Disclaimer : The review below was a guest review and not being written and vouched by Femdom City.
I'd like to thank the webmaster at Femdom City for allowing me to write this guest review for Mistress Fallon. I've been a client of Mistress Fallon's for over a year. I was skeptical of the concept at first, but soon found how amazingly satisfying serving an online domme can be. She communicates with me primarily through email, along with a phone call or 2 during the course of the month.
Most of my training is task oriented, and it never ceases to amaze me how inventive and individualized she is in how she has me serve her. Unlike seeing a RT domme, working via email is more private, works around my schedule, and is very affordable. Mistress Fallon keeps me on my toes every day for an entire month for less than my former RT domme charged for just one session.
Even if online isn't for you, visit her site anyway. There are lots of free pictures, and a page where slaves can purchase personal items. There's also a "Musings" page where Mistress Fallon maintains a blog which She updates on a regular basis.

Check out Mistress Fallon's site today!!

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