Thank you so much to Madame Gabrielle for the site access to the Other World Kingdom. Now this site brings back some sweet memories of when i first found femdom in the net. It has been around since 1997 and still going strong even till today. While femdom in the real world has been somehow constrained by some lack of public space and resources, OWK has managed to offer us something special! Something we all want to see! A huge castle located in the Czech Republic dedicated to real 24/7 lifestyle female domination, and a place where Mistresses can flex their muscle to dish out some real public punishment, a wide area of pony play and human transport games, and the entire thing gives a feel that you're back to the ancient days or the medieval age to witness true slavery where femdom has no restrictions! 24/7 slaves give up their life in this modern world and gave their everything to be owned by the beautiful and cruel ladies who only offered them a shelter in the stables, and a diet of stale bread and pale water. A vast number of Mistresses all over the world , many of whom are iconic figures who shaped the femdom world today, has visited OWK for the experience and participate in some content productions and there is also a good number of home based Mistresses like Madame Christine , Madame Gabrielle, Mademe Sarka and more who have since became famous in the world wide femdom scene. For the members area, they offer a vast amount of content in some very creative femdom play, now OWK is not just about pain from whipping and punishment, there are also sensual moments of domination like human animals and foot fetish domination or fantasy roleplay and much more. You get to see 40,000+ of images, 2300+ short video clips (As of 18th February 2009) for downloads and a nice amount of streaming full length videos, stories, interviews and even comics and drawings and online magazine. How can u miss it! :)

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