Thank you again to Mia for site access to one of her new sites. is mainly concentrated on her Black Mistresses. In the members area contained some nice scenes where Mistress Diva and Donatella together with their friends, they dominated their fem subs together both indoors and outdoors. The site has very fair distribution of scenarios which is important and good as different locations of domination brings life and variety in my opinion. Movies file are in .mov format and images are in original 1555x1037 or resized version of 800x534. This site is very special I think because it focuses on something i would call Lesbian Servitude, as it tries to portray some realistic events of live-in female slaves domination by their Mistresses. You really need to check it out to appreciate it. Below are some nice images i took down for you to enojy , and of course, the rest of the content in my personal collection folder already as usual ;)

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