A Very Special Treatment - Part 1

Story of a manís obsession with Fem-Domme experiences

This story is written by MIKEY, please send comments and appreciation to mikeyg1667@gmail.com

It was perhaps the fourth time that Paul had gazed through windows of the local Beauty Salon. The photographs captivated him; showing treatments being given by particularly attractive therapists. Whilst the place looked liked a conventional Beauty Therapy Establishment, some of his friends suggested that more than beauty treatments were offered, that had little to do with health and beauty. He assumed that what was being suggested had some reference to something of a more sexual nature? He read carefully through the list of treatments on offer displayed inside the window, but saw nothing to arouse his suspicions. There was even a warning that some of the treatments could cause skin irritation, and testing would sometimes be required before such treatments could be performed. The prices seemed very reasonable, and there was no suggestion that anything, even slightly improper, was being conducted within the premises. Perhaps his friends were joking, knowing that Paul was an avid fitness fanatic who had already spent a lot of money on improving his physique and facial appearance. However, what his friends did not know was that he had developed a liking for pornographic sex, and now visited a number of specialised shops in the centre of London. Generally, the Girlie magazines, DVDs and sex toys sold in these places had no interest for him, since he had developed a much darker interest in kinky sex during his late teens. Paul always made his way to a room at the rear of the shop, where he knew he was able to find exactly what he was seeking. His particular interest was domination involving some degree of pain and simulated torture, with men restrained as the captives of attractive ladies dressed in alluring black leather. There were a variety of Magazines, Adult Comics and Photo-books available, plus many specialist DVDs that accommodated his special fantasy interest. This type of sex had excited Paul during most of his teenage years, but his ability to acquire any quality literature was restricted very much by his young age. Later when older, he became aware of the existence of several Professional Ladies offering their kinky services, but was always too nervous to explore further. He now wondered whether the Beauty Therapy Parlour that had established in his neighbourhood, might provide an answer to his needs. He imagined just how exciting it might be to have a Dominatrix force him to allow her to do the most imaginative practices in her sophisticated Dungeon Chambers. He remembered clearly the magazine he had ready many times, showing a group of women dressed in shiny black latex abducting a man from his home, before taking him to a strange clinic facility to torture him. Paul was fascinated by the way the women had forcibly divested the man of his clothing, leaving him wearing merely some brief underwear, as they subjected him to a series of very intensive experiments mostly involving the abuse of his genitals. Paul imagined himself restrained in a similar clinic or, similar facility, receiving some of these exciting treatments. As it was, he could only imagine the experience and relieve himself by indulging in some regular masturbation.


On this particular day Paul decided to conquer his overriding fear and entered the Beauty Salon to investigate what his friends had told him, to see for himself what really might be available inside? He closed the door behind him and approached the receptionist to book a treatment. She looked up from a book she was reading and gazed at him in a most inviting manner. Paul coughed nervously and enquired whether they provided any suitable treatments for men? The girl smiled and reached for a card, which she handed to Paul. He studied the wording and realised that there was nothing to indicate that he would receive anything unusual during a therapy, except to perhaps look healthier and more attractive than when he had entered the establishment. The receptionist suggested that he should take a seat and she would ask her Manageress to speak with him. He did what she had requested and several minutes later, a very attractive woman invited him to accompany her to a private treatment room at the end of a long corridor. She wore a close-fitting white medical style uniform, with her hair tied tightly at the crown of her head, with just some lengths trailing down her neck in the style a ponytail. He followed her closely and almost collided with her when the women stopped suddenly to open a door of the treatment room. He gazed around at the clinical appearance of the room and the special chrome metal raised treatment table with a padded black rubber mattress. The woman asked him to sit on a chair whilst she lent against the treatment table. He noticed that the woman was predominantly black skinned, but with the hint that she had obviously a white Parent, which gave her a highly beautiful half-caste appearance. Just what a professional beautician should look like, he thought as he transferred his gaze from her face to her slim body. He realised that should this woman ever want to play any dominant games with him, he would certainly become quickly excited.

She spoke with a cultured English accent and asked what treatments he was seeking. Paul wished that he could be totally honest and tell her that he would like to be tied helpless on her treatment bed and be abused by her, and hopefully some of her staff. As it was, he sat tongue-tied and began hesitantly to explain that he was new to beauty therapy and needed some guidance. The woman confidently explained that she could offer a full body massage or, alternatively a massage covering specific areas of his body as well as a head massage. Nails and hair treatments and facials and waxing were also available; even for men.

Paul was mesmerised as much by what she was saying as by her stunning appearance. He thought carefully and asked who would be carrying out the therapy? The woman smiled and explained that she was totally qualified and always worked with male clients. Paul imagined her massaging his body tied helpless on the treatment table and hopefully paying some special attention to his cock, which was now beginning to press quite forcefully against the tightness of his jeans. He decided upon some massage therapy and asked whether he could book an appointment. She picked up a diary and flicked open a few pages and suggested a few days later during the afternoon or, surprisingly, later the same evening at about 9.00pm, if it was convenient and not too late a time? Paul needed no encouragement, and eagerly agreed to book an appointment for 9.00pm later that day. The woman introduced herself as ďLolaĒ and said that she needed to speak with her receptionist and collect some forms to register him as a new client. In the meantime, she pulled some magazines from a drawer and spread them on the treatment table for Paul to read, after leaving the room. He examined the magazines, which featured mostly Beauty Treatments, together with Menís Health and Fitness. However, tucked away at the bottom of the pile was a magazine featuring BDSM. Paul could not believe his eyes, and immediately began to flick idly through the pages, which showed both men and women tied and gagged in various stages of undress being spanked and sexually abused. Without exception, the women dominating them were either wearing black leather or some rubber clothing. Some of the girls being abused by some very muscular men, seemed to be suffering very believable torture and a few were being subjected to many humiliating acts including, it seemed, rape and oral sex. He did not care much for male domination and tended to ignore these photographs, until he stopped to look more closely at some pages, showing a series of illustrations of a naked man tied to a medical chair with his legs suspended in a gyno-frame; whilst a serious looking woman wearing a strange leather uniform with a surgical mask and latex gloves , inserted a long metal probe into the manís huge erection. Bandages covered the manís face, but the wording appearing alongside his face, suggested he was having a rather painful experience. A similar caption placed next to the womanís face indicated that she was really enjoying carrying out the medical procedure on her captive!

Paul could not tear his eyes away from these Adult illustrations and did not hear the woman return to the room, until she spoke to him. He thrust the magazine back within the pile of literature and turned to face the woman. He was quite pink with embarrassment, but the woman merely smiled and apologised for having included the BDSM literature within the magazines, explaining that some of her clients actually enjoyed reading about such things. Paul stuttered a response and tried not to face the woman as she began completing the registration forms. Quite suddenly she asked whether Paul had ever experienced bondage sex? He thought for a few seconds and replied that he had never tried it, but thought it seemed quite exciting. The woman laughed rather seductively, and asked whether he was Dom or, Sub? Paul swallowed hard and asked hesitantly what she meant by the question? Lola smiled, and narrowed her eyes before speaking again. She leaned closer and explained that she could provide a truly Fem-Dom experience, where she could provide a nice fantasy experience with him tied down on her treatment bed, if he might like to try something different? Paul thought carefully and before he had time to ask any more questions, Lola explained that he would be quite safe and as he was clearly a novice and she would be quite gentle and not hurt him. Paul asked what the cost of this experience would be and was immediately offered a variety of prices depending on just how much time he wanted to spend with her. As he had never before had experienced any such therapy, Lola suggested a few hours to get him acclimatised, and the cost could be added to a standard upper body massage. The price she quoted was still expensive, but Paul considered it well worth the money for what he was about to receive.


It was just before 9.00pm that Paul returned to the Salon. He was dressed in a pair of faded tight blue jeans and a sports shirt, which he knew showed his muscular body to perfection. His brown leather blouson jacket and trainers completed the ensemble, and he ensured that his pockets contained no form of personal identification. He had heard tales of attempted blackmail by unscrupulous ladies, as well as the theft of money from a clientís bank and his credit cards. He had not revealed his true identity when registering as a client and brought only cash to pay the fee for the eveningís therapy treatments.

A new receptionist was now on duty as he entered the Salon and she greeted him as though knowing the purpose of his visit, before closing and securing the door behind him. She explained that as he was the only client that evening, she was closing the Salon, so that they would not be disturbed. She requested the fee, which she casually described as a tribute, which surprised Paul, as he had never before heard this expression. He handed over the money, which the receptionist placed in a drawer in her desk and then made a call on the telephone standing on her desk, leaving Paul to wait nervously for Lola to appear. As the minutes ticked by, he began to feel just a little frightened especially as the door to the street was now locked and his only means of escape was effectively removed.

He glanced at his watch, which he had some difficulty in reading in the semi-darkness of the dimly lit room. The door opened and Lola entered, wearing a short black leather skirt, black leather high-heeled boots and white blouse, covered by an open white medical coat. He gazed nervously at her as she pointed a finger at Paul and ordered the receptionist to remove his jacket and shirt. Paul tensed in surprise but, was ordered to stand perfectly still as the girl began to remove his clothing. He was soon stripped to the waist, displaying his muscular chest before the two women. Lola commented on his smooth muscular appearance, and moved forward to touch him. Her hands moved over the manís body and he began to flex his muscles in response. At length, Lola directed her assistant to fasten Paulís wrists behind his back with a pair of metal handcuffs and then ordered him to follow her. On reaching the room, she fastened a ball-gag between his lips and removed his handcuffs. Paul was asked to lie down on his back upon the treatment table, whilst Lola began to prepare for the therapy. Smiling, she explained that she needed to put some restraints around his wrists and ankles, to keep him fully in position. Paul gulped as he felt the leather cuffs strapped in place and he was asked to relax as his shoes and socks were removed. Lola was now standing behind his head and leaned over his body as she stretched some black latex gloves over her slim fingers. She placed the palm of her right hand over his mouth and explained that she was going to put a hood over his head to complete his sensory deprivation. Paul knew that this is what he had always wanted, but still found that he was a little frightened of what the woman might do, now he was tied so helpless on her therapy table. He lay motionless as Lola  hovered around his body. Although he realised that there were openings for his eyes, nose and mouth and that he was able to breathe without difficulty, he still began to panic as the eye-slits were zipped shut.. All was now silent as Lola moved around the small room lightly touching his chest, arms and shoulders. He tried to speak but the ball-gag prevented him from making any sound. Lola sniggered menacingly and explained that she would really enjoy using  Paulís superb body. She explained huskily that she derived great pleasure from this type of activity and liked to see the reaction of her captive clients, whilst she worked on them. She added that it made her feel even hornier when the men were young and attractive. Paul began to shiver with some fear, although it was not cold in the heated room, but he realised that Lola no doubt got off by inflicting pain and having sex with her clients. She continued to stroke his quivering torso until Paul suddenly felt her fingers tighten around his nipples and she began to squeeze him somewhat painfully. He shouted into his gag and tried to twist from her grasp, but she merely laughed and pinched the nipples even harder, as she explained how she would now continue with his treatment when she had carried out a more thorough inspection. He could smell the leather of the tight-fitting hood, which really excited him, as her fingers trailed down his chest and moved over his tight-fitting jeans. He sucked in his breath as she massaged him, feeling intimately through the denim material for the bulge of his genitals. Lola rebuked him for not exercising a greater control and sniggered with amusement when he attempted to reply, explaining that there was nothing he could do to prevent her from playing with him as much as she wanted. He could hear Lola take an intake of breath as she succeeded in making him even harder with all her stroking of his jeans. She then announced that she intended to take off more of his clothing so he could be more comfortable. It was obvious to her that his trousers were too tight.

Paul tried to struggle, but it was of little use as he felt the buckle of his belt released and the press-stud of his jeans opened. Her fingers now seized the tiny zip-fastening and she slid it slowly downwards, opening up his jeans to reveal the white cotton underpants that lay beneath.



To be continued


This story is written by MIKEY, please send comments and appreciation to mikeyg1667@gmail.com