This website was a joint partnership with another webmaster and myself  So it actually involves the culture of 2 different style of foot fetish domination combined into 1. For a reference, you can look in and sites and then and sites :) And as the name implies, the site is focused on extreme foot domination which we have found to be very popular with visitors. A lot of content like deep throat foot gagging, double slave domination, tits trampling, full weight f/f trampling and more to be explored are all in this site.  Site is very evenly distribution in the usage of slaves, almost 50/50 on female and male side. Updates are very frequently at once every 2 days. I'm very happy because it was always what i wanted to have :) Check it out today, any foot or femdom guy will be sure to love it!

Extreme Foot Dom - Extreme foot domination site
Check out the best foot domination site ever today!!!

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