager face.
It was both heaven and hell. Heaven was the smell, the heat coming from her leather covered bottom. And my beautiful mistress sat on me.
Hell was the frustration as my tormented penis craved release, and when she put her full weight onto me, trying to gulp down air.
She was loving forcing my face into her hot bottom sitting hard and making me struggle for snippets of air. I loved it, and loved her more for being a mean bitch.
In total Claire sat on my face for a good half an hour deliberately driving me mad. When she tired of her game she informed me we were going shopping that afternoon . She was going to change and get ready and I was to clean the house.
She told me to kneel and went and got her Gym bag from somewhere. She then took out a sealed bag and approached me.
She said,
You do remember agreeing to do the housework with my gym shoe over your nose donít you,
She looked beautiful with a sadistic grin on her face as she opened the bag, revealing her well worn gym shoes and socks .
Claire teasingly held up her the gym shoe near her nose and said,
I have no idea why you would agree to do this my Gym shoes are evil, Ha Ha
She took out one of the socks and placed it inside the one shoe. Next she grabbed an old stocking and laughingly ties the gym shoe over my nose.
The smell was strong, acrid and sweaty and she laughed at my plight.
Right get to work she ordered
I want this place spotless.
I hoovered dusted , cleaned and polished downstairs. And just as I was going to do upstairs she came down.
Claire had on a black skirt, black stockings and a white blouse, she looked amazing and she knew she would be teasing the hell out of me.
She mediately hissed ,
Follow me slave.
She went into the living room as I followed her on my knees.
Right slave put my soaps on for me. She records several soaps and I put the first one on.
She then clicked her fingers and ordered
Shoes .
I removed her heels and she dismissed me to continue cleaning. Ordering me to keep my phone on at all times.
I had just made a start on the bath room when my phone buzzed a sms message from Claire,
Get down here now.
I ran to her and she was lying on a large sofa, she pointed to a soft cushion right by her left hand and ordered.
Slave, Fluff up that cushion and put it under my feet.
I plummped up the cushion and reverently lowered her black nylon feet on to it I went to get up and she said,
I have not dismissed you yet bow 5 times to me.
I bowed low to her and she laughed,
Ha Ha you look so funny with my shoe over your nose, this is great.
You are now dismissed,
She continued ,
I would get on with your work if I was you, my soaps finish in Half an hour and you had better be finished , donít make me punish you for being lazy.
I ran up the stairs and tried to hurry. The exertion was causing me to breath hard , forcing me to inhale more of Claire s sweaty Gmy shoe.
Several times my phone buzzed and I had to run to Claire for trivial service to her.
Fetch her a drink and move her shoes a few feet, and finally even though she had the remote for the TV right by her she made me increases the volume for her.
This is so much fun she laughed as I ran after her.
When her soap was finished she came upstairs and inspected my work. I had worked my guts out but, much to her delight she managed to find a tiny hair in the bath and the toilet was not done to her satisfaction.
Fetch me the cane now slave.
She thundered.
I ran and fetched her cane. She removed the shoe over my nose allowing me a breath of fresh air.
Right go and bend over the bed whilst I muse over your sentence.
My but was red bruised and sore but it didnít deter her as she sauntered in 10 minutes later and announced,
The sentence is 12 strokes in silence.
She swished the cane and splat the first stroke landed, I wanted to scream. It felt like my but would explode but I managed to stifle and moaning.
At 5 strokes I was struggling, At 8 strokes I bellowed out.
She stopped approached my face and grinning sadistically. Stated 3 extra. If you must behave like a baby I will make you pay for it.
She duel y added on the strokes before making me thank her by kissing her nylon covered toes peeping out from her shoes,
Shortly afterwards I drove her into town which took about 20 minutes. She deliberately let her skirt ride up to taunt me with a view of her lacy stocking tops. I was so frustrated and Claire was taking full advantage.
She informed me for my birthday present I was going to by her a pair of designer shoes, and took me to an exclusive shop just off the high street,
The shop was quiet only one other customer being served by a lovely dark haired girl, and we were approached by the owner , an very elegant Indian lady in her 40s .
Claire asked to try on a pair of black very high stilettos. The Indian woman handed them to Claire and said,
Do you want a shoe horn?
Claire replied,
Give it to him , , he is going to be helping.
I crouched down and eased off Claire s peep toes much to the obvious amusement of the shop owner and her assistant who had finished serving her customer.
I then eased the new shoes onto her feet. Claire got up and walked about a bit before deciding they werenít quite right.
She asked to try on another pair and as the owner got them I crouched to take the new pair off.
Claire seized the opportunity and hissed in my ear.
Donít you dare crouch . Kneel. I want them to see you grovelling to me.
I knelt immediately and assisted Claire to tray on several pairs before she settled on a pair of Gina high heeled sandals.
As I paid for the heels, the shop owner told Claire that I was very helpful and she would give me a job serving her customers just like she had seen me serving Claire. Any time.
Claire laughed and said,
He is too busy serving me, but he would make a very good shop boy. He would need lots of bossing about and not too much pay though.
Oh donít worry about that ,I would love to supervise him, long hours, no breaks and minimum wage. It would do him the world of good donít you think.
And the fell about laughing
I was so humiliated, the shame of it, but also I was loving my treatment, and thought a shift under the shop owners command may be quite interesting. Not that it was going to Happen.
On the drive back Claire was taunting me and kept resting her hand on my crotch driving me insane with lust.
Back at the house Claire tried on her heels and announced
I want to test them out. Strip and lye down on the floor on your front.
I did as commanded and when I looked over Claire was wearing her stiletto sandals. She approached me and placing her right foot in the middle of my back she then stood full on me digging her heels in cruelly.
She then deliberately walked onto my tormented but digging the heels into well tenderised flesh.
She was loving it and showed me no mercy, deliberately targeting bruised area to jab her heels into.
I couldnít help crying out and got rebuked,
Stop being such a baby, I am going to give your nipples some treatment for that . She then forced me to turn over and walked around my chest., several times before hovering a slim heel over both my nipples,
P repair to suffer she taunted,
Then she slowly lowered her heels on to their target.
I was begging for mercy in no time . Promising to lick her ass every night for a week.
She loved it
Claire was loving torturing me and said,
I am going to be kind and let you choose the rest of your punishment, Do you want 5 more nipple treads or 2 kicks in the balls, its up to you,
What a choice pain, or pain I couldnít think which would be worse and as I pondered she said,
Quickly I am waiting,
I went to reply and she interrupted me giggling,
Two slow, As you cant make up your mind you must want both, so both it is.
Please Claire , I will take the 5 nipple treads, not the ball kicks I pleaded.
How dare you try to negotiate with me, I am going to do both, in fact for your insolence I am doubling both of your treatments. Ha Ha.
At this she placed a thin stiletto heel over each nipple. I braced myself for the pain. She deliberately didnít put any weight on her heels for a minute or two to torment me mentally before rocking back causing instant pain. She kept the weight on for about 5 seconds before rocking forward and laughing.
She was loving it and took her time dishing out the first 9 before saying,
This last one is going to be worse, harder and longer, prepare to suffer.
At this she rocked her weight onto the heels, digging them into the tutored nipples, but a lot harder. I was moaning in pain as she kept on for a good 20 seconds ;laughing away enjoying herself no end.
When she finally stepped off me she commanded,
Right legs apart lets give them balls some treatment.
I hesitantly opened my legs and she hovered a beautiful black stockinged foot, with a sandal on it over my crutch.
Bang she crashed her toes into my unprotected balls causing me instant pain,
Get those legs open for the next one she laughed, and I forced myself to obey. She was clearly enjoying herself and looked fantastic , with the sadistic smile on her face.
Bang , her beautiful toes crashed into my balls again and I rolled into a ball with the pain.
Claire was not going to give me any mercy, ordering,
Get those legs open again, slave.
I tried to but not quickly enough for my mistress,
Claire laughed and deliberately trod on my left hand with the toes of her beautiful sandals, crushing my fingers as she hissed,
I said, get those legs open slave,
I had never seen her so sadistic and despite the pain I was loving her being so mean and clearly loving it.
I had no choose and received my last two kicks.
Next Claire sat down on the sofa and opened her legs ordering,
I am so turned on from being a bitch to you. On your knees I demand pleasure.
I crawled to her and she demanded,
Suck my toes first, and I took her fantastic nylon covered toes into my mouth, toes that had just cruelly punished my balls and sucked on the reverently. Running my tongue over each toe, and licking the ridge just behind them
I loved the taste of her superior feet and did both sets of toes before she demanded my tongue to bring her to orgasm.
Afterwards she sighed,
I am going for a lye down , We are going out tonight. You well get all my boots and clean and polish them to my satisfaction. And just to motivate you, I will inspect every pair later. If I am not satisfied I will punish you.
At this she sauntered off towards the stairs and giggled , I am going to be very very picky picky so be warned.
12 pairs of boots had to be wiped clean and layers of polish applied and as I worked away. Claire was having a nice relaxing nap on our bed. Her boots were mostly all sexy knee boots with high stiletto heels, she had one pair of flat riding boots and two pairs of thigh boots. sexy like her. I was going insane with lust for her.
Several hours later Claire emerged refreshed and showered.
She announced we were going out and ordered me to get ready. Claire was wearing a very short red dress. Very shiny light brown stockings . And a pair of 6 inch high black patent stilettos. she looked stunning.
On the way to the restaurant she put my hand on her nylon thigh making it difficult to drive.
The restaurant was a small intimate French one just of the main high street, the tables were immaculately set with table cloths and we sat in a slightly secluded corner.
Claire clearly knew the owners, The husband was the head chef and his wife Sophie came up and gave us menus.
Sophie obviously knew Claire and as the chatted for a short time I could see that she was in her early 40s very pretty, Petit but with a great figure and fantastic legs in black stockings and heels . She had shoulder length bobbed brown hair and was a picture of elegance and sophistication.
I studied the menu and as I was about to choose Sophie came back to take our order.
Claire ordered duck then turned to me for a second, then said, to Sophie
He is having the cheapest thing on the menu.
Sophie, obviously amused said,
The tomato soup it is then,
Claire ordered champagne, I was made to have water.
The food came and Claire started to eat hers a fabulous looking duck, which she was obviously savouring.
She asked to try my soup and Taking my spoon dipped it into the soup, She the raised it to her mouth and trying it said,
No too tomato for me,
At this she spat out the soup from her mouth onto my spoon' following up by letting her saliva fill the spoon,and dipped it back in my soup, before saying ,
Eat up it will taste much better now,
As I ate I felt something on my leg. Claire had taken off her shoe and her high shiny nylon foot was teasingly travelling up my leg. Ending at my crutch just as Sophie came to our table to ask how our meal was going.
Claire was loving it. Gently rubbing her foot up and down my frustrated trousers, covered penis.
Beautiful, thank you ,Sophie, Then turning to me Claire said,
Havenít you got a question about the duck for Sophie,
I couldnít believe it, as I tried to talk Claire deliberately ticked and teased my frustrated penis making me garble and hardly make any sense.
Sophie gazed at Claire and they exchanged a smile as I went bright red.
Sophie answered my question and moved away.
You must learn to speak clearer, its embarrassing, scolded Claire,
Get on your knees and kiss my feet to apologise,
I was mortified but I glanced around and thought I could get away with it.
I fell to my knees and kissed the tops of Claire s feet several times, under the table.
As I got up I saw Sophie had seen the whole thing and was looking very amused.
Claire again used her foot to drive me insane for a few minutes before casually saying,
Go and ask Sophie for vinaigrette.
I looked at Claire, then looked at my erect penis tenting out from my trousers.
Please Claire , I cant,
How dare you resist me slave,
She hissed,
Tonight you get 10 strokes of the cane, 10 mouth spits and 10 face, slaps now go do it, donít force me to double your punishment.
I couldnít believe it I could hardly walk and Claire was so amused as I approached Sophie.
Sophie imediately saw my predicament and nearly burst out laughing, as she handed it to me.
I got back to the table as quickly as I could only for Claire to say with mock concern in her voice,
Sorry slave I meant Balsamic vinegar go and change it.
The shame, the humiliation as I again approached Sophie who seamed to be very entertained by me,
and deliberately took her time exchanging the bottles before I could Skulk back to the table. Claire was really enjoying herself and taunted,
Having difficulty walking slave,
Then laughed out loud.
At the end of the meal I paid and Claire and Sophie hugged and I swear I heard Sophie say,
My he is well trained, Well done.
Claire Teased me all the way home, both verbally and by placing her hand on my crutch,
Saying ,
We will have to go back there again soon,
At home she Demanded I fetch her cane.
She delivered the cane strokes good and hard, Making me moan in pain, as the cane crashed into my well tenderised butt cheeks. then the face slaps 10 with each hand, clearly enjoying herself, then she ordered me to lye on my back , with my mouth open as she deliberately dribbled her spit into my subservient mouth.
Right pleasure me slave, she ordered next and she had me lick her pussy to two orgasms, as she taunted me saying,
Bet your very frustrated arnt you slave, too bad slave, a mistress gets the pleasure not the slave ha-ha.
And it makes it all the more enjoyable knowing you are so frustrated, Oh I am loving this,

When she was ready she said,
Now get that tongue working on my ass.
I licked up and down around and around and final, on her command inserted my tongue into her butt hole waggling it just as she likes, Orgasm 3 .
Now slave you are dismissed, Go and right out your sentences, again 250 wasnít it. Oh and this time every other word in blue ink. When you have finished you can come to bed.
Oh god the bitch It will take ages I thought, but its her right as a mistress to be difficult,
As I walked off she added.
And I will be checking my boots tomorrow, They had better be perfect.

Birthday Gifts Part 3

I went down stairs and started writing out the sentences,
Mistress Claire is superior to me in every way, and it is an honour to kiss her feet. It was really difficult writing every other word in a different colour and took my hours to do. I kept thinking of Claire upstairs in our comfy bed, relaxing whilst making me work away for her. Claire s sadism was exceeding my wildest expectations.
When I had finally finished the sentences I checked the 12 pairs of boots I had polished earlier. I decided That one of the pairs of thigh boots were not shiny enough and although I was desperate for sleep I spent an hour re-doing them.
I eventually went upstairs at 0430. There was a note in the bathroom And I read I donít want you lazing around in bed. Set your alarm for 0700 I have put 20 pairs of shoes in the spare bedroom . They need cleaning and polishing. I also want you to use your tongue to refresh the insides as far as you can reach so you had better do it.
I have left my stockings from earlier in a bag on your pillow in the on suite. You are to open the bag and tie them so the foot part is over your nose and you must sleep like that all night. Hope you enjoy the Smell HA HA HA HA .
The bitch, 2 and a half hours sleep and used stockings over my nose she really was punishing me.
I went to the en suite and saw my blanket and pillow, I tied the stockings over my nose making sure the toe part was secured over my nose just as she commanded. There was a musky leathery smell and I was soon turned on making it hard to get to sleep. In no time the alarm clock sounded and I wearily got up, removed the stockings form my nose, showers and started my task.
The first shoes were a pair of black 4in heel stilettos she wears to work. I held the one up and inserted my tongue in cleaning around the heel area, I worked my tongue around the inside as far as I could reach, making sure I did not slobber in them. Next I applied several layers of polish before buffing them up to a high shine.
By this time I was so frustrated that just working on her sexy shoes was driving me crazy. The sight, the scent , The taste, was all contributing to my being so turned on it was amazing.
I worked away like this until my phone bleeped The message said,
Coffee now!
I ran and made her coffee and entered our bedroom on my knees with the coffee in my hand.
Claire took the coffee and asked,
Have you finished all my shoes yet,
I replied,
Please Mistress Claire I have only got two pairs left to do.
You lazy slave, she scolded 10 strokes of the cane and 10 face slaps how dare you be such a sloth.
I couldnít believe it but had no choice.
Go and finish them off whilst I shower she ordered.
Claire showered and dressed in riding breaches and a white shirt, she ordered go and fetch my riding boots.
I ran down stares and brought back the freshly polished boots, she inspected them and declared,
Ummmmm OK I suppose, I hope you have done a better job on the others.
She then ordered me to wait for her in the main living room.
After about 15 minutes Claire entered the room. She had done her make up, she was wearing skin tight beige riding breaches, with a leather piece over her bottom, Riding boots with spurs and she had black leather Gloves and a riding crop in her hand.
She looked stunning and asked,
See what I have bought, Do you like my spurs and crop.
I replied that mistress looked stunning. Go and fetch your sentences I want to check them.
I ran and got them and handed them to her. Claire quickly checked there were 250 and then laughing tore them up in my face. Laughing as she did so.
The bitch they have taken me ages I thought.
She continued to laugh and said
good you are going to be my horse. But first kneel up so I can give you your 10 face slaps.
She stood in front of me looking all haughty and beautiful as she landed 10 stinging slaps to my face with her leather gloved hands.
Slapping your face, such a good way to start my day she laughed. Continuing with now kiss my hands and thank them for discipling you.
I was made to kiss the beautiful black leather gloves and thank them for the pain they had just inflicted, she was loving it.
Now 10 with the cane, continued Claire, but as I donít have my cane here. Its your fault so instead you get 15 with my riding crop, I think that fair donít you.
Fair, how could she think that was fair, but I dare not argue as she would only increase the number of strokes.
Bend over the sofa slave , she ordered.
I did so and whap the first blow landed on my well tenderized ass. I bellowed out and she scolded,
Stop being such a baby, If I hear another sound you will get extras.
The pain was incredible but I managed to stifle any further noise by bring my had into the sofa cushion.
Claire stopped at ten and cruelly stated,
Right slave the last 5, they will be delivered harder. I donít want to hear a sound do I make myself clear.
Yes Mistress I replied.
Whap Whap went her crop and the pain spread like a fire across my buttocks. And it was all I could do to stop myself screaming the house down.
After two Claire said with amusement in her voice. ,
Finding it hard to take slave, What a shame.
Whap, Whap, Whap, Claire finished the strokes off in quick succession. Delivering merciless strokes to my tortured but flesh.
Right kiss my boots and thank me.
I rolled off the sofa onto the floor and showered the toes of her boots with kisses
Thank you mistress Claire for discipling me.
She was clearly loving it.
Now get on all fours slave I want to ride you,
demanded Claire and deliberately stood on my hand as she walked around to straddle my back.
When she was seated she commanded, forward slave,
And I started to move off with her sat on my back,
Claire made me do a circuit of the main room before demanding
Faster faster.
As she shouted out her commands she drove her booted feet back making the spurs dig in to my thighs bringing an instant reaction as I lurched forward faster to stop the pain.
Not that this stopped Claire as she proclaimed,
Oh I like this , this is great using spurs on you, as she rolled the rowels of the spurs down my thighs again and again, punishing them harshly.
My knees were hurting my thighs were suffering and she was loving it and kept me going until I was nearly exhausted. Before final shouting
Whoa boy.
As she got off I collapsed to the ground and she flipped me over onto my back with her boot.
At this she sat on my face, The aromatic leather of her riding breaches covering my upturned face.
She kept me under her bottom for a good half hour laughing and giggling at my struggles for breath.
Before lowering her britches and ordering me to pleasure her.
I licked and licked at the shaven pussy being ground into my face until she gripped my head with her thighs and orgasmed in my face.
When she was sated she stood up and ordered
Go clean yourself up. Have a cold shower and I will go have a nice hot bath, then make us some lunch I want a nice prawn salad, you can have a cheese sandwich.
At this she was gone.
The cold shower took my breath away, and stung the cane and whip welts on my butt and I thought about her enjoying her hot bath and loved it. I dried myself off and waited for her.
Claire came down in a bath robe and sat down to eat. She made me sit at her feet and kiss her bare feet as she ate, Only when she had finished did she allow me to have some of my sandwich.
By now it was late afternoon on Sunday my slavery was due to end soon and Claire told me she was going to change. She told me she would call me when she wanted me .
Nearly an hour later I was a summoned to the spare room where Claire was sat on the bed. She looked amazing, She was wearing,
A very short white dress nude coloured shiny pantihose, and cream coloured 5 inch stiletto heeled mule sandals, Her long blonde hair was cascading down her shoulders and she was inspecting her boots.
She mediately clicked her fingers and pointed to her beautiful nylon clad feet. I crawled over and started to kiss her feet, as she examined each boot,
UMM not bad , OK etc she was saying before she spotted a tiny speck of dirt on the sole of her black thigh boot next to the heel.
How dare you, you are going to suffer for that. She scolded. Claire also stated that one of her brown knee boots was shinier that the other and she said
I told you I was going to be picky and you still didnít do them right fetch my cane 20 I think.
I started to beg
No please Mistress Claire I donít think I can take any more. Please.
She then ordered me to kneel up and hugged me tightly saying
You have been a very good slave up until now, I am going to let you orgasm today if you are a good boy/. This will be your last punishment.
She continued.
I really enjoy caning you and really, want to do it, I really want to punish your welted butt, so if you are a good boy , afterwards, I will tie you to our bed,
I will be such a mean tease, I will drive you mad, teasing you, and teasing you, until you will do anything I say to orgasm, and then I may let you.
Or we can end the game now, no cane, but I will be disappointed and it may be days or longer before I want to let you orgasm, its up to you.
I had no choice, She made me beg her to cane me. I grovelled to her. I licked the soles of her shoes. She loved it.
Soon I was bent over the spare bed as Claire Caned my very sore butt. I was in agony and she said,
You can shout and scream and beg as much as you like, for the last 10. I want to hear begging it will make me enjoy it more.
I shouted and begged as she delivered the last 10.
Claire let me recover for 5 minutes before she tied me to the four corners of our bed.
She kicked off her mule sandals and sat on the bed next to me. She kissed me and told me I was a good slave. At this her right foot moved down and she rubbed the sole along my thigh sending shivers of pleasure through my body. Despite my pain My frustrated penis was soon at full length. Claire then slowly and maddeningly lightly, rubbed her shiny, nylon covered toes up and down my shaft, causing electric pulses of pleasure to surge through me. Her beautiful foot teasing my frustrated penis, Mercilessly.
Does that feel good slave she mouthed at me. My little nylon foot teasing you, slowly, so slowly, up and down, up and down your frustrated penis, .
I was struggling in my bounds trying desperately to get more pressure form her foot. Without success.
Claire kept this up for about 10 minutes and just as I was about to explode she removed her foot saying,
T hats enough of that for now, You have not suffered nearly enough teasing yet ha ha ha.
No please I beg you. Please let me come I cant take any more. Please im begging you
She then said with an evil grin on her face.
Oh I think you can take more, lots more. And lets face it, your all tied up so there isnít much you can do about it is there. You are just going to have to put up with whatever I do to you wont you, poor boy.
She continued,
But I fancy a nice orgasm myself,
At this she knelt above my head and I could see her bare butt and pussy through the shear nylon as she slowly descended on my face.
Nice slow licks slave she commanded. Take your time
As she slowly eased herself onto my face. Her butt cheeks parting so that my nose was trapped between them as my tongue worked for her.
Claire was loving it as my tongue worked away at her pussy through the shiny nylon of her pantyhose. She was pressing down hard forcing me to struggle for air, occasionally lifting up slightly so I could gulp in a lung full of air.
After about 5 minutes Claire , as if reading my mind said,
is that tongue getting sore for licking nylon?
I was unable to reply as she said,
I do hope so, Now start licking faster.
My tongue was indeed starting to get sore but I had no choice but to obey and forced myself to lick faster and faster. Soon ,within 2 or 3 minutes Claire sat down hard on my face, forcing my nose right up against her butt hole making me enjoy the musky aroma, as she had a slow lazy orgasm on my face.
She sat for a few moments enjoying her power, before getting off and lying alongside me, she giggled and said
Right , ready for some more teasing,
At this she slowly ran her right foot in its shiny stocking, up and down my frustrated shaft again enjoying my struggles against my bonds.
After a short time she deliberately used her nylon toes to tickle my tormented balls sending me insane with lust.
Please, please mistress Claire my I orgasm please.
She immediately withdrew her foot and giggling said
Certainly not, suffer for me.
She let me recover for a few minutes before using her foot again.
The shiny nylon toes were creating electric pulses in my frustrated penis, as they slowly, maddeningly lightly, teased me, driving me insane. I was tied down and couldnít do anything but, take it, suffer it for her.
When she eventually tired of the game she let me calm down before lying on top of me.
She said,
I have really , really loved having you as my slave, have you enjoyed it.
Oh my god Claire you have exceeded all my expectations, you have been fab. I admit I have found it hard but I have loved it. I replied,
Good she said I am thinking of letting you come soon, you must be desperate. But I have to tell you, now that I have fully embraced being your mistress I donít want to go back, I love being served, I adore dishing out punishment, and I want you kissing my feet when and how I want it. So its up to you, Do you want to try and go back to how we were , and risk losing everything, or are you ready to serve.
I was shocked , I wanted to serve, I had loved it, her being so strict and demanding. I was only hesitating because I was worried about family and friends finding out.
As if to read my mind she said,
You donít have to worry about family and friends I will be discrete. But I warn you. I will be bossing you in front of strangers, in restaurants and shops. And you will serve me in front of some of my friends,
Its up to you.
I knew I had wanted this, I needed this.
OK I said,
I will do it, I will be your slave.
Good boy she replied, grinning, and slowly lowered her pantyhose and lying on top of me let me enter her. After all the teasing and a week of frustration I was on the edge straight away.
She withdrew and looking at me said,
If I let you, You have to beg to be my slave for a whole hour later, lots and lots of kissing my feet,
Yes anything , anything please, I replied,
She knew she held all the cards as she pouted,
You have to beg me to be mean and demanding, You have to beg for frustration, Beg for punishment OK
yes , Yes anything. I replied,
She moved forward so that my penis was touching her pussy, maddeningly saying.
You have to beg to lick my ass for a whole month, suck the feet of my sweaty work stockings for 2 months. Whats it to be.
Yes yes please madam.
She rode her new slave to orgasm. There could be no turning back.
He had to admit it was his best birthday ever.

This story is written and contributed by Ian