Special thanks for John for sending me site access to review his site. Schlagende Girls is a German fetish femdom website with English translation and has been around since 2005. In the members area, you get redirected to evsfetishfemdom.com's members area which also gives you site access to their updates at evsfetishfemdom.com. The featured Mistresses and slaves are all genuine with the attitude and behaviour of a Domme. The variety of fetish and domination involves strapon, whipping, trampling, foot worship, latex, bondage, CBT, spitting, facesitting, hot waxing, slapping, doggy play, public humiliation and much more. Entering the members area to the content, it brings me to a choice of 3 servers, with server 1 and 2 being the latest and past updates of Fetish Domination while Server 3 are the updates of Girl Domination from 2011 to 2013. The content are divided into sets and currently there is an estimated of more than 300 sets of photo+videos in each. The images, if available, are downloadable as a zip gallery while the videos are divided into 4 parts if its a long video, or 1-2 if its a short length video. All latest videos at shown in a resolution of 1280x720 and past videos at resolution of 768x576 while images are all camera taken images instead of captures. Overall the content in the members area of Schlagende Girls has impressed me greatly and great effort has been emphasized on the different scenario settings and quality of content and definitely worth the value for a membership at this site!

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