Many thanks to Michele for providing me with site access to her site. Exotic Tales as the name says itself, consists mainly of exotic tales incorporating stories into films combining a plot with superior film making into full length movies for the members' enjoyment. The site focus is on variety of fetish fantasies…forced feminization, domination, spanking/whipping, wrestling, bondage, upskirt, and foot fetish. Each movie has extensive spanking scenes, as well as the other features listed. Each video are usually more than an hour long and as of (17 May 2010), there are 7 full length videos to date, each video comes together with hundreds of pictures taken professionally. The girls featured i would say, are really desirable and more of an everyday girl in normal outfit instead of the traditional latex or leather wear. If you're a forced feminization fan in particular, there's no reason not to check out this site!

Exotic Tales - Forced Feminization at its very best
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