Thank you so much to Kandy for providing me site access to Club Stiletto Network. The network includes a total of 5 sites, namely Dominatrix Island, Goddess Kingdom, Lick My Ass, Lick My Feet and lastly, but to me, the best of the best Riding Women !!!! With one membership, you actually get access to all the 5 sites, which has covered almost every aspect of the femdom niche which includes facesitting, trampling, foot domination, pony riding, human ashtray, oral worship, pissing domination, teasing and denial, humiliation, strapon, and more. The content quality and quantity is simply breath taking! Updates are frequently and almost on a daily basis, I would say like 6 days / week on the update log. There is also a nice variety of outdoor videos in the greenery and out in the desert. You get to see rare and hard stuff like face kicking, tongue trampling, cruel spurs digging all over the slave's flesh, hardneck riding, amazon domination and more where the slaves are completely destroyed by the Mistresses. Some of the trampling action was incredible with the Mistress digging her heels so hard onto the slave that he groaned like there is no longer a tomorrow for him. The performing Mistresses in the videos are assertive and naturally dominant, and the slaves take anything their Mistress dishes out well! All newer videos which have been updated for around 2 years now are of HD Quality. There are also interesting apparels used by the Ladies on their slave, spurs riding might be new to you, but how about boots with fish hook spike boot heels :) Overall the Mistresses are incredibly brutal yet sadistically beautiful and sexy in a way, and the slaves are by no means wimps and with that, I present you one of the best ever Femdom site made in the world.
Special attention to pony riding fans : Get a membership if you have not, there's no way you are gonna regret it :)


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