A Rubber Experience

A Story by Mikey

(An account of a true experience whilst in my early twenties)


This story is written by MIKEY, please send comments and appreciation to mikeyg1667@gmail.com

I had arranged to visit Madam Black through a contact magazine, and had called her on the telephone to arrange an appointment. She lived in Surrey and the journey by car took well over an hour from my home. On arrival near to her house, I parked my car at the station car park, as instructed and walked the short distance to the address she had given me. It was a quiet and respectable neighbourhood with modern large properties fronting the street. I quickly found the address, which revealed a rather ordinary house with only a small yard at the front, opening to a large untidy garden beyond. The front door was white mock Georgian with a large brass knocker and a broken plastic doorbell. I rang the doorbell and waited patiently for a response.  There seemed to be no one in the house and I begun to wonder whether I had wasted my time in making the journey. Whilst I stood waiting for the door to be opened I noticed a curtain of a ground floor bay-window twitch slightly, revealing a shadowy figure watching me. I waited a few more seconds then rang the bell for a second time. After a few minutes the door slowly swung open and I found myself staring down the barrel of a pistol, held by an elderly lady wearing a tight rubber uniform. “Come in quickly” she ordered, as I stepped inside and stood nervously in the hallway. The gun remained pointed at me, and I shivered with some fear wondering just what I had gotten into, as the lady studied me closely and demanded my name. I stammered that I was Roger and had made an appointment with Madam Black on the telephone. She seemed to relax and lowered the pistol as she directed me into a well-furnished living room, with a comfortable sofa and armchairs. She asked me to sit down and laid the gun on a table near to her, then smiled at me. “Don’t worry about the gun, it is not loaded, I just use it to scare away unwanted visitors and newspaper reporters that sometimes come here to annoy me”.  I blinked and nodded my head, relieved that I was in no danger of being shot. I looked at the woman’s black rubber clothing and guessed that she was about retirement age, but still quite attractive. She had advertised that she provided rubber treatments for respectable gentlemen, which rather intrigued me, as most of the Ads were far more specific about the type of sexual services being provided. They often showed a photograph of a much younger female in a fetish costume, showing more than a generous amount of her body. This advertisement was far less revealing, with a misty black and white photograph showing Madame Black clad in a tight-fitting black rubber suit and knee-length boots. She was well spoken and told me that she sometimes had visits from the Press, following the death of an elderly client whilst he was being entertained in her private surgery. I asked what had happened and she smiled as she explained that he had asked to be put into bondage and be given some erotic tortures. Unfortunately he had become too excited and had expired whilst enjoying a series of climaxes. She laughed as she described his death and asked how she could possibly be blamed for making his last moments so enjoyable?  She studied me closely and stated that she doubted that I would suffer any similar fate, judging by my healthy appearance. Since this incident, the local Press were always trying to talk to her, and were becoming a nuisance. I asked whether the police had prosecuted her, but she looked surprised and asked what had it to do with them, as a guest had died whilst visiting her? They looked around my place, but were quite satisfied that I was entitled to have my kinky equipment for my private pleasure and the enjoyment of special friends. She was breaking no law as she confirmed she was providing a friendly free of charge service. “Now young man, what are you seeking from me, as I don’t do any ultimate, so I hope that you are not looking for any sex”. I swallowed hard and said that whilst I hoped that she might be willing to give me some pleasure during my visit, I was seeking penetrative sex? She smiled and confirmed that I would not be disappointed. She studied me for several more minutes, before suggesting that I should let her decide what treatments she would give me. I explained falteringly, that I had never experienced any activities involving rubber and usually preferred black leather and erotic silk, when visiting a Mistress. The lady looked more relaxed and nodded in understanding, saying that she could hopefully show me that rubber, could provide as much pleasure as the other materials I had mentioned.     I relaxed and began to explain that the thought of a rubber torture experience might be very be exciting, but I was rather scared of pain and was not seeking any treatments that would leave marks and especially wounds. She stressed that what she had in mind would do neither, and she might also enjoy playing with me. She suggested that she would normally expect a tribute of £100 for the first hour, but in view of my age and physical appearance, she estimated that I had sufficient stamina to keep her occupied for at least twice this period. She consequently demanded £175 and I confirmed that this would be acceptable. I reached into my pocket for my wallet, and she watched as I counted out the money and handed it to her. She counted the money that I had given her and took it to a nearby bureau and locked it into a drawer. She placed the key to the drawer, which was attached to a chain around her neck, into the neck of her rubber suit, and sat back smiling. “I assume that despite what I said earlier, you have no medical problems that you need to tell me about Roger?” I stared at her and confirmed that I was fit and well, and did not expect to collapse during any activity she had in mind. “Good!” she murmured. “Just so that I know what you can take; we don’t want any accidents…..although I did not think for a moment you would give me any trouble.”  “Just sit quietly for a few moments whilst I get ready for you”. I sat back in the armchair as she rose to leave the room and then she stopped and turned to face me. “Please stand up and move to the large wooden upright chair situated in the corner of the room and Sit down!”. She reached into a pocket of her suit and extracted two lengths of thin cord, which she wrapped around my wrists and tied them to the arms of the chair. I watched her with surprise as she finished tying my wrists and pulled a ball-gag out of another pocket and asked me to open my mouth. “I don’t want you escaping now that I have you here in my little play facility”. I tried to speak, but she forced the gag between my lips and buckled it tightly behind my neck. “Comfortable?” she chuckled, as I struggled slightly on the chair. She looked down and placed a hand on the front of my tight-fitting jeans. I began to blush as her fingers expertly fondled me very intimately, and I realised that although there was to be no penetrative sex, it was unlikely that I would be leaving her establishment without being forced to spill a quantity of my semen for her pleasure. “When I return, you will take off all your clothes so that I can start your treatment”

I shook with a degree of excitement at what she had said and wondered what treatments she had in mind for me? She went out of the room and I realised that her exploration of my jeans had caused me to become aroused.

After about 10 minutes, the Lady returned, now dressed in a full rubber gown, as worn by nurses in a hospital operating theatre. As well as the gown, she was wearing thin latex gloves covered her hands and a surgical mask covered the lower portion of her face. She still looked very attractive in the high-heeled black leather boots and if anything even more kinky in the outfit she was now wearing. She approached my chair and released my wrists, as she pulled me to my feet. “Now follow me to my examination room” I walked behind her down a long corridor and entered a room fitted out like an operating theatre. It was very surgical and seemed very genuine, as though she used it to carry out surgical procedures. There were two gas cylinders standing behind the medical bed standing in the centre of the room. The bed was covered by a thick black rubber mattress and was fitted with a number of thick leather straps, and fixings at the top and bottom, to secure a patient’s wrists and ankles. I blinked with surprise as she requested me to remove all my clothing. I hesitated, and she repeated the request more urgently, adding that she had not got all day to play with me, as she was expecting another client later. I stripped off my jacket and shirt and removed my jeans. “Take off those shoes and socks” she ordered, pointing at my feet. I now stood before her wearing just my cotton underpants. I placed my thumbs into the sides of the pants and started to pull them down. “That’s right take them off and lay them with your other clothing on the chair”.  I now stood totally naked and felt embarrassed as she moved closer and studied my body. “I want you on your back on that bed, so move!” I did as I was told and settled myself down on the rubber-covered mattress. She reached down and lifted my arms above my head and separated my legs. Quickly she fastened cuffs around my ankles and wrists and fastened them to the fixings connected to the bed-frame. I struggled a little as she pulled several thick rubber straps over my torso and thighs. I was now quite helpless as she pulled up a thin rubber sheet to cover my nakedness. After a minute watching me twitch slightly beneath the black latex sheath, she selected a rubber hood, which she stretched over my head, covering my face. The mask had openings to accommodate my eyes, nose and mouth, so that I could breathe and watch what she was doing. At that point she left the room and I lay quite still waiting patiently for her to return. It was now that I started to become frightened and pulled savagely at my bindings to try and loosen my arms and legs. I pushed hard against the ball-gag with my tongue to see if I could eject it from my mouth and lessen the fear of suffocation. What if she did not come back into the room or, decided to carry out some real surgery on my body? My mind worked overtime, and I became increasingly scared and worried about how vulnerable I had allowed myself to become. After a period, which seemed liked hours, the Mistress returned and explained that she had enjoyed a recreational cigarette to get her properly in the mood. You did not need to be a genius to realise that the cigarette was probably not the kind you would be able to buy in any conventional tobacconist.  As she approached me, I noticed that she was holding a glass of liquid and a small blue pill. “I need you to take this tablet Roger, so that I can keep you nicely active for an hour or so, as I have so many procedures to use on you, and don’t want you losing interest once we get started”. Unfastening my ball-gag, she pinched my nose and dropped the tablet into my open mouth. A quantity of liquid was poured from the glass, which I held in my mouth ready to swallow. “ Swallow it” she screamed. I held back for a second but she pinched my nose harder, until I felt as if I would suffocate, and dutifully did as I was asked. She smiled down at me as she refastened my gag, and then sat down on the side of the bed. She waited several minutes before touching me, during which I lay still and wondered what she would do next. Reaching over my body, she lifted a linen cloth from a medical trolley to expose a quantity of gleaming surgical implements, including a couple of scalpels. I stared wide-eyed at the collection of instruments as she selected a scalpel and held it up for my inspection. She explained that she might like to start by removing my “dick”. I froze with fear as she held the gleaming knife nearer to my face and I shouted loudly through my gagged lips. “Mmmmphhhhh!, Mmmmphhhh!” Her eyes watched me frantically trying to break loose from my bindings, but she was already taking a gas mask from the bracket attached to one of the gas cylinders and replacing the scalpel on the tray beside my head. With her free hand she pulled the ball from between my lips and placed a latex covered hand over my mouth. “Mmmmphhhhh!” I tried to cry out as she brought the gas mask nearer. “Shhhhussh” she spoke softly as if quietening a noisy baby. “You won’t feel anything Roger, I promise, then it will be soon all over, and then I can start on your Balls” My eyes bulged with abject fear as she placed the mask over my nose and mouth and I felt the rush of gas entering my mouth. She picked up the scalpel and examined it carefully, before taking it between her fingers holding the mask and with her other hand, began to arouse me more until my erection pressed firmly against the latex sheet. The gas seemed sweet and slightly perfumed, and I began to lose consciousness. I stopped struggling as her hand felt under the rubber covering and grasped my nakedness. I had no idea how long that I remained unconsciousness, as I slowly came to with the Mistress sitting beside me on the bed. The mask had been removed from my face and the ball-gag was again in place between my lips. She sat smiling at me for a few seconds, before advising me that she had changed her mind about surgery and had decided not to amputate my genitals. My eyes were large with relief as I felt her rubber-covered fingers caress the rubber sheet intimately and tighten the rubber covering around my rampant shaft.

“Is that nice?” she enquired as her fingers played with me, and began to masturbate me within the sleek black material. I had never felt rubber around my cock and realised that it was a pleasure that I was glad not to have missed. Her fingers folded the rubber tight around my penis and made it grow big and firm pushing me nearer and nearer towards a climax. “This is your lovely rubber wank  Roger, so don’t think you can avoid it….you will soon be spurting your semen for me to see. This always gets me very turned-on to see a man lose total control and cum for his Mistress” I shook under the sheet as she released my cock and pulled back the sheet to expose my rampant cock, and then began to stroke my foreskin and cup my balls with her soft rubber gloves. I watched as her fingers worked slowly and gently, pulling down the stretched foreskin and then covering the bloated head in an attempt to force me through the excitement barrier and produce the milky white cum she was clearly seeking. “Arrghhhh” I cried as I neared the point of no return and knew that within the next few seconds I would spurt my load of semen. As I trembled and stretched upon the mattress, Madam Black realised that I was close to completion and must erupt, so she withdrew her fingers from around my penis and stood up. When she bent over my body again, I had become more relaxed and the feeling that I should ejaculate had subsided. I watched as she opened a jar of ointment and scooped a small quantity out, rubbing it vigorously between her fingers.  She then once again picked up my semi-flaccid cock and began once again to masturbate me. I shook my head forcefully in an attempt to stop the woman from forcing me to a massive erection and an arousal that I knew this time, I would be unable to control. I was not ready for the spiked wheel that traversed my balls and cock or, the tiny rubber tube that she forced into my uthera. It was rather disturbing as it was forced deeper and deeper inside my cock, but not so painful as the tiny electric charge that followed the insertion. “Ugghhhhh” I screamed into my gag as Madame Black switched off the current, removed the invading tube and pulled back hard on the tight foreskin. “Are we now ready to co-operate? She sneered as she covered my shaft in silky rubber material and started again to masturbate me. “Argghhh! Arghhhh! Arghhhhhhh” I cried as the forceful procedure continued for many seconds. Suddenly, the rubber covering was removed and I was shaking uncontrollably on the bed. “Here we are” she smiled as her latex covered fingers wrapped around the grease covered cock. “Cum for ME now!….Do it! Do it!  I could not hold back any further and as I stretched out on the mattress. It was useless to resist any further as I was made to spurt an enormous jet of semen from my cock-head, which fell thickly across my hips and thighs. The wanking went on, and another huge ejaculation followed the first, and a deluge of cum covered both her hand and my pubic hair.  ”There, have I got it all?” She sneered, as her fingers continued to drain the erection. I lay exhausted, but she was not finished and slowly squeezed my cock, which remained firm and erect due to the Viagra tablet she had earlier administered. I struggled under her touch but she still managed to exude some further semen, which dribbled down the shaft and mingled with the messy pool that was congealing on my pubic hair. “Ah that is it! You are finished for the moment, but I know you are not empty are you?” She said shaking my penis gently. I stared up at her masked face and knew that she had some fiendish plan to extract more of my precious juice. I lay for perhaps several minutes whilst she selected some medicated wash and several swabs, which she used to clean my body and semi-erect penis. When all was finished, she threw the swabs into a small receptacle and returned to stand over me. “Now for the next part of your treatment” I shuddered as she opened a cupboard and pulled out a shiny rubber suit and held it up. She glanced at me and shook her head and placed it back on a rack of similar suits. She then extracted another suit and closed the cupboard door. Unfastening my bindings, she requested me to stand and raise my arms above my head. She lowered a device from the ceiling and fastened my wrists into leather cuffs. I stood nakedly in front of her as she shook white dust all over my body. “Just a little talc she explained so the suit will not get too sticky”. She rubbed the dust into my skin and when I was nicely covered, she produced the suit and instructed me to insert my feet. She then drew the rubber up my legs and over my hips until I was totally covered up to my neck. Tiny zips were then closed down my back and across my chest, encasing me tightly within the suit. I felt very strange, cocooned within the thin rubber. She stood in front of me and smiled as she placed her hands on my chest and stroked my nipples. I tried to move back out of her reach, but she grasped a leg and fastened my ankle into a floor fixing. After securing my other ankle, she returned to stand behind me and stroked firstly my buttocks, and then holding me close to her body, caressed my groin. Her fingers rubbed gently at the bulge of my genitals until my penis pressed tightly against the rubber covering. “Haven’t we got a lovely erection Roger, You must surely be ready for another wanking?” I blushed within the rubber hood as I felt her fingers begin again to arouse me, bringing up another firm hardness, which I was sure that I was incapable of producing. “Well, we will now apply another medical procedure to make sure that you are nicely empty and free of any urine before I make you give me some more of your seminal fluid” I shook my head wildly in an attempt to dissuade her from giving me such treatment, but it was useless as she unzipped the fastening under my crotch and thrust her hand inside to explore both my genitals and anus. I struggled whilst she went to a drawer and removed some pieces of rubber and metal apparatus and carried them to the medical trolley. It was hopeless as I saw her greasing her fingers and returning to my side. “Just relax Dear, this will not hurt” I stood rigid as she firstly extracted my penis and pulled back the foreskin to expose the dark red covered head and separated the lips of my uthera. I watched as once again she inserted a thin plastic tube deep into my penis and secure it with a length of sticking plaster. She then poked obscenely between my bum cheeks until she found my anus opening. I sighed as I felt her rigid finger press inside and move slowly down the fleshy passage. Gently, she inserted a metal speculum and twisted it open, forcing my opening to become large enough to accept some other rubber invader, which she inserted into the cavity. Quickly, closing the jaws of the device, the rubber prod was held firmly protruding from my rear in a most humiliating fashion. She had taken the trouble to grease the probe and began forcing it back and forth within me until I began to utter a slight cry of resistance. “Aaarrhhhhhh”. “Shush Dear, I am not hurting you, so don’t make so much fuss….You will enjoy the feeling soon enough!” Next she unzipped the rubber covering my chest and pulled gently at my aroused nipples. Before I had time to react, she fastened some metal clips onto each nipple and connected a thin electric wire. I waited with much expectation as she just stood watching me, tied upright and quite helpless in the bizarre bondage. She approached me, and grasping my head, zipped-up the slits covering my eyes. I was now blind as well as helpless and waited for the next stage of my treatment. I felt her remove my gag and replace it with a thick rubber ring that forced open my lips to allow for the insertion of a rubber pipe. “Urrgghhhh” I tried to protest, but found that I was still unable to speak.

I must give you a nice drink Roger, so that you will be ready to piss for me. I struggled as I felt the liquid begin to enter my mouth. “Don’t worry! You will not drown, just swallow the water as it enters your mouth and swallow it slowly until I turn off the tap”. I was panicking as I felt the tepid water flow through the mask and slowly fill my mouth. Without difficulty I swallowed and soon I had no difficulty in coping with the delivery. After many minutes I felt her press my stomach and ask whether I was getting nicely full? I nodded and felt the flow of water begin to subside. “We are not quite full are we?”. She whispered, as she touched my face through the rubber hood. I knew that I needed to use the lavatory when I had first entered the house, but forgot to ask. Being made to cum did not help, as this always made me feel even more ready to piss. I now felt more than ready and began to shake my head to request that the flow of water might be stopped. Suddenly, I felt the trickle of fluid stop and stood relieved as she again pressed my stomach. “I do believe we are now ready….so I had better let you go she sniggered as I felt her touching my penis and the metal clip attached to the rubber tubing. At the same time, she reached behind me and flicked a switch on the dildo probe protruding from my bum, and it began to vibrate. Next the clips covering my nipples also began to vibrate and I stood transfixed, as I felt the urine being drained from my penis as the other devices were vibrating and making me very aroused. It was far too exciting and I knew that my pee extraction would soon turn to a climatic experience as the dildo continued to bore deeper into my anus as it vibrated and forced-fucked me. I knew Madam black was watching the performance with much interest as I could feel the heat of her breath on my open mouth, now that she had detached the water pipe. Her masked mouth was now inches from my face and her soft cotton mask brushed my lips. Her fingers pulled loose the catheter and more grease was spread over my pulsating cock. “Now I want some more from you, so you had better be ready!” Her voice was so demanding and also seductive as all the devices were vibrating and her fingers were again wrapped around my extended cock. “Give it to me now she ordered as her fingers worked faster as she stroked the soft foreskin. I could feel myself losing control once again and knew I could not hold back. With a gasp of acceptance, I erupted another quantity of cum. “Arghhhhhhh!!” I was unable to stop her milking me several times and realised that the ejaculate was dripping down onto my rubber-clad thighs. “That’s it Dear, keep it coming”..her voice was gasping with excitement as she spoke to me. At length she stopped wanking me and I could not believed that I had been made to cum again in such a short space of time for her pleasure. I felt her rub my thighs with a swab and heard her comment that I had dirtied her beautiful rubber suit. But her soft laugh convinced me that she was not angry by what I had done. She switched-off the dildo in my rear as well as the clips vibrating on my nipples, and quietly left me alone.


This time, she let me rest for some 15 minutes with my penis standing up firm, erect and protruding from the tight rubber suit. I listened for her footsteps as she re-entered the room. “Are we ready for some more “persuasive treatment”, which I took to mean that she was ready to extract some more of my semen. I really believed that my balls were now empty and whatever she did, she could not possibly make me cum again? I was to be shown that I was wrong, and whilst I had always fancied being tied to a bed by some beautiful Leather-clad Mistress, and fucked senseless, this repeated wanking was perhaps the most exciting session that I had ever experienced. I felt her fingers still clad in her latex gloves grasp my cock and begin to work the foreskin gently, making the hardness more pronounced until I realise that the erection was once again upstanding and ready for action. Madame black commented on how nice I looked and asked me to tell her that I would do as she asked and give her some more of my cum. “Just nod, darling, just so that I know that I can begin with the treatment” Reluctantly, I nodded my head and felt her fingers apply some more grease before tightening around my shaft. “I have a lovely new toy to use on you”, she whispered, as she moved closer and positioned herself against my body. I waited expectantly as I heard a faint buzzing noise and realised that whatever she was about to do, it would involve some form of mechanical device. “Ready, darling” she intoned, as I felt a soft fur-lined tube descend over my rampant erection. It was truly comfortable and I sighed with pleasure as I felt her slide it back and forth up and down my penis. “Just like being fucked isn’t it Roger? You will never be able to resist this treatment, whatever you try to do to stop me” The softness of the fur pressed hard against my cock as she whispered close to my hooded head. “now I shall switch it on and you will spurt even more of your cum, which I will collect to show to you”  I steeled myself as I felt the tool spring into life and everything inside the tube began to revolve and suck at my cock just as though I was being shagged. Within seconds, I was on the edge of another massive climax and I heard the woman chuckle as I drew back and then pressed forward to meet the thrust of the tube, as it was forced further down my shaft and I again erupted long and hard. My cock-head was being massaged, whilst the foreskin was being jerked gently up and down and suction was also being applied. “Arghhhhh! Arghhhh! Arghhhh!” I gasped, as Madame Black once again had her way with me.

She switched off the device, but switched it on again almost immediately and forced me to repeat an ejaculation, which seemed to me to be longer and more forceful than the first. “Arrrghhhhhhhhhhh!” I almost screamed into my gag, as I felt the semen rush from my cock-head. “Ha! Ha! Ha!” cried Madame Black as she again switched-off the tube.  I stood leaning against her as she activated the device for a third time. The amount of cum was less, but nevertheless I was still ejaculating into the tube. I had lost count on how many times I had been forced to a climax, and knew that the woman had still not finished with me.


To be Continued……………………….


This story is written by MIKEY, please send comments and appreciation to mikeyg1667@gmail.com