Thanks to the webmaster for site access to, a foot site that is pretty new to me, but under-rated i think. My first look in the members site, and i was impressed. As claimed, Dennis went as far as China, Africa, Cambodia, and Cuba to take shots and videos of soles and trampling, and of course the beautiful models mostly from Russia. For every set in, we can find sole shots both far and close ups, when i mean close ups, it is so close that you feel you can smell the soles :) I'm sure some hardcore foot fetishists will even smell and put their tongue to lick the monitor !! Now please don't do that ;) , and also in every set, they feature some images of full weight trampling and also face standing. If you're lucky with the sets you love, there are even some HD videos available for you to download. How can you not visit the site after such a review??

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