A Very Special Treatment - Part 2

Story of a manís obsession with Fem-Domme experiences

This story is written by MIKEY, please send comments and appreciation to mikeyg1667@gmail.com

Having decided to accept Lolaís invitation, Paul now found himself tied and gagged and very much her prisoner in the Beauty Salon. Lola bent over him with a truly seductive smile playing at her lips, as she thrust a gloved hand inside his open jeans. Lola clearly enjoyed this fetish type of role-play and knew exactly how to excite a captive. She breathed a little harder as she explored Paulís genitals through the soft cotton of his tight-fitting underpants. He was expertly gagged and was consequently unable to make even the slightest sound, as the womanís fingers slowly stroked the smooth cotton. He was beginning to get most excited as she continued to intimately touch him, and he knew that this must surely be just a prelude to a much greater humiliation. He had become partially aroused when Lola had first opened his jeans and slid her hand inside, but now after a few minutes of her constant fondling of his underpants, he had become very much harder, with his erection thrusting firmly against the tight cotton material. Lola really enjoyed playing this game with her captives but was always careful not to overdo the treatment, especially with younger men, who invariably had a lower threshold of excitement that could quickly push them over the edge and force them to ejaculate long before she was ready to enjoy them more fully. She decided that Paul had already had enough of the erotic treatment and removed her hand to watch him struggle to regain his composure. She stood up and reaching down, she pulled two broad leather straps over his chest and waist buckling them tightly to ensure that he was held immobile. She explained that as he was even more helpless, she could begin what she wanted to do, without any interference from him. Her eyes widened with pleasure, especially when she pulled Paulís jeans fully open and saw the size of his manhood now stretching the thin cotton of his underwear. Without speaking, Lola peeled the boyís jeans down his taut thighs to leave them stretched between his knees and then turned away to scoop some fragrant smelling gel from a plastic container. She returned to Paulís body and applied the grease to his muscular chest and started to massage him. Her eyes narrowed as she continued with the massage, taking further scoops of the gel as she expanded the massage to his shoulders and arms. Paul gasped slightly as he felt her smooth fingers pressing firmly over his body, which he found quite arousing. He waited impatiently, hoping that she would remove his tight pants and begin a similar treatment on his stiff cock. It seemed that Lola was purposefully avoiding such intimate contact, as she moved on to massage the thicker muscles of his thighs and legs. After about 15 minutes of massage, Lola had still not touched his underpants, although his cock was now pressing tightly against the thin cloth, inviting her to excite him. He heard Lola snigger and her fingers massaged his stomach moving nearer and nearer to the waistband of his underwear. Finally, she explained that to complete the massage, it was necessary to remove his pants and asked whether Paul had any objection. She sniggered, and said that he could not stop her from doing it, even if he did object. He shook his head negatively, trying to express his mock disapproval of what she intended to do. Lola laughed at Paulís futile protest and moved her fingers under the elastic waistband and raised the garment from his stomach. Paul tried to prevent any further exploration by more struggling, but he was far too well restrained, and could only lay motionless as the womanís fingers moved deeper and had soon captured his naked cock. Gently, she pulled back the foreskin, forcing Paulís sensitive cock-head to press harder against the soft white cotton material. Lola knew that by stroking the bloated head against the soft cotton, Paul would experience an even greater excitement and watched as he began to shake with the stimulation her actions were creating. Lola lifted the underpants from his stomach to look for the first time at the manís huge erection. She was now beginning to get herself excited and knew that by the end of Paulís treatment, the erection would plugged inside her wet pussy. She asked Paul how he might like her to force him to spurt some of his cum for her? Paul shook his head frantically, as this could prevent her from stroking him to a completion.
She suggested that she should remove his gag and climb over his face so she could enjoy his mouth as a prelude to having his cock inside her cunt. Paul shook his head even more frantically at this suggestion, as he felt her climb up upon the bed and position herself over his head. She sat astride his head and reached down to remove his gag, warning Paul to make no noise, once the gag was out of his mouth. Paul steeled himself for Lolaís body as it lowered over his face and his lips came into contact with her sheer panties under her leather skirt. The smell of the leather and her very special essence was totally intoxicating as he felt her pull down his underwear and grasp his erection firmly with her slippery-gloved fingers. She began to press her panty-covered sex more firmly against his mouth, demanding that he must now suck and lick her cunt and clitoris, as her fingers began to massage him. Paul was in heaven as he licked and sucked at the tight sheer panties, and Lola began to groan in response. She continued with the assault for some minutes until she sensed that Paul was becoming extremely close to losing his composure, and would certainly explode if she continued to play with his cock. Releasing her grasp, she instructed the man to continue stimulating her with his mouth, until she began to groan deeply and tense her thighs around his head. She was very close to a climax as Paul continued to lick the sheer material and Lola forced his head harder against her body. With a gasp and a scream of delight, she pressed herself against the manís lips and tensed her thighs tightly around his face. She cried, almost in pain as she reached a climax and lifted herself from the manís head. She quickly climbed from the bed and stood looking down at Paul as she refastened the gag across his mouth.
She slapped his face playfully, rebuking him for having made her cum, even though she wanted this to happen. Paul shouted into his gag in protest as the womanís fingers stung his hooded cheeks. He was warned that punishment would now be carried out and there was no way he could avoid this. Standing beside him, she sniggered at his pathetic attempts to protest at his disappointment and stretched Paulís underwear back to cover his nakedness. Paul lay trembling with frustration, as he so desperately wanted Lola to masturbate him to completion. Taking a small digital camera, she set it on a tripod and snapped a few very explicit shots of the semi naked man, and then a close-up shot of his expanded cock, explaining that she liked to keep a photographic record of her very special patients. Paul heard the click and saw the flash of each exposure, realising that many of the shots were highly erotic and quite obscene, especially when Lola used a self-timer device and posed with him on the table. He was extremely glad that he was hooded and could not be identified, in the event that friends ever viewed any of the photos. Lola was quite an expert and knew exactly how to build a frenzy of excitement in any male, but she had no intention of touching that part of his anatomy again for a while, as she planned the next treatments. There was a pause whilst Lola selected a number of instruments from a drawer and returned to Paulís inert body. Paul struggled on the treatment table as he knew that Lola would not ignore his heightened state of arousal for very long, and that any further stimulation could cause him to lose complete control of himself. Lola fastened two small suction cups over his nipples and turned on the tiny electric devices as the pressure within the cups forced Paulís nipples into prominence. Generally, this was a treatment reserved for some of Lolaís favourite female clients, but it worked equally well on the occasional male visitor. Soon his nipples had been made to swell quite painfully until he flung his head about in discomfort. His swollen cock still pressed invitingly against his tight underpants, but Lola decided against any further treatment. Warning him to remain quite silent and co-operative as she unfastened his gag and insisted that he swallow each of the tablets that she popped into his mouth, with a refreshing glass of liquid from a small container. As soon as he had swallowed the tablets, Lola replaced his gag and told him that within twenty minutes, he would be very ready for the next stage of his treatment. During the period that Lola was waiting, she occasionally stroked his briefs and smiled with satisfaction as his cock began to respond to the special drug she had administered. Within 15 minutes, he had become rock hard and the thin material of his underpants was stretched to capacity. This was exactly the effect that Lola had been seeking and she sucked in her breath with delight as she gripped the ridge of cloth with her fingers, warning Paul not to cum until she gave him explicit permission. She suggested that although she had some very special treatments for him, when she was ready, she would sit on his cock and rape him. Paul could not believe his good fortune in being told he was to be fucked by this beautiful woman, but wondered what pain and discomfort he would suffer, before this event eventually occurred.
As a prelude to the treatment, his underpants were dragged from his hips to join his jeans stretched between his ankles. He was now fully exposed and made ready for Lola with his cock harder and more erect than he had ever experienced. None of this effect was lost on Lola as she lowered her mask and stretched a thin rubber condom down over the boyís arousal. When he had been fully protected, she lowered her face and opened her mouth. Paul stretched himself rigid as the womanís wet lips began to slide over his erection and he knew that with Lola sucking his cock he would surely explode if she continued with the treatment. It seemed that Lola was enjoying what she was doing and appeared to have no intention of stopping until she was good and ready. Paul raised his hips as much as the straps would permit to enable him to force his cock deeper into her warm wet mouth. She sensed the urgency building and knew what Paul was seeking, so she ceased sucking at his rubber-covered phallus and pulled away. Paul shook his head in total disappointment as once again he was prevented from seeking any release. Lola watched him, with amusement and picked up some of the special instruments she had earlier taken from the drawer. She peeled the condom from Paulís erection and gripped it firmly between her rubber-covered fingers. She applied some oil and poured a small quantity onto the exposed cock-head as she took a thick rubber band and buckled it tightly around the base of his manhood. Taking a second band she repeated the treatment near to his cock-head and then finally held a rubber tube over the bloated head and pressed it gently into his tiny urethra slit. Paul groaned in discomfort as Lola forced it inside and he tried to close his thighs to prevent the burning feeling spreading down inside his cock. Lola realised what discomfort he was feeling and assured Paul that the discomfort would soon pass. He shook his head wildly from side to side, but Lola did not stop and forced the tube deeper until some 5 to 6 inches was buried inside the boyís shaft. He continued to thrash about on the table, but he was tied too tightly to prevent what Lola was doing, and could only groan in protest through his gag. At that point, Lola took an electrical connection and attached it to the rubber tube and then connected the wire to an electrical socket on a small metal box fastened to the underneath of the tubular table. She switched it on and turned a dial on the box. Paul strained up from the bed in reaction to the electric shocks that began to pulsate through his cock. Lola began to laugh and asked him whether he was enjoying the torture as she turned the dial higher. She asked whether he would be able to withstand the pain, if he was being tortured for real to make him reveal some secret information? Paul shook his head frantically, but the sting of the electric current continued to hurt him deeply. She then re-applied the small pump to Paulís swollen nipples. Immediately his chest registered the pain and Paul bounced upon the table in further discomfort. Lola watched carefully for a few minutes and then released the pressure and pulled loose the suction cups. Taking a wax candle, she lit the wick and held it over the boyís testicles. After a few seconds the wax began to melt and dripped onto the bulging sacs. Paul twisted frantically as he felt the burning hot wax touch his skin. He groaned further as the sting of the liquid continued to burn him and now began to fall down the length of his tight foreskin. Lola was in total excitement at the torture she was inflicting upon the helpless man. She leaned close and whispered into Paulís ear that she was so wet that she was almost ready to take her pleasure. She pulled open the straps around Paulís cock and extracted the electric-shock device. Next she gently peeled off much of the congealed wax from around the boyís cock. Amazingly, Paulís erection was still enormous with the foreskin tightly stretched and the veins clearly visible, whilst the bloated head was dark red in a totally engorged state. Placing a sterile condom over the length of the erection and lubricating it with some oil, Lola pulled aside her panties and lowered herself slowly onto her prisoner. Paul lay rigid as he felt himself slide inside Lolaís body. She moved to force more and more of the swollen shaft deeper and deeper inside her. At length, Paul began to tremble with arousal, but Lola was far too quick and with a final thrust, she reached her orgasm and sat groaning and gasping over the man beneath her. She grasped Paulís face and slapped it several times, telling him that she wanted to fuck him again. Paul remained in position as Lola reconnected herself and began again to bring herself to completion. Once again, She was very quick and had soon achieved another orgasm, whilst Pail was still building his climax. Lola climbed off the disappointed boy and searched around for yet another very special device. She chuckled softly as she buckled it around the boyís cock. It had begun to dribble some pre-cum as she removed the condom covering. The plastic tube containing a mass of foam rubber and soft cotton material was buckled tightly around his erection, leaving just a short length and his cock-head protruding from the top. Lola connected the tube to a wall socket and removed her sheer panties. She carefully placed them over the tip of Paulís cock and began to fondle him very gently. She asked Paul whether he was now ready to give up his cum? Paul waited as he heard the humming noise building in the room and suddenly the tube began to vibrate. Lola removed her panties from his excited cock-head. Gently, the device pulsated and began to move up and down on the tight foreskin. Paul tried to resist the forced masturbation, but it was useless as the machine increased speed and within a few minutes he was struggling to prevent an ejaculation. Lola tore open her jacket and pulled off Paulís gag. She told him that there was nothing he could do as she was now going to empty his balls. She forced her uncovered left breast against his mouth and instructed him to suck her swollen nipple. He could smell her scented body as he began to suck the nipple and the merciless milking device forced him to lose all control and spurt a gush of semen high into the air. Lola watched the splash of cum land onto his smooth stomach as she transferred his mouth to her right nipple and gasped in one more orgasm. She watched as her instrument made Paul release yet another spurt of semen. His groans were continuous as the milker abused him. She kissed his open mouth plunging her tongue deep inside and watched as the supply of cum was now slowing down and only a dribble trickled from his erection.
Time up! She called as she switched off the humming machine and Paul stretched on the treatment table, as Lola sat watching him recover from his first bondage experience.

She smiled and asked whether he might like another appointment? Paul nodded slowly and smiled as Lola wiped him dry with the sheer silk of her delicate panties.


This story is written by MIKEY, please send comments and appreciation to mikeyg1667@gmail.com