Bird of Prey Part 1


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Bird of Prey Part 1

A Red Kite thought about alighting in a tree close to the equestrian centre, but the commotion below ensured it soared away to more peaceful climes. In the paddock below, a strutting redheaded woman barked her commands at the young charges who circled on horseback, with the aim of learning horsemanship. Elaine Calder was a very shapely woman, assertive and not to be trifled with; she was very much in command at the centre, which due very much to her, was as popular with male students both old and young, as well as the usual pony-mad female fraternity.

Elaine's elegant long legs and pert rounded ass was accentuated delightfully by the tight white jodhpurs she wore; she whipped her thigh with her riding crop as she barked commands at the riders; she took extra pleasure in berating males; she often arranged extra private lessons for them, where she took great pleasure in humiliating them at every opportunity. Those males that left following those lessons were of no use to her, those that stayed had a good chance of reinforcing her acquaintance in another role.

In an outhouse behind her, a male watched her movements intently through a crack in a frosted window, his jodhpurs about his ankles with his underwear. He stroked his rigid cock as he lusted after the assertive redhead, watching her tight bottom and her whips of the crop as he stroked in growing pleasure. He, like many males before him and many who would follow, dreamed of being on his knees to this perfect woman, to be allowed to lick her sweaty asshole after a good beating with that crop. He half closed his eyes and gritted his teeth in sheer ecstasy, as his cock shot wads of come onto the wall below the window; his plentiful seed rolling down the plasterwork as his knees trembled, his balls spending over and over as he spurted in honour of the magnificent woman.

Today's lessons over, she left the centre in her car and headed home; she knew her husband would be waiting for her, he'd had no option. She slowly ascended the stairs to the spare room at the top of the house, a broad sneer on her face as she went. She opened the door, and sure enough there he was, just as she'd left him; ball gagged, and bound with leather bridlery, body and legs. His cock cage was by the side of the bed where she'd left it; pictures of her with whips and crops looked down at him from the headboard. He was only allowed out of his cage once a month and he cowered as she turned him over in the bed to inspect the sheets. Abundant streaks of jetted semen were evident all over the central area of the bed; bronze satin sheets were not the best colour to hide semen stains. She tutted as she flexed her crop.

"I do hope you had good release whilst your cage was off, but you've messed on my sheets and you know that's strictly forbidden. You know the routine; I shall now thrash you with my crop, I'll remove your gag when you've stopped whining and you'll lick my pussy and asshole before I cage you again." She chuckled sarcastically as she rolled him back face-down in his own mess for punishment.

"It seems you'll never learn. You've been extra disgraceful this time; I'm going to instruct the maid to cane you after each meal this week. I'm having several men here for special lessons this week; I shall leave your door open so's you can hear I'm not lonely. You are so selfish staying in this room all the time!" She laughed as she began to mercilessly thrash the bound male with her crop; he whined and whinged through the ball-gag, which stopped him wailing in agony and upsetting the neighbours. She smiled victoriously as she saw him judder and convulse after about twenty strokes; he had come whilst being punished, this was no surprise, he always did.

After his whining had died down she removed his gag and straddled his face, riding boots still on. She undid her jodhpurs and rolled them and her panties down to her knees. Her hapless husband's cock roe again as he took in the glorious scent and sight before him; her milky white globular ass, the sticky pucker pulsing as it anticipated a tonguing, ands silky white shaven pussy which was puffed with excitement; a small red blaze of hair above her engorged clitoris. He bucked impatiently as she sat back; his nose in the glorious tang of her sweaty asshole, his tongue lapping wildly as her moist and aroused slit. She teased his stiffening cock with her crop as she rode his face like a jockey to a satisfying orgasm. As she moaned, the slapping of her crop on his bell-end had him jet in glorious submission once more. She grunted with deep satisfaction as his tortured cock spunked for all it's worth all over her black leather crop; inflicting cruelty and humiliation made her come like nothing else on Earth, and her husband would know endless portions of both.

She had seemed so innocent when he married her, though it had always been apparent that she had a deep fetish for female domination; what started as a game to be played in bed once a week, went to every night, and then to every moment of the day. Without realising it she had taken control of his life, and he had willingly accepted utter defeat. She had had him sign over all his assets to her, she took over his business, the house was now in her name and his bonds and benefits went straight into a joint bank account which he never saw a penny of. He lay there in the spare room of his own house and listened to her entertain and take control of some males, whilst being fucked for sheer pleasure by others. She brought female friends home who were allowed to whip him and parade him round the garden on all fours like a dog; this was one of the few occasions when he was allowed to leave the room.
As she pulled her jodhpurs back up and re-applied his gag, Maria, the little eastern maid came up the stairs, smiling with pleasure as she too viewed the sheets.

"Oh, you wicked man! Shall he know the cane mistress?." Elaine smiled with pleasure as she picked his cage from beside the bed.

"Oh yes- before and after every meal- would you like to do that for me?" The wicked and purely feminist maid was delighted with the task.

"Ha ha! I shall enjoy this very much; I do so love to see him spurt when caged; I'll not need to milk his prostate if he's having the cane all week, he'll mange it on his own!" The two then gleefully poked his cock back into the cage and it was padlocked for a month. Maria smiled broadly as Elaine took herself off for a relaxing shower.
"Time for tea! And your first caning!" Elaine smiled with satisfaction as she heard the cane cutting the air, even from within the warm confines of the shower.

The redhead dabbed and powdered herself dry, smiling as she listened to the moans of her captive, and totally broken, shell of a husband as he got over his pre-meal caning.  Punishing him alone had tired her out and she was so grateful to have found Maria. The Eastern maid had a spiteful energy which was unrelenting, and she applied her natural dominance over males with a relish and vigour which amazed even Elaine.  She often accompanied her employer to social events as a perk of the job; her ‘Eastern Promise’ and natural wicked assertiveness made her very popular with the submissive males targeted by Elaine; many a suitor had been lucky enough to have found himself being disciplined by the hot redhead and the wispy Eastern she-devil at the same time; a situation which could only end in utter defeat for any male, in the most exquisite fashion. Both thoroughly enjoyed breaking men; especially those who had material wealth to offer.

Elaine checked her various bank accounts on line and smiled to herself; she was comfortably off, the equestrian business she had ‘acquired’ was bringing in much more now than its previous owner could ever have dreamed of. This was due to Elaine herself being an attraction there, and it brought in so many opportunities on the side with those willing patrons.  The previous male proprietor had found himself signing everything over to Elaine, much as her husband had, and had then found himself in turn sold off to a friend of hers; ‘stabled’ and kept as a submissive pet, his life changed forever.

Elaine’s absolute control and domination of him had acted like a drug; his own submission becoming an addiction; the act of being simply passed on to another dominant woman when Elaine had tired of him, like one of the horses he formerly owned; his purpose served in having relinquished all his worldly goods to her, had become a powerfully erotic thrill for him.  Elaine and his new owner ensuring he was present at all discussions, to have his worthlessness confirmed, completing his total humiliation as the smiling women did business.  Elaine’s thrill had been sublime as she passed him on, ensuring he was fully reminded that she had defeated him, owned him, taken everything from him, and now sold her actual ownership of him to another woman.  The utterly destroyed and broken male had been made to masturbate at her feet as a parting gesture by his new owner; he did so willingly.
Elaine picked up the phone; her blood was up having heard the moans of her husband’s torment, a fresh pair of jodhpurs and accompanying riding crop displayed across a chair, sparked her wicked desires.

“Hello Gordon…Yes it’s me, you are not dreaming, come to the lodge at the equestrian centre at six o’clock... I’ve decided to allow you special lessons.”  Elaine ventured up the stairs to let Maria know of her whereabouts, and was greeted by the sneering maid who had gagged her whimpering husband with her panties in preparation for his post-meal caning.  She stood flexing the cane menacingly as the now tightly bound male writhed in submissive expectation.

“I do so hate the fuss he makes at times; sometimes I like to hear him yelp as the cane bites, as confirmation that I have applied it sufficiently, but I enjoyed that pre-meal; I shall just concentrate on maximum physical effort with the next thirty strokes.  I shall un-gag him and allow him to lick my pussy afterwards if madam is OK with that?”  Maria had no need to ask; she knew exactly what the answer would be, but the dialogue was purely for the male’s benefit.

“Why of course Maria, you must use him for your slightest whim; he’s of no use to me whatsoever, I only allow him to stay here because it amuses our guests.  I am going to go and have sex with another man now, and then show him the error of his ways.”  She lifted her head haughtily as she strutted down the stairs, crop under her arm; the smiling Maria allowing her wretched husband to watch his wife’s delectable ass tight in white jodhpurs, walk away to be fucked and then take control of yet another man.  His cock stiffened in the confines of his cage as he pondered his predicament, and now lusted for a thrashing and the sweet taste of the maid’s womanhood he had been promised.

Elaine smiled with deep satisfaction as her ears witnessed the first three venomous applications of the maid’s delicious rattan before she left through the front door to take command of another male.

Gordon Smith fumbled awkwardly behind the wheel of his Jaguar outside the lodge; it was now five past six and she was not here.  Had she been teasing? Had it really been HER? Why the lodge and not the stables?  Could his erotic thoughts about her be true?  He broke into a cold sweat as the elegant gull-wing Mercedes pulled up in front of the lodge and Elaine stepped out in full riding paraphernalia; his cock stiffened immediately, there was no doubt whatsoever that this was an exquisitely dominant woman.  He got out of his car as she unlocked the lodge door.  She turned as he approached and sneered at him.

“You’re late Gordon; how can you possibly hope to control and discipline a horse when you are in need of it yourself?  We shall have to change that.”  Gordon bumbled and fought for words , Elaine smiled and her pussy buzzed with anticipation at the silence. Gordon knew he had been waiting at the Lodge since a quarter to six, but had not had the courage, or inclination to question this vividly assertive woman.  Elaine knew this also; she would make him hers in no time at all.

Gordon was divorced from his wife for many years and had no children; he owned a large golfing store which was very popular amongst the upper and middle class inhabitants of the surrounding area.  He was also part owner of the local golf club; this masculine dominated institution would prove to be a great challenge to Elaine, but it spurred her on all the more; her pussy bulged with pleasure at the thought of becoming the first female board member, whether the other males liked it or not.  She sincerely hoped they would not like it; her intention was to destroy them one-by-one. She would make Saturdays a ‘Men only day’ ; women would be free to frequent the course undisturbed on all other occasions; she would advertise this through her circle of female dominated businesses, the staid and under-used golf club would become a haven for women golfers from far and wide, increasing her fortune.

Gordon's cock dribbled as he watched the deliberate steps of the magnificent redhead as she ascended the stairs; he yearned to be on his knees to this woman, but still thought he could be of no interest to her, after all, it was well known she was married, though no-one ever saw her husband.  She stopped abruptly at the top of the stairs as if sensing his imagination.  He almost leaned forward to sniff the crack of her bulging and inviting rear; she swished her crop a little before moving on, Gordon thought long and hard to retain that glorious vision for later; he promised himself he would enjoy masturbating to that vision.  Elaine had other plans; Gordon was already in her clutches as far as she was concerned and he would be granted relief which would ensure his entrapment, long before he returned to a home which would not be his in the foreseeable future.

Elaine took him to a strangely appointed room; one side was set out with comfortable leather furniture, and a large king-sized bed, the other side closer the window was set out like a school room with wooden chairs, and a full-size blackboard, which was presently almost completely covered by a curtain; only a slim gap with a few white on black lines betraying its identity.  Elaine’s crotch was hot for the task and she would waste no time; Gordon was an attractive male for his age; though middle-aged he was in good shape and would please several of her friends who liked to keep pets.  She faced Gordon, legs slightly apart and crop in hand; her dominant stance seemed to take control of the very atmosphere of the room; Gordon almost smiled with pleasure, he had seen her at her most assertive at times, but she looked subliminal now, and he was alone with her. His cock pulsed as she swatted a desk with her crop.

“Sit there and aw shall discuss discipline and control.”  She then removed her riding jacket and motioned to Gordon to do the same.
“You’ll not need that today Gordon.” She smiled wickedly making his balls and anus tingle with pleasure.

“Any ‘practical’ we do today will not involve horses; we have to ensure our own house is in order first, don’t we?”  Gordon’s cock was rigid as she strutted before him; nipples prominent in her white blouse, her red hair and milky white skin resplendent in the light from the window.

“No Elaine…”  She cut him short swiftly as she swiped the desk again with a loud crack.

“No MISTRESS Elaine!” She pointed the crop at him and he followed her command like the small child he really was inside.  Could this really be happening? His cock dribbled as he savoured obeying the magnificently dominant woman before him, without hesitation.

“Yes Mistress Elaine.” He squeaked in a broken, yet somehow satisfied tone. It was then that he noted the damp patch in the crotch of her jodhpurs; he knew now she was enjoying the situation, oh how he wanted her to take control of him.  She smiled as she moved in for confirmation that he would go like a submissive lamb to the slaughter.
“Tell me what it is you truly wish to attain from lessons at the centre?  Would you still be as interested if I let my husband run the centre? Or is it my ‘leadership’ that appeals to you.”  Elaine’s pussy was alive and pulsing sweetly at having reached this stage so soon; she would have him leashed in no time; she was sure of it.  Gordon was a little bewildered at having to betray his true feelings to her, but his submissive side was now in control of him, as much as she was.  He desired the stern and commanding woman so much.

“I… I… would not have quite the interest Mistress; it is your ‘leadership’ which appeals to me, I find it so ‘educating’.”  Elaine tingled all over with triumph as she moved to the board and swept one half of the curtain back, then stood dominantly, crop in both hands; flexing it menacingly as she looked deep into his eyes with a vicious sneer.

“Would this appeal to you?”  If Gordon had had any doubts about this being some submissive fantasy from which he would suddenly awake, the drawing on the board confirmed the reality, and he would confirm without doubt to this magnificent woman exactly what she wanted to hear.  Gordon was close to coming without the need to stroke his now aching cock; the picture on the board was a beautifully chalk-drawn depiction of a woman on a horse; so clearly Elaine, bare-breasted with jodhpurs, boots, and spurs.  She held a leash, and on that leash, running naked behind her, cock stiff and erect was a male who might well be him.  He gasped and swallowed hard before answering, and slid from the chair to his knees before answering.

“Yes Mistress Elaine… I wish that were me… I’d do anything for you.”  Elaine was herself now ready to come; her pussy bulged and tingled uncontrollably in the tight jodhpurs as the damp patch increased.  She studied the kneeling male with controlling satisfaction; he was hers mentally, she would now have physical satisfaction. She so loved a new conquest.

As Gordon bowed his head, partly in shame, but mainly with relief, and anticipation of what may happen, Elaine sneered supremely as she whisked back the other half of the curtain to reveal a further depiction which would assist her delivering her coup-de-grace.  She strutted past the kneeling male in superior fashion and now spoke in a softer tone; there was no need to assert herself now, Gordon had shown her his submission and must now pay for it; he could not retract the truth, not that he wanted to. She made him lift his head to face the board.

“And is that your desired position in life?”  Gordon’s balls pulled tight up against the base of his rigid cock, so close to ejaculating in disgrace as he viewed the second chalked mural.  A male, harnessed and kneeling, a pony-tail hanging from a butt plug, cock rudely erect, hands bound behind his back, knelt before a supreme Elaine, standing dominantly over him with bull-whip; ready to break-in the male like a wayward stallion.  Gordon heard her strut behind him to the bed; he was now in complete submission to her, or so he thought, and could not believe the position he was now in. He yearned to be dominated by her, but could not possibly have known how severe and permanent a lesson he would learn. He stared with a deeply erotic yearning at the bound slave as he urgently replied.

“Yes Mistress Elaine; that is my desired position in life.”  Elaine now called plainly to him, her pussy oozing impatiently, in sore need of satisfaction.
“Come here to the bed and we shall begin your discipline, I shall allow you to confirm the beginning of your indenture to me with a little relief, before we start your training in earnest.”  Elaine smiled as Gordon turned and remained on all fours as he moved to her side at the bed; he would be so easy to dominate completely.

Gordon could barely stop himself from coming as she stood and peeled her jodhpurs off, and then placed her feet back in her leather boots; the scent of her arousal was like a drug to him, it was overpowering.  She sat back on the bed and lifted her legs, showing the submissive male the glory of her excited womanhood and sticky asshole; he was now delirious with lust as he awaited the first command from his new mistress.  Elaine made sure he watched as she slid a finger into the crevice in her engorged and slippery cunt and then had him lick it clean.
“You may lick my asshole first, and if I am pleased with your progress I may allow you a taste of my womanhood before you masturbate on my boots.”  She pulled his head toward the tangy sweaty aroma of her beautifully puckered and sticky anus; he moved forward without hesitation and lapped lovingly at her savoury taste, his cock dribbling pre-cum.  Elaine fingered her pussy victoriously as she enjoyed the warmth of his submissive tongue.  She smiled with deep satisfaction as she thought of the golfing business she would shortly inherit; her orgasm this evening would be most enjoyable.


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